If you know me, you know I’m a pretty big Ronda Rousey fan. I realize some don’t like her brash nature, but I’m always drawn to those types of fighters. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s smoking hot. Just the other day, Mark Kern said something on Twitter about how awesome it would be if Rousey came out publicly in support of GamerGate. I don’t know if that will happen, but today she was attacked by the same bunch of shitbags that have been maligning and misrepresenting our cause from the start. I’m speaking of course about the rad fem shithole they call The Mary Sue.

They went back and found some comments that Rousey had made last year in response to a question about fighting Fallon Fox, a transgendered fighter. She said this:

“She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has,” Rousey told The Post. “It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.”

“I understand the UFC doesn’t want to be associated with views like (Mitrione’s),” Rousey said. “I’m also glad they didn’t straight cut him.”

Rousey told the post she had competed against hermaphroditic athletes in Judo and had no problems because “that was something they didn’t choose” but she feels Fox is in a different category because it’s a situation of her own making.

“It’s not something that happened to her,” Rousey said. “It was a decision she made. She should be aware in her career after that, it’s going to be an arduous path. I don’t know why she’s surprised by that. It’s going to draw a lot of emotions.”

As you can see, Rousey rejects the current line coming from the media. As far as her having to fight a trans athlete, I don’t think she should have to. Like she said, it’s an unfair advantage. That’s just my personal opinion. What do the frothing SJWs at TMS think about her comments?

Though her original comments were made two years ago, she has yet to clarify or amend them, and she has yet to fight Fallon Fox in competition as Fox is, as of yet, not allowed to fight in the UFC…

It’s sad and infuriating to watch a woman of Rousey’s stature, one who’s fought hard to get women their due in her field, turn her back on women who are not like her. Rousey is a hypocrite who flouts gender norms when it suits her, but throws women under the bus when it doesn’t. I can no longer respect her big talk about body positivity and being persistent and not being a “Do Nothin’ Bitch” when she’s unwilling to afford trans athletes that same respect. No matter how many belts she wins.

Wow, I’m sure she will be crushed to lose the support of an author who said she was basically ignorant of her sport anyway. She talked about seeing her in the new Entourage movie. I’d rather see her break someone’s arm, personally:Rousey-Tate-15-finish.slo.pt1

Maybe this will cause Ronda to come out swinging against The Mary Sue and the poisonous SJW culture. Of course, she’s a huge star, and this is likely no sweat off her back. So then again, she might not say anything at all. But we can all hope, though. Also, keep in mind, Ms. Rousey never said she wouldn’t fight Fallon Fox. In fact, she said she would fight whoever the UFC told her to. She was just being honest with how she felt about the advantage. It’s company policy not to hire fix, not Rousey policy.

So, The Mary Sue has misrepresented one of the biggest female sports stars on the planet. Keep up the good work, losers.

  1. “So, The Mary Sue has misrepresented one of the biggest female sports stars on the planet. Keep up the good work, losers.”

    I think that puts the whole thing rather well.

    1. There is one great comment on their bullshit site that will probably get deleted:

      “These comments are pathetic.
      Fighter says she thinks it gives Fox an advantage.

      Writer who knows nothing about fighting with no science about fighting to back
      it up says she is wrong and calls it transphobic to say so.

      You all refuse to think critically and jump on the bandwagon with escalation of attacks on Ronda Rousey.

      Personal attacks I might add along with completely illogical arguments.
      It’s not transphobic to say that female trans fighters have an advantage, so
      I would kind of suggest you all just calm down a bit and take a step
      back. Someone who writes an article isn’t an expert just because they
      got published.”

    1. She seems awesome enough to make me want to watch some MMA. Although I know her fights are usually shorter than horse races lol.

  2. So she’s reluctant to fight a man/woman by noting the actual physical advantage men (generally) have over women? I personally don’t think she has ANY obligation to think or act any other way.

    One only has to watch the male vs female boxing match video (I think they were both Marines?) to see what could be the result.

    Male/female physiology differences are a bitch.

    Edit: this is the video I was thinking of:


      1. Which means that in addition to being female best case scenario she’s a tanker or artillery soldier and she decided to call out any number of shock infantrymen to a fistfight. Really not that bright.

    1. I feel kind of bad, he bursts in, lands a solid hit and she basically stops defending herself, she hits him and its like she barely touched him

    2. Even if you take strength out of the equation, Men still have something like a 10% advantage in reaction time…

    3. That was not a fight. For a fight to happen you need two participants. She might as well have been a sandbag.

    4. If I had been the ref of that fight I’d have stopped it after his first hit knocked her on her ass.

        1. it would be a short match but ditto. I always wondered what would happen if a “normal person” went up against a MMA fighter in the octagon

    1. Trust someone who has never set foot a gym to not grasp the simple facts that anyone who has ever put effort into fitness knows: MEN ARE STRONGER THAN WOMEN. The strength standards for a 165lb man is much higher than that of a 165lb woman. A woman that can deadlift 260lbs is considered an _ADVANCED_ lifter, while a man pulling the same is considered a novice. At the same weight. A man’s genetic potential leaves women’s potential in the dust.

      Source: http://www.exrx.net/Testing/WeightLifting/StrengthStandards.html

  3. How is this even an issue? As a boxer, and one who doesn’t pretend to know a whole lot about MMA, I can guarantee that a good amateur male bantamweight boxer (not MMA fighter, boxer) with some degree of power would have a nearly insurmountable advantage over Rousey, a woman who has dominated her sport to an extent never seen, as a middleweight would have nearly the same advantage over Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. That’s why there are weight classes, and that’s why we divide these sports by gender.

    That isn’t to say that transgendered athletes are setting out to cheat. In fact, undergoing a treatment that not only makes you less athletic but obviously has profound effects on your sexuality – of course not. But you have to look at why gender separation occurs with good reason in sports to this day. I think that in sports where coed competition is safe, both women and transgendered should be allowed to compete with men on a professional level if they can. Hell, let them compete in female exclusive leagues in sports like basketball if you’re OK with that; it’s sort of a case like steroid use where you can draw the line where you want to in my opinion. They will often have a chromosome-based advantage (ironically one that is mitigated the more they do to transition) but whatever. But fighting? Not only is that advantage at its most ridiculous here, in a sports where the health risks are so high and inevitable even on a level playing field, it would be crazy.

    Of course, I can’t imagine many female fighters being crazy enough to actually want to fight a transgendered opponent in the same weight class, and they have the easiest out on the planet if they don’t want to, so this is pretty much a moot point.

  4. I dont know. I’ve heard hormones do affect and diminishes strenght in male to female trans. But Rhonda maybe doesnt know that. Maybe is just a issue of ignorance not transphobia.

    1. no it changes the hormones it doesn’t effected muscle tissue or bone structure, unless the person is really really young and still growing.

    2. Hormone treatment doesn’t change bone density or structure, nor does it get rid of the muscle mass she had as a male. You “heard” wrong.

  5. I wasn’t really sure what all the craze was about her but after seeing her in interviews I’m starting to like her. She was in an interview where the “journalist” tried baiting her into the gender gap bullshit and she did not give in. In fact she shut the “journalist” down. She also likes Dragon Ball and loves Vegeta. So she’s good in my books.

      1. That is a truly magnificent sight.
        When people nerd out like that it makes me so happy, when it’s a popular celeb (who happens to be a complete badass) it’s even better.

  6. 90% of Rhonda’s “fans” had no idea who she was two weeks ago. I’m not doubting Ralph and I 100% support what she said, but all these posers pretending to be mega fans is nauseating.

    1. You’re overstating that. I’m not a Rhonda fan(I’m not a hater either)but I still know who she is because she is hyped beyond belief for awhile now. They maybe weren’t fans two weeks ago, but they certainly knew of her. I do agree with the posers conclusion, though, but when was that ever a new thing?

      1. I’m just saying, several friends of mine have gone on and on about her since this controversy broke and I’m like I’ve never seen you express any interest in Rhonda or wrestling before this moment and suddenly you’re a huge fan? The BS radar goes off. I’ve never really watched it, so I have no opinion on it and I’m not a Rhonda hater at all, I’m really glad she spoke up, I just get skeptical whenever people go nuts about something out of nowhere.

    2. I don’t know about that, I’ve been watching Rousey since Strikeforce but I think most of her fans have been following her since at least her Mcmann fight.

  7. Bone structure and I believe some of the muscular growth can’t be reduced after the gender surgery dammit!

    Ditch the stupidity and check the facts!

    1. It depends on when hormone treatments are administered. Since most transgendered individuals reach full physical development BEFORE they have their treatments and surgeries done the foundation is already laid.

      Can’t remember the numbers, but it takes many years before hormone treatment begin to really affect the deeper aspects of physiology (bone and muscle mass). It’s akin to woman being on a decade long cycle.

      The only way for there to be no advantage for a trans individual, is for the treatments to be administered pre-puberty.

  8. It’s not just bone structure, but muscle structure as well. And I wouldn’t be surprised if brain structure plays a part too.

    1. We’re different on a cellular level. Bones, muscles, brain matter, etc.

      There are genetic reasons why men are more likely to have heart disease, just as there are genetic reasons that men end up stronger.

  9. Rousey might just be the least likely person to cave on this Earth. Nice choice of target, ladies, really.

  10. A strong bodied, respected, and well known fighter not fitting the SJW bill?! And the fighter is a woman?! Get the fuck out! The Mary Sue dislikes her?! Guess she’s not a Mary Sue then XD

  11. >Men

    > Women

    > Trans men

    > Trans women

    > Intersex

    There are your five genders. These Mary Sues can step right the fuck off. If trans women want to fight in MMA, they can either fight men or fight other trans women.

  12. There was an article a ways back about hominid facial structure and how males may be literally made to be punched in the face. Not surprisingly that didn’t get a whole lot of traction amongst the press. Studies show that men seem to have evolved so that punches to their face are less damaging than they could otherwise be.

    This is a great non starter for people who believe the differences in sexes are purely social.

  13. So if I tuck my penis and claim to feel like a woman inside and wear women’s clothes I should be able to take on anyone from the Mary sue , oh and did I mention I’m a 6f5 beast?

  14. Well you can’t deny such an advantage she is fucking on point…

    You can’t go politically correct on reality no matter what your SJW indoctrination says..

  15. They can argue it all they want but men and women are just physically different. This becomes more apparent as we grow to adult hood. We can make a man look like a woman, sort of, and woman look like a man, again sort of, but you can’t undo nature’s work.

  16. It kind of annoys me that the Mary Sue is trying to gain leverage over Rousey. The issue will be brought up again and Rousey will have to address it again while in reality we all know it’s a non-issue. It’s just pathetic to see how parasitic all this stuff is. Insulting to her, her fans & the sport.

    1. You’ve hit it right on the head. Again and again we see these gender feminists enter a hobby or artform and show no interest in them. Everything is reduced to their bizarre worldview that gender is fake and heterosexuality is an oppressive ideology concocted by men to control women. Feminists are obsessive neurotics paranoid of the entire world and how it works.

  17. Look the whole issue of trans athletes is fairly damn complex. Maybe there’s a nuanced way of looking at it that needs to be threshed out. However, we’re talking about COMBAT SPORTS. Now I might flaunt my ignorance here, but a man transitioning to a woman will still have his musculoskeletal advantages. Even with the operation and hormones it’d take years to have a big impact right? I’m generally sympathetic to the trans community because I feel to what do dramatically alter yourself and feel you aren’t who you really are must be extremely hard to deal with. But again we’re talking about a sport with concussive striking, at the very least you’d have to consider the male to female trans fighter who is former military by the way would have an advantage akin to someone juicing. The gains he was able to make physically as a male won’t just disappear.

  18. Wonder if even the cross-dressers can do this trick, we should ask The Mary sue.
    As this fighter said It’s easier for a man to fight women even in the same weight category because different bone and muscle structure and different percentage of fat storage.
    But it’s better to not talk about medical science with SJWs or they will find out that [TRIGGER WARNING] people like Wu or pedophile Butts have the same percentage of me (a man) to be affected by phatology like, for example, RA (a form of arthritis). You can “feel” whatever gender you want, you can take hormones or even chop you dick or tits and dig a vagina via surgery but, sorry, genetics matters especially in medical science. In fact drugs and therapies in the future will be gender-oriented (A LOT more than already are today) because in this way we can be more efficient. And with gender I mean XX and XY not what you “feel” or transform into [/TRIGGER WARNING]

    That said I’m ok with call you whatever pronouns you want but again when we talk science please step aside with the delusions you’ve learn during your gender studies degree.

  19. Whoa, I was just expecting lots of “troubling” and “problematic,” outright calling her a hypocrite is taking it pretty far.

  20. Rhonda Rousey Probably could beat up 90% of men in the general population but for a man who does two+ hours of fight training 5 days a week, the man (or past man) would have a serious advantage. I like how the Mary Sue author just insults Rhonda without making any counterarguments to her points. Typical for cultural Marxists.

    1. In the eyes of these morons a transwoman is only a woman when it’s convenient. Everything about SJWs is a matter of convenience as it relates to them.

  21. At the end of the day a transitioned man still have the body benefits of normal man especially if they work out a lot which produces massive amounts of testosterone.

    It’s a biological fact that men can get stronger than women. Yes women can get very big but never as big as a male. Its genetics and until transitioning uses gene therapy and makes them genuine females they have a major unfair advantage.

  22. Rousey needs to pummel these pieces of shit. Pure and simple. Some landwhale runs up on Rousey in public and Rousey grounds and pounds them. That would be beautiful.

  23. Let’s consider what a MD says about Fox, because really when Fox visits the doctor’s office, the MD cares about how she was born, not how she identifies.

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