If you know me, you know I’m a pretty big Ronda Rousey fan. I realize some don’t like her brash nature, but I’m always drawn to those types of fighters. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s smoking hot. Just the other day, Mark Kern said something on Twitter about how awesome it would be if Rousey came out publicly in support of GamerGate. I don’t know if that will happen, but today she was attacked by the same bunch of shitbags that have been maligning and misrepresenting our cause from the start. I’m speaking of course about the rad fem shithole they call The Mary Sue.

They went back and found some comments that Rousey had made last year in response to a question about fighting Fallon Fox, a transgendered fighter. She said this:

“She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has,” Rousey told The Post. “It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.”

“I understand the UFC doesn’t want to be associated with views like (Mitrione’s),” Rousey said. “I’m also glad they didn’t straight cut him.”

Rousey told the post she had competed against hermaphroditic athletes in Judo and had no problems because “that was something they didn’t choose” but she feels Fox is in a different category because it’s a situation of her own making.

“It’s not something that happened to her,” Rousey said. “It was a decision she made. She should be aware in her career after that, it’s going to be an arduous path. I don’t know why she’s surprised by that. It’s going to draw a lot of emotions.”

As you can see, Rousey rejects the current line coming from the media. As far as her having to fight a trans athlete, I don’t think she should have to. Like she said, it’s an unfair advantage. That’s just my personal opinion. What do the frothing SJWs at TMS think about her comments?

Though her original comments were made two years ago, she has yet to clarify or amend them, and she has yet to fight Fallon Fox in competition as Fox is, as of yet, not allowed to fight in the UFC…

It’s sad and infuriating to watch a woman of Rousey’s stature, one who’s fought hard to get women their due in her field, turn her back on women who are not like her. Rousey is a hypocrite who flouts gender norms when it suits her, but throws women under the bus when it doesn’t. I can no longer respect her big talk about body positivity and being persistent and not being a “Do Nothin’ Bitch” when she’s unwilling to afford trans athletes that same respect. No matter how many belts she wins.

Wow, I’m sure she will be crushed to lose the support of an author who said she was basically ignorant of her sport anyway. She talked about seeing her in the new Entourage movie. I’d rather see her break someone’s arm, personally:Rousey-Tate-15-finish.slo.pt1

Maybe this will cause Ronda to come out swinging against The Mary Sue and the poisonous SJW culture. Of course, she’s a huge star, and this is likely no sweat off her back. So then again, she might not say anything at all. But we can all hope, though. Also, keep in mind, Ms. Rousey never said she wouldn’t fight Fallon Fox. In fact, she said she would fight whoever the UFC told her to. She was just being honest with how she felt about the advantage. It’s company policy not to hire fix, not Rousey policy.

So, The Mary Sue has misrepresented one of the biggest female sports stars on the planet. Keep up the good work, losers.