If you’ll recall, British comedian Stephen Fry recently left Twitter while torching the prevailing mindset of SJWs and other assorted radical feminists on the way out.

Oh goodness, what fun Twitter was in the early days, a secret bathing-pool in a magical glade in an enchanted forest. It was glorious ‘to turn as swimmers into cleanness leaping.’ We frolicked and water-bombed and sometimes, in the moonlight, skinny-dipped. We chattered and laughed and put the world to rights and shared thoughts sacred, silly and profane. But now the pool is stagnant. It is frothy with scum, clogged with weeds and littered with broken glass, sharp rocks and slimy rubbish. If you don’t watch yourself, with every move you’ll end up being gashed, broken, bruised or contused. Even if you negotiate the sharp rocks you’ll soon feel that too many people have peed in the pool for you to want to swim there any more. The fun is over.

To leave that metaphor, let us grieve at what Twitter has become. A stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous who love to second-guess, to leap to conclusions and be offended – worse, to be offended on behalf of others they do not even know. It’s as nasty and unwholesome a characteristic as can be imagined. It doesn’t matter whether they think they’re defending women, men, transgender people, Muslims, humanists … the ghastliness is absolutely the same. It makes sensible people want to take an absolutely opposite point of view. I’ve heard people shriek their secularism in such a way as to make me want instantly to become an evangelical Christian.

He wasn’t done, however. The other day, he sat down for an interview with Dave Rubin and got panties in a twist once again with his scathing wit and biting commentary. Here’s the video, in case you missed it…

From the Daily Mirror

The QI star was criticising what he considers to be the depletion of free speech as people begin to avoid “trigger words” and try to create “safe space” to avoid controversy…

“I think it started to happen in Britain with the attempted removal of statues of people who are considered unlikable – who were once beloved – and have become in a very 1984 way, ‘unpersons’.”

Fry then blasted the “deep infantilism” in today’s society as he said that people need to grow up and become more mature.

“In terms of how they think, they can’t bear complexity,” he said.

“The ideas that things aren’t easy to understand. They want to be told, or they want to be able to decide and say, this is good, and this is bad, and anything that conflicts with that is not to be borne.”…

“There are many great plays which contain rapes, and the word rape now is even considered a rape. They’re terrible things and they have to be thought about, clearly, but if you say you can’t watch this play, you can’t watch Titus Andronicus, you can’t read it in an English class, or you can’t watch Macbeth because it’s got children being killed in it, it might trigger something when you were young that upset you once, because uncle touched you in a nasty place, well I’m sorry,” he said.

“It’s a great shame and we’re all very sorry that your uncle touched you in that nasty place – you get some of my sympathy – but your self pity gets none of my sympathy.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself in a million years. Just because you have some sort of trauma or issue with tough subjects being broached in the media or entertainment worlds, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to sit around and hold your hand. In fact, I’ve known many victims of abuse and other horrors who don’t go running every time the topic is brought up, and they certainly don’t campaign to alter society in ways that fundamentally undermine the freedom of speech and expression.


Of course, his commentary here has set off a massive counterattack against Mr. Fry, who I’m quite sure doesn’t give one single shit. He’s massively wealthy and beloved by tons of people, so I doubt these pissants and their contemptible criticism concern him all that much. Still, it’s funny to highlight and then laugh at these people, so here we go.



Yes, but everyone cares what Sarah Brand thinks. I’ve never heard of this broad in my entire life.


That’s funny, because Fry said the same thing himself earlier this year. Too many easily offended chumps running around, although this guy seems like he might be one of them.


“Look at them going for Stephen Fry’s career. Smell the blood. They want to destroy him” – Martin Daubney

Precisely. These people want to take down an ideological enemy for attempting to inject some humor and real-talk into the public debate. Fry is much too beloved for them to succeed, but that won’t stop them. You can see where this is headed, as they’ve attacked some of his charity work as well.

The charity said it understood why Fry’s comments may have upset some and stressed that he was speaking in a personal capacity.

Their statement reads: “Abuse is incredibly serious and can have devastating consequences for survivors, particularly for their life-long mental health. We would urge anyone who has experienced abuse of any kind to reach out and seek support.

“We understand why some people may have been upset by Stephen Fry’s remarks in a recent American TV interview. Stephen was speaking in a personal context, giving his own views as part of a longer discussion on the subject of freedom of speech.

“As President of Mind, Stephen Fry has done a huge amount to raise awareness and understanding about bipolar disorder and other mental health problems. He has supported Mind in our campaigning activities over the last decade and has helped enormously to change public attitudes in the UK about mental health for the better.

Stand strong, Stephen. Know that you have an army at your back and we’re all ready to go on the attack against cowards and useful idiots who war against free speech. Don’t let this wave of hate stop you from continuing to speak out on these sorts of topics, as you voice is very valuable to our cause. These speech Nazis and safe space goons can’t be allowed to win.

  1. Amazing the number of people who lack reading comprehension these days…

    If YOU cannot deal with your trauma, the onus is on YOU to fix it, not the rest of the world.

    If I have a phobia of trains due to an early-childhood trauma with them, the answer is not ‘get rid of all of the trains.’ Trains may scare me, but that shouldn’t prevent other people from talking about them, discussing them, joking about them, or whathaveyou. I need to be the one to get over it, or deal with it, or seek help.

    It is amazing what people are willing to do while insisting that plugging theirs ears with their fingers is the correct course of action.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful at how the regressive leftist mainstream news media have completely twisted and exaggerated Stephen Fry’s comments.

    And will you just look at all those pathetic pieces of shit on Twitter… nothing more than authoritarian outrage cry-bullies. Frantically tapping away their keyboards/phones on their high horses and desperately attempting to ruin Fry’s life because he said something they didn’t like. This is what’s wrong with society. God does Western society need a fucking purge to clean out these absolute wastes of spaces.

    Listen, anyone who has been abused as child I have sympathy for, but fucking hell don’t make it an eternity of self-pity, wallowing in your own bitterness/hatred and expecting everyone else in the universe to bend over for you.

    1. Fry tries to give people a good advice, which he knows from experience.
      Self pity is bad and addictive, no good, and people should not get offended for other people they don’t even know.

      And people’s reaction? To get offended on behalf of other people they don’t know and throw pity at them.

      It doesn’t get any better than this.

      1. It is not self pity in the least. It’s trauma. Ask anyone who has ever been sexually abused, male or female. Most want to punch him in the face for him trivializing what THEY experienced. Makes me wonder how his nieces are doing!

  3. It’s reasons like this that I’m glad I never got to be a big user of Twitter. Made that mistake with Tumblr, and it’s been a shithole for a couple years now. Twitter is going down the same fucking toilet.

    Also, I’m a survivor of that shit. Stephen Fry is on the money. I got past my trauma. I moved on. So did my ex-wife. So did a few people I know. They still laughed, they still loved, and they didn’t let it define who they were or who they wanted to be friends with, or what comedy they decided to laugh at.

    Jesus, can we just… iunno, cancel this generation and move on to the next one? because this one is fucked up since no one wanted to spank wittle sarah’s bottom because it could be abuse.

    Seriously I think that’s at least partly where all this entitlement shit started from…

  4. Self-improvement really is alien to the leftist mindset, isn’t it?

    All the talk, and it boils down to ‘No, YOU have to change because I AM A SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE!’

    It’s funny, really. It used to be ‘changing the world starts with YOU’. You had to take the first step. Michael Jackson, love him or hate him, had the song ‘Man in the Mirror’, where he SPECIFICALLY stated that was where making a better world started; with the person in the mirror.

    Nowadays, he’d probably be excoriated for being ‘insufficiently sensitive’ or something.

    Terrible things happen to people every day. Is it fair? No, but the world isn’t fair to start with. But you can lie there and cry about it, or get up and keep going.

    “You gonna lie there with blood in your mouth? Or you gonna get up and spill some of theirs?” — from ‘Hardcore Henry’.

  5. I’m starting to think they didn’t even watch the program. Since he says right beforehand about how infantile peoples thinking are these days, where they don’t want to wander into grey areas, or even ponder someone elses opinion. There is no grey, its good or bad to these people.

  6. As usual, SJWs take someone out of context so they can have their blood sacrifice. Fry wasn’t telling victims of sexual abuse to “get over” the abuse – he was telling them to “get over” expecting the world to cater to them and infantilize everything so as to not “trigger” them. I’m a survivor of sexual abuse myself, and I don’t expect the rest of the fucking world to bend over backwards so my fee-fees don’t get hurt. That’s why I spent years in therapy – so I could go out in public without losing my shit and expecting to be calmed down with puppies and coloring books.

    As for that dumb twat who says Fry is exaggerating about not being able to read or watch certain plays – you do know that for decades, some schools banned classics like “To Kill A Mockingbird”, “The Color Purple”, and “Huckleberry Finn” because they didn’t want to offend parents? There are dumbasses who are still trying to ban the Harry Potter books in schools because “it promotes witchcraft”. *rolls eyes*

    1. Its not even the victims of abuse though. It’s self-appointed “advocates” of abuse victims speaking FOR them saying we need to make the world a Nerfed version of itself so as to not offend or “trigger” anyone when they themselves have no clue. They treat abuse victims like the most fragile glass trinket on the shelf, same way they treat minorities like retarded children saying they don’t know any better or gays like accessories or women like another weaker species… so long as they fall in line with their narrative. They want to show how pure and moral they are for standing up for [insert race/religion/orientation/gender] and they want kudos and “attaboys” in return to boost their ego. It’s the most selfish and narcissistic social movement and it fits this me me me generation like a glove.

  7. It’s also worth noting that Fry’s comments about self-pity have particular weight because it’s well known that he has suffered/does suffer from crippling depression. In fact there is an entire documentary about it, easily searchable on YouTube.

    If anyone has the right to demand a safe space, it’s certainly the man who once disappeared for days, worrying his employers, friends and family, because he was so debilitated by his illness.

    It’s really getting more and more difficult to align myself with the Left at this point.

  8. Fry complained about the 1984-like speech policing and these idiots are proving his statement by immediately attacking him.

  9. Stephen Fry suffers bipolar disorder. The reason he knows that self pity is a terrible emotion is because he FIGHTS IT ALL THE TIME. He wasn’t calling the person bad, he was calling the EMOTION bad.

  10. I seem to remember something. It’s vague, but there was an outcry about how you shouldn’t go after someone’s job because of what they said on twitter or what they believe. There was his huge backlash because it got someone fired and people were constantly saying something about taking a step back and looking at the harm this kind of thing does and we should have the morals and integrity not to do it because we disagree with a person.

    Damn, it seems to long ago. I wish I knew who these people who said that were, they couldn’t possibly be related to the people doing the exact same thing to Mr. Fry could they?



          See ya tomorrow.

  11. Great situation, more people need to speak up against the sjw mentality to get mobbed back by the sjw.

    Nothing turns more people against the sjw than the sjw themselves when they show their true colors.

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