SYRIA: Don't Let Media/Neocon Alliance Drag Us Into Another War

SYRIA: Don’t Let Media/Neocon Alliance Drag Us Into Another War

YouTube immediately demonetized this video. I have requested a review.

Airstrikes are one thing, ground war in Syria is another. No matter how bad the barbarism may be, it’s time to focus on our own country, not the Middle East.

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Ethan Ralph

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  • Toastrider

    Let’s get stuff out there in the open. First off, Assad is a loathsome scumbag, a chinless wonder propped up by Russia because his own country hates his guts. If he dropped dead tomorrow of a heart attack or due to Mossad poisoning his couscous, I wouldn’t shed a tear.

    But he’s small potatoes, and bluntly put, the U.S. has no business there. There was a time when I thought it might be best if we did go around stomping out small fires before they became conflagrations; an ounce of lead being worth a pound of shaped charges, if you would. But the ugly fact is we’re just not very good at it, and we cannot rely on any real support.

    If Trump wants to go ahead and launch a Reagan style airstrike on Syria, I can support that grudgingly. But under no circumstances should we be putting boots on the ground unless it’s an assassination squad out to cut Assad’s throat.

    Compared to the possible shitstorm that could come out of Iran, thanks to President Bumbles and his ‘Top Men’ ‘negotiating’ (read: giving blow jobs), Syria really isn’t worth the hassle.

    • Typical

      My opinion is: If any of them are such a problem, let their neighbors solve them. Why do we care which dictator sits on a throne we don’t care about in the desert? Literally nothing aside from the price of oil is our concern that we should be offering free war services to ME countries.

  • Yarlg

    YouTube demonetizing controversial content hurts them too, I suppose they’re not going to learn until it hits their bank account too hard that they need to let advertisers choose what kinds of things they want to avoid rather than just demonetize in a broad swath.

  • Dindu McNothin

    I don’t care about the “beautiful babies” gassed in Syria. Or the NeoCons need to build a pipeline to Europe. Or Israel’s zeal to take land. America shouldn’t be in Syria.