I just now caught Randi Harper on Twitter doxing someone. I admittedly don’t care about doxing that much myself, but it’s certainly frowned upon by most. And it’s certainly blamed on us all the fucking time, when in reality, it’s a favorite tool of the SJWs. They just usually aren’t dumb enough to do it out in the open, like Randi Harper. Remember the time they doxed Milo, Boogie, Baldwin, and others? Well, I do. The person that Harper doxed tonight wasn’t as well known, but it still needs to be documented. This is who IGDA trusts…a serial harasser who has repeatedly tried to get me, RogueStar, and others, thrown off Twitter, simply because they don’t like us speaking our minds. 

Enough is enough. It’s time Twitter steps in and does something. Her blacklist/blockbot violates their terms, but they want to scrutinize GamerGate for exercising our free speech instead? Fuck that. This is outrageous. I STILL haven’t been told why I was sent a letter from Twitter (no tweet cited, nothing but “nonviolent threat”). Some shady shit is going on right now with WAM, Anita, and her gang of censors. While they keep their hands clean, the street-level enforcers like Harper do the dirty work. Twitter needs to stop acting like punks, and stop this outrageous behavior. They’re going to end up killing Twitter altogether with this nonsense.


Hopefully the idiots in charge will realize the damage that’s being done to their service, before it’s too late.


UPDATE: People on Twitter and in the comments keep saying that I’m doxing him with that pic of his name. That’s not true, because he said the info is out there now, so he’s no longer concerned with his anonymity. So please, stop spamming me about changing screenshots or deleting tweets.