As I write this, I’m sitting on Google Docs, wondering when the site will return to usability (EDIT: It seems to be OK now). It’s not exactly 100% down, but attackers are trying to fuck it up for the holidays. It’s just the regular state of affairs around here, what can I say? But, instead of wasting my time, I’m actually going to put in work. So let’s get down to business, shall we?

First up is the supposed war Twitter is waging against online trolls. Yes, you read that correctly. While ISIS recruiters run around unfetterted, and legit pedophiles are protected from criticism, the thing Twitter wants to go after is trolling. Why? Because the SJWs and their allies in the media have continued to perpetuate this false “war on women” narrative. I don’t have to tell you guys this, but the very fact that I have to type this up on Google instead of WordPress should tell you something. It should also tell Twitter that they’re full of fucking shit when it comes to doing what’s in the best interest of their site. You’re never gonna be Facebook, so please stop trying. If you didn’t have your head so far up your ass, you would know that being different is a good thing. But, whatever.

Here’s an excerpt from the garbage fire of an article/press release that I’ve been rambling on about….

Twitter is giving its users new powers to block internet trolls amid claims abusive behaviour is hampering the social media site from catching up with Facebook.

Bruce Daisley, the head of Twitter in Europe, said the site would give its 320 millions users new tools to protect them from trolls and expose the worst offenders by encouraging people to share lists of blocked users. Twitter, which celebrates its tenth birthday next year, is worth more than £22 billion but is lagging behind Facebook, which has more than one billion users and a valuation of £167 billion.

But Mr Daisley now says the site has cracked down on nuisance users who hurl extreme abuse at those they disagree with. Measures include contacting suspected trolls to tell them “what you are doing here exists in the real world” (Ralph: LOL I’m sure that helped a lot) and encouraging people to publish lists of users they have blocked.

“We have spent longer and more effort on user safety than any single other thing,” (Ralph: That goes a long way towards explaining why you’re in the shitter.) Mr Daisley told The Independent newspaper. “The measures we have done have directly correlated to a reduction in the amount of bad behaviour on the platform. The other part of the strategy has involved giving users new tools to block trolls and to expose the worst offenders by encouraging people to share their lists of blocked accounts.”

Mr Daisley said the measures, introduced over the past year, had led to a massive increase in the number of reports and made people feel a lot safer.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: I really love Twitter. I know some of you will read that and cringe, but it’s an amazing service and I hate to see it gutted in favor of making it more like Facebook. For one, that’s an impossible goal. Also, when you think about it, even Facebook is less restrictive than Twitter now, in some ways. I don’t have to worry as much about the things I post over there (except for nudity and the like). My follow count isn’t as high, so the target on my back is smaller. Also, if it’s an article, Facebook almost never fucks with you. The same can’t be said for Twitter.

Janet Bloomfield has talked about this in the past here on TRR, but the idiots in charge of Twitter don’t seem like they’re ever going to listen. Instead of marketing towards their strengths, they would rather try to dumb down and pussify their service in order to make it more like Facebook. It’s going to take a major downfall for them to change course, and by then it will be too late. I’m just hoping that whoever ends up buying the service will figure it out, because my faith in those in charge now is very low.