Now, I’m not sure if this is just the online Playboy, or if it carries over into print, but Brianna Wu has been featured as one of the women “whipping the industry into shape.” Don’t worry, she’s fully clothed. But the decision by the editors to feature her is a baffling one. I know they fancy themselves as feminist, but Wu is a scammer by almost any definition. If I had a subscription, that shit would be cancelled just on principle. Since I don’t, I’ll just sit here and laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing:

I can only imagine what you guys have to say about all this. Please, hold back and be respectful of Ms. Wu. 😉

I’m going to go finish up some edits and I’ll be right back with more. This was just a short comedy post. I guess maybe Playboy thinks this appeals to their audience in some way, although I’m not sure how. Thank goodness they didn’t go all the way with it. I guess there’s at least one silver lining here.