Update on Mister Metokur, AKA Internet Aristocrat

Update on Mister Metokur, AKA Internet Aristocrat

The news I’m about to bring you is a couple days old, but oh well. We operate on Ralph Time around here. Most of the time the news is quite fresh, but if there’s an event that’s passed, and I still want to talk about it, then I will. This is one of those times. As it turns out, Mister Metokur has been going through a rougher time that we all had imagined. I know he would likely make fun of me for even writing this article, but I think his contributions warrant this sort of update on his life and work. He usually doesn’t tell us that much about his circumstances (true things, anyway), but on Facebook recently, he did:1

I can see why Jim quit GamerGate so readily now, although he probably would have quit anyway, to be honest. I don’t think him being at full health would have changed his mind too much, although maybe he would have put up with shit a little longer. I’m just saddened to know he had been going through some rough times. At the end of the day, this is something we all do for fun, at least I do (and he does). Unlike him, I do make money for my efforts, but I always want to have fun with what I do. That’s what the casual style is about, that why I like to make jokes, etc. But when you have heavy shit going on in the real world, it makes all this a lot less fun. It’s hard to get into things, and it makes it a lot more like a grind. So I get taking some time off, even if he had all the parts he needed.

Like some in the comments said, Jim (aka Internet Aristocrat, Mister Metokur, etc) could just start up a Patreon or whatever other crowdfunding thing he wanted and make the money he needs. I think it would be well-earned, since he’s an awesome performer. But that’s not his style. Hopefully he’ll change his mind, but I doubt he would. No matter what, I hope things start looking up for the guy. I wouldn’t be here writing to you without his inspiration and influence way back when. I’ll always be grateful for that. I’m even more grateful for all the laughs and good times he has provided me, though, even in dark times. Good luck, Jim. I know just about everyone else will join me in wishing you all the best.

Ethan Ralph

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  • ElderWolf

    Someone asks him at least once per live stream why he doesn’t open a patreon. He joked one time that he might but all the money would just sit there. I thought it was odd that the last thing we’d seen from him was a joke video about MundaneMatt 4 weeks ago. His posting has seemed incredibly gapped even by his own standards, and i didn’t think he’d abandoned the MisterMetokur channel yet because the account was still up. A lot of things make better sense now.

  • John Doe

    Here’s hoping Hannibal beats that illness and comes back soon.

    Get well, IA/MM. Seriously man, the collective unconsciousness of the entire fucking world owes you a debt of gratitude.

  • D-Bone

    I don’t get it. People don’t understand what marketability is all about. Sell yourself high, but yourself low. I think it has more to do with introvert Vs. Extrovert personalities but Bad or good quality of life, I’ve been the same.

  • Shane Phillips

    People have offered him spare hardware but I don’t get the impression he is prepared to take it. I understand not wanting to leech off of others but if you’re in genuine need, why not take what people offer you?

    • hurin

      Makes no sense. Gamers usually have old hardware (fine for just internet) laying around they don’t use anymore.

      I bet there are 100 people right now, who would donate their old PC to him.

      And he can install Linux for free.

      Edit: If you read this. I hope you get better. Didn’t mean to sound cold. If you need help just ask OK.

      • Kev Lew

        my old hardware is a 3 year workhorse dualcore with a melted GPU, not everyone trades up parts every few months.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Especially when you’re doing a job for them.

      Seriously, there’s not wanting to be like SJWs (does no work, gets lots of money) and insisting there’s insisting on being the opposite of SJWs (does lots of work, gets no money).

      Jim, if you’re reading this:


      • TetraD20

        My entertainment is WORTH my money.

    • RothbardianAnCap

      I can understand where he’s coming from. It’s like a matter of pride, not wanting to take charity from people and even feeling unworthy of it. And not wanting to be like the people he was fighting against.

      • Shane Phillips

        Sure, but I personally think there’s nothing wrong with accepting a little help when you’re actually in need, that’s not SJW like at all. But if he wants to stick by his principles I totally respect that, it’s his choice and he can live his life however he wants. I don’t necessarily agree with him on everything (I got no problem with people in GG making money if their work helps our cause) but I respect his right to his principles and I totally respect him for standing by them.

        I hope his health problems sort themselves out soon.

        • RothbardianAnCap

          Yeah, but if he’s like me, from a working class family and had it rough, it’s like…I’ve always felt that I haven’t earned it if someone tried to help me out with money. I’ve always wanted to work for it, not take a handout. It’s all about principles, you know? Feeling like you’re not doing enough…and not having the energy because of bad health to do what you feel is “enough,” on top of it, it’s hard.

          I hope so too. Ill health, for an extensive period of time, really negatively affects people, their lives, their work. I hope he gets better.

          • A Real Libertarian

            Given that he was making videos, he could monetize that.

            If someone doesn’t think it’s worth watching, then they don’t pay him.

            Seriously Jim, if you’re reading this then as a commie I’m telling to knock off the “making money from this is bad” shtick.

            [Less seriously] We need you to be a ruthless bourgeois exploiter!

            Otherwise you’re not going to be able to do anything, for anybody.

            Sometimes sticking to your principles no matter the cost is a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing. This is one the “bad thing” times.

      • I think you’re bang on the money. Instead of wailing about how tough things are and holding out the hand, he just gets on with it. Because that’s what adults do.

        • RothbardianAnCap

          Exactly. I know exactly what that is like, I’ve always struggled with money and health problems myself. You keep moving, suck it up, and take care of yourself.

      • A Real Libertarian

        But it’s not charity, he’s providing a service to us and all his viewers.

        • RothbardianAnCap

          He might view it as such, is all.

  • James

    I’ve gotten more entertainment out of Jim’s videos than I have out of most of the media I have purchased.
    Stop being such a faggot and monetise your shit Jim, get well soon.

  • the red army

    i hope you get well soon dude… and i understand the pride… sometimes the hardest thing for a man to do is admit he needs a little help…

    • A Real Libertarian

      Yeah, when it comes to GamerGate or dealing with SJWs or anything important, the first truth is “the mission comes first, pride can take a back-seat”.

  • Mitchfinder General

    Tell him to turn off that pesky adblock!

  • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

    I always felt IA was a stand-up dude, but this actually confirms it. Get well Jim.

  • shinningprodigy

    IA/MM always struck me as a proud person and him leaving GG always made me question him. Knowing this I guess it helps put things into perspective. Even though it’s only commentary he is still a human being who dedicated most of his time to inform others just how messed up the world is and also, unintentionally (at least for me) how lucky we aren’t in that situation.

    If you are reading this (and I hope you are):
    Hope you get better you handsome jerk and everything looks up for you. Took some balls to come clean about this and be straight with us. Dont be afraid to ask us for help if you need it.

    You’ve made others realize we too can be just a random asshole on the internet.

    …and fucking proud ones at that too 😉
    *edited for errors

  • Gordon Freeman

    Hope you get your shit sorted, Jim.

  • Mr0303

    The reasons he left GG are his own and I have no problem with that. The way he left however was less than graceful. He could’ve just stepped away from it all, but instead he deleted his channel along with the Quinspiracy videos that gave GG some great momentum. I don’t respect him for that.

    I do find irony in him mocking X and Y for having a Patreon and now he is in financial trouble because of his pride and willingness to have an imaginary high moral ground.

    All of my personal feelings aside I do hope he recovers and continues to be a valuable asset against the SJWs.

  • Jak Constantine

    Jim done a lot for us. Still surprised he hasn’t monetised any of his videos at all. Guess this is why pride is a sin. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit bit of help and support. We are all here for him, we hope he gets back on his feet and gets better.

    In my opinion, it wouldn’t make me mad if he started making a bit of money of his work. He deserve the money.

  • USKensington

    I would absolutely throw a couple hundred dollars his way if there were a way of doing so.

  • Jan Scott

    Speaking as someone who racked up $45,000 in credit card bills during a particularly rotten year I think Jim is making a mistake. It can take many, many years to crawl out from that kind of debt. I wish I could come up with a better solution than Patreon, direct PayPal?

  • TeLin特林

    Damn I have a decent amd cpu he could have along with a motherboard and a hdd….