I’ve been sitting on Twitter shitposting all afternoon instead of actually being productive. At least, that’s what I thought at first. I no longer feel that way. After responding to the unprovoked attacks from the cosplaying cunt @CultOfVivian for the second day in a row, I decided to really kick it up a notch. Since she has a bunch of thirsty betas who will fav and retweet any old garbage she throws up, plus she has all the people that already hate me, I knew I had to get a little creative. So, what did I do? I un-orginally stole a hashtag that was being used yesterday, and even as long ago as August. Hey, I didn’t say I had to be completely original! And thus, #GamerGatePlus was truly enlivened.

The sad thing is, some people actually thought this was a real hashtag. No, I’m afraid to disappoint all the detractors. But I’ll never be leaving the GamerGate hashtag. I would die before I let the SJW-lites and neet hater brigade take over total control of something I’ve put so much work into. Not only that, many other people feel the exact same way I do, and so I fight for them as well. In fact, it looks like there’s even more of them than the SJW-lite opposition originally thought. But first off, let’s take a look at the cartoon dress-up freak:

And now my first GamerGatePlus tweets from this earlier afternoon:

The funny thing is, CuntOfVivian keeps trying to act like I’m a journalist. The only problem with that is, I’ve repeatedly said I wasn’t a journo, going all the way back to my very first day in GamerGate. I am not neutral. I am not unbiased. I have an slant to my coverage here, and I’ve always been open with that fact. In no way is it like Kotaku and Nathan Grayson. Why? Because my defintions never change.

I’m a muckraker, or just a plain ol’ blogger if you prefer. So the idiots can keep repeating these talking points until the cows come home. It doesn’t make them valid. And Viv can keep trying to start fights out of nowhere when GameDiviner and I already had things settled. It’s all good, because I’ve been through the fire before. I can’t be shaken off my mission.


They can keep trashing me as much as they like, but it’s never going to affect me very much. I’m just gonna put my head down, come here, and talk the same shit I always talk. People enjoy reading it, and I enjoy writing it. Losers trying to purge me with their politically correct thinking can suck my dick, as always. I’m not going anywhere.

Long live GamerGatePlus GamerGate.

Oh, before I go…here’s some of my favorite selections from the satirical hashtag:






I’ll come back and update this with more in a bit. Let me know your thoughts on the days events down below, in the BasedCommentSection.

  1. It doesn’t matter whether one is a journalist or blogger, biased or not biased. What matters is whether you source your work and back it up with quotes. For example, simply saying gamers hate women is a breach of ethics no matter who you are; it’s lying, innuendo and myth presented as fact. Calling someone an MRA or homophobe just because they disagree with feminist critiques is also a form of lying.

    1. But isn’t it then hypocritical to call someone disagreeing with you a sjw? With all my respect to Ralph I personally don’t see how it’s any different.

      1. No it’s not, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, there is only one sort of person who disagrees with me and who I will not tolerate, and that is someone who uses hate speech. I don’t care if you’re a commie, Marxist, what side of what war you were on, abortion, etc; I tolerate all of that.

        Let me be clear on what I do not tolerate, and it is a pretty high bar – one which 99% of Americans easily pass. Anyone who singles out human beings according to their biological identity, e. g., Arabs, Jews, Latinos, Asians, blacks, whites, men, women, gays and non-gays, and obsessively writes things about them which are negative 100% of the time is a fuck.

        SJW is an imprecise term, but when I use it I am talking about one thing and one thing only: gay third wave feminism. I regard that as nothing more than a racist, sexist, supremacist cult which occupies the same intellectual and philosophical space as a neo-Nazi or KKK.


        1. I get that, I’m specifically talking about CultOfVivian, tho I dislike her, she says that she herself chooses to be politically correct but doesn’t push others to be so , I do not feel that is a sjw mindset and Ralph calling her a sjw is kind of like Gamediviner calling Ralph a sjw. It seems like it’s become a go to insult for when someone disagrees and yet doesn’t have the characteristics you mentioned. If we start trowing the sjw word around at people we simply dislike it will eventually use it’s meaning and it’s weight.

          1. I agree. But I didn’t say that so address it to Ralph. However I will say I don’t trust anyone who uses terms like “misgendering” and “transphobia.” I don’t have to accept anyone’s delusions and every time I hear “transphobia” it’s usually bullshit based on pretty much nothing. On the other hand you have this lesbian liberation cult basically portraying all men, all heterosexuals and all whites as some kind of historic sinners. Fuck that and fuck them.

          2. Transphobia, IE the fear of trans people, is another word that essentially can be thrown out as a meaningless word with racist, mysogynist, bigot, MRA, and all the other mindless insults. Their modern context is “person I don’t like and wish to smear” and therefore is useless beyond its use as a club to bash people

          3. And what’s this obsession with transgender? You’d think there’s like 89 fucking kabillion of them. All it shows is that once again this fake “feminism” isn’t feminism at all. It’s a lesbian liberation ideology morons have adopted by proxy because they don’t know the true origins of this stuff. The goal of that ideology is to ditch heterosexuality and there’s plenty of useful idiots to help. Of course you can’t ever ditch heterosexuality as the “norm” but when did “can’t” ever stop lunatics?

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  2. And I’m done. Ralph, I think you’re a good guy but if you can’t see that this kind of public laundry airing from EVERYONE involved is a sign this is going to shit, I don’t know what to say. the spirit I’m connected with because of this I’m still committed to but this shit is just….I wish people would make up and get back on track, because this in fighting is dumb as fuck

    1. Ignore it then. That’s the great thing about GG, you can just carry on pointing out shitty SJW and anti-gamer behavior and you don’t have to let everyone know you’re unfollowing or not reading a certain person. It doersn’t mean you, or the person your disagree with, has any less involvement with GG or strayed from some magical correct path.
      The hashtag is a hashtag, that’s all. What and who it encompasses have been here before it kicked off and will be here after. There’s no membership, no hard rules and no way for it to ‘go to shit’.

      1. You’re right. That subconsciously arrogantly to announce my departure. I suppose my reason was disappointment. I could get over the rough edges ever now and then but this drama stuff….things used to be clearer.

        1. Agreed, i feel similar disapointment with how this shit spun out of control with ralph fueling it with ego. this whole article reads like pedantic whinery. to use the patriarchial term, man up and fucking move on already. absolutely pointless article.

  3. *sighs* This is seriously a thing now, right?

    Why can’t we ever have a Minus community? It’s always plus! Always with the addition!

    To be completely serious, I’m having a hard time determining the joke tweets from the real tweets… Its… ugh. I’m going cross eyed.

  4. Love the article. Love the GGPlus trolling. It revealed the abundance of easily butthurt pussies, crybabies and other annoying faggots associated w/ the hashtag. They really need to harden the fuck up or take a break and play some vidya.

  5. someone needs to do a lovely GG+ photoshop shoop on this golden classic from the Atheism+ schism…its one we chuck at FreeThoughtBastards to trigger them

  6. I have been saying it, people involved wouldn’t look so bad if they just owned up to this whole thing…The shoot the messenger atitude makes it look so much worse!

    Don’t start with the bullshit about it just being an idea being discussed, cause no to entertain this you had to be willing to manipulate and be part of a tiny minority making the decision to kill it for everyone else! If you don’t see how thats wrong then maybe you need to take a step back here…

    Maybe its ego or maybe something else but attacking ralph just isn’t making things look any better…

  7. Back when I had a twitter account and some pro-GG people started attacking Mercedes Carrera for the sin of “wrongthinking” I told people something like this would happen sooner or later. Fame goes over some peoples heads even when it is just E-fame.

    Take it away Stansflied…


    1. The only drama I remember regarding Mercedes was when her and Mykeru got into a pissing match that seemed to start with misinterpreted ribbing but which rapidly became real as hundreds of dipshits threw themselves into the fray of what should have stayed between the tow of them.

        1. I tried a couple of times to get Jim and Mykeru in one place just because I wanted to see what would happen. Whether they got along or tore each other apart it would no doubt be entertaining.

      1. I actually managed to have pretty good discussion about that with both of them. It seemed once I had their attention and not the idiots spinning up the issue it cooled off

        1. It’s a bad habit that people have, personally I have a rule now that I don’t “follow” people on the internet that need ME to “defend” them.

  8. Despite being a gamergate supporter since start it seems every other week I see some “GG e-celeb” I don’t recognise loose their shit because “peeps don’t do/think what they are told”

    Then I remember that I don’t have a twitter account and just thank fucking god for that.

    1. That’s one of the few things I dislike about the whole GG controversy. People who are either with, against or even neutral to GG it somehow turns into a cyber school yard fight over the most mundane thing someone says or does on any social media that really has little to no effect in the real world. Some people take social media too far to a point where its the biggest priority in their lives.

  9. When are people (cis, trans, whomever) going to get it through their fucking heads that in order to command/get respect you have to give it. Everyone likes to pretend it’s a god-given right to be respected; that’s not the way the fucking world works.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m generally a polite, respectful motherfucker; but if you piss me off…

  10. This entire thing is fucking stupid. I’m sorry but it’s a fucking diverse group and the people who can’t handle that need to either wise up or stfu already.

    Not everyone is going to humor you, not everyone is going to agree with you, not everyone is going to be nice to you (most will try to be nice from what I’ve seen tho, you polite bastards), but to make a little pissy fit about stupid e-drama bs like this is going full-retard. NEVER go full retard.

    Seriously I guarantee I won’t agree with everything you sh!tlords say, but so long as you still believe in GG’s goals (be it the ethics only guys/gals or the anti-SJW people), I will proudly stand next to any of you unbearable faggots.

  11. QuQu really let me down with that manifesto. I liked him. -_- My favorite part is “CultofVivian” having the fucking NERVE to sit there and talk about PC Culture not being a fucking problem. PC Culture is EXACTLY why we are having this problem. Grayson is a fucking SJW Beta who caters to the whims of his friends, especially if they’re of an imaginarily “oppressed” class. That is why he did what he did for his friends (and to get that looney toons pussy from Zoey… first rule of crazy is you DON’T STICK YOUR DICK IN CRAZY OR CRAZY WILL STICK ITS DICK IN YOU! Then again he was already drinking the crazy koolaid…).

    Also, I would like to identify as a Time Lord as well, because they are awesome and don’t care about feelz.

    1. As usual it’s a pleasure to read one of your posts 🙂 Do you have a blog? A Gamergate related one? If not, why the fuck not?! I’d read it for sure 🙂

      1. A few people have told me to start a blog, but I’ve resisted since so many of the problem children I’ve encountered over the last year are hardcore bloggers and (aside from Ralph) I feel like it’s tainted by association (which is silly). Plus I’d inevitably end up fighting with people more than I already do on the internet (and I’ve worked hard to dial that back) and that’s not good for my sanity. And lastly I come to all my information 2nd or 3rd hand about happenings, so I’d really just be discussing what other people are already talking about, which is why I only comment on the Ralph Retort in the first place. 🙂

        1. So don’t check your blog, just take your discuss posts about #GamerGate, put them all in blog posts and abandon the shit out of it afterwards. Just some advice.

    2. I feel the same, and I’m actually closer to Viv’s opinion on “misgendering”

      I don’t see the point of it.

      I just think she goes too far by DEMANDING others share her opinion or conflate disrespecting a trans individual with a refusal to accept trans individuals as a whole.

      If Kern wants to disrespect pedobutts with male pronouns or even bloody “dead naming” for all I care, so be it.

      He’s an adult. I don’t, can’t and SHOULDN’T control his actions or speech.

      The manifesto was a shitshow. Conceding some of Ghazi’s most ludicrous and demonstrably false claims and pretending it’s for “victory”

      The whole “Ralph’s a journalist, he has to be held to higher standards” stuff is also ridiculous. It’s being used to excuse *worse* behaviour from those attacking Ralph.

      Being a blogger/opinion writer is also FINE.
      Gamergate isn’t even against that FOR the SJWs by and large. We just think they’re retarded and wrong.
      They are effectively strawmanning our own damn position and confirming the worst suspicions of SJWs, that we want to censor them and get rid of their opinions completely.
      They’re entitled to share their opinions, just not to suppress any criticism or dissent from those opinions. That has been the problem all along ><

      1. Mark Kern can do whatever he wants. And, frankly, I share his perspective. Butts is, first and foremost, a sick, depraved criminal and should be treated accordingly, ESPECIALLY considering how much harm that psychopath has caused innocent, decent people.

        As for the subject of “misgendering” and “proper pronouns,” as I recently had to tell of some entitle tranny who was getting to big for his/her britches on the subject of Drag Queens (who hold INFINITELY more culture value to gay culture than transgender people), hiding behind ones identity is cowardly and pointless. I don’t dislike someone because of their identity; I’m not some retarded Christian from the Bible Belt or some Muslim from Herpaderpastan. I dislike people because of their PERSONALITY.

        With the rise of identity politics, people think they can adopt a collectivist attitude and become immune to criticism, merely because they “belong” to one group or another (gee, that sounds and awful lot like the rationale behind racism, oh wait, that’s because it IS). The reality is, if you’re a cunt, you’re a cunt, and you’ll be treated as such, regardless of whether you’re gay, trans or suffer the delusion that you’re a piece of office furniture.

        1. Pretty much my point of view.
          When I’m respectful to people it’s by choice, not because it’s mandated in order for me to be considered a good person.
          If I choose to be disrespectful, it’s not automatically evidence of bigotry or hatred, only of my being rude (and honestly, sometimes being rude is completely justified, even if it’s unhelpful)

        1. I honestly disagree.
          It doesn’t need to be a slipper slope.
          You just agree to the convention that you treat somebody in the way they present themselves.
          It’s plain manners, rather than a political frame.
          If somebody is dressed like a guy, gives a masculine name and acts like a man, treat them as a man, even if they’re effeminate. If somebody is dressed as a woman, gives a feminine name and acts like a woman, treat them as a woman even if they’re masculine. Goodness knows I’ve been mistaken for a woman more than once when I wore my hair long. Never offended me, but people always apologised as soon as they noticed their mistake. No need to accept their choice or lifestyle, just manners.

          1. The thing is, we’re not talking about a polite conversation about the weather, we’re talking about academic and political discussions over third-parties we’ve never met. When I refer to Brianna Wu as a “he” and someone jumps in and says, “That’s offensive!” I ask, to whom? You? Are you Brianna Wu? No? Then STFU with this nonsense.

            The attitude that ‘feelings’ must be respected in social and political discussions is simply censorship. There are no ‘manners’ in war. It’s a debate trick, a means to shut down discussion without addressing the issue. The silencer gets a little thrill from moral posturing and everyone forgets what they were talking about, they only remember that Someone Said A Bad Thing And That Person Is Wrong.

  12. I think a lot of us who were familiar with Atheism+ were foretelling that something similar would happen in GamerGate. People who are “ethics only” really are just trying to profit off the movement and co-opt it for their own bullshit agendas. The lack of ethics is a problem and the IDEOLOGY of SocJus/3rd Wave Feminism is what got us to this point and what kept those fuckers in the media from admitting any wrong doing and attacking the Gamer subculture.

  13. Gamergate plus is a perfect place for that dork Paolo Munoz. He takes himself way too seriously and talks like a pretentious fag, so he would fit in nicely.

  14. They wanted to leave the GamerGate hashtag and create a different one to focus on ethics only and political correctness. #GamerGatePlus is perfect for them.

  15. I’m not exactly thrilled with Ralph’s “I’m not a journalist so I don’t have to have standards” stance in this scenario but at least it’s been his consistent stance and he’s always been up front about it if not fully self aware of the sort of stupidity it occasionally causes.

    That being said I’ve pointed out repeatedly that GG is too fucking warm and fuzzy these days, too worried about it’s PR and cannot be relied upon to actually do anything anymore. That’s why I’ve wired myself into a more general anti-SJW network of people many of whom the bulk of GG now deems to be “pricks”, “extremists” or “traitors”.

    The tag itself now makes me reluctant to retweet anything containing it, it takes something REALLY good to convince me to do so now.

  16. The proplem is people fighting over which aspect of #GamerGate is the primary, and which is the secondary one.

    People who think that fighting corrupt journalism is the primary concern, might criticize you for misgendering a trans. This is not a bad thing per se, or hypocritical of them, as it is not a silencing tactic. It is just them voicing their opinion in an open field.

    People who think that fighting SJWism is the primary concern of #GamerGate will laugh at that criticism, and mock the idea, because accepting trans peoples chosen gender is ridiculous to them.

    You belong to the second camp.

    And I think your camp is wrong HERE (in regards to @CultOfVivian), because you generalize criticism as being equal to SJW silencing tactics, instead of engaging in a discussion, or just accepting it. This is hypocritical, as you are doing the exact thing you are criticizing in SJWs for, just with a different political motivation.

    None of you people seem to get the fact that you all (ALL) do not matter for the movement as a whole.
    No goal is voted on, and no consensus has to be reached.
    You all seem to forget how the fluidity of an emergent movement functions in practice.
    Even if some idiots try to “gatekeep” #GamerGate, what does that even mean?
    Nobody can keep anybody out! It is impossible by the very nature of the movement.

    Everybody should just get a grip and remember the basics of #GamerGate!
    -Being criticized is not equal to being silenced.
    -Some idiots trying to exclude someone is not necessarily a sign of an “endemic (hashtag-wide) problem”.
    -People will disagree with you. DEAL WITH IT!
    And lastly:
    -Nobody can keep you out. The only thing that can happen, is that your opinion does not get widely accepted.

  17. what the hell is going on? did gg get bored and decide to pull a sjw-eat-their-own move? like what the hell?

  18. >leaving out my good OCs in the tag
    Why don’t you love me anymore Ralph? Our whole relationship has been a LIE, I see how you stare at Vivian!

  19. D’you know, if I run into a transgender person irl, and they prefer a certain pronoun, I will always try to use that because I am a polite human being with respect for others.

    But the SJWs have hijacked ‘preferred pronouns’, just like they hijacked ‘triggers’ from genuine PTSD sufferers. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s become a way for special snowflakes to get attention from the word by announcing that they were born a cis white male but now identify as a pansexual Hispanic female sea cucumber, and may all the gods help you if you snort with laughter rather than respecting their Serious Struggle to gain acceptance and tolerance.

    I can totally see where those like Ralph, who have run into one too many of these fruit loops on Twitter and are too tired/jaded/irritated to play ball anymore, are calling time.

    As far as I can tell, Gamergate has arguably always been about fighting the SJWs and their cracked ideology as much as it has the games. So I think Ralph’s snarkiness here is more than warranted.

  20. Okay, can we all just calm the fuck down for a second? Stop attacking people who are Gamergate supporters, @CultOfVivian isn’t a bad person you’re making her out to be. People like Ralph is pushing people away, give everyone a chance to breathe and let them have their own opinions, stop attacking people because they tweeted an opinion different from yours. We are turning into SJW’s here, so STOP!

      1. I’m not obsessed with Anime, I haven’t even watched Anime in years… my avatar isn’t the correct avatar, it is stuck as this and I have no idea how to change it.

    1. No. She’s turning into the SJW (look at her syntax) and the reason folks are flipping her shit is because she was very, very behind the “gamergatepros” fiasco and immediately attacked Ralph for doing the right thing and exposing the coy plot of a handful of e-celebs who decided it was time to cash out and put everyone who supported them down in the process.

      1. Her profile on Twitter says “Kind of Feminist”, so it’s understandable. She hasn’t done shit to anyone and Ralph is jumping to conclusions. I am so tired of seeing everyone attack eachother over opinions, what happened to “GamerGate allows different opinions”? Did that die a year ago? I am very close to leaving GamerGate because of attacks like these, it’s becoming very scary.

        Sargon of Akkad is now getting flak for some reason too, I don’t understand why he’s being targeted by GamerGaters, he’s a good guy who has different opinions, let the man be.

        1. I am very close to leaving GamerGate because of attacks like these, it’s becoming very scary.

          Why would you leave a hashtag over drama?

          Anyway the problem here is that @CultOfVivian is coming off as a complete narcissist here.

          The plan was absolutely retarded, and the other e-celebs involved had the decency to either admit it or at least keep quiet, but @CultOfVivian decided to attack Ralph for blowing the whistle instead.

          And she’s not “being attacked for tweeting a different opinion”.

          She decided to make herself the face of GamerGatePros and is being treated as such.

          If you’re getting obsessed with drama, just walk away, play vidya or something, and come back when it’s done.

          Or go to KIA, they have far less drama.

  21. Hi Ralph,

    You’re fat. Also, tone policing is retarded. Also, keep up the good work. Also, you have an enviable come over.


  22. You know, I learned something today. I’m not sure what it is, but I did learn it. Anyway, let me put on this penis enlarger…I want creating new assholes to hurt more.

    I do think Cameron is right. I’m not going to go digging, but I find it difficult to believe Vivian has said anything to deserve the C word. But I’ll be damned if I start doing that lame policing. Policing obvious third parties is one thing. Each other? That’s bullshit. That’s not what GG was ever about and never will be.

    1. KIA is increasing their policing of each other which makes me wonder if there really are feminist/ SJWs among the ranks.

  23. I see Leigh Alexander has written about a friend of hers without disclosure. She probably omitted this intentionally to act defiant to GG.

    Lack of ethics is still lack of ethics and probably doesn’t reflect well if you’re seeking to build trust with a readership.

    PS I want to stay clear of stuff like in the post above. I get why it’s important to some, but for me, I want to highlight this clique/cult and point out their inconsistencies and self-serving that they hide behind the veneer of “inclusivity”.

  24. Why not just transform GamerGate into an all-out wide spectrum attack on social justice? That’s what it should have been in the first place. Don’t limit yourselves.

    1. Because that would mean joining ranks with Republians, MRAs, Anti-feminists, Rabid Puppies, militant atheists, and other such “icky” groups that we should never dare to cozy up to lest all of that credibility the media and other people grant us vanish beneath the weight of the completely accurate depictions of those people by our enemies and aforementioned media.

      Or, basically because of people like Cult of Vivian, and numerous liberal concernfags who have drifted in and out of the movement

  25. Just had a look-see through her TL, and aside from the “I’m stepping away for awhile” (lawl), she also got pretty fucking cozy with the GGRevolt retards there for awhile. One more reason to roll my eyes and disregard. I never took her seriously before, since anyone who builds their entire social media presence on co-opting a beloved mascot for followers is weak as fuck, but I never saw any reason to look past that and take her seriously afterward. Meh.

  26. This is all retarded. John Kelly is a retard, on a stream the other night he basically disregarded the concept of trans which is why he’s so vehement on this issue being a thing. Its a hill he’s willing to die on for some unknown reason when most people just don’t give a fuck and unless you are being obnoxious with your gender identity I really don’t care. These people are getting triggered over nothing, if you don’t like cult of vivians opinion, ignore it, instead you see faggots like kelly and others go on for hours tweeting and streaming over this issue, wasting everyones time, sowing discord.
    Be adults, agree to disagree and move the fuck on.
    As for people who insist this is the best way to insult trans people, no, no it isn’t. You can call black people many things as well as “insults” but some actually distract from the point you are making and end up undermining your own position.
    And anyone getting so hot headed they need to insult people that badly, needs to step away from the keyboard and get some perspective. You are free to ignore cult of vivians advice, you are free to do whatever you want, but you aren’t free from people calling you a retard for choosing to be stupid.

  27. I get it, a bunch of people in GG always believed in many of the premises of social justice and the further we go down the rabbit hole the more we are going to clash with all the prejudices and nonsense they are steeped in. It’s hard to question your programming, and we threaten to shake them out of their complacency.

    The funny thing is I’ve been very strident in my politics and through GG I’ve come to know and enjoy the thoughts of individuals I don’t see eye to eye with on a number of issues. At this point, I wonder if it could well be a genuine fear of success.

  28. Ugh. This is the same shit that happened with Atheism Plus, which splintered the atheist community and ruined it – all because they catered to the whims of atheist e-celebs like Laci “spawn of the Joker and Harley Quinn” Green and Rebecca “asking me on a date is rape!” Watson.

    Let’s learn from history and not go down that same road – trying to go in lockstep with PC culture is only pushing away the people who have actually accomplished good things in GamerGate, like Mark Kern, and it nearly ended up pushing away Milo as well.

    Look, I try to respect other people’s pronouns, but it’s not my job to police other people over it. My main focus is journalistic ethics, burning Gawker and its affiliates to the ground, and prevent gaming from being overrun by SJWs who get butthurt because the main character of a game isn’t an Asian transexual austistic genderfluid roach-kin.

  29. A true ally doesn’t try to argue with their own side regularly and they sure as hell don’t try to contradict the major voices of your group. These things always just serve to push out major voices that could have served you. Which is why you need to be on the lookout or patrol for those that seem to be using the wrong tone that betrays what their true intentions may be.

  30. “Why do you criticize Felicia Day?” is along the lines of what I’ve seen regarding her when she does something so stupid and people call her out on it, especially on KIA and comments on some Youtube videos calling out her shit. It’s as if certain women, even if they are an SJW, are to be a protected class because they were once “prominent” in geek culture… same goes for girls in GG that do say some ignorant crap that pretty much parrots SJW/ feminist arguments without doing a bit of research on it.

  31. ,,,,damn,,,i take off a couple of months to both rebuild an ancient garage with a grease pit and start on building a banger race car for next season (must be all that GTA online racing making me do this,,,good thing I don’t focus on th’ gunpay as much as th’ driving), and I check in to catch up on GG and BAM! Cuck City! Tone policing at Stasi level! More butthurt than strap-on date-night at th’ Wu household! Treachery and plots that would give old Willie Shakespheare a boner most ribald! And ol’ Ralph bringing th’ keks like a boss,,,,I missed you rapey shitlords! Good to be back,,,

  32. You want the source of this discord?
    People like John Kelly who have been going around arguing with everyone based on the claim that you should insult people as much as possible therefore, “mis-gendering” is completely invalid and people should be going hog wild with it, and any attempt at being civil is SJW-lite cuckoldry.
    In that stream at that time code he lets his real beliefs come out, he doesn’t believe in transgenderism at all, and thinks the way to take down SJW’s is to discredit trans as a diagnosis which is why he’s pushing this angle and frankly pissing everyone off.
    He also once again states he’s not a gator, just wears the Vivian avatar to troll and sow discord. Its people like this who cause drama, and you should watch out for it, and stop reflexively reacting to such obvious trolling.
    Stop crying like a SWJ about “tone policing”, you are old enough to stand your ground.
    You are perfectly entitled to any opinion, and people are also entitled to call you out on your stupidity, so stop behaving like easily triggered SJW’s people.

  33. This is off topic but there’s an important event coming up that may take people by surprise. Whether you like it or not, Milo is doing more than anyone else to get Gamergate mainstream attention and gaming’s assault by the Lesbian Liberation Front under the guise of “feminism.” Milo will be on the Joe Rogan podcast in a few weeks. That’s interesting for a number of reasons. Rogan’s been a gamer in the past and his show’s set up to have very long interviews.

    The other interesting thing is Rogan’s show has a large mixed martial arts audience and women’s MMA is exploding around the world. UFC 135 lb. Bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey did Fast and Furious. Miesha Tate let her arm be torn up rather than submit to a Rousey armbar and Rousey was picking pieces of her own flesh out of an open wound on her hand before her other fight with Tate. Needless to say, women that fanatically tough probably won’t be having much sympathy for trigger warnings and using “feminist jazz hands” instead of clapping because of PTSD and I think the subject will definitely come up.

    Be prepared for some unexpected conversation and a whole new audience exposed to Gamergate. The bottom line is there’s no crying in MMA.

  34. I’ve checked the calendar and yeh, it’s friday. It’s friday alright. Getting ready for the weekend drama 😀

    Tomorrow we’ll start with #GamerGatePlusX2.v2-SecondEdition_Speciale hashtag.

  35. It boils down to respect, I personally do not respect John Brianna Flynn Wu, because he doesn’t respect us, as gamers or as gamergate supporters. Therefore, I will never use the “she” pronoun to describe him. In my eyes, he’s just a mentally-ill homosexual eunuch.

  36. Is this thing happening for real?Honestly I’ve take somewhat a break from GamerGate because that pedophile thing (or say it better the people shielding Sarah) hit me into the stomach. I think that piece of shit tweeting the pic of HIS DAUGHTER to a pedophile was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So i’ve simply turn myself full time into my job and videogames to recover for now. See ya later fellas.

  37. Yeah, we all remember AtheismPlus and how great a movement that was.

    If you’re tired of GamerGate, get the fuck out and try not to burn the premises down.

  38. I think the new south park episode triggered some massive triggering on epic trigger scales. Ralph the feelzbreaker on the trigger march. When Blizz gonna make you a raid boss????

  39. I only call someone who is trans their current name if they already legally changed it. Those fuckers want respect? They have to earn it. Nick Nyberg didn’t earn it, so I will disrespect that pedo imbecile to death if I have to.

  40. This all boils down to people being offended, and some other protecting muh feelz. Seriously, you can’t make people respect you, you can’t force people to talk the way you want them to. That is what PC is about: Changing behavior through shaming and labeling (Racist, misogynist, etc.) Do those idiots really believe a racist is going to stop being one because he/she no longer says “nigger”? Or a misogynist will stop being one because he/she no longer says “cunt” “bleeder” and shit like that?

    It’s ok to advocate for tolerance of harmless craziness, it’s not ok to force people into it.

  41. Kotakuinaction is getting infiltrated by SJWs. I don’t know how bad the cancer has spread, but I saw proof that one of their mod is a SJW.

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