I’ve been sitting on Twitter shitposting all afternoon instead of actually being productive. At least, that’s what I thought at first. I no longer feel that way. After responding to the unprovoked attacks from the cosplaying cunt @CultOfVivian for the second day in a row, I decided to really kick it up a notch. Since she has a bunch of thirsty betas who will fav and retweet any old garbage she throws up, plus she has all the people that already hate me, I knew I had to get a little creative. So, what did I do? I un-orginally stole a hashtag that was being used yesterday, and even as long ago as August. Hey, I didn’t say I had to be completely original! And thus, #GamerGatePlus was truly enlivened.

The sad thing is, some people actually thought this was a real hashtag. No, I’m afraid to disappoint all the detractors. But I’ll never be leaving the GamerGate hashtag. I would die before I let the SJW-lites and neet hater brigade take over total control of something I’ve put so much work into. Not only that, many other people feel the exact same way I do, and so I fight for them as well. In fact, it looks like there’s even more of them than the SJW-lite opposition originally thought. But first off, let’s take a look at the cartoon dress-up freak:

And now my first GamerGatePlus tweets from this earlier afternoon:

The funny thing is, CuntOfVivian keeps trying to act like I’m a journalist. The only problem with that is, I’ve repeatedly said I wasn’t a journo, going all the way back to my very first day in GamerGate. I am not neutral. I am not unbiased. I have an slant to my coverage here, and I’ve always been open with that fact. In no way is it like Kotaku and Nathan Grayson. Why? Because my defintions never change.

I’m a muckraker, or just a plain ol’ blogger if you prefer. So the idiots can keep repeating these talking points until the cows come home. It doesn’t make them valid. And Viv can keep trying to start fights out of nowhere when GameDiviner and I already had things settled. It’s all good, because I’ve been through the fire before. I can’t be shaken off my mission.


They can keep trashing me as much as they like, but it’s never going to affect me very much. I’m just gonna put my head down, come here, and talk the same shit I always talk. People enjoy reading it, and I enjoy writing it. Losers trying to purge me with their politically correct thinking can suck my dick, as always. I’m not going anywhere.

Long live GamerGatePlus GamerGate.

Oh, before I go…here’s some of my favorite selections from the satirical hashtag:






I’ll come back and update this with more in a bit. Let me know your thoughts on the days events down below, in the BasedCommentSection.