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I know I’ve been talking about going off and playing Breath of the Wild a lot recently, but today, I actually did it! I’m about 25% of the way through the game and it’s one of the best things I’ve played in ages. But, no one really cares what I think about Zelda. I might write about it later anyway, for fun, but you don’t come here for that. You come here to see me rip on SJWs, “progressives,” and other assorted weirdos. Oh, and maybe a little breaking news and political commentary sprinkled in.

Almost 24 hours ago, I put up a post about a woman who claimed she was the “Lead Facial Animator” for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Yes, I threw in a gratuitous (and hilarious) gif because that’s what I do. I make the off-color jokes that most others won’t. Some people didn’t like it. I don’t particularly care. You know where the door is and no one forced you to click on the article in the first place.

Normally, this would have just been your regular day at the office for me, but the post took off and is currently sitting at 134,000 views according to the WordPress stats page. This ended up with a response from BioWare that has been retweeted thousands of times.

They say that I misidentified the woman, Allie Rose-Marie Leost. That is not the case. She listed herself as the “Lead Facial Animator” for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Today, she has changed that designation on Twitter. It was also previously listed that way on Instagram.





She still has herself listed as a Lead Facial Animator for EA over on Facebook.

She has posted on social media many times in the past about working on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

So, there’s a few possibilities here. One, is that BioWare is lying (or heavily spinning) and she did a lot of work on this game, possibly even being responsible for a good deal of the trashy finished product you saw. They would have good motivation to lie, since this whole thing makes them look like idiots. There’s potentially hundreds of millions of dollars on the line here, so there’s plenty of motivation to spin some bullshit.

(I lean towards the above paragraph.)

The second option is that Ms. Leost lied, which is clearly a very real possibility. Perhaps she inflated her importance to the project, or just didn’t update her social media because she felt it would cost her some clout among her friends and associates. Who knows what her motivations may have been if this was the case.

The third option is that both BioWare and Leost lied, which I wouldn’t rule out at all.

Instead of coming clean and trying to clear the air, one way or the other, BioWare (and by extension, Electronic Arts) has decided to cry about “muh harassment” and make it look like some kind of GamerGate episode. No, you all made a shitty game and staffed your company with scrubs, including a guy who has openly expressed racial hatred against white people.

Today, they finally announced this guy no longer worked at BioWare.

And when did he leave, you ask?


Huh, it really makes you think, doesn’t it? I wonder if Ms. Leost, like Mr. Heir, left BioWare just after wrapping up this crapfest. The point is, BioWare is full of shit and is desperate to do anything they can to save this turd. Misrepresenting the involvement of some hack (which they just did in the case of Manveer Heir, by the way) would not be something beyond the pale for these clowns.

And with that, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening!


UPDATE: After I signed off, someone alerted me to a Polygon hit piece that names both me personally, and this website. Good times! It’s beginning to feel a lot like October 2014!

[BioWare’s tweet] is an oblique rebuttal of this claim, made yesterday by Ethan Ralph, that the “lead facial animator” at Electronic Arts’ Montréal studio is a woman who ascended to that role only because of her celebrity as a cosplayer.

BioWare’s statement above refutes that she ever was in a position of leadership, or that she is currently employed by the studio. It’s unclear what her status with BioWare is or was. We’ve reached out to an Electronic Arts representative to confirm.

Ralph’s post yesterday, igniting the harassment campaign, included a screenshot of Allie Rose-Marie Leost’s Twitter page in which she identified herself as “lead facial animator for Mass Effect: Andromeda.” That claim has since changed.

They put an archive of my post instead of a direct link. I went ahead and fixed that in the except above. Thanks for the free advertising, Polygon! This weekend keeps getting better and better.

I would also note that it’s kinda curious that BioWare refused to respond to Polygon’s shitty writer. You would think, if Ms. Leost truly wasn’t involved in this production in any real way, they would be eager to say so on the record, to a so-called journalist.

Their silence is deafening.


UPDATE II: Kotaku has noticed us as well! Top kek, as they say.

Allie Rose-Marie Leost, who worked for EA’s motion-capture labs in Vancouver, saw vicious harassment on Twitter and other websites today, most often from people who blamed her for Andromeda’s awkward facial animations. The harassment appears to have been primarily triggered by a vile blog post at Ralph Retort, a right-wing, GamerGate-tied website, that claimed Leost was the lead facial animator on Andromeda. That website also accused her of performing sexual acts to get her job at EA.

I made a blowjob joke. I would hardly call characterize it the way the Kotaku goon did. But whatever, that makes me love it all the more. Once again I’m pissing off all the right people.

    1. How can you say what this mongoloid does is good work? The original article he did was so hateful and it just sent a torrent of like-minded, shitty people to her social media. It’s a fuckin’ video game – you, and this website, are pathetic. Truly. And now that you’ve been proven wrong, you morons just double down on it. So sad.

      1. The problem is that this games costed $40 million, took six years to make and had probably a hundred different people working on it at once so it’s most likely that one of said people fucked up and gave us those beautiful facial expressions. She listed herself as the lead facial animator so if she lied then she’s reaping what she sowed. Karma is a bitch.

        1. Reaping what she sows? Let’s pretend she really was the lead animator. Hell, let’s pretend she was the Game Director. You really think she deserves the torrent of hate and harassment over some shitty animations in a video game? Oh, and I shouldn’t have to tell you that there are plenty of great animations in the game that morons like you choose to ignore because it doesn’t fit your “I’m a salty nerd” narrative.

          People like you (as well as good ‘ol Fat Ralph and the miserable depressives in this comment section) are so hilariously petty and cruel (over a VIDEO GAME of all things) that you’re being laughed at and pitied by the 99% who don’t dwell in your sad little bubble of hating and being triggered by everything. You really are pathetic.

          1. You really think she deserves the torrent of hate and harassment over some shitty animations in a video game?

            I think you mean to say criticism, and yes.

          2. Lmao, “criticism.” I hope you don’t “criticize” your boyfriend every night, broheim.

          3. >Calls people here pathetic, petty, cruel, fools, assholes, losers, and mongoloids
            >calls Ralph fat
            >Then tells us we shouldn’t be mean to other people

            Hypocrisy, thy name is bloodnicket

          4. Oh no people are being mean and irrational on the internet call the police! Look the matter of the fact is that people are looking for some one to blame and she put her self in that position whether intentionally or unintentionally. If she lied then shes a lying idiot and if she was a former employee than she should have taken it off of her social media accounts an failed to do so, in this case shes just a regular idiot. At the end of the day people on the internet and they will probably be irrational about it. For an example of someone acting irrational on the internet please look in a mirror.

          5. Lol, the fact that you try and justify these losers for taking a dump on her over social media because you guys got your panties twisted over a video game is just another testament to how petty and sad you are.

            I’ll leave you nerds to it in this comment section lol, I’ve had my fun.

          6. When you put yourself out on the internet you’re going to get criticized (like how your criticizing me) it’s an inevitability and that’s what’s happening here.

          7. You’re doing the exact thing you keep bashing but think you’re some how above them because you do it from the other side? People who called her names are all stupid fat pathetic idiot asshole mongoloid losers! You’re attacking people who are exactly like you just for the other camp

        1. I was going to say maybe I should get paid for that, having to try and talk sense to close-minded fools like you – but then I realized that was an insult to people with actual disabilities.

          You can try and cut it any way you want, but this guy can barely call himself a journalist with the amount of misinformation, harassment and, well, lack of journalism this asshole throws around to try and stay relevant.

          The fact that you support this makes you a loser on all accounts.

          1. Fools, losers, mongoloids? Is he making fun of the differently abled?! Hitler alert! WOOP WOOP!! Emergency, Emergency!!

          1. Nope, I think you and all your like minded cunt frineds who created accounts to run over here and “set the record straight” are so pathetic it’s laughable. Guess what, whores still won’t sleep with you for white knighting them, they go for real men.

      2. Proven ? These people are shitty for doing the same exact thing you’re doing here .. self reflect mang

  1. I think it’s beyond rich that polygon is talking about twitter witch hunts in defending this chick when they perpetuated a twitter witch hunt just LAST WEEK against Colin Moriarty. I’ve started buying games from SJW used so my money doesn’t go to the devs and then selling them back when I’m done with them.

      1. I’ve been gravitating towards Game Informer lately. Gamespot seems to be full of SJW’s too. Sadly that’s pretty much all IGN is now.

      2. I do buy used games from gamestop though. I bought Horizon and I’m planning on buying every upcoming Naughty Dog game from Gamestop used. I want to play the games because I didn’t buy my PS4 just to stare at it, but I don’t want those shit devs getting my money. Plus everyone is always on and on about buying digital and how it helps the developers but they’re doing just fine. Buying physical copies helps support local businesses like gamestop and I think that’s more important that putting more money in the hands of a bunch of feminists.

  2. Hmmmm. This is all starting to look like a word jumble. EA’s specific statement is that she was not a lead member of the overall Andromeda project. If what I have learned about the Lead Animator position is accurate, and if we take their statement as denying that she was in a position of genuine leadership, then no one is lying.

    The Lead Animator position is basically the NCO of the animator team. It’s an elevated grunt position that serves as a direct line of communication between the animators and the “command staff” of the development project. Her job would have been to make sure that the animators she was assigned to were doing what the project heads wanted them to do and basically keeping both groups appraised of the other. There’s no power to make or change the project decisions, and she’s still ultimately one of a dozen or so people working on any aspect of animation of the game.

    I don’t doubt that the parts of the game she oversaw were problem some of the uglier ones. However, I don’t think she was uniquely responsible for that ugliness. Frankly, she just wasn’t high enough up the actual game development structure to have fucked things up like that.

    I think you’re wrong on this one boss, and I don’t think anyone on EA’s side (including the animator in question) are lying. The position she held is called Lead Animator. It’s not a upper level leadership position in the development of games.

    >_O The English Language kinda sucks in spots like these.

  3. It is quite possible that Leost lied about being a Lead Animator. If so why wouldn’t Bioware directly say so – it wasn’t the report that was wrong, it was her lying about it. Instead they chose to virtue signal of how she’s being attacked. This looks rather suspicious. They have two options – either admit that they hired someone who’s incompetent or say that Leost is a liar, which goes against their progressive agenda – simply delicious.

    1. If she was lying wouldn’t you think one of the other Bioware employees she interacted with on social media would have called her out on it?

      1. Not if she’s connected to someone there and they wanted to keep their job. You can’t call out a pretty white young woman in gaming/tech/geek and not get MAJOR backlash from the culture warriors. Remember, women are sacred and above criticism.

      2. That may have happened, but there is no guarantee – they may have ignored social media or decided not to tell on her to help her feel more important.

        If she didn’t work on the project in the first place Bioware employees wouldn’t have the faintest idea who she is and what her social media says.

  4. Also Bioware don’t get bonus points because Heir left the company after development was complete. They still need to explain why they tolerated a racist since they are so against “attacking” others.

    1. I posted in the thread earlier how we’ve known for over a year about Heir’s arrogant and hateful comments, and how “Bioware” (ie. EA) ignored us and kept him on. One month before it comes out and then they let him go.

      1. I don’t think they let him go. I think he quit on his own, because it was just a matter of time before more people learned about his hateful messages, especially with all the negative feedback Andromeda is getting.

          1. ME3 was intended to be the end. but greedy motherfucker “his partner” decided to make more moneys off silly fanboys while claiming his game has “moar sex scenes” (hence mAss Effect: Andromeda)

          2. Plenty of people leave a company after a project ends even directors and leads, it’s usually a temp position to work towards their own goals or they find more incentive in working with another company.

          3. Very much so. Just look at the character creation screen. They’re as ugly as Heir but not as fat.

    2. Write to Manveer directly, ask him what his role in ME:A was:

      19230 Mateny Hill Rd, Germantown, MD 20874

    1. She’s not listed in the credits, but the depressives in this comment section are going to tell you BW must have immediately pushed out a patch that erased her.

      They really are pathetic, lol.

      1. Mmm, yes, heap those tears on us, loser who created an account to call us all names because your anus was so hurt by the reaming of another one of your unqualified cunts in gaming.

        1. My point was she’s not an animator, but keep stretching. And I don’t care enough about you derps getting your feelings hurt to follow all of Flynn’s posts and tweets and whatnot.

      2. what kind of sad little beta nugget you must be to whiteknight for that twat ? Allie on alt account ? Kys kid

  5. Polygon are being complete hacks as usual. Not only did they misrepresent what Ralph said, but they failed to call her a liar. Oh, well. They can dance around the facts only for so long. I wonder how EA will respond to them.

    1. ea is far from giving a shit. they’ll give once the game is released and the profit report comes in.

  6. Bioware is just another EA pile of shit. Let’s remember that Bioware wanted EA to buy them because they were sick and tired of putting in the effort, money and time to make the games they did. They wanted to just coast by and rake in millions, EA is letting them do just that like EA always does.

    1. Of course it’s also made with Frostbite so you’ll have to buy yet another gen of video card to play on “max”. From the trailers it doesn’t look like revolutionary change in graphics from ME3, but it sure will melt your gpu anyway

  7. She totally wasn’t the lead facial animator on ME:A cause Bioware said so… yeah thats it. Never mind the fact its prominently displayed on every one of her social media profiles and shes constantly talking about her work on the game and all the other Bioware employees she interacts with on social media never called her out for this apparent “lie”.

    1. The other employees have nda’s(this is an EA property). They will never admit anything publicly.

        1. I don’t know if she quit or was fired. Apparently, she did not feel constrained by any NDA to post her job description with the MA:A team on social media pages and her CV . So what? Why are you even talking to me when I am answering someone else’s question, cretin?!

          1. Why are you replying to a 2 month old comment pointing out that you’re an idiot with dumb theories? And NDA is still enforceable when you’re no longer with the company, I know your job racking french fries doesn’t make you sign one, or you’d know.

  8. I love how that shithole Polygon (which has a HORRIBLE ranking for ethics on whole via DeepFreeze) thinks they can write up a hit piece and just say “well, Bioware said this isn’t true, therefore it isn’t true”. I love how that sad excuse for a blog thinks it’s “games journalism”. Long live GamerGate. May the God Emperor guide us to victory.

    1. It is really one of the greatest feelings in the world to hate these so called journalists and the progressive bullshit they spew on a regular basis.

        1. people say they worship MS because Polygon was founded with their money. MS donated them like $100k or something to make the gaming website with the highest ethical standards…. lol

    2. It’s funny that Bioware is now implying that Leost lied about her title, just making her look worse.

      While Ralph showed PewDiePie’s criticism of the facial animations, Kotaku didn’t lump him in with the “harassers”, and a previous article by Patricia Hernandez also criticizes the facial animations!

      I don’t know what’s going on at Bioware, but I’m sure they’re rethinking hiring technicians based on their Twitter popularity or political statements.

      1. I’m sure, and you can thank people like Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and Randy Harper (and maybe Brianna Wu, but I doubt it), that tech companies of all stripes are hyper desperate to hire non-whites and women regardless of how unimpressive their CV is, purely on the grounds of “muh diversity”. She is a pretty young white woman (the most special of all) with some vague geek/nerd cred because of her cosplay hobby so I’m sure they were eager to snatch her up. Frankly I’d like to see some more of her “work” from the other jobs she didn’t stay at very long (appearances being she was terminated, likely due to poor quality work or inability to meet deadlines) so we can get a true idea of what “Very Experienced” actually looks like.

  9. LMAO “harassment campaign”. That’s fucking rich. Ridiculing a rube on social media who took credit for shit work is “harassment”. Social media is a privilege, not a right and when you abuse it by either a) lying about yourself or b) being a shitty person, which either about her could be true, you pay the price. It’s called “go private”.

  10. The simplest explanation would be that she inflated her credentials. But the credibility of EA Bioware is such shit the most likely is that EA Bioware is lying. And once you accept she was promoted to a lead animator on a AAA game you have to wonder why. Don’t feel defensive about your blowjob joke gif Ralph. Everyone is coming to the same conclusion.

    The real issue is that EA Bioware is pushing the harassment angle and all the same dummies are running out to white knight some woman they never met.

    1. My question was how they hired a 24 year old softie to lead any team, when most of us are only a couple years out of college at that age and still learning the business environment, corporate culture, and code base.

      If she was a 24 year old honourably-discharged Army veteran (“u” because Canada) with a few stripes, yeah, sure. But a model?

    2. She mentioned that she “took over” the Lead position in a post back in June of ’16, which indicates that there was another lead animator who was no longer in that role. In any case, someone at Bioware saw fit to have her take over that position.

      I don’t see what bashing this girl online is supposed to accomplish, other than to childishly vent disappointment. Regardless of her skill at animation, the blame for the shit animations in Andromeda lies solely on her superiors for either lack of foresight in their estimations on what it would take to finish this game. The animations are one thing, but the audio is garbage too. There’s voiceovers added in scenes that blatantly need better balancing. The directional audio in multiplayer is utter garbage, with sounds from behind sounding like they are coming from the wrong side, music cutting in and out harshly. I mean just about everything in this game screams that it needs another 6+ months of polish before release.

      My guess is that EA Bioware was just eager to be done with that toxic game designer, who has since moved on. This whole thing has left them with a pretty tarnished, and they really need to step up and actually finish this game properly or risk permanently destroying any faith in this game series.

      In any case, its pretty stupid for anyone to expect someone so young to finish facial animations for a game of this scope. Pointing out Bioware’s stupidity in this regard is one thing, but harassing her isn’t going to accomplish a damned thing and anyone doing so deserves whatever scorn they get.

      1. “someone at Bioware saw fit to have her take over that position”

        I’m sure her interview was deep and thorough.

        “I don’t see what bashing this girl online is supposed to accomplish”

        Take your harassment lies someplace else. White Knighting isn’t going get you cherry popped kid.

        1. Well what would directly attacking her accomplish? I’m fully understanding of why with that racist Heir guy, but all she did is suck. (pun intended)

        2. Yeah, your right. Attack that fucking bitch! Dox her and harass her until she commits suicide! Fuck her man! She ruined our favorite game.

          1. As edgy as your screen name. Puberty is tough kiddo. Let us know when you grow up.

  11. As a long-time devoted fan of both the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age series, playing the Andromeda trial has rubbed me the wrong way.

    This is not Bioware. I was not exaggerating when I said those quirky animations broke my immersion and connection with the game story. It’s simply unnerving looking at Andromeda’s characters while they’re looking back at you with their empty soulless eyes. It’s not fun and this is coming from someone who could tolerate crappy animation from Bethesda.

    Let’s be real here. In an era where the industry is capable of unleashing a magnum opus that was The Witcher 3, do you honestly think this is an acceptable release from EA/Bioware?

    A garbage in 4k is still garbage.

  12. lol it really feels like GamerGate allover again 😀
    It would be a lesser clusterfuck if Bioware simply clarified her status. But nooo. And Kofucku and Lolygon need to lead the autistic screeching, because of course. Really, it’s like in the old times.

  13. she def sucked some cock to get there. All the decent looking cosplay/altmodels fuck for money and promotional bullshit.

      1. How is it projecting if he’s claiming she fucked for her position and you’re claiming he’s a virgin?

    1. Well looking at the final product aka ME:A it’s deffo not for her animation skills that she’s employed there.

  14. I clearly have no life because I actually googled her and it still says on her Twitch page that she is the lead facial animator for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Singling her out as being the only one responsible for this mess doesn’t seem all that fair either. Someone higher than her on the ladder must have given the “OK”. But still, a bad choice for EA and Bioware. It doesn’t matter if she’s a woman, man or a space goat, but she clearly wasn’t experienced enough for this position. And I actually thought this was going to be a fantastic game, but how can I play if their facial expressions make me burst out laughing every couple of minutes. Such a waste..

  15. The blowjob “joke” is not far from the truth. She slept with two people to land this gig she’s not qualified for. Or in other words, we have another Zoë Quinn brewing that’s got some at BioWare in a panic right now.

      1. “Whats the evidence of sleeping with 2 people?”

        Merely my word on some loose lips bragging at Marcs.

  16. Where are all the concerned citizens whining about this poor tortured soul’s mischaracterization that flooded the other article?

    The best part is, Bioware was pretty much given exactly what they have screwed up for the last couple years, starting with Mass Effect 3. All they had to do was stop making shit, and they literally couldn’t do it. I guess they have enough money to not need further successes.

  17. I’ll state again as I stated on the other post.

    Forget the back and forth crap about whether a Lead Animator (which is what she called herself) had any decision making power in this game. I will even say/concede she didn’t as that has not been my experience.

    She should not have been at EA to begin with…At all

    Her resume was shit
    Her demo reel was even worse shit.

    There are a ton more talented animators in Vancouver. And EA is large enough to sponsor and bring in foreign help even if there was a shortage.

    She did not deserve to be there.

    She got the job because she’s a girl…and attractive girl. Either or both who knows.

  18. I love the fact how they all just decided to white knight this women just because she got a bunch of hate tweets. I highly doubt if the situation are reversed, where Ethan report that an unexperienced man is the lead animator, they won’t even say a peep about it. But since it’s a woman, oh noo!!! Woman are fragile human beings that need to be protected, you can say whatever you want to a man but not to a woman. Since….you know, we’re not equal after all.

    1. You’re aren’t wrong. Manveer is another guy from Bioware who’s gotten a fuck-ton of hate and nobody gives a shit.

  19. I think Bioware is run by the biggest PC SJW BLM Cunts in the world. I bet they wont even fix the animations out of spite this is the kind of cunts they are.

    But I bet there are 50 different ways you can be gay or a tranny in this game. That stuff is on point.

    What a fucking disaster, Big daddy EA should really step in. they are ruining the brand.

  20. Have to laugh at those hit-pieces by Polygon and Kotaku, it’s like clockwork isn’t it?

    As for Allie Rose-Marie, I actually think she got the job through a “diversity” or “gender quota” hire rather than her taking it up the rear. It’s still just as bad though because at the end of the day, both situations would still be a case of favouritism of women. Because Vagina > Qualifications & Skills.

    Jeez, is there anything that Pussy Pass card isn’t capable of overriding?

    1. Probably more a case of who she was riding. I’ll admit, I’d be her biological uber.

      But seriously, COSPLAY was what her resume involved! I’m not saying that it wouldn’t put her through the door on some art job (she is talented), but in fashion! What does ANIMATION have to do with cosplay?!!!!

      Still, when she needs a ride….
      “Honks horn”

  21. Whats the point in arguing if we are going to become like they say we are? You are acting like a man-child Ralph dude -_-, somebody needs to say it or this will turn into an echo chamber.
    Yea, the joke was inappropriate, no need to get al defensive about it, an inappropriate joke is not the end of the world. It seems like half of you lost your manners along the way and play the edge card.
    we dont know if the game is a pile of crap, nobody played it yet, maybe the animations suck but in the end games are not really judged on how they look like, except by filthy casuals.
    Somebody needs to stay objective here since this is starting to look like an emotionally driven kindergarden.

  22. “I made a blowjob joke”
    So you’re admitting you’re a piece of shit that mindlessly harassed someone for work they did on something you’re being a bitch about. Good for you.

    1. Where is the harassment? He just wrote an article with an opinion that she probably got her job because of her looks.

  23. Let’s start by saying people who attacked said animator are just morons, because they don’t understand she is just a pawn. Having this cleared let’s move on to next matters.

    Obviously someone is lying here – if Allie really works at EA, she could not just simply entitle herself as lead animator on ME:A, publicly, because that would be violation of work agreement (you can’t publicly pretend you run higher position than you actually are), unless she is not related to EA in any way and it’s just some pile of nonsense to get some fame.

    Now if this is actually a case – Bioware is expected to throw some PR bullshit to try wash off their hands, because that’s how PR works nowadays.

    Regardless of who is lying, the fact is game director and people from publishing department have accepted these trash animations as acceptable for release – the the ones to blame are pretty obvious.

    Now instead of starting on fixing some of this shit, they choose to play PR bullshit. In response to criticism, earlier this week Ian Frazier stated (quoting)
    “At day 1? No, that ship has sailed. We’ll have more patches later on, but exactly what goes into them is still in discussion.”
    He doesn’t even confirms a biggest point of criticism is being taken seriously and going to get some fixes. Instead he says such obvious flaw is still under discussion whether it should be addressed for later patches. That is again washing hands off with PR bullshit. A lot of people understood this as addressing the issue, but in reality it’s smartly worded response, where basically tells some bullshit, promises absolutely nothing and people calm down believe how much Bioware cares about them (sure they care, but only about their wallets).

    To sum up, all I see in Bioware response to the criticism is throwing a lot of PR bullshit and the fact is – game doesn’t look that good and most of the criticism is justified – however no one is taking any responsibility for it, as it’s the usual practice in modern gaming industry.

  24. lol “scumbag’s harass women for working on..” – I think they’re leaving out the part where the animations are trash and that woman is getting shit thrown her way for claiming she’s the reason for why that games animations are ruined.

  25. You write a lot – only in an attempt to mask your mistake. The most obvious and most accurate place to check is the actual end game credits. Which of course you avoided likely on purpose. If some one actually bothered to check – you will notice Lead was never next to her name. She was simply just another worker in the cap lab.

    All lead roles are specifically titled lead.
    Maybe next time actually check the official documentation and not some social media page.

    1. But it wasn’t just some social media page, but HER social media page. Who is wrong here? The liar or the one who believed the lies?

      I in no way condone the tasteless remarks but pictures don’t lie.

      1. That is the problem – it is HER social media page in which SHE edits. Who has the most authority of her job title? The Company that employees the person or the employee? Last time I checked it is the company – and the end game Credits is the only official information.

        Why do you think the author avoided posting the most obvious source of accurate information? If a person is not properly recognized in the credits of a product – it opens up legal liability so it will always be accurate. So no it doesn’t matter what she says – when you have the official documentation to clearly prove otherwise. Conspiracy theorists clearly hate facts – it is counter productive to cognitive dissonance.

        1. I agree that fact checking could have gone a long way, as anyone can claim to be anything over the internet. It does make me wonder how Bioware let her get away with claiming herself as the lead animator for over a year. But most likely, the answer is that she was just a small fish in a big pond and was therefore beneath their notice.

          As for this article, It probably would have been better to say “She allegedly works as Lead facial animator” while posting the screenshots of her stating she does. Then proceed with the article of making fun of the animations like everyone else. Perhaps if he had looked at the end credits he could have made fun of the fact that she’s padding her resume with some of the worst AAA animations to date. *shrug*

          The capture Lab doesn’t have anyone listed as a lead but I do see her name, not even first on the list of names. If anything, all she did was mocap work and was just lying to feel more important. I feel bad for her, especially since BW will just use her to distract from their shoddy work while firing her in the process.

  26. Just when I thought Ralph was going to spend his last couple of months not writing anything due to fearing for his pockmarked, virgin ass before going to prison for the same shit he shits on black people for…..He does this. This is just too good.
    Let’s not blame any of the literally thousands of people involved in making a big budget video game, let’s find the one girl who bragged about being on the animation team in her social media profiles. Because nobody ever exaggerates their job in their social media profiles. Sort of like how Ralph claims to be a “journalist”, right????
    Let’s find one chick to pile on so we can show the whole world that these autistic, retarded Trump-children called “Gamergate” can show that it’s definitely NOT about hating women because none of you will ever have sex with one.
    I’m loving this. Please keep doubling down. I haven’t had this much fun in ages.

      1. Just out of curiosity, why haven’t you written anything about any of the other dozens of people who may have impacted the begimped facial structures we are seeing in this game?

      2. And let’s be honest, Ralph. You’ve tried to shun the title of “journalist” when it fits and you’ve claimed the title when it fits. Which is impressive because I didn’t think there could be anything that fits you.
        You know, because you’re fat.

        In all seriousness, dude, when you use the term “news” or “news hits”, you’re toeing the line. And you’re doing it on purpose. Whatever, at this point the entire alt-retarded scene is so overfilled with half-witted dickheads it’s hard to muster the will to do anything but laugh at it. Just realize that there is no way for you to claim that this isn’t a bunch of neckbearded nerds piling on some chick who worked at Bioware.
        Maybe when you’re in prison you’ll have some time to think about the shit you put into the world and the real effect it has on the world.
        I really am a bit of a fan of yours and have been for a long time and I’ve been disappointed by your unquestioning support of Trump and the types of policies that will negatively impact your mother and the people who live around you in the embarrassment known as the American south. Maybe you’ll have a realization. I pray you do because somewhere in that bulbous tummy of yours is a heart that is not fully evil. It’s just been corrupted by insecurity and self-loathing. You’re a good dude at heart, Ralph. I really believe that. Get out of the retard hugbox for a while and think about things for a while man. It’ll do you some good.

        1. I remember you being the same guy who came here week after week and said Trump would 100% not be the next president. You called me an idiot for even considering it. And I wasn’t even one of the people who said he would definitely win. I actually said he was a pretty big underdog the whole time. I just never counted him all the way out.

          Also, I don’t support everything Trump does, quite the contrary, in fact. I’ve spoken about some of my disagreements with his policies on YouTube and written a little about it here on the site.

          Thank you for your comments, though. I appreciate contrary opinions, even if they are twinged with insults lol.

          1. You’re alright with me, Ralph. I will never stop expecting more from you because I think you have talent and as I said, I think you are actually a more ethical and moral person than this site would lead people to believe. Just, ya know, lay off this story because this is nothing but a smear job on some chick. Seriously. Also, Trump is fucking retarded, but I’ll save that for a different comment thread. Have a good one dude.

          2. Yes, please do post about his “retardation” as it would be enthralling to read such a clearly educated individuals opinion on something such as that.

            It is quite obvious you do exceedingly well for yourself in the world and basking in your glory and ability to just know things would be such a treat for anyone to behold.

    1. She put herself out there as the lead facial animator, The faces turned out like robots pretending to be humans as such people are pissed at the person who said that their job was facial animation. Welcome to the internet where people that put themselves out there are welcome to criticism and rationality is a suggestion, not a requirement.

  27. I just saw the Kotaku article on Google News, and it’s not often I get to see popular media unfold lies after I’ve seen the contrary evidence, so I know the criticizers are mostly correct here (except for the douchebags just trying to sexually harass her). Bioware is trying to deflect, Kotaku is lying in multiple places, and Leost was probably telling the truth about her job title.

    When I see the evidence beforehand then see popular media lie about it and make it to a mainstream news feed, I can only shake my head that people just aren’t able to see the evidence or won’t do their research, much like the Gjoni-Quinn incident or the Trump-Russia connection.

  28. The people who are getting offended by the so-called “tasteless” jokes and the “disgusting” GIF from the previous artcle.

    Leave the morgue and get a fucking sense of humour. Words and random GIFs do not hurt people.

  29. How long do you think it’ll be till she or someone else makes a patreon or gofundme to help offset the “emotional damages” she’s suffered from this? My bet is by the end of the month.

  30. For this first time I visited Polygon. It has shows up in my appy feed a lot, and so I thought I would check it out. WTF. That plays is a nightmare of SJW PC Dogma. I think they have gathered the majority of SJW wack jobs in gaming into one place.

    The only reason I am here is because they slammed you, which means you must be sane and reasoned. Any enemy of the SJWs is a friend of mine.

  31. Pretty cowardly to suggest she got her job via bukkake and say it was just a joke. If you were truly anti-bullshit you would man up and admit that that was over the line.

    1. He didn’t mean it literally. He was suggesting that she could’ve gotten the job through sexual favors; she is listed as very experienced after all.

    2. It was a joke. I have no direct knowledge of her engaging in that sort of behavior. It’s kinda funny how you can joke about anything if the person’s politics are the wrong kind, though.

  32. Her LinkedIn page shows that she does have animation training and is currently employed at EA with training and experience in and around the Vancouver area, so any denial by Bioware or EA is suspect at least.

    The only reason I can see as to why motion capture data would yield such terrible results is that character design was changed after motion capture data on real human faces was taken, throwing off all the prop points. I don’t pretend to have any background in the field myself, so I could be way off. I haven’t played the game, and there does seem to be an issue with a character holding​ a gun backwards during a scripted scene, so I couldn’t rule out a gross incompetence, but it does seem like shipping schedules are a factor.

    1. Oh God the animation looks more like something out of Wallace and Gromit than it does any recent Bioware or Frostbite driven EA title… My eyes!

      1. Right, stop bloody dissing Wallace and Gromit. I won’t have it. Wallace looks more like an emoting human than any of the characters in this game.

    2. I’ve heard it suggested that is indeed what happened. It’s pretty unusual for performance capture to look that janky. I think Bioware changed the models. Who ever was incharge of that process and the animations from there certainly did not do a good job.

  33. All big companies with media attention–especially AAA game studios–have social media policies which are pretty strictly enforced. Putting up credentials, claiming ownership of work, and revealing game details are all usually covered under those policies. So Bioware has to own up to this; either they had no idea she was saying this stuff or they were effectively endorsing it. Probably just the usual pussy pass. No matter what it makes them look like incompetent buffoons. Get your house in order you knobs.

  34. Bioware can suck a dick, I’m pirating the game, just to see how shit the animation, dialogue etc turned out to be.

    1. I wouldn’t bother. Not even kidding. It would be a waste of hard drive space. Play Nier instead, but buy it as it deserves money. It’s the shit.

  35. stumbled across this randomly, thought it would be nice to read a different perspective on … wait, what’s that in the sidebar? Infowars? Followed by Mike Thernovich?
    *shaking my head* wow. just wow.

  36. So you made a mistake in your article and you blame others for it? Add some insults and calling the game a “turd” while you’re at it?
    Mature and professional…

  37. I don’t know the involment of this woman in andromeda but saw a demo reel of her work in 3d animation and her style is akin to pixar. The facial expressions are cartoony and exaggerated as should be in such genre, but this could definately explain the weird over the top cringey expressions in andromeda. I want to clarify my point here that her work that I saw was not unprofessional. This woman is no rookie in animation, however her style might be not suitable for realistic animation. In either case she is not responsible but the studio overseeing the work in progress is for the quality of the material. If her animation style did not suit the studio view, they should have worked with her to achieve the result they were looking for or transfer to another project. I find it disgusting that people are personally attacking her and her work when the studio is responsible. If you buy a faulty graphics card, do you attack the hands that assembled it or do you issue your complaint to the company making those cards? This is the case here. Bioware should get critique for the andromeda character models and animation and the studio should be able to take it. They created one of the most iconic games and are now finding themselves in the strange position of setting the bar so high they find it difficult to maintain. People are almost religious when it comes to bioware games and as such, the expectations are that much higher. I don’t think the studio execs truly realize this and are looking at gamers as some hateful weirdos who don’t have lives outside their games. The problem in the industry is no different from any other. You have passionate creators and then you have uninterested misplaced people only looking for paycheck. And this is epecially true with the studio higher echelons and shareholders. It’s them who arrange teams and people, change path for storylines etc. To appeal to more people, effectively tanking the result of even the most passionate dev. Team’s efforts. If this person truly was responsible for the cringey animations, she should have been replaced by studio quality control or then asked to do it differently. Clearly the studio had no issue with the quality of animation and still don’t. They are happy with the product and think that critique is some sort of hate speech aimed towards them. Hence the reason why they are in the final product. No one in the company thought they were ruining the quality, or if they did, their voices were ignored. There hardly can be a patch to modify the animation either without doing the mo-cap and animations all over, which would be monumental task. Maybe they can add code to lower the intensity values of the animations which would make characters even more stone faced but less cringey in terms of weird facial expressions. The game I have seen so far is NOT a bad game and the faces shown are not representative of the quality of the entire game but are moments of awkwardness that break immersion in an otherwise major leap graphically from previous mass effect games. Combat is way improved too. The studio made the terrible mistake of not realizing that they had created something beyond just a computer game. They had created a virtual universe with real gamers emotions and fun invested in it. Failure to understand what a delicate monster they had created in me3 ending and now animations and storyline in andromeda just proves this point. They think it’s only a game and gamers think it’s something beyond that, something better. The studio never knew to handle the franchise with silk gloves but had a rather arrogant approach, considering it as their work and their right to do as they please. They forgot that the popularity of their games came from the fact that they invite gamers to become an integral part of their game, thus offencive treatment will be offencive towards the gamer as well. They have the owner right to their IP but there is no owner right to the feelings and emotions of the gamer who has invested perhaps even hundreds of hours into their games.

  38. Lol. I was so excited for this game. But that company and its employees behavior has made me not want to give them my money. And after seeing the reaction to andromeda I’m glad I’m not giving them my money. Fucking shitty game making SJW losers.

  39. Something interesting about the Kotaku piece:

    “Leost did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment”

    So the writer, Ethan Gach, has some randoms personal email as Bioware is to have the public believe she is just some random?

    Whoops Ethan…. Freudian slip and all you sneaky devil you. So you either know her personally to have her private email or you had, in the past, been in communication with her and are now writing an article about her to defend her.

    I swear you idiots make this so easy….. prepare to be descended upon Mr. Gach as I will likely not be the only one to notice that.

  40. It’s been a while since I have posted anything on here, but I thought I would add my two cents to the discussion.

    ME:A is a broken mess. And it isn’t just the character models, facial animation, and animation in general that are laughable. The whole game comes across like it was made by people who simply were not qualified for the task. Almost as if all of those older white men that left Bioware over the last few years were actually talented and knew how to make a game, were replaced by inexperienced idiots hired based on quotas and diversity.

    I believe 100% she was the lead facial animator. Why? Because in the two companies I have worked at recently, they make you sign a document regarding how you act on social media. These documents include being honest about your position in the company. If Bioware had noticed her lying about that they would have asked her to remove it from her Twitter account long before this, and you better believe they monitor it. They are full of crap and are in the midst of massive damage control. It isn’t working.

    And frankly, the game is amateur hour. The combat has been improved, but is undermined by the brain dead AI who just wait around to get shot or run around like headless chickens waiting to be shot. What’s the point of shooting at something that can barely fight back? The dialogue is laugh out loud bad (I mean the worst I have encountered in a game, period). The character models look like those weird ‘real sex dolls’ that started showing up about 5 years ago (I don’t know if anyone is familiar with the Technomancer but that is a budget title made by a little studio and it is almost at the same level as ME:A, in some areas it is better!). In fact, the whole game feels dated to about 5 years ago. Mechanically, it is just so far behind the curve. And it is bug ridden as well. I have a weapon with a scope on it, and if I aim down said scope, when I stop aiming the textures ON THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARMOUR have to load back in. Characters will just appear out of thin air when you enter a room, if you’re lucky. Otherwise they may not appear at all. I have had countless mission breaking glitches where the next combat scenario simply will not trigger because the game is poorly coded.

    I don’t want to toot my own horn but I have played a lot of videogames in my time, and this is one of the biggest messes I have seen in recent times. The biggest problem it has is it doesn’t have any redeeming features. There are no likeable characters which is insane when you consider that this is a Mass Effect game. Mafia 3 was filled with bugs as well but it had redeeming features that allowed me to look past its issues. I can’t say the same here.

    After playing Horizon, Nier, Nioh, and Zelda, this games issues are just even more obvious.

    Honestly, I could write double the amount just tearing ME: A to shreds as it has so many issues. Bland art, uninspired alien planets, nothing sidequests, a terrible reliance on an awful scanning mechanic, rehashing of moments from the trilogy that are not earned here etc etc etc.

    Before I finish I will give one example of how dated the gameplay is. In the first hour you have to guard a character as he stands by a panel and attempts to open the door. Enemies flood in and you kill them. Once they are dead, lo and behold, the guy is finished opening the door. I thought we were past this.


    The borked eye tracking is definitely off, this is something that seems to be a common issue with Allie’s animations. seen more evidently in the female character in the latter part of her demo reel.

    Look maybe we have it wrong, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. But if I’m being realistic here, I find it odd that one of the weakest aspects of her animation ability seems to be prevalent in ME:A… Yet she allegedly wasn’t involved in this games production, despite her claims. Now I’m no animation expert at all, would never claim to be, but there do seem to be elements of the animation in ME:A that are like “fingerprints” and they at least seem like hers.

    So let’s for a second take it at face value, she wasn’t involved. Who was? who IS to blame, how did this get into the full release version of the game? what is quality control?

  42. The conversation should have been about what why Bioware’s standards have dropped so much. Thanks to the joke and twitter harassments the conversation is only going to be about “Misogynist gamer alt-right Trump supporters” attacking women in gaming. Any future discussion arguing against bioware’s practices will devolve to SJWs trumpeting their homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, misogynist labels against anyone who faults bioware. This is the world we live in. You just can’t make a joke anymore. It’s really sad.

    1. It really doesn’t matter how the conversation was framed, one side will always default to a victim status to curry favor. SJWs are like a vile viper that screams out in pain every time they strike. That’s the whole gameplan.

  43. Well done, my man, well done. The fact that BioWare is secretly canning these people tells you what a bomb this game is about to be.

  44. I don’t think you understand what animators at the capture lab do verses the animators for the game animations themselves.

    But, hey, you’re all about starting harassment campaigns against the wrong people for years. You always have been.

    1. They…capture human movements, as well as facial expressions so that in-game characters appear more lifelike?

      Taken from EA’s own webpage on their Capture Lab in Vancouver:

      “EA Capture records human movement and likeness and uses this data to bring digital characters to life in-game. On top of this, the studio is constantly driving to create better and more efficient ways for these assets to be acquired and processed.”

      “The real magic in what we do happens in post-production, where we track, solve, retarget and assemble the animation that we’ve worked hard to acquire. The post-production process can take weeks to months to complete depending on the type and complexity we’re dealing with. Ultimately, the game teams will take the data that we have acquired and work it into the final product that ships to retailers.”

      Yep, sounds like that lab is the culprit. Is there any other information that you would like me to provide to you so that you can frame a better argument? I’m always willing to help a friend in need.

  45. The only good thing is that racist muncher Manveer got thrown into the dumpster , i can only hope he will never work on a big game ever again.

  46. Consider me shocked that the author of this site is a 300 pound white man with a Hitler youth haircut and looks like he last had sexual intercourse with a sandwich.

    1. Consider me shocked that it took this long for Godwin’s to make an appearance, was wondering when someone was going to bring out that old tired ad hominem.

      Remember kids, when you can’t objectively make a concise argument against someone’s position, make the argument about the person themselves. Seriously, you need to branch out and try to use some of the other logical fallacies, this one is dead.

  47. “I made a blowjob joke. I would hardly call characterize it the way the Kotaku goon did” and people have been sued and had to pay quite a nice amount of $$$ for far less, and how this all blew over the net, independently of what was said about the gall being true or not (hardly matters anymore, and im far from defending the gall). If she is smart you may end up having to resort to the same method of getting a job to pay off lawyers and compensation. good luck and keep your hears to the ground ^_^

    1. It’s RT’s first amendment right to say whatever he pleases, as long as it’s not a threat. Accusing established women of climbing their way to the top via cock, is not a farfetched idea, especially in this post-Obama age.

      1. i am not saying it is or is not a farfetched idea, and you are right, he has the right to say whatever he wants but we all know how weak of a defense that would be if this went to court, this article and the way it blew over… there is so many ways a good lawyer could pick this apart that is not even funny, (now forgetting about courts and alike) Considering how this when on social networks and the target is a woman… if those activists feminist (especially the nutcases) get a hold of it and decide to make a case out of it? ho boy, our friend may as well start training his gaging(*1) reflexes because hes going up Sh*#&T creek without a paddle.

        And wile i really don’t care about what happens to either of them i don’t wish any misfortune to either, be it in courts or otherwise
        PS: (*1) just to clarify that with that i am in no way making a reference to a blowjob

  48. I wanted to amend my earlier negative view of this game. I would suggest watching totalbiscuit’s youtube livestreams of mass effect andromeda as he raises good points for and against this game. I am just another faceless internet user, but listening to his points made me decide to give the game a chance instead of dismissing it for the numerous flaws.

  49. The hallmark of a sociopath is not understanding how facial expressions work. SJWs are sociopaths. See where this is going?

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