The hits keep coming these last few days. This has been the biggest 30 days in the storied history of this website and things keep getting better and better. I have sad news for my enemies…I’m just getting started. On that note, let’s play catch-up with one of TRR’s old friends, Zoe Quinn. The intrepid “game designer” who stood up to “harassment” in video games while developing epics like the seminal Depression Quest is back in the news today. Unfortunately for her, it’s not for the best of reasons. An ex-boyfriend of hers is on Twitter dishing out dirty laundry as we speak.

It’s not pretty, but it is pretty funny

Archive dump.

The only example of that username that I can find is on some Pokédex website:

The guy says he has chatlogs coming, so if that hits expect to see this article updated with the quickness.


UPDATE: This story has now been confirmed. Here’s more…

From 2011:

And the chatlogs, as promised:

Oh, and one more thing: Jimmy has agreed to come on my YouTube channel tomorrow and talk about this whole thing. I’ll come back this afternoon and put the info for all that down below. It will be at 7PM Eastern US time.

      1. On my crappy games wiki, some dumbass tried to defend her and her shit game in the Quinnspiracy page. I removed his or her comment and blocked him or her for life.

          1. I’ve already made it clear that SJW/feminazi ideology is not welcome on my games wikis.

  1. Never stick your dick in crazy, gentlemen. The ramifications could be lifelong. Zoe is not only crazier than a bag of feral cats she’s also a notorious whore…getting involved with her is relationship masochism.

      1. Notorious whore, definitely… but “Work”? That implies something you get paid to do yourself. I’m not sure what you’d call someone who is Nowhorious and still has to pay men to fuck them. It must be a lot to overcome the collective shrivelling of 20 penises whenever she walks into the bedroom.

  2. I believe the quote from Eron was something like “When you date Zoe you are in an open relationship whether she tells you or not.”

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  3. An ex-BF? Which one? Has anyone heard from the one she went to Europe with?

    Cant think of his name at the moment….

  4. Such a shame he didn’t have photos of her sucking him off or taking it in the shitter that could ‘accidentally’ leak onto the internet.

    Those ‘feminists’ are always the dirtiest whores.

  5. …I’m sorry, and the point of this is? Some low-T dude whining about his ex? No matter who the ex is, this is really nothing more than tawdry tabloid gossip.

    Well, I definitely have contempt for this boy. Not only a kiss-and-tell sort, but trailer-trash-acting as well. Maybe he’ll man up someday and get married.

      1. I frankly would prefer to see you set your sights higher, as you could accomplish and contribute to society more. There’s no point in being another Weekly World News, no matter how much I miss the Batboy stories.

  6. All around me are familiar faces

    Worn out places, worn out faces

    Bright and early for their daily races

    Going nowhere, going nowhere

    Their tears are filling up their glasses

    No expression, no expression

    Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow

    No tomorrow, no tomorrow

    Seriously next we are getting leigh alexander back in the news

  7. I do wonder what took this guy so long, though I guess when you know your ex had a rich toyboy allowing her to sue exes for mean words. It’s smarter to not say anything anyway.

    That said it always makes me sad to learn of a new soul who had to deal with mrs quinn. Will be interesting to hear him on tomorrows stream

  8. It would be better to starve this attention whore narcissist of the attention she actually wants. This just feeds into her perpetual victim narrative. Had the ex actually had something interesting to say with regards to, say, more evidence for her little indie game clique’s shady racketeering scandals with the IGF and whatnot, then I can understand, but this guy isn’t saying shit that’s noteworthy.

  9. EXPLOSIVE! GOES NUCLEAR! actual content: lol she’s a dumb bitch, says some random.
    jfc, Ralph. no wonder you’re a laughingstock. you couldn’t even be bothered to check these EXPLOSIVE!!1! tweets for veracity, you had such a hard-on to clickbait with five guy’s name. Fucking sad, kid.

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