The hits keep coming these last few days. This has been the biggest 30 days in the storied history of this website and things keep getting better and better. I have sad news for my enemies…I’m just getting started. On that note, let’s play catch-up with one of TRR’s old friends, Zoe Quinn. The intrepid “game designer” who stood up to “harassment” in video games while developing epics like the seminal Depression Quest is back in the news today. Unfortunately for her, it’s not for the best of reasons. An ex-boyfriend of hers is on Twitter dishing out dirty laundry as we speak.

It’s not pretty, but it is pretty funny

Archive dump.

The only example of that username that I can find is on some Pokédex website:

The guy says he has chatlogs coming, so if that hits expect to see this article updated with the quickness.


UPDATE: This story has now been confirmed. Here’s more…

From 2011:

And the chatlogs, as promised:

Oh, and one more thing: Jimmy has agreed to come on my YouTube channel tomorrow and talk about this whole thing. I’ll come back this afternoon and put the info for all that down below. It will be at 7PM Eastern US time.