Bungie Has Noted Fraud Anita Sarkeesian Over for A Friendly Indoctrination Session

Bungie Has Noted Fraud Anita Sarkeesian Over for A Friendly Indoctrination Session

I saw some news late yesterday evening that had me somewhat perturbed. It concerned the famous game development studio Bungie, as well as noted fraud Anita Sarkeesian. While I was on some live stream with Co-Host Nora, word started to spread that Anita had visited Bungie’s headquarters to give them a talk on….well, I don’t know what. I would have to assume that it was some Jonathan McIntosh infused indoctrination. It’s not like she could come and talk about actual game design, or something that might actually be useful to the game-making endeavor. She doesn’t know anything, and is a puppet repeating words that someone else has written for her. In short, she’s a phony.

Never forget that Anita admitted that she was not a fan of video games when she began her current hustle. Of course she sings a different tune now, but that’s the FemFreak’s bogus spin…

I wasn’t the only one saddened to see this charlatan being wined and dined by one of the most storied game developing houses in history. Their fans were up in arms as well:


We also had the usual crowd of cucks who backed this treachery. They’re never far behind something like this, their nuts firmly in the radical feminist purse:



Airport's Law

Being proven daily…

All-in-all, it was yet another disgraceful cave-in to the SJW persecution caucus. I don’t see the point in having a fraud who knows nothing about games address the makers of said games, but these are the times we live in. It’s not orange, but rather virtue-signalling, that is the new black. It’s trendy to invite media darling ideologues to your headquarters and let them spit their nonsense. Do these companies actually listen to them, at the end of the day? Well, that’s debatable. I don’t think Anita and #FullMcIntosh actually care, though. They’re getting paid either way. Plus, as we all know, these two clowns are professional complainers. They will find a way to complain about something, regardless. So good work, Bungie. You disgraced yourself yesterday. I hope it was worth it. Also, fuck Destiny. I didn’t waste money on that bullshit. Too busy playing the work of based game devs anyway…


Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • MKFenris

    Oh god damnit…WHY BUNGIE!? Seriously. What is with the devs caving. I suppose we can expect to no longer shoot at enemies but talk it over and hug it out…god damnit…

    • bryoneill11

      ITs pretty simple, they have to do it. ITs their job we are talking about. Theres no moral or ethics in this equation. ITs a matter of necessity. And if they go out and stand against SJW, GamerGAters and KIA will betray him at the first mistake. We are a bunch of traitors, who dont know anything about loyalty or sacrifice. We want to go after everyone antis, neutrals and pros, then why the fuck I will support you at all?

      • MKFenris

        I’m getting more and more tired of the game developers and their caving to pressure from these people. It’s going to ultimately cause another collapse in the gaming industry. Because inherently it’s going to drive everyone away.

        • jlenoconel

          Agreed. I’m already considering not buying another system after the Xbox One.

          • MKFenris

            We need to take back the industry. They’re only interested because it’s mainstream and cool now.

  • My guess is that it was Human Resources at bungie the ones who paid her fee. HR is usually metastasized with stage 4 feminism…

    My love letter to Anita.

  • Beazy

    I quit playing bungee games after Halo 2. So I cant boycott them. . .

    • BerzerkJ

      I’ve never liked anything by bungee. I thought Halo was stupid. I know, a lot of people now hate me, but I don’t care. That game was/is dumb.

    • Chief Smakaho

      PC master race has no use for Bungie. Zero fucks given to cucks.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Please Feminazis tell us again about “male privilege” because Jack wouldn’t get that much ass licking like fraudkeesian.

  • Kellen Joel

    Seriously. That’s as retarded if Rockstar Games invited Jack Thompson to talk about the next GTA!

    • Chief Smakaho

      Actually, Rockstar should invite anita, find out her biggest complaints….and then do the exact opposite on a grand scale.

      • REAPER

        I like that idea. Give Rockstar a chance to russle the tail feathers of feminazis in the next GTA game.

        Anita: Blah blah blah sexism blah blah blah muh-soggy-knees blah blah blah critizism equals harassment blah blah blah.

        Rockstar: mm-hmm (this crazy chick should be great satire in our next game).

      • jlenoconel

        She wouldn’t go to visit Rockstar though, would she? She thinks they’re evil etc.

      • RolandDeschain1 .

        Rockstar should invite Anita, then when she comes in hand her an apron and tell her to get to making sammiches.

        It’d be the troll of the century.

        • Chief Smakaho

          I only support this if they film it and put it on youtube.

      • Kellen Joel

        LOL, I wonder what her response would say to that… “I went to Rockstar to give them advice, and they shut me out, as if I was talking in an echo chamber”. YES, that’s exactly what you’re treated as, and should.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Btw, what was the last good game bungie made? Exactly!

  • Toastrider

    Maybe for an encore they could invite Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for a ‘diversity’ discussion.

    • Dominic Blais

      anita is a republican nazi so that aint gonna happen

  • BerzerkJ

    I wonder how many developers were required to attend or be fired.


    This is why you don’t pre-order games.

  • ElderWolf

    Oh how the mighty have fallen! Oh how the great have been shamed! Seriously, as soon as they paired up with Activision they were dead to me anyway. They did nothing but bitch under Microsoft that they didn’t like their business practices. Halo may be a ghost of its former self after 343 took the reigns, but at least Microsoft isn’t pulling shady shit with the series. Destiny is nothing but a Halo/Borderlands inspired MMO that they overhyped the hell out of and the USUAL fanbase (but not all) is the same people that play Call of Duty all day: bratty kids and bros. If you like Destiny, I’m sorry to say this, but Bungie’s not the friend you had back in 2010.


      They screwed the pooch on the Master Chief Collection. There were so many glitches and bugs, especially in the MP.

      • ElderWolf

        I don’t disagree, that’s why i called it a ghost of its former self. Hell, Halo 4 had a bug in one of the levels that had like a 50/50 chance of occurring and would halt progression. It was present in the original 360 version and they never fixed it so it wound up in the Master Chief Collection too. Even though their window has come and gone, they’ve at least tried to make amends for it all.

    • jlenoconel

      The beauty of gaming is even if you do wanna play a game and hate the developers, you can buy the game second hand and they won’t see a penny ha ha ha.

  • Michael P

    Bungie? Tbh I’ve never liked any of their games anyway so they can go #FullMcIntosh for all I give a shit, can’t really see that happening but it’d be awesome to see such an epic failure for the lulz alone.

    I wouldn’t worry too much Bungie fans, the feminist made Sunset died a quick death on a small budget, can’t see Bungie being stupid enough to go that route. They probably just did it for some sweet SJW brownie points….whatever they’re worth.

  • Godmars

    “All-in-all, it was yet another disgraceful cave-in to the SJW persecution caucus.”

    Until a developer makes “socially” conscious changes to their games to the point they lose their main audience, fail to replace them with SJW who don’t seem to play games and put themselves out of business, I have to respectfully disagree.

    What I’m seeing is Sarkeesian using what SJW contacts that are in Bungie to troll for attention post U.N. appearance which should have damaged her reputation to any sane mind not into gaming or SJW doctrine. That’s if they bothered to watch it in the first place.

    Don’t know how to get rid of her when she will likely always have such contacts, repeatedly messes up in the ways she does, but feeding her like many comments here are aren’t helping.

    • “but feeding her like many comments here are aren’t helping”

      You do realize that to SJWs/feminists, ‘silence means consent’ right?

      • Godmars

        Still, there’s being silent, then there’s throwing slurs just to throw them rather than offer something constructive.

        Not that this deserves something constructive since, unless Budgie makes a female main character for their next game, one who’s either lesbian or trans proceeding to hit players over the head with that fact, nothing came of her visit. Except that she got exposure and is getting the usual negative reaction. That is how she got her start afterall.

        Don’t really know what to say myself, but I don’t want to give this con-woman ammunition.

        And, is Budgie even talking about their next game? Have they admitted and made up for the apparent hack job they did with Destiny?

        • “Still, there’s being silent, then there’s throwing slurs just to throw them rather than offer something constructive.”

          It’s not a case of it being either silent OR slurs though is it? You’re saying it as if it can only be one or the other.

          People throw out slurs AND logically debunk Sarkeesian’s bullshit.

          In fact, if you look on Twitter the majority of people on our side (GG) actually reasonably and logically debunk SJWs/feminists/Anita’s bullshit on a regular basis without the need of slurs.

          That’s why even the WAM (Women Action Media) SJW retards had to choke on their own shit when they had to release their Twitter “abuse” statistics, which found that very little “harassments” came from GG.


    I can only imagine how her input will shape Halo 6:

    Cortana comes back, but she’s now 600 pounds, wears problem glasses, and has 14 facial piercings.

    Master Chief will finally remove his helmet and be revealed to be a trans black woman.

    All weapons will be replaced with picket signs that say “STOP RAPE CULTURE!” and “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!”.

    The Covenant will finally be stopped for good by playing a loop of Anita reading the writings of her feminist inspiration, bell hooks (that is how she spells it – seriously). Most of the Covenant leave the galaxy, while the unfortunate few left behind kill themselves or die of boredom.

    • MKFenris

      Bungie doesn’t own Halo anymore. It belongs to 343 now. I fear from now on that when the Cabal come a knocking in Destiny we’re just gonna talk about our feelings and hug it out instead of the obvious solution. Kill em because they’re dicks.

      • jlenoconel

        That’s seriously what Sarkeesian wants for gaming too. She is the same as Jack Thompson in regards to hating violent games.

        • ElderWolf

          I’ve said that plenty of times before. If she was a conservative, she would have been treated the same as Thompson too.

          • MKFenris

            Oh definitely. Conservatives are basically a punchline to people who support her thought process. Also you can tell she aint a conservative because she gets way too offended over people saying mean things to her.

        • MKFenris

          Ugh I so don’t want to play a game like that. It sounds Boring.

      • KLLRFRST

        Really? My bad. I don’t have a 360 or a XBO, and I only played Halo 1 when it came out, so I’m not up to date on what’s going on with Bungie.

        • MKFenris

          Ah understandable then.

  • Gordon Freeman

    As if I give a shit what a console games developer says or does.



      Um, you do know they’ve been making games for PC as well, long before they started making games for consoles?

    • It’ll affect your precious PC games as well in the long run if SJWs have their way.

      • Mr0303

        Last time I checked Gone Home and Depression Quest were PC exclusives.

  • Gordon Freeman

    You know what, I’m not going to get caught up about this because as far as I’m concerned, Edward Snowden putting the smack down on SJWs is ten times more noteworthy and important than what Anita “Fraud” Hooprings-Sarkeesian says or does.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I can already see the SJ-Wankers fanboy comments: “This is a victory for SOCJUS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

    Let me show you why inviting and praising fraudkeesian is no victory for sales or anything at all by showing you these sale stats. An I only used the Sale stats of the PS3 version of GTAV to make it little more fair.

    PS: The Last Of Us is an overrated Walking dead and the road rip off. I’m sorry but its true.

    • bryoneill11

      To me is a victory for them .They are the ones with victory after victory. And we are helping them to achieve that. They know there will be no consequences or repercussion for their actions if they support SJW. We are a bunch of pussies always thinking in the moral high ground or the ethically thing to do. Fuck this. I cant believe GamerGate and KIA are a bunch of Gamers? They seems like a bunch of losers with absolutely no idea how the fuck WIN at all.

      • Mighty No. 56008

        I somewhat agree that we do add fuel to their cause. Whenever we call them out for their lies, they manipulate that as harassment. They would even go as far as sexism, which is a laugh since we’ve called out plenty of BS on males as well.

        But I don’t know what you GamerGate to do exactly? First it’s not an organized group, for better or for worse, so people will find their own ways to contribute to the greater cause. And secondly I think their bullcrap should be highlighted and pointed out. Sure we might want to tone it down a bit and be more constructive in the way we do it, but how else would others get informed and realize that they’ve been lied to?

        As for “winning” or “victories”? There’s been plenty of that, we companies losing money from sponsors they shouldn’t have any affiliations with, and people losing jobs that they shouldn’t have had to begin with. And you think being able to speak is a victory for Anita and others like her? You go right ahead and think that. It’s one thing for her being able to post up videos and speak at conferences, it’s another thing if people actually listen or give a damn to what she says.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        As I said in another comment: “for every victory anitas cult gets we get 2”. Let them have this moment it won’t change anything.

        BTW its not the first time the fraud was in a game studio. She also left her slime trails in EA years ago.

        • jlenoconel

          Some dev told me it was a bunch of devs that listened to her speak, and that apparently most devs are anti-GamerGate. Don’t know if true.

          • That’s another problem which a lot of people tend to not think about, and that is the actual developers themselves being SJWs/feminists by nature. There are some out there who believe in this bullshit and will push their personal agenda into the material they create.

            In which case it’s a completely lost battle if the devs themselves are SJWs.

            Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be that many of them so far.

          • jlenoconel

            I’m glad. I’ve gotten into retro gaming because I’m so pissed off with the way current gaming has gone. If I buy games, I’m gonna wait for them to hit second hand and get them for like 5 bucks lol.

          • Video games by Japanese developers are still intact. Slim girls, sexy girls, cleavage, side-boobs, exposed mid-drifts, booties, etc. in a lot of their games are still being churned out from their conveyor belts like nobodies business.

            Quiet from the new Metal Gear Solid game is one of the biggest and best ‘fuck yous’ to SJWs/feminists.

            The day Japan listens to and accepts SJW/feminist ideology in their video games is the day video games officially die.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Yup, and when they go to far they get fired. Like this guy. He claims he left but I doubt it.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Yeah but we shouldnt be sad of the devs. a lot of these assholes sucked years before the sark showed up. They turned every great game to shit (see alone in the dark) and now they become either shittier or learn form their mistakes and liste.

            Remember the musicians VS napster saga? A lot of douchebag musicians sided with record studios against their own fans. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

          • jlenoconel

            I liked Resident Evil 6 surprisingly, and remember RE is made by a Japanese dev.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            It was made in japan, yes, but you can clearly see the COD and hollywood influence. It was better than Part 5 though.
            Lets hope they don’t fuck up the RE2 remake.

          • jlenoconel

            When I played the demo originally I thought it was crap, but now think its one of the most underrated games I’ve played (sorry for my bad taste). I like RE5 too lol. I know the game has changed, but I’m OK with change as long as its not SJW change

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Lets hope japan stays strong. The sad thing is I’m from europe so I could say well these changes are not my problem right? Wrong, since the stupid europeans copy everything the US does. (See: gluten free)

            The saddest thing is that skankeesian doesn’t even care about aanything getting changed or not. All she cares about is attention and of course ca$h.

            At least Jack Thompson believed in the stuff he said.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            To be fair Leons campaign was good. I wasn’t a fan of Helena though. Nothing personal I just think it would have been better to bring a classic character back. Like Rebecca or Claire.

            Sherry and Jake were a great team. I was happy that we finally got answers about what happened to Sherry after RE2. She also grew up to become the hottest RE girl of them all.

            Chris’ campaign was the worst but I liked the heroic death of Piers. It was decent but it was more COD than RE.

            The absolute worst thing about the game was the Ada clone. I already knew when I saw the trailer that they wouldnt turn Ada into a villian after all these games. I didnt expect a sort of clone but I knew she wasn’t going to become evil. It was still a little more surprising than the “mysterious” bird woman from RE5. Seriously, who didn’t know from the start that it was Jill?

          • jlenoconel

            Yeah RE story got a bit crazy. I guess I enjoyed RE6 gameplay the most. There were a lot of scenarios, which was cool. Worst thing was not having the stories just be completely separate honestly. Because each campaign crossed with each other, you ended up doing some of the same in separate campaigns.

          • Manga Kamen

            If I remember correctly, it was Keiji Inafune who suggested that a lot of Capcom’s games be ‘westernized’ – RE6 and DMC were some of the victims of that. And not to mention the whole Dina-Number 9 fiasco going on. So, we know that SJWs are slowly clawing their way into the Japanese developers’ offices through under handed means.

            Personally, that’s kinda why I’m getting into Indie gaming myself really – Well, two main reasons actually: 1) To go back to a classic era of gaming where while you can have a real good story, you can also have some really good game play as well. 2) There needs to be a re-surge of 2-D side-scrollers.

            So yeah.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Inafune is the japanese George Lucas. He is more business man than creator. Here is what Hideki Kamiya has to say about Inafune and not quite Mega man.

          • Manga Kamen

            Quite so, makes me sad that we lost Iwata. We need more Iwatas in this world, if there were, we’d be in another golden age of gaming.

            These are words that all who wish to get into game design should take to heart. I know I do… But we’ll see what the future will hold.

      • We have yet to see what happens. But GG taking the moral high ground to be the good guys may have killed itself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be the moral figures (I agree with this stance), but the fact that our opponents (SJWs/feminists) are using every snide and immoral trick in the book to gain the upper edge suggests that being the ‘good guy’ sometimes just doesn’t pay off in the long run.

        Maybe Internet Aristocrat / Mister Metokur was right after all in his leaving message (where he left GameGate). We had to attack, attack and attack and go in for the kill. Instead, GG just stepped back, bent over and took it like a bitch while playing the good guys and screaming ‘we are the moral ones!!!’.

        Yet this did not change mainstream media’s and news media’s bias against GG one bit. In fact, it’s strengthed their bias against.

        Also, I would say that the stragetic tactic of screaming “EFFICKS-ONLY” has not worked for the most part. I’ve said it before, GG had to attack the other sectors of which SJW has infested as well and not just confine it to video games. Confining it to just one sector means that even if GG is successful within that sector, the SJWs from the other sectors will come in and infest it again.

        I guess we saw this coming. When so-called GG people start writing articles behind the scenes on how to end GamerGate and and how we should “moderate” and “listen” to SJWs you knew this was coming. The state of KiA is exactly the result of pussyfooting. Shame on them.

        • bryoneill11

          this is exactly why I wanted Milo, Sommers and Young in the SPJ Airplay debate. They know how to win. They know how to debate. They wanted to talk about the real issue and not waste anybody;s time. But NOoooooooooo GamerGate loved how the first panel went by the book, talking about ethics and following instructions. Sometimes I think GamerGAte need a leader. Because you cant let the destiny of Freedom on the hands of a bunch of pussies. They all claim that ALL OF THEM ARE LEADERS when in reality, All of them are just FOLLOWERS.

          • Yeah, Young, Christina and Milo were definitely the ones who tried to go further and get to the real source of the problem – which of course is feminism. Unfortunately Mike Koretsky shut them down every time they tried to explain why GamerGate exists and why video games journlism is corrupt.

            So Koretsky puts so much effort in to organize an SPJ Airplay event to talk about GamerGate but yet doesn’t allow the source of the problem to be mentioned or explained.

            Nice one Mike, you idiot.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          Exactly! Thats why Zhuge Liang won so much because he also used dirty tricks. To fight Sima Yi’s forces he needed to become Sima Yi or as John Rambo would say “To survive a war, you gotta become war”.

    • Mighty No. 56008

      Did “Greasy Hair Guy” actually say that? Anita has done more harm than good when it comes feminism and supporting “strong female characters”. So unless the character is actually based on Anita herself or she personally gave them the idea for Ellie, it makes absolutely no sense and makes him look like a moron.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        Yup. In his words “For me anitas work was highely influental in my aproach to writing for the last of us greatly improving its story”. This asshole is the Wil Wheaton of video games. Lets see how he fucks up Uncharted 4.

        Also Naughty Dog sucks! The last good game they made was Jak 3.

        BTW greasy hair guy said in an interview that he started working on TLOU in 2009. Two Years before the fraud was even known. So he is the same lying hack like Felicia “the cunt” day and Anita $arkeesian.

        I hated TLOU from the start because it sucks. Now that I know that the creator is such a slimey, unwashed, biased piece of shit I have more reasons to hate it.

        Also here is Sargons video on the greasy haired ass kisser if you wanna see it:

        • jlenoconel

          The weird thing is dude didn’t even look that excited to be presenting that award. He looks like he was obligated, but who knows.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Well I hope he was obligated since what he said was a ton of bullshit. If not than I dont see a bright future for naughty dog since this is the man they hold their highest hopes now that Amy Hennig left them.

    • Mr0303

      I disagree with you and I still maintain the position that the Last of Us is a great game (and a tad bit more interactive than the Walking Dead). The DLC on the other hand ruined it completely and I could see Anita’s influence on Neil Druckman. This has me very worried about Uncharted 4.

      It is just sad to see how intelligent people from the likes of Naughty Dog or Bungie would abandon their critical thinking for a false sense con chivalry.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        You are not the first one who likes TLOU and says that the DLC ruined everything. That must really be a shitty DLC. I haven’t played and never will since I didn’t like the main game and when even the fans of the game say the DLC sucks than Neily boy really fucked up. Of course he would just blame “sexist gamers” not knowing that a forced lesbian love is not progressive but just forced.

        I (like many others) have no problem with homo sexuals. Hell, Modern Family is one of my favorite TV-shows and I love Cam and Mitch.

        What greasy hair guy doesn’t understand is that SOCJUS only want to gay and black everything up so that they can pat themselves on the back.

        TLOU never said “ellie is gay” until the stupid DLC came up. The most important question: “What the fuck does her sexuality do to the plot!?”.
        A plot that evolves around the apocalypse and not about gays and lesbians. If Drugman wants to see a lesbian Ellie he can just search “Ellie rule 34”.

        Uncharted 4 will suck balls since we saw fraudkeesians influence in the DLC. Maybe drake will become gay. I know it sounds far fetched but look at what the dumass did to his own game with just 1 shitty DLC.

        Also I dont think greasy hair guy is a bad person. I just think he is incredibly dumb thinking bowing down to SOCJUS “critics” is the right way.

        He needs to do 2 things if you ask me:
        1. Do what he wants to do and not kneeling to feminazi demands.
        and 2. Use a stronger shampoo to get rid of the greasy hair.

        • jlenoconel

          I’m gay and don’t like gay stuff being shoehorned into games either.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Thats the retarded media of today. its like homers brother Herb said “Instead of giving people what they want, you are telling them what they want”.

        • Mr0303

          He may be a victim to the university indoctrination that takes place.

          He is a talented writer who managed to include a diverse cast in the main game without it feeling like tokenism, but after the GDC speech he went complete retard and released that pandering piece of crap that was the DLC.

          As you mentioned Ellie’s sexuality, at the age of 14 (this is the age we know most about ourselves, right?) had nothing to do with the story and I would even argue diminished her character. Rather than realizing the cruelty of the world after her only friend died, she just mourns about losing a lover, when she is clearly not mature enough to know about that.

          And worst of all this DLC was released on the 14th of February out of the usual PlayStation Store update. GET IT? VALENTINE’S DAY – WE’RE SO PROGRESSIVE?

          It really boils my piss that feminist dogma managed to shit on the legacy of what I consider to be an awesome game. Some people discuss the possibility of a sequel, but I can’t honestly be bothered to care.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            The walking dead season 2 game has a gay couple. One of the 2 gets shot on the bridge and the other one mourns his loss. It also does nothing for the plot but its up to the player if the conversation comes up or not so its not forced ontu the player.

            Thats what Druckman didn’t understand. Gay characters are fine but when you make a game that many people consider a master piece you can’t and never should try to expand on it and ruin everything with a shitty prequel.
            Thats what george lucas did with the retarded special editions of the great classic trilogy.

            And speaking of lucas and prequels 98% of prequels (no matter if games or movies) suck.

          • Mr0303

            The most infuriating thing is that The Last of Us does that. There is a pretty cool character who happens to be gay, but you won’t really find out unless you pay attention and investigate clues and it is still really subtle. In the end his sexuality doesn’t matter, because he is the only person who can help you find a car.

            Then the narrative sledgehammer of the DLC came and shat on all that.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        But you have to agree that clementine would easily kick the ass of miss “I get in trouble at least 50 times in the game and joel must save the damsel that I am”. So much for “strong and independent” character, ey anita and neil?

        • Mr0303

          I can’t really tell since I have only played the first episode of the Walking Dead. It really isn’t my type of game. I can take your word for it. Plus since she is black she’ll be higher on the progressive stack. 😛

          To be honest I liked Ellie’s dependency on Joel. Unlike feminist ideals she wasn’t a Mary Sue and had vulnerabilities. It felt more realistic that a 14-year old won’t be as strong or prepared as a fully grown man.

          Many people complained that Joel was a villain and this was even echoed by Druckman, but he was the most interesting and flawed character in the story.

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            THis is why druckmann should just have made the game and shut up. I never liked the game but his interviews really made me hate it.
            “derp, ellie is gay” “derp joel is the villian. seriously!? I’d love to see greasemasters reaction when his daughter would get shot and bleeding to death in his arms. Does he think the he would turn into daredevil!? It would turn a man into the fucking punisher. last I checked the punisher wasn’t a villian.

          • Mr0303

            I agree. The interviews made matters worse.

            I am a supporter of the death of the author line of thinking. Once the creator completes his novel/movie/game it is up to the consumer to judge it, analyze it and take away from it whatever lessons he chooses. This of course can break the progressive narrative and thus we have to constantly be reminded what to think

          • Motherfucking Deadpool!

            Thats why the writer of American psycho never said if the killings were real or just in Bateman’s head.

    • Platinal

      Hey, The Last of Us is a pretty good movie, one of the few movie games I’ve enjoyed.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        One wonders why he didn’t just chose to work for pixar or dreamworks and make movies instead of games. Since TLOU features as much gameplay as finding nemo

  • Jenny Hozuki

    Devs listening to feminists is the new sensitivity training: It’s not something you want to do, but your job sometimes requires you to do it. Otherwise a few angry entitled women might get you into trouble.

    • jlenoconel

      Hopefully that’s all it is.

  • bryoneill11

    This is why GamerGate will lose. Developers, artists and journalists HAVE to cave into the SJW sooner or later. GamerGAte and KIA are a bunch of pussies. They prefer to attack other GamerGaters than actual SJW. They even put in the same measure antis, neutrals and pros. Theres no benefit at all to support GAmerGAte. NOT ONE SINGLE BENEFIT. SJW strategy is attacking games, developers, journalists, publishers with everything they got. And the answer is ALL OF THEM giving them the forum and hating or ignoring GamerGate at all. This is exactly why I hate KIA with passion. We are fucking alienating our own people every time we say we hate Milo, Ralph, S4T, etc. Or everytime we go after Youtubers, etc. What the fuck should they speak against SJW if we are going to throw them under the bus. Theres no loyalty. Gamergate and KIA are a bunch of fucking traitors.

    • jlenoconel

      SJWs use the “I’m gonna shame you and call you a sexist” tactics to win.

  • LongLiveGamerGate
    • chris perez

      Who the hell is Andrew Cybulska?

      • LongLiveGamerGate

        Well…a SJW cuck 😀

    • HAHA nice!

  • Sevuz

    Well there goes any hope of me buy a Bungie ever… SHOOTS FIRED

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      To be fair they did make some good points.

  • Dave The Sandman

    Ah well, just another company with whom I will never do any business in the future.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I made that joke before but fuck it: “When there’s no more room in hell the social justice warriors will walk the earth”.

      • bryoneill11

        We need to spread to Sports and Hiphop, etc. GAmers will not do what it takes to fight this battle.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

          Yeah but don’t be too afraid of sharkeesian. Her videos went from millions of views to under 500.000. Her retweets went down from thousands to under 500. She only teamed up with Van Skankenburg and went to the UN because she is desperate. She knows the internet is her biggest enemy if she can censor it (which she can’t cause it would need more than just a dumb canadian skank) it would be paradise to her.

          Why she will fail: The internet is the biggest source of income for many people. THe ugly bitch wants to censor everything even porn. We all know how much money porn makes each year. The attention whore pissed of a ton of people with her “censor my critics and the filthy porn” agenda.

          Also in January ABC covered her big nose and now its only feminazi sites like the guardian, Kotaku on Polygon.

          Lieberman failed, Thompson failed and she will fail too.

          Every developer who still sides with her after she shat at them on E3 is retarded anyway.

    • ElderWolf

      I still can’t believe there are big name developers taking her seriously after her E3 shenanigans and her attacks at Bethesda.

    • SiliconNooB

      I haven’t bought any of their games since the original Halo – so my lack of future patronage is unlikely to see them lose sleep. Regardless, I merely thought them overrated before, but now I know them to be a pathetic hive of cuckolds!

      • freelancepimp .

        Not like your missing anything.

  • Jaker_K17

    I’m glad I haven’t played Xbox in years. I would hate to be betrayed by a dev I might have liked if I still used the Xbox. Fuck Bungie if they’re inviting that fraud. They’ve been conned by a snake oil salesman.

    Any company that invites that fraud, I’ll drop immediately. I don’t even care if they make my favorite series, any company that listens to her is already poisoned.

    • jlenoconel

      The other thing you could do is just buy their games second hand. That way you can still play but they get zero profit lol.

  • Clayton Weaver

    I see Destiny popularity dropping even more now. Think I have some of their games, but likely ones I don’t play.

    • MKFenris

      This is not the PR they need for the game right now. Given it’s already unpopular with many people.

  • chris perez

    I have to admit that I did like the first Halo game and Reach but to me the last good game Bungie made was Myth 2 Soulblighter. I wouldn’t touch that Destiny shit if you paid me.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    For everyone who just can’t stand that smarmy mug anymore here is something to cheer you up:

  • chris perez

    I did an internet search for Andrew Cybulska and I still have no idea who he is. I do know that he is supporting the WuWu’s patreon.

  • jlenoconel

    This shit is making me more and more disenfranchised with gaming as time goes on. The gaming industry got too big, too fast, and now there are too many idiots who want a piece of the pie. Unfortunately a lot of people who have infiltrated gaming are SJWs, and even people like Anita who aren’t even gamers in the first place. She’s anti-gamer, and they STILL let her speak for us. Its disgusting.

  • Gipro1

    I’ve never been more satisfied with Bungie selling Halo. I’ll still always have respect for Bungie for creating Halo, but beyond that there is only Destiny, firing Marty and now inviting Anita… Trash.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I’m sure beforer 2020 they’ll file for bancruptcy:
      1. They piss of their fans with the feminazi skank
      2. Destiny is far away from being FF14 realm reborn or the never dying WOW
      3. Selling the rights to your cash cow. What a great idea!!!

      • Gregg Braddoch

        I was kinda pissed at Bungie when they didn’t release a PC version of destiny, but now I feel vindicated in not buying a system just to play their half-finished game.

  • Botiemaster

    There’s that one guy at Bungie who just knew his boss was a asshole, a major asshole.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      I guess we all know what SJW’s would say if you walk into a room full of them and ask “How many assholes we got in this room?”

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Its time for another Good Idea – Bad Idea

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      Side with your costumers because you know whats right and stay beloved.

      • Motherfucking Deadpool!

        Side with a known fraud because “soggy knees” and become a laughing stock.

        • Motherfucking Deadpool!

  • Is this the same Sarkeesian who said that the way the female characters sat in Destiny was male gaze?

    What’s her opinion of Destiny now, given that she was paid by them to appear?

    • It’ll all of a sudden now be ’empowering a woman’s sexuality’.

      • “Celebrating their femininity” or something

  • Mr0303

    I wonder if Bungie or any developer would invite any MRA to lecture them about representations of men. But don’t forget that feminists are oppressed and victims of cyber violence.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Never forget these are people telling us sex sells and attractive women are evil and need to be banned worldwide! Well if i looked like that I might hate sex too cause I couldnt get laid. I wonder why they hate beautiful things…

    WARNING looking too long at this mugs might kill your boner for 2 weeks!

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    Left: How an eunuch looked like in medieval times.
    Right: How an eunuch looks like today.

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    I think I found the reason why sarkeesian is so sexualy frustrated and hates everything that is sexy…

  • Inquiring

    Destiny must be doing a lot worse than some have predicted if they are desperate enough to try to get the SJWs interested. Too bad they have not paid attention and learned the lesson that SJWs don’t buy or play games.

  • ThePete

    Everyday Bungie drifts further from Gods light.

  • Paladin der Liebe

    Scammers to scammer I guess.

    With Destiny Bungie already made itself look like a bunch of assholes, who give a complete shit on their customers.
    This is only the confirmation.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      Bungie = EA 2.0

  • Motherfucking Deadpool!

    In case some people haven’t figured it out yet but Anita “listenandbelieve” Sarkeesian is the new Sylvia Browne.

    • Motherfucking Deadpool!

      They also have in common that they look innocent on the outside but we all know their rotten core.

  • An Honest Opinion

    So basically, don’t support Bungie products any more?

    Any company that supports Anita is compromised, that’s really it.

  • MrSonicAdvance

    Sarkeesian rails against “toxic masculinity” and claims videogames cause violence, even suggesting they can lead to school shootings. But there she is, with a big shit-eating grin, posing in front of the very sort of thing she shills to put an end to. Her hypocrisy is limitless.

    • CharlieWhistle

      Little do we know, Chief has been changed into a woman because that’s progress baby.

  • GamerGate Developer

    heard Destiny was mediocre, had too much grinding and became old really fast, kinda a “meh” game, always wanted to play it, now I know I probably won’t buy it as it probably won’t improve when they waste their time on shit like this

  • RolandDeschain1 .

    I’m playing METAL GEAR SOLID 5 right now and every time I see Quiet slithering around in next-to-nothing I smile inwardly, knowing that somewhere some rainbow-haired harpy is losing her mind over it.

    • Even better, I’m too focused on how effective she proves to be in battle, and all they can do is get triggered by something that is really minor, so much so they have my pity they can’t just enjoy the great gameplay.

  • RolandDeschain1 .

    This UN farce proves one thing, and that’s when you can make money from a cause then any hope of honest debate goes right out the window.

    And that’s their jobs right now. They’ve monetised their victimhood and become professional agitators. They’re no better than Al Sharpton at this point. They’ve found a willing cabal of suckers who will give them money to perpetuate their moronic, misandrist drivel.

    Can you imagine, in five years or so, any of these SJWs who are making money off causing trouble saying: “Gee, you know… now that everything’s just the way we always wanted it we should now go and get proper jobs and/or get married and start a family?”

    FUCK NO! Like Sharpton before them and the anti-cop hate-group BlackLivesMatter now the liberal media will continue to enable these feminazi psychos as long as they keep their targets exclusively white heterosexual males.

  • Alex

    yeah… clickbait headline….

  • Iso

    Every time one of these Game Developers / Publishers / Whoever gives Anita air time, it’s another nail in the coffin for us with common sense. Can’t anyone see she’s a con artist of the highest order or is that just me?

  • Jesus Zamora

    As a Halo fan, I find myself MUCH more glad that Bungie left the series behind. Hopefully 343 has more sense than to let that snake oil salesman in.

  • Grampy_Bone

    I’d like to hear what Bungie devs actually thought of her talk and not their paid PR flacks. I’m sure she was foisted on the team and attendance was mandatory, and now they’re all too afraid for their jobs to speak out.

  • Frank and beans

    Everyone knows she is a scammer after her last money grab.