One thing that has struck me as of late, is TotalBiscuit’s transformation from a moderate, into a more hardline personality. I had been critical of his approach in the past, simply because I was more hardline that he was. Sometimes, it seemed like he was more interested in cozying up to these journos than he was in breaking their grip on the industry. It was probably unfair of me to feel this way, however it did cross my mind once or twice. But a funny thing happened to TotalBiscuit: he saw just how depraved the SJWs really are when they bizarrely tried to take the man to task for promoting one of their charity streams. Ever since then, TB has been an ultimate warrior for GamerGate. The blow outs seem to never end! Keep in mind that he’s simultaneously battling cancer while he leaving multiple SJWs utterly rekt.

Take a look at this past weekend of Based Biscuit. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of the guy. I’m sure many of you have already seen these, but they’re a good example of his evolution:

I don’t think we would have witnessed this from TotalBiscuit back in October (and these are far from the only examples I could cite). He’s been changed by the radical feminist assault on gamers. He’s far from the only one. I can’t even count how many people have tweeted  or messaged me about coming around to the hardball point of view. A couple of them even apologized to me, and said I was right all along in taking the fight right to these dishonest motherfuckers’ door. No apologies were needed, but it still feels good to see others coming around to the “go on offense” point of view.

That’s actually one of anti-GamerGate’s main accomplishments. They’ve influenced more people to come around to my way of thinking then I ever could have on my own. Their record of hypocrisy, censorship, doxing, and intellectual dishonesty, are the best recruitment materials we have. That’s why we always need to be talking to our friends and family about each new discovery and line of attack. They will continue to inspire others to join our ranks, along with convincing those who are already here to fight them even harder. So thank you, SJWs. You’re the best opponents we ever could have asked for.