If you’ve been keeping up with this site over the last couple days, you probably saw our story about the AbleGamers charity supposedly suffering DDOS attack. As our own @Ebola Chan_ showed you, that turned out to be false. Tech Raptor had an interview with the guy who runs the charity, where he basically admitted to shooting his mouth off before knowing all the details. They were not attacked, and it was pretty reckless to go around saying that they were. Not only that, AbleGamers blamed it on us, and raised money directly off of it. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s not honorable. 

They could do the best work in the world, and it still wouldn’t be right. How can they take money from a sleaze like Zoe Quinn, but then tell Mercedes Carrera that she can’t donate? I can also reveal to you that this charity has accepted money from openly pro-GamerGate people in the past (and they were prominent). But they still refused to take Ms. Carrera’s hard-earned cash. Why would that be, exactly? Are these people turning up their noses, due to the fact that she’s a porn star? I can’t think of a more anti-woman position that that.

(Here’s Zoe trying to shoehorn herself in. Also, a tweet from her last year about AbleGamers)

The only “nasty stuff”, is you, Zoe. The SJWs immediately tried to reinforce the phony DDOS attack narrative. Several outlets continue to spread the fiction even now. What’s worse, is this negative publicity has also scuttled the new charity setup Mercedes had. I won’t be nearly as negative about them, however, as they explained their decision in a clear and polite manner. They didn’t use anonymous Reddit comments as a crutch to cancel the deal.


I have a good idea who that someone might be, but of course we can’t say for sure. Regardless, I’m appalled at the treatment of Mercedes Carrera. She doesn’t need me, or anyone else, white-knighting for her. It’s just that the intellectual dishonestly on display hereis staggering to me. If she was a radical feminist porn star trying to donate, and they barred her on the account of her affiliations or job, then there would be an outrage. Jezebel would have three editorials up by now if this were one of their ideological kinfolk. Since it isn’t, they don’t give a shit.

In a way, I’m glad all this happened. I hate that Mercedes has been treated unfairly, but this exposure makes the SJWs look like the liars and hypocrites that they truly are. I can’t say that AbleGamers lied about GamerGate intentionally, but they damn sure spread a lot of misinformation about us (and the record still hasn’t been set straight everywhere). Thankfully, we can, and will, make our own moves. This is just another lesson in not being dependent on the existing power structure. Do what you need to do yourself, and fuck those who don’t agree with how you live.


EDITOR’S NOTE: We will be live with Mercedes Carrera tomorrow night at 10PM EST on TheRalphRetort.com’s new YouTube channel. I’ll post the link here on the site before we go live.