I rarely get upset when I’m watching (or reading) something that’s a hit against my position. When I say upset, I mean feel my blood pressure rise. This may come as a surprise to some of you, given my takes here, and on Twitter. I’m not saying I don’t ever get riled up, because I obviously do. It just usually doesn’t hit the top of the charts. About thirty minutes ago, it did. I just got through watching the Al Jazeera segment on GamerGate for the second time. The repeat viewing did not make it any more palatable. I’m even more pissed. The amount of distortions and lies in this 11-minute segment are almost too numerous to catalog. Thankfully, some folks did. 

Right off top, they bring in deceitful Brianna Wu. I knew things would be going downhill quickly, and they did. They proceeded to show clips from random trolls saying terrible things to her on Twitter, and tied that to GamerGate. Somehow, Anita Sarkeesian’s cancelled Utah State appearance came up. They tied that GamerGate as well, by showing a dishonest mainstream media column that falsely linked us to the cancellation. This is just a couple minutes into the segment.

The pastebin for Operation Jazz Symphony, which was started in response to this biased report, puts it pretty well:

“It is to my great dismay to see this piece presented as it was, as it is absolutely rife with factual inaccuracies, misrepresentations, and outright lies.

Brianna Wu, for example, has come under scrutiny surrounding her claims of harassment being a direct result, or directly connected GamerGate. Furthermore, no proof, to date, been presented which connects this alleged activity to #GamerGate in any way. The people of #GamerGate, comprised largely of female and male game developers and players alike, do not condone harassment of any kind, and has repeatedly decried and condemned these alleged activities against figures such as Wu and others.”

Then they brought on some WAM psycho, who said they our gamer culture sanctioned rape threats. At least, I think that’s what she said. She sounded even more #FullMcIntosh than Wu, at times. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen this particular Looney Tune before. Either way, let me clear it up: we don’t support rape threats, or deaths threats, or any other threats. You’re full of shit for tying those to GamerGate, and you don’t have one single shred of evidence. It’s beyond disgraceful that you were put on the segment in the first place, but it is what it is.

Finally, they get to some GamerGate participants. Apparently, this is a “rare glimpse” of supporters. I’m not sure where they’ve been, but we’ve had a ton of open support. How is this glimpse rare? It is rare that you guys even talk to us, so I guess maybe that’s it. Nonetheless, they spent that segment focusing on a mural that had big tits,and GTA V.

It was clear from the editing what kind of story they wanted to tell. That’s why you don’t see them Playing Mario Kart 8, even though they did. They also talked about how much money they spent on video games, and focused almost exclusively on the phony harassment angle. People that are saying this wasn’t a hit, aren’t thinking about the structure and presentation. And even if you don’t want to call it a hit, it was definitely biased.

Then we get back to Batman Brianna Wu, who calls GamerGate “terrorism” right off top. Then she goes into her thoughts on the lives of women. I’m sorry, but constantly hearing her speak about the experiences of being a women, when she spent most of her life living as a man, is particularly galling. If you want to say she was a women on the inside this whole time, that’s fine. But she lived her life as a man. She didn’t feel any supposed pressures from being a woman, because everyone treated her as a man. How can what she’s saying make any sense? I don’t have any problems at all with trans people, but her rhetoric is laughable…not to mention dishonest.

Speaking of dishonesty, the op post also takes down her claims about female participation in the industry:

“Additionally, recent data and research suggests that both female figures in the industry, as well as female’s in gaming itself, are increasing in number. This directly disproves a popular argument made by Mrs. Wu and Mrs. Sarkeesian and others, that women are being excluded by and large from both the industry and the gameplay community, an argument which Mrs. Wu references in your story. This is simply, in point of fact, not true. Furthermore the claim that the dev industry is “90% male dominated” is false.”

Everything in that pastebin is sourced, unlike the claims of Crapman Brianna Wu, the Psycho From WAM, and the studio anchor. Oh, I didn’t mention it, but she tried to tie us in with people looking to identify the woman behind the UVA rape hoax. The woman does look to be a gigantic liar, but we’ve had no hand in that. What is she talking about? Somehow, this becomes a transition to the grand finale, which was an attack on anonymity. If you’ve been a longtime reader, you know that I’ve talked about this before. Killing anon is one of the top SJW long-term goals.

I could write about this shit all morning, but to wrap it up, this was a dishonest report. We don’t know whether it was through ignorance, or malice. Either way, it falls short of meeting Al Jazeera’s own ethical standards. What we want to try and do with the Jazz Symphony op, is to get them to update this report with a more factual one. I don’t know if they will, but it’s worth a shot, in my opinion. There will also apparently be a written piece out later this week, which is supposed to be more even-handed. So we will also have eyes on that. They need to make it right, because I’m severely disappointed in Al Jazeera right now. I really do hope they will correct the record.

**************************************************************************Here the report itself, if you feel like you can stomach it: