Right before I watched South Park (which was hilarious…more on that later), there was a Twitter kerfuffle between Big Randi Harper and noted neutral Derek Smart. Now, for the most part, Mr. Smart has stayed out of GamerGate-related drama. He did go to AirPlay, where he served on the panel of questioners as a neutral. I must say, he did an excellent job, by the way. He’s also spoken out with a very reasonable voice for many, many months now. So what does a fat slovenly abuser like Hamburger Harper do? Well, it’s even more bizarre than her usual fuckery…and that’s saying a lot.

When I first posted this tweet, I had no idea what Big Blue was yapping about this morning. I thought she was just talking about some random guy. But I did know that it was total bullshit just by the way she phrased things. Plus, it’s Randi fucking Harper. She’s a walking disaster who looks like King Kong Bundy with a blue wig. No one wants to marry her, and even if they did, it wouldn’t happen like this:

If you look at the full exchange, like I originally didn’t do, you can clearly see that she’s talking about Derek Smart:PJUcreg


After realizing she was talking about him, Mr. Smart blew her out of the water on Twitter:

That wasn’t all, though. The man definitely isn’t taking things lying down. He just put out a Twitlonger, and I’m going to reprint it here for your benefit:

Hiya. Saw some Tweets from you and I am not sure what to think.

At first, I thought it was a joke, but since you have now blocked (don’t know why) me on Twitter, and seeing 3rd party accounts, I am slowly getting perturbed.

I have never been involved in all the crap you folks get up to on social media. And that’s precisely why I am firmly neutral on that whole GG fiasco.

When you were unfairly attacked for running a blockbot, I supported you because having been a target of attacks and online abuse for decades, I know how it feels.

Blocking people you don’t want to hear from, is perfectly OK, and I support it, regardless of who the person is.

As I have said repeatedly, using a blockbot which could be used for nefarious purposes (e.g. impacting someone’s job, associating them with an alleged hate group etc) is legally actionable. Which is why I cautioned you – and the IGDA (which no longer uses it) against its use.

I am a big supporter of accountability. By the same token, baseless accusations, victimhood, abuse of the system and its resources, are also legally actionable and despicable.

I thought that my advice, which I dole out to people all the time, would be taken in the spirit with which it was extended.

It is apparent that I may have been wrong.

When I stated that @googleideas had done something puzzling by embracing inclusion by seclusion, I meant just that.

There are many women online who are the target of abuse, and most of them are not e-celebs who either vie for attention or seek to profit from it.

I made no judgment about the caliber of candidates. And my comments are indicative of that.

And my comments had nothing to do with you. If it did, that would imply that I care enough about you to give a shit about what you are a part of. I don’t.

The fact is this. You have a history of doling out as much as you claim to receive. I get it. I tend to be the same way.

However, abuse is real and it’s despicable. Your actions seemingly make light of the plight of other targets of abuse.

You simply can’t hand someone a shit sandwich, then cry foul if they spray you with fizzed piss.

Listen. I know who you are, and I know what you do. If you stop this now, that will be the end of it. But if you don’t, you will leave me no choice but to defend myself.

As I am sure you are aware, I have a storied history of not putting up with abuse or harassment.

And trust me when I tell you this: There is always that one time when a person wakes up in the morning – usually after a drunken stupor, one night stand with the cab driver, or one too many puffs – and realize that they’ve done some really – dumb – shit.

Stop this. Now.

All the best.

Of course, as you’ve probably guessed by now, Big Randi has bitten back with her usual stream of bullshit. Here’s a little bit of that despicable slob for your perusal:

Threatening my ass. It would be more accurate to say that your greasy fingers seem to have broken off more than you can chew this time. Like Smart said, he’s not just some anon or small-fry that you can bully and libel at will. He’s a man of means, and he won’t hesitate to bring you down a peg or three. I know that I would love to see your big ass get deposed in a court of law. I’m sure there’s a lot of things a well-heeled team of attorneys would like to discuss with your meth-smoking self. Please go after her and take it all the way, Derek. And if not, at least keep blowing her out on Twitter. Because that shit is really funny to watch.


UPDATE: More from Mr. Smart…


    1. Meh. I know many guys that love a bit of strange,even though they have a hot girlfriend-usually one of my best friends!-so not buying that because his wife is physically beautiful that it means she is automatically great in bed.

      I’ve learnt from Alpha men like Derek that who they want on their arm,is not the same as who they like to have one night stands with.


    You’d think that after Based Milo stripped her shit bare and Anne Rice fought back against Harper’s libel, that Randi would take advantage of this opportunity with Google and rehab her image.

    Nope. She just can’t resist poking a bear, then crying about being a poor innocent victim when the bear gets pissed off and bites her on the ass.

    I’m flabbergasted how she can continue to lie, lie, lie when everything she posts online is being archived and debunked. Meth must be a hell of a drug.

    1. She lies because she knows she can get away with it. It’s a drug-pathological liars. And she is, see her invite w Google. She came on to Smart because she was bored. BORED at winning with all these ‘no bodies’.

      This is big for her and will get her back on top with people talking. Which they are.

      At the end of the day,these people like Randi end up loosing because she’s an addict and trying this sh*t with the Lefty world is too easy. U can tell she can’t stand Anita nor Quinn. In fact they only thing they like about each other is that they are winning against GG.

    2. People like Harper know only one response to being called out for their bullshit: they double down. We’ve seen her do it over and over again, along with the rest of the assorted pond scum associated with social justice and radical feminism. NEVER admit to being wrong. ALWAYS counter attack when challenged. It’s a broken record that will never stop spinning for these degenerates.

    3. But why should she stop? While there are people retarded enough to believe her bullshit and open their wallets she has no reason to stop.

    4. Have you stopped to consider that she may not realize she’s lying? That she may actually believe the things she says? Like when she says that DSmart was flirting with her and talking marriage… she’s not lying – she legitimately believes what she’s saying is the truth?

      That perhaps RLH has created such a narrative for herself that she simply can’t interpret things except through that narrow, rigidly defined narrative. “He is being polite to me, joking, laughing, etc. Ergo this is flirting.” “This person does not agree with me. Ergo they are attacking me.” “This person follows someone on Twitter who I disagree with – and since you never follow someone you don’t disagree with, ergo this person agrees with that person and therefore must be added to my blocker.” Etc.

      That perhaps this is not an act – that RLH legitimately cannot see outside of the bubble she has created for herself? And like with nearly all people who are stuck inside a powerful narrative, there is no way for outsiders to pull her out of it – hence the double down. (response to another post, not yours, apologies) To get her to see things from outside her narrative is to figuratively bring her world down around her, to destroy the narrative she has created for herself.

      That’s how I’m starting to see these people – they are so entrenched in their narrative that to break them of it is literally world-shattering. It’s not going to happen from some random internet Anon like me. It likely won’t even happen from some random internet “eCeleb” like DSmart. (who is an eCeleb now, whether he wants it or not.) It’s going to have to come from inside RLH’s bubble – either something will pull out that one brick holding everything up, or someone she allows into her bubble will be able to pull it down for her. (this goes for others, like AS, who I’m starting to think are in the same boat. ZQ and BW… not sure. ZQ seems to be manipulative as hell in a way that the others aren’t and BW seems to be just a shade away from clinical insanity, not merely trapped in a narrative bubble but in her own fantasy world entirely.)

      1. Well said Throwingrocks. This is why SJW’s defend their issues so doggedly even in the face of truly solid evidence. They aren’t defending the issue being attacked…but their own narrative which MUST be defended at all costs.

    5. I can only assume it’s because she’s delusional and literally insane.

      Seriously. Pathological liar. If her actions seem to fly so far in the face of logic as to be absurd, that’s because I don’t think she has any control of them. She is compelled by her psychological disorders to lie for attention. It’s classic behaviour, I’m sure plenty of readers have met at least one person like this. I’ve met several, and they never cease to astound and anger me in equal measure.

  2. Smart’s ‘wife’ pic looks like it was taken from the web. Let’s be honest people, he was never much more stable than Harper.

    At least we’re getting entertainment value.

          1. Derek Smart is definitely a ‘character’ in video game development. He’s had big ideas, some of which have a lot of merit. But this is also the guy who once flipped his shit and got into a fistfight with a vending machine.

          2. Ok, so he’s not a saint, though he’s fucking Jesus in comparison with a vicious beast like Randi Harper.

          3. Derek had a long notorious history of drama in the ancient days of usenet. In particular a nasty flamewar over 15 years ago where much spaghetti was spilled. Listening to him now it’s pretty clear he’s advanced quite ways from that to a more clear thinking rational person.

          4. “notorious history” as reported by fucking Kotaku. Use some brain cells if they haven’t burnt them all out yet. “Derr hurr GAWKER SO LEGIT” gimme a break. Gawker is such shit, we’re all sitting here on a LITERAL MUCKRAKER TABLOID and it’s more trustworthy. Get a clue.

          5. No fool, it nothing to do with Kotaku, I’ve seen the newsgroup posts myself while you were still in diapers. There are still archives of it floating around.

          6. He’s definitely been trouble for a lot of people in the past, and in really unpleasant, uncalled for, and unjustified ways. That being said, much of that was over a decade ago, and these days he’s evened out a lot, in part because I think he simply made peace with that side of himself and learned to focus his energies better.

            That being said, he’s also not someone to fuck with. He does in fact have his own legal team, he has has deeper pockets than most SJWs can dream of, and he’s a fucking firebrand when he thinks someone is having him out. I’m personally glad he’s remained neutral, because he’s could easily be the SJWs’ version of Mr Cernovich if he went their way.

            On that note, Mike Cernovich is also someone I’d never want to fuck with.

            So yeah.. the guy gets a lot of justified hate, the guy gets a lot of justified support, and the guy actually has some serious weight he can throw around.

            Like right now. He’s about to toss Harper against a wall like a Puget Sound Fish Monger.

  3. Please, god, let Derek harvest this whale’s ambergris so that she finally learns that actions have consequences, and hell, maybe becomes a better person.

      1. Well if you don’t feel like googling Derek Smart, the short story is this guy started massive flamewars back in the day. And currently he’s engaged in a smear campaign against a gaming studio for missing a couple of deadlines, while his own “game” is massively behind schedule by several years.

        Besides all that, Derek Smart is a compulsive liar. At one point he had even added a phony PhD to the end of his name, he scams contractors out of their work and refuses to pay them, he bans anyone and everyone who has even a mildly critical view of any of his work. He attempted to sue and censor major game publishing websites. He spews large walls of text full of crap, and is pretty much the biggest narcissistic, self-conceited, dishonest, scumbag to ever disgrace the internet.

        So when someone tries to pull the same shit on him, I call it karma. They deserve each other.

        1. Not any flamewar either..THE flamewar. The greatest, mightiest flamewar of all flamewars. Somewhere deep in the cold ashes of USENET, autoevolved trollbots are still fighting each other over BC3K and will be until the heat death of the universe.

        2. Yeah……………………………….


          Jfc. You ARE drinking the Kotaku Koolaid. This is like saying “NO GUYS WE SHOULD TOTALLY BE YELLING AND SCREAMING AT BRAD WARDELL! I KNOW HE IS A SEXIST BECAUSE GAMES MEDIA SAID SO.” Derp derp what is GamerGate about? I KNOW It must be a bunch of rapists mad that video games are played by women!

          Fucking hell.

          Bee Tee Dubs: The bullshit trying to smear Derek Smart back then should have been a clue to you to stop reading those shitrags. And that’s saying something, because I read and promote RALPH for fuck’s sake. You need to work out this reality disconnect you have, with your therapist.

          1. Wow dude, chill out. They didn’t need to smear Derek Smart. Derek Smart brought that on himself, and actively smeared anyone who had even the slightest criticism. You might disagree with me, because he’s on your side of this “GamerGate” thing. I don’t even know what that is to be honest. All I know is that this guy is trouble, and the scum of the earth.

          2. kek. Cite me your sources for this, because so far all of it is just the exact reasons GamerGate exists; because Kotaku & shit companies keep defaming people and making up bullshit claims.

      2. As he quite plainly stated in his twitlonger/e-mail to Harper, Derek Smart will quite readily start a metaphorical brawl with anyone who pisses him off, or who he even thinks has attempted to start shit with him.

  4. “She’s a walking disaster who looks like King Kong Bundy with a blue wig”

    Daaaaayum! Ralph got jokes! LOL!

  5. Harper is a narcissist. Just like fraudkeessian and the other fullmcintosh cult members. When they look in the mirror they see perfection while others see them how they are:

  6. So when’s the wedding? Let’s crowdsource a gift: a titanium reinforced double-wide toilet with flying buttresses which wipes your ass with a bottle-washer and uses a hydraulic lift to stand the blushing bride back on her feet. Tech is great! Then there’s the Shammu Sea-World industrial-size bidet like they have in front of the Belagio in Vegas.

  7. So she has picked a fight with Derek and is lying her fat tattooed ass off about him?

    Looks like its time for the Frisco Methwhale’s very own Nantucket Sleigh Ride.

  8. BTW Ralph, I know you’re not into too many anime, but have you heard about GamerGate being brought up (negatively) in Funimation’s English dub of Prison School (ironically, not an SJW-friendly show in any way)? A lot of people are getting pissed not just because of the negative reference, but because it was completely unnecessary. To say it took liberties from the original Japanese script would be an understatement. Also, the script writer responsible for that line (who is very much an SJW) recently tweeted this.

    1. #itwasjustonelineyounerds I’m glad these people who market to geeks have such an abhorrent disdain for them. Tyson Rinehart joins Sam Biddle and Jason Pontin in proving that nothing ever changed. It’s the same asshole bullies shitting on the same exact people they always shit on.

      1. He’s a dub script writer – a fucking loser. Distorting and bastardising the glory of the Japanese original for his own pathetic, irrelevant and vastly misheld political bullshit belief. People like him destroy the spirit and the quality of the originals. Talentless hack. Fuck him. Everyone should just switch to subs.

    2. What an immature retard. Nice of him to assume that the only people who could possibly have a problem with this ridiculous and unnecessary change are GGs, and that everyone in GG thinks rape threats are acceptable (we’ve heard it so many fucking times, why can’t people go and do 5 minutes research rather than just swallowing what the media shove down their throats FFS). Oh, and that ‘nerds’ line? What a pleasant, professional human being.

      I love dubs but don’t think I’ll be watching anything with this asshole’s name attached to it if this is how he deals with legitimate criticism.

  9. It’s a common psychological phenomenon: people who receive little attention from the other sex tends to think all people of the opposite sex who talk to them are flirting.
    Same for people who hate the other sex, they think the other sex always has ulterior motives behind interactions.
    Seeing how Randi proudly hates men it’s likely the latter.

  10. harper must running low on cash again, time to raise her profile a little and beg for money.

    it’s so routine from the sjw stars that it is almost like clockwork.

  11. This is why these people are a laughing stock. If you aren’t a problem to them yet it’s only a matter of time before they make you one. Also that wife comment. Someone please play a clip of the group of black guys screaming “oh!” because this calls for it. And also he went full Liam Neeson on her ass. From what I’ve seen this is already backfiring on Google but from the looks of it he’s going to be bringing the pain. Go for it!

  12. I have no idea what this gamer gate pro/neutral/contra shit is about, no fucking idea. And I don´t even wanna know tbh
    But if there is *one* thing I know this guy is possibly one of the worst game ´developers´ who ever walked this earth.

    tons of shit posted on reddit – /r/dereksmart about how he bans forum posters on Steam and insults gamers who play F2P games, etc.

    Unfortunately I´ve once tried his game on Steam and it was a crash fest, actually deinstalled after exactly 12 minutes

  13. Huh. I was wondering what this asshole had been up to. Just a disgrace of a person. No fucking self-reflection at all.

  14. Ho. Lee. Shit. Big Blue has no idea what she just did, does she? Derek is one of the few people even I would give very wide berth to in an uneven fight, and I love getting myself into trouble. Hence why I;m so fond of Ralph: He brings us exquisite shit to get riled up over.

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The final chapter in the credibility and sustaining of the rainbow retard brigadier named Harper is about to commence.

    Derek, for yourself and everyone this woman has hurt, rip her the fuck to pieces.

  15. I bet Randi is day dreaming about getting the D cock. This would explain her delusion that he was flirting with her. Unfortunately for her, the D will be going to bed tonight next to his hot wife while she will spend it sleeping alone. It’s not because she sucks, it’s because she takes up the entire damn bed.

  16. Does she really see herself as some ravishingly beautiful woman in which men are, probably, intimidated by her looks and intelligence or something?

    I mean it would explain that drawing of her I see.

  17. She acts like a 16yr old girl flinging shit and accusations at the drop of a hat. Freely smears people, intentionally provokes responses then acts like some crazy wingbat and plays the vagina card when people are fed up and start telling her to stop.

    She is that belligerent whale from highschool who went around bullying people she didn’t like and then points the finger when she gets caught.

    I really hope she gets her just desserts.

  18. See, this is why the SJW’s have lost so much traction lately. This is their response to people who would rather not be involved in this shit slinging contest at all. Instead of trying to win them over, they try to shame anyone who shows doubt. You change no minds by slandering folks. You only place a timer on yourself, one that ticks down to the moment you slander someone with enough power to punch back.

  19. Randi’s Tweets are not “legally actionable”. Yeah, that’s the same problem Randi, Zoe Quinn, and that tranny “Brianna” Wu all have – they know nobody can nail them for harassment if they stick to social media. Wu can blather on about collecting evidence for the FBI, and he’ll never have to provide any evidence. Randi can harass people in the same manner and never be touched. Reason is they have no money to launch a real lawsuit, i.e. the frivolous kind you see in other sectors.

    Just call them on their bullshit and these children will fuck off.

    1. Actually you’re wrong. Randi proves over and over again she’s planning to use the blocklist as a blacklist which is illegal in US, Canada, and Britain, part of what they have already been warned about. 🙂 Libel and defamation are very serious charges, and if you can pass that on to Randi, please do.

  20. Harper the Hutt just can’t seem to shut her meth intake hole. The habitual lying just further proof of her sociopathy.

  21. Randi did this knowing it would get her attention. She did it believing that she could both claim the victim status, and potentially tarnish the image of a “problematic,” neutral person who has taken a logical approach to #GamerGate and it’s issues. This logical approach threatens the SJW Narrative because it relies on Facts and Evidence. This is always counter to the “Narrative,” and in Randi’s case it’s counter to her money stream if she does not regularly as Cheong put it “Get in front of the charge and lead.”

    This being said, Mr. Smart is well advised to seek legal satisfaction from Randi if the opportunity to presents it’s self. However, it is advisable that he not telegraph such an action until the legal hammer is ready to fall. If you read this Mr. Smart or it reaches you here is my advice…

    SJW’s like Ms Harper make statements like that one about, “flirting,” as an attempt to paint a potential target as being against their, “Narrative,” being evil in their eyes. It is what Vox Day called a “Point and Shriek.” Weather it actually happened (Something I seriously doubt) or not is immaterial to the SJW doing it. (Rule 1 SJW’s lie.)

    The purpose of the “Point and Shriek” is to give other SJWs something to rally around, and dog pile on the accused. Each adding a bit of spin to the attack making it seem worse with each iteration. It is also a method to put the target on the defensive. Do not go on the defensive go on the offensive.

    Gather every thing said by them about you. Record it all, and put it in an anti-memoryhole safe place. Demand evidence, for every claim made, and apply, “Hitchens’ Razor,* ” to all of it. Unless it’s actionable in court. At which point let your attorney know that a bonus has come early.

    Never forget that you are not alone. Many around you who are outside of all of this may distance themselves, but those of us here who know the score are with you. Do not let Harper, and her Keystone Cronies make you think that you have no friends.

    Never apologize to them for anything, for any reason. If they go after an apology the only reason to do so is the point at you and shriek again that they were right. Then do a victory lap over your self-immolated corpse of a public persona. Let them eat static, and then strike back twice as hard.

    Remember they will escalate everything; there is no deescalation with them. Rather than admit they were wrong, or even apologize for any harm you take because of them they will push even to the point of their own destruction. Yes this sounds like insanity, and it is, but their, “Narrative,” will demand no less from them. So do not be nice about it, and do not think that you must be the better person here. They are willing to go “Scorched Earth,” you need to approach this like Sherman marching from Atlanta to Savannah**.

    * “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”
    ** “War is the remedy our enemies have chosen, and I say we give them all they can take of it until they want no more.” William Tecumseh Sherman

    The Cenobite

  22. another example of the antis punt-kicking the neutrals over to the pro side. derek may not be pro yet but i’m sure he’s viewing gg in a better light now after a preposterous lie from her

  23. Why doesn’t patreon accept rotting leaves and old garbage as donations? I’d gladly support her if they were more inclusive of the types of currency they accept.

  24. Is it fat shaming yourself when you repeatedly post pics of you 100 pounds lighter than what you really are? Maybe it is just wishful thinking.

  25. I don’t trust Randi, and I certainly Don’t trust Derek. if anyone remembers the 10 year flame war he started you will know why. so my conclusion is IDGAF!

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