While I was away, Arkham Knight came out. I just picked it up on PC for $36, despite the fact that some issues have been reported with that release. I took a chance that it will be cleaned up with patches, because that’s a pretty good price. It’s over at Green Man Gaming, and I get no pay off that link if you follow. I just figured I would share that deal. You have to enter the code listed on the front page to get the lower price. I know that some are gonna shit on me for buying even though Rocksteady looks like they fucked up here, but I don’t care. I’m trying to save money. If worst come to worst, I’ll get a refund somehow.

Now, let’s move on to the agenda. It looks like the Internet’s Harasser-in-Chief is back at it again. She got into it with a fellow member of The FreeBSD Project last night. As usual, she threatened to ruin the man within their community, as well as brand him a harasser publicly. They had a private IRC conversation where he was civil and polite, and she was her usual unhinged self. This is not a good look for someone who is supposedly going to end online harassment. But, as we’ve talked about MANY TIMES before, this is just what Hefty Harper is. She’s a bully.

Here she is proving that once again:Zik74Vb OIIGgH1 ZajCK7h Jb3q2Xi


(link to transcript)


Johannes Meixner, the guy she was harassing, gave a response on Facebook to some of this. Keep in mind, all this started because he dared to voice an opinion that’s different than Randi’s. So she sets out to destroy him as a result:


And all this even made it over to Hacker News:


It seems like Milo is coming soon, Randi. I can’t wait until all your dirty laundry is out there for the world to see. We’ve seen a lot of it already, and it’s not pretty. One can only imagine what’s really hiding in your sick closet.Until then, I’m sure you can bide your time with some more bullying and smearing, since that’s your main pastime. I’ll keep chronicling it here for posterity. 😉

  1. I was able the see the entire chat transcript & my favorite part was her (and you could just see her screaming at the monitor). YOU TELL ME WHO THE GAMERGATE MEMBER IN FREEBSD IS!!! Oh, such a good laugh on such a shit person.

  2. It was inevitable Randi (or some other “anti-harassment” ideologue) would start a witch hunt. While it sucks for Meixner, he can take some solace in the fact his accuser is an incompetent hypocrite who owes her influence entirely to being taken under the wing of the more talented and more successful.

    I sincerely hopes Meixner avoids any sort of punishment, not only because he clearly doesn’t deserve it, but because Randi will flip her shit and antagonize her “allies”, further exposing the aforementioned incompetence and hypocrisy.

    1. What is FreeBSD?
      FreeBSD is an operating system for a variety of platforms which focuses on features, speed, and stability. It is derived from BSD, the version of UNIX® developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large community.

      1. The weakness of FreeBSD is they don’t have someone like Linus to cut trough the BS and tell people what’s what.
        This makes them vulnerable to infiltration of SJW’s who don’t contribute, and waste people’s time with gender equality nonsense, as if the quality of code depends on the sex of the contributor.

        1. TBH, from what I’ve seen of the FreeBSD community, Harper is a minority. Most of the people I’ve seen are the “better get your hands dirty if you’re using FreeBSD” crowd, and they expect people with skills to be using their OS. (Which is why I always found it hysterical that Harper calls herself ‘FreeBSD girl’ because I know for a fact she’s not done squat for FreeBSD) And yes, while Linus does get to tell people “what’s what” about the linux kernel, he doesn’t really have involvement in most other parts of what we consider to be linux – TBH, Red Hat and Canonical have more influence than he does for most of the linux desktop experience.

          My prediction: Her witch hunt will go nowhere, because the FreeBSD community needs all the decent developers they can get – Linux is extremely popular in comparison. I at one point wanted to use FreeBSD because it was vaunted as “more stable” and because OSX has a BSD based core, but hell man, their “more stable” comes at the price of waaay fewer developers, and waiting over 5 years to get intel HD graphics working in their kernel.

          1. My prediction: Her witch hunt will go nowhere, because the FreeBSD community needs all the decent developers they can get


            They double-down on SOCJUS to erase the stain of failure.
            The guy gets purged, everyone semi-competent leaves/gets purged too.
            The people purged start up an SJW-free fork of FreeBSD (maybe call it “RealBSD”).
            RealBSD becomes LibreOffice 2.0.
            FreeBSD becomes OpenOffice 2.0.

  3. the trolling he did on irc was priceless “good thing you had people there to protect you then?”

    Might be a good time to remind people she never got swatted but posted a parking ticket

  4. My machine is a dual boot Linux/windows and i love open source software,Windows is only there for gaming and other progies i cant run on Linux, but i wound never ever install freeBSD on any of my my machines as long as this blue thing is part of the developers
    Sorry but i cant trust a person like her and cant trust developers that trust/work whit her

  5. When she’s not bullying people online, she likes to heat up the night…

    (Honestly, she harasses & mocks Chris the data scientist who has a tumor in his fucking brain & his wife who are the nicest people in the world so I have zero problem taking the piss out of her.)

    1. Plus the obvious fact that literally NOBODY has ever tried to “kill” Harper in real life as she claims … what a crock of ever-lovin’ fucking bullshit. These people are fucking shameless.

      1. You expected less? They regularly drag the dead out of their graves & prance them around like marionettes for their agendas.

        1. Harper is quite literally the most offensive, vilest harasser the other sides has, and that takes some doing. She manufactures her own reality out of thin air, then demands everyone believe her fucking bullshit and use it as justification to enforce her vendettas and enable her hatred.

          This offensive troll is the Religious Left’s very own Jack Thompson.

  6. Ahoy! I see thee blue haired whale is at it again. Aye someone must’ve touched her sandwich again. Tis would explain another of her bitch fits. Makes ya wonder if she accuses a mirror of harassment.

    But alas. The day will come when the mighty sailor Milo, whose majestic hair blows with the sea, will capture this blue haired mammal. Argh. The sea would be at peace again and the fair mermaids would appear once more.

  7. “Have you ever stood up in a roomful of developers and broken into tears?”

    Reaĺly? “Broken into tears”??? What a huge steaming pile of BULL SHIT.

    EVERYTHING that comes out her mouth has so little truth in it (if any at all) that it boggles the mind.

    She needs to have her mouth sewn shut…

    Edit: corrected quote

  8. How disgusting that such scum would ruin an opensource community.
    With all the bullshit she throws around, does she even find the time to commit about anything on the project?
    Cause it looks like being a pro harasser is a full-time job.

  9. Hmm. Now Randi is going to have a collaborative blogpost/debate with Clark, from Popehat. The subject in particular:

    “are the virtues of an open society / inclusiveness / debate best served by excluding those who are not in favor of full inclusiveness?”

    (Clark’s opinion is ‘no’, FWIW)

    This is going to be interesting, considering Harper’s tendency to go ballistic when confronted with dissent. They’re going to trade emails, and then Clark’s going to post the whole thread on Popehat.

      1. The comment section in Popehat is littered with people whining at Clark, which I find HILARIOUS. I suspect someone is going to get their sacred cow turned into cheeseburgers.

          1. Thanks for the link.

            I read most of the comments just now and it’s more than just a little bit sad the mentality on display.

            Some of the best/worst replies:

            “There’s no point to the debate. You will never convince them. You will never win. This is because it is never about facts; you cannot use facts against beliefs. Gamergaters believe they are oppressed and so they will never believe the opposite side has any point at all; the Randi Harpers of the world need to be silenced like the evil SJWs they are and gaming made MANBRO again.”

            What a FUCK-TON of projection.

            How could someone who’s intelligent enough to use the Internet actually type & then post this?

            Apparently “You made your gamergate bed, now get fucked in it.” is considered an “eloquent” statement and perfectly acceptable way to treat a NEUTRAL party:

            “Why do you think that quote is ineloquent? Perhaps you don’t know what eloquent means?

            I would say that quote “clearly expresses a position or belief,” and is “characterized by forceful and appropriate expression.”

            Maybe you disagree with it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not eloquent.”

            There’s so much more insanity in that comments section but I’m feeling a little too sick to my stomach to continue reading it….

          2. I know it’s rough, but please consider this aphorism:

            “Cherish your enemies; they teach you the best lessons.”

  10. It would make more sense to weed out equalists from FreeBSD than gamergaters

    Why not start writing letters?

  11. LOL I love Randi’s confirmation bias. Anyone disagreeing with her is just “a privileged dumbass” that rigid thinking though. Definitely some form of mental illness. It’s kind of sad she makes such a spectacle of herself; or rather it would be if she wasn’t causing so many problems and hurting innocent people. That just means she has to be destroyed. /shrug.

  12. Is it just me or does she change her avatar so often that every article that mentios her is some new little avatar icon? I don’t think I ever seen anyone change avatars that often.

    1. That’s pretty common in every forum/social-chatting website really. At least she keep her name consistent; one of my facebook friend and also irl friend constantly change his name and pics so freaking much anytime I open my FB page I wonder who the fuck this guy is until I check his post.

  13. Explanation is obvious: that disgusting fat fuck hasn’t gotten any attention in a couple weeks, so she did something retarded just to see her name on twitter again. Need to lock up histrionic morons like her

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