No one cares what I’ve been wasting time on all night (it’s that boring), so I’ll just skip the regular intro. But what you might care about, is a notorious bully lashing out again, this time against one of her former compatriots. I’m talking about Randi Harper, of course, and she’s not the only one. Dina Karam and several others have piled onto Ian Miles Cheong following his heartfelt apology. I suppose it was the stinging rebuke he delivered to social justice warrior culture that set them off. Getting hit in the mouth by a former ally can definitely hurt.

Let’s start with The Notorious R.A.N.D.I.

(Looks like Ian is now an offical member of Randi’s blacklist blocklist.)

But like I said in the open, she wasn’t the only one having a go at Cheong. Have a look at this handy compilation, featuring Dina Karam (the incompetent & incendiary former community manager for Mighty No. 9):


If you’ll notice, I’ve never really went after anyone who quit GamerGate. I celebrated Internet Aristocrat when he quit. Some were all to happy to torch him and his contributions. That’s the wrong attitude to take, though. Be thankful for what someone contributed, respect their decision (even if you disagree) and move on to other business. It’s just a horrible look to trash an old compatriot. Randi and her thugs have made it clear that Ian Cheong is now an enemy, even though he didn’t even fully recant. Any type of well-reasoned criticism is anathema to these people. They just can’t handle it. Normal people can sense this radicalism, and they naturally recoil from it.

So thank you, Randi Harper. You are the best recruiter we could ever hope to have.