No one cares what I’ve been wasting time on all night (it’s that boring), so I’ll just skip the regular intro. But what you might care about, is a notorious bully lashing out again, this time against one of her former compatriots. I’m talking about Randi Harper, of course, and she’s not the only one. Dina Karam and several others have piled onto Ian Miles Cheong following his heartfelt apology. I suppose it was the stinging rebuke he delivered to social justice warrior culture that set them off. Getting hit in the mouth by a former ally can definitely hurt.

Let’s start with The Notorious R.A.N.D.I.

(Looks like Ian is now an offical member of Randi’s blacklist blocklist.)

But like I said in the open, she wasn’t the only one having a go at Cheong. Have a look at this handy compilation, featuring Dina Karam (the incompetent & incendiary former community manager for Mighty No. 9):


If you’ll notice, I’ve never really went after anyone who quit GamerGate. I celebrated Internet Aristocrat when he quit. Some were all to happy to torch him and his contributions. That’s the wrong attitude to take, though. Be thankful for what someone contributed, respect their decision (even if you disagree) and move on to other business. It’s just a horrible look to trash an old compatriot. Randi and her thugs have made it clear that Ian Cheong is now an enemy, even though he didn’t even fully recant. Any type of well-reasoned criticism is anathema to these people. They just can’t handle it. Normal people can sense this radicalism, and they naturally recoil from it.

So thank you, Randi Harper. You are the best recruiter we could ever hope to have.

  1. Always with the ‘they’re ruining women’s lives!’ bit. How? Who?

    Typical over-the-top hyperbole.

  2. These SJW’s screaming “but muh feminism” where 90% of cases and situations have absolutely nothing to do with feminism. It’s just a bunch of whining outrages SJW’s and that use feminism as an excuse to be bigots. Randi’s bitching has nothing to do with feminism. Even she herself said some years ago she’s not being “oppressed” in the programming industry, in fact she has it easier than men because of her gender. So, what is she fighting for then? I think not even she knows exactly.

    I just find it hilarious how after all these months they still brand us as hate mob and when someone decides to leave angry SJW mob of anti’s, they lash at them. And ironically, we accept them with open arms. It’s like pouring salt on their wounds hahaha 😀

      1. Exactly! None of the big players on the other side actually bel;ieve what they are telling the SJW sheep…

      2. How the fuck is she expecting to do that? Most of them live off of patreon welfare. You’d think if someone was truly an opportunist they’d change their stripes to cater to the industry that’s spending 17 billion dollars in disposable income a year (as thie light bulb above IMC’s head would imply), not a bunch of dirty beggar hipster waifs.

        I think she’s actually a true believer, just stupid.

        1. No, the rank and file SJWs are almost all young adults (read: overgrown children) with middle class parents. They’ve got cash to burn, because it isn’t even theirs. I used to be in that exact economic bracket a decade ago, and I know that level of comfort. I shudder to think how I might have ended up one of them if not for other circumstances. But, thankfully, at that age I wasted my parents’ money on weeb shit and vidya and stuffed my head with fedora-tier skepticism instead.

      3. What’s going on with the most recent article about Zoe’s bought and paid for ideologue congresswoman? The page it’s linking to is coming up as “oops, nothing is here”.

  3. wth, I am withholding judgement and catch shit but this is fucking nuts. This was jumped on fast too, Randi knows how to make enemies.

  4. The only ‘shiton’ of woman is Randi, if ya’ll know what i’m saying. 😀 Anyhow, we knew this was going to happen, Ian was going to get flak for this, so don’t be surprised.

  5. Im in the wait and see camp about Ian but honestly he doesn’t deserve to be burned down by these people just for saying something rational…

    They are exactly proving his point about the whole SJW movement…

  6. And the cult turns on a deserter. This is my surprised face -_-

    Will Cheong stand firm? I think he will. When you see a cult for what it is, it’s incredibly ugly.

    As for Harper et al, I think it’s odd that they detail how there’s no way to escape due to being a woman, yet they will boast about having contacts at twitter and about having that power.

    As you said, Ralph, any kind of wavering from the philosophy of this cult group is immediately lambasted. If people leave a group, they should have their decision respected. Bid them farewell and carry on, business as usual.

    1. He recently favorited a tweet by a known gamer gate member. IE mghtyprt. The tweet said something to the effect of “I know you’re catching hell for your apology to gamers, but trust that “This too shall pass.” Was the right thing to do.”

  7. Wait. Harper herself said GG isn’t about harassment (The link for WAM came from her, I believe), but she herself now says GG = harassment? Wut?

    1. She must have read the report wrong. Now that she’s had a chance to be re-educated, I mean educate herself, she’s back on message.

  8. …th’ fact that they can’t even wait to evaluate or just move on is evidence that it is just a big ego trip for them. In their insane view, th’ world simply cannot go on unless they register their outrage on any given incident immediately, otherwise it would wither and die without their super brilliant take on things because they’re so scary smart.

    …lines must always be drawn to keep generating enemies, thus generate more outrage, thus validating to themselves that things must be bad because they’re outraged, thus th’ need for enemies recycles once more,,,

    …you know, like th’ behavior of a meth addict…i must take apart th’ dishwasher, thus creating a mess to organize into arranged pieces, which clearly show that some are not evenly sized, which means i must now take apart th’ toaster as it will have more parts that even out th’ arrngement as i organize its pieces….(snorts a fat line of chop),,,i must fix th’ dishwasher as the toaster pieces have now made uneven th’ other parts that were okay before….

    …and all th’ while like meth-heads, they go forth convinced that they are unlocking special truths that everyone else is to dumb to see,,,meanwhile th’ dishes are still dirty and th’ bread remains untoasted…

    ,,,Is it any wonder that th’ two most relentlessly disingenuous asshole aGGros are Harper and Jay Allen, two former meth users who somehow got fat being speedfreaks? They can’t even abuse drugs right,,,but this SJW thing, yeah, they got that perfect n their perfect little minds and everyone else who doesnt recognize it and pledge to it is th’ “enemy”,,,

    …my only enemy is boredom,,,SJWs are just th’ modern Keystone Kops, bumbling blindly forth and shitting things up,,,theyre more like roaches than an enemy,,,, just a buncha pests id rather not see and will gladly hold th’ Orkin Man’s Spray tank as he rids me of them,,,,

  9. Talk about the snake swallowing it’s own fucking tail, maybe a flicker of self awareness would help Randi? This is pretty much what IMC say’s he’s sick of… I can’t say that I like IMC, but I have to admit it takes a lot to admit you crossed a line and apologise, and I have to recognise and respect that, especially from someone who’s so deep into the SJW camp.

  10. Anyone surprized? It took them a while. You’d think they don’t visit gaming websites like Gamerranx frequently.

  11. And this is exactly why I said we dont even need Ian to join us. He doesn’t have to fly our banner, simply taking down theirs is a capital offense to them. Calmly leaving, apologizing and acting like a decent human sent the others into a raging fury and have done more damage to their own credibility. This is truly a beautiful sight. I can only hope more people see this and realize the SJWs are the real hate group here.

    The salt is real, folks.

    1. Yup. No one’s saying ‘well we’re all buddy buddy with IMC again’. He’s going to have to pursue his own path of redemption. But at least he’s set his feet on the path.

      That’s part of how you tear cults apart. Show their members that they can have a life outside of the closed circle, that every man’s hand is NOT turned against them, and invariably when the cult’s behavior makes them uneasy, they’ll sneak out the door.

      And as we’ve noted before, we don’t even ask people to fly our flag. Neutrality means we still win, because the SJWs can’t abide neutrality in this. You must support the revolution or you are against it, comrade! Whereupon they drive neutrals into our camp, swelling our numbers.

      1. I’ve been saying as much for a while. It’s honestly quite surprising that aGG is that stupid. Their total intolerance of neutrals will always make them look like crazy extremeists. Because remember, only a Sith deals in absolutes.

        1. I say there’s three basic types of neutral:

          Pro-GamerGate neutral: “I’m Pro-ethics/Pro-Freedom/Anti-SJW/All of the above, but won’t join up for whatever reason” (e.g. Mark Kern, David Auerbach, TotalBiscuit pre-January, David Pakman when doing interviews/debates on the subject, etc.)

          True neutral: “I have not clue what’s going on, I don’t intend to find out, so I’m going to shut up & go away” (e.g. Boogie, David Pakman’s default, etc.)

          AntiGamer neutral: “I agree with AntiGamer completely, I’m buddies with their most corrupt members, and I’ll lie in service of the cause, but I’m totally neutral.” (e.g. Jim Sterling, Extra Credits, etc.)

          1. I don’t know if that last one really counts as neutral, though. They don’t have to identify as aGG to be aGG. If they’re pulling the same bullshit as aGG, lying and misrepresenting us, then they’re pretty much aGG. A neutral wouldn’t lie or perpetuate the lie, the only reason someone would call themselves a neutral and help aGG’s narrative is if they were falsely identifying as neutral to try to give aGG credibility.

          2. Yeah they’re obviously lying, but I’d say Pro-GamerGate neutral wouldn’t quailfy as being perfectly neutral either, because regardless of what their goal is or what their opinion of us is, they end up helping us.

          3. It really stung when I had to shun Extra Credits, they had some good content… shame they’re all ideologues.

          4. Just remember this.

            If they’re this blatantly wrong about GamerGate, what else are they wrong about that you didn’t have the knowledge to realize they’re full of shit?

      2. Just to be sure though, is it really just the aGGros that are anti-neutrality? I’d hate to suddenly hear reports about GamerGate members actively harassing Cheong after his apology. I mean, I’m still wary of the guy for his earlier admittance to being a Neo Nazi, and I’m sure several on our side don’t think his apology is enough, but I’m not gonna constantly message him about it.

    2. I am excited to see where this ride will take us. Consider what has happened in the last 9 months. Consider the next 9!
      Leigh Alexander, Ben Kuchera and Kim Crawford so far forced out but who will be the casualties after the anti-GG gaming media sites suffer 9 more months.
      Joystiq was forced to close, who will be the other sites to fall?
      Ian turncoating, who else?
      What will crazy Wu do in the next 9 months, to get attention?
      Will Zoe still play the same record?
      Will Anita double up on racism?
      Will Jon Mac Full Mac himself into a mental institution?
      Will Chu blow himself up?
      Will Chris Kluwe’s followers drop to 0?
      I dunno any of this but I am looking forward to fining out.

      1. Yep, a lot has happened in the last 9 months and hopefully a lot more will happen in the next 9 months.

        Is it confirmed that Kuchera is out of Polygon? I thought that was just a rumor.

      2. You forgot to say “The answer to this and many more questions in the next episode!”

  12. Funny, didn’t she like JUST LAST WEEK admit GG wasn’t responsible for harassing women? Funny how that fact is conveniently dropped when there’s some shitpiling to do.

    And something I find funny, is how NOT feminine or lady like at all most of the “champions” of women are.

  13. Ha, let them cannibalise each other. I want to see in 9 more months when games media sites will be solely the few sites that are Pro-GG and maybe an emancipated Gawker or Vox site. When there are plenty of gaming journalists forced to freelance and, like Ian has, realising they made the wrong choice.
    That will be popcorn worthy. Some really interesting stories. Throats will be metaphorically slit.

  14. And this is why I accepted Ian’s apology. You can still be weary, trust is hard to gain and easy to loose, but look at how these people are acting. I would hate myself if I were like that.

  15. Well that didn’t take long. As captain ahab would probably say “thar she blows!”

  16. Well Randi showed herself for who she really is here and that is a bitter bitch. Acting as if they couldn’t all simply walk away from all the hate that they themselves are propagating and profiting on, well for her anyways. Fact is most people who sided with anti-GamerGate lost followers, readership, and most of all money. Only the few Patreon Baronesses have made money in attacking GamerGate. To simply put, Randi is full of shit for all the things she says about Ian. The cherry on top is the “but the next guy that decides that it’s just too hard to fight, don’t write a blog post about it. because no one cares that you’re a shit.” – translation, please stop saying out loud the number of people leaving the anti-GamerGate ranks so we don’t sound like the hyper minority we really are :(.

    Also glad to see that the radicals is all that is left of anti-GamerGate, only those how have dedicated their sorry life to radical postmodernist feminism and can’t have it be wrong about anything, less they realize all the wrongs they committed in its name. They are like a weak animal pushed into a corner, lashing out at every move. It’d be entertaining if it wasn’t so sad.

  17. Typical, but not surprising. As I’m sure mostly everyone foresaw this coming from the freak show on the radical left. However, my only concern is that this is where IMC beliefs are tested and where his true loyalties lie. Will he stand by them, forever remain silent, or back down? That is the question.

    Also, I haven’t paid much attention to the Big Blue Lard Ass in a while lately and I noticed that her new avatar doesn’t suit her. It should be something more like this…

  18. Harper is mentally ill. I’m not making fun of her, I mean it. She needs a psychiatrist before she goes out. She has the strongest “us Vs them” mentality.

  19. Wasn’t it Randi herself who said that it wasn’t GamerGate doing the harassment after the WAM report? If I’m not hallucinating, that would mean she’s once again lying just to attach him………………………………………….shocking.

  20. Anyone else notice the audacity of a feminist using an avatar that is clearly supposed to be her but the character has a size zero waist in contrast the the feminist’s size 34 waist?

    Randi, we know you read the Ralph Retort every day, so read this: you don’t get to engage in right and wrong if you keep deceptively portraying yourself as a skinny person. Own your shit. Either embrace the 285 lbs. you spoon fed yourself or hit the gym and try to look like the avatars you use.

    And wash yourself because really, you look like you have a rank odor to you. Also, maybe don’t be a privileged white woman like your pals Zoe, Anita, and Brianna when you try to play the “oppressed” card.

  21. It’s really disgusting to see how desperate and outright vile they become when they lose someone on their side.
    It’s like watching a frenzy of rainbow-colored cannibalistic sharks.

  22. It amuses me that she has the nametag of ‘NPC’. I wonder if it’s occurred to her that most NPCs are unimportant in games.

  23. Gotta say, I’m increasingly convinced of IMC’s sincerity here, particularly after dealing with those crazies.

    1. Karma to be sure, but I wouldn’t wish being an “ex-ally” of these crazies on anyone at all. Best we can do is document their insanity.

  24. Really moron? I knew she hadn’t changed, but dear God, as many tweets she posted, this was personal. Seriously, less than a month ago she admitted that statistically that GamerGate wasn’t a hate movement, but even admitting numbers don’t lie isn’t enough for the whale. Well, you can just piss off Randi. I have Aspergers and was bullied in school. I feel like people are silently judging me every day but other than fighting for Aspergers awareness (it’s still a lesser known form of Autism despite being rather common) you’ll never see me online bitching that i deserve special protections and privileges. You really dug yourself a grave, because while the ship’s sinking, you could’ve gotten to a lifeboat, but instead decided to pass on “women & children first” because of petty ignorance and shout “traitor” at the top of your lungs.

  25. #Gamergate So I suppose what Randi Harper is showing us is… anti-GGers harass people. No surprise here.

  26. I like how she immediately tries to say he’s walking away because he’s a guy and not that he’s just fucking jaded with the whole anti-gg rhetoric and bullshit

  27. How many people laughed when Harper wrote that he made up with people harassing women when she herself stated that only a tiny percentage of GG was guilty of harassment? Shouldn’t she be embracing Ian and trying to protect him? She is an anti harassment crusader, is she not?

    If Ian is posting tweets like this his programming must have worn off.

  28. Well Ian, if you’re reading this, look how easy it is for them to call you “a threat to women,” and put you in a category.

    I know you’re not one of us, but trust me, no one with a brain thinks you’re a threat to women so don’t let their insults get to you.

    Many of us are liberals who got tarred in the exact same way and simply got tired of putting up with these people.

  29. I really do love how there is all this about the group (GG) that has been “harassing us”. Most evidence points to the very opposite of this (you guys are much more pro-harassment than you initially want to look =P).

    How you can take any of her hyperbole seriously still is well beyond my knowledge. Ian please ignore her rude/insane comments. You don’t need to even acknowledge this garbage that she is spewing. Just ignore her and move on with your day 🙂

  30. And now we will see just how honest a change has come over brother Cheong. We shall see, having realised what an ass he has been and how poisonous the company he has kept, and now facing the ire of the rainbow haired hate brigade, whether he chooses to stand up to the abuse, or whether he caves in and crawls back like a whipped cur.
    I hope with all my best he stands up and tells them where to get off.
    Fingers crossed….. Come on Ian! Do the right thing!

    1. The road to redemption is not easy, but the rewards are great.

      If IMC is reading this, here is my remarks: You made bad decisions. Terrible ones. Accept that you did make those decisions, no one made them for you. Once you have taken that step, the next is to look in the mirror and say ‘I do not want to be that person.’ And then LIVE it. Forget Kooky Randi Harper, forget the cult. You can be free of that.

      And if you can break free, know that we will be cheering you on. Because we’re gamers, and we like seeing people win out even against impossible odds.

  31. It blew my mind to see my post get tweeted. Damn it, Ralph, you honor me. I don’t even have a Twitter but I’m probably already blocked for that. LMAO.

  32. Oh Jesus – one of these chucklefucks is berating IMC for “try to be an arbiter of what is and isn’t feminism”. Nowhere in his apology did he claim to speak for feminism.

    Another of these salt fountains says that “women’s lives are being ruined”. Yeah, just look at all the money, publicity, and fancy trips that Wu, Quinn, and Anita are getting. These poor, poor women.

  33. Social Justice only requires that you believe what they say. There are No Facts or Rational interpretations to it, because those things don’t fit into the comic book mindset of Social Justice. Cheong made a personal decision not knowing that personal decisions are not allowed in Social Justice, you are in it until you’re dead. Any kind of change of heart or individuality is the worst thing to come since Hitler.

  34. Boy she makes it sounds like it’s impossible to not be outraged if you have a vagina or wished were born with one… such a drama queen.

  35. didnt Randi Harper go against SJW? Or was that some April Fools day BS. I remember her saying “SJ is over” or whatever

    1. She did go against the SJW crowd but she is still a radical feminist which is basically the same thing. It’s just a ploy to make her anti harassment garbage look authentic.

  36. And as predicted, they start cannibalizing themselves. Normally, I would mean that in a figurative sense, but when it comes to Randi. . .

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