Hopefully you guys have seen the work that FeministPeriod (Feminist Flow on YouTube) has put in here on the site over the last couple weeks. I appreciate it a lot, and his #FlyingWhileBlack hoax exposure in particular has went over very well. The last week or so, he’s been busy with an interview series over on his YouTube channel, which happens to feature yours truly along with some other cool guests.

Here’s the interview with me. I had a fun time doing it and I usually get kinda on edge when doing these sorts of things. Sometimes people are trying to put you on the spot, or set you up for whatever agenda they have going on. This guy just lets everyone talk and uses the same format to show where all these various personalities come from. I think you’ll find it quite informative.



As I said, the interview with me is just one in a very thorough series. Here’s a couple more you might be interested in…




(More on the last interview subject, Fem Fighter)

He has many more on the horizon, including: Liberal Lunacy, Undoomed, 6oodfella, Bane666au, Hagbard Celine, Skeptorr, Omegon, Bennehh, & Kevin Logan. I’m also going to work on getting Janet Bloomfield in the mix, among others. I just think the whole thing is a pretty cool idea, and I encourage you guys to check it out. I’ll be mirroring my interview on my own channel here in a couple days, but I wanted to direct views his way as much as possible, because the guy deserves it.

Sorry for the paucity of posts today, I felt super fatigued earlier. I think maybe I partied a bit too hard for WrestleMania last night. The show was sort of lackluster, so I kinda wasted that, but oh well. There’s much more to talk about this evening, plus I’m going to do something over on YouTube myself. I’ll keep you all posted here, as always.