OK, I said I was gonna write about Creed next, but as you can see by the headline, I lied. It wasn’t my fault, though. Some really funny shit happened in between my last post and what you’re reading now. Well, lemme rephrase. It is fucking hilarious, true, but when you think about it, sad might be the better descriptor. It looks like The Associated Press (AP) just got trolled harder than any person or media outlet has all fucking year. You see, they’ve put a completely unsourced quote into one of their reports about the shooting. Not only that, it makes one of the killers out to be a GamerGate supporter.

There’s two schools of thought when a lie like this sneaks into a supposedly reputable news agency’s report. Some people get really pissed off that GamerGate is getting libeled once again. That’s a completely fair reaction, by the way. But the other side of the coin is that this only makes the media we’ve been fighting look completely inept and so when all factors are considered, that makes shit like this a good thing. I tend to fall into the latter camp, particularly on things like this, which are easily spotted as fraudulent. I mean, look at the quote, for fuck’s sake…


How something like this was able to make it into a mainstream report is beyond me. But, when you think about it, it’s not really that surprising. I mean, just go up to my search bar and look through the site. Here’s one link right here, just from a very quick perusal through the archives (and anotherand another). Anyway, the idea here is that the media is doing a better job of proving our case than we ever could. Their industry is completely in the shitter and it doesn’t appear to be rising from the muck anytime soon. Spread this story far and wide. Laughs and epic fails like this translate across all divides.


UPDATE: Breitbart Tech’s Allum Bokhari has more, including a quote from “Marie”

When the shooting occurred and made it’s way to the news, I tweeted saying how I was in hiding at the shooting and I had gotten a glimpse of what happened. Immediately a bunch of reporters kept following and dming [direct messaging] me asking me if I wanted to be interviewed. Then someone from CNN asked me to be on Anderson Cooper. I took that interview. Took a few hours but I finally got put on the air. I didn’t get to say anything I wanted but it was still pretty amazing how I somehow made my way on the broadcast.