As I mentioned the other day, I’m getting back in touch with all the psychos and weirdos I had grown accustomed to writing about on a daily basis. The next up on my Reunion Tour is Kurt Eichenwald. The last time I chronicled Kurt was a couple weeks before my vacation. That post tells the tale of his now-famous tentacle porn obsession. The rest of my archives on him mostly have to do with Mr. Eichenwald turning a gif into a literal federal crime. But that’s only a small sampling of his insanity, to be honest with you. He’s been batshit for a very long time.

There’s also this

A New York Times reporter not only gave money to a child pornographer, but did business with him and even signed on to an illegal porn website as a member and administrator, documents unsealed yesterday in a federal criminal proceeding in Nashville reveal. He claims in one court document, he only “posed” as a pedophile. 

I know what you’re thinking, but c’mon. Who among us hasn’t posed as a pedophile? That’s a completely normal thing to do, and in no way means Kurt is into child abuse and/or watching child pornography.

I digress. let’s get to the new news. Apparently, Eichenwald is very upset about some video that was posted about him on YouTube. Some quick background on that is probably in order. The guy who runs the Diversity & Comics (D&C) channel got into a dispute with a transgender SJW I’ve never heard of (Michelle Perez). Basically, that whacko said that they wished he had gotten blown up by an improvised explosive device (IED) while serving our country in Afghanistan. That seems a little drastic, if you ask me, but it’s par for the course when you consider the other things we’ve seen from SJW types over the years. Anyway, in the response video Diversity & Comics made, he mentioned Kurt and his pedophile history, then noted that he seems like a really creepy son of a bitch (that’s not a direct quote, mind you).

Here’s the video in question:

“He’s grimy, I don’t want to be associated with this guy.” 

Apparently, this video was too much for Kurt, because he sent him one of the most delusional emails you will ever have the pleasure of reading.

So, please respond to this. Or go back to war, this time with me.

Not content to let his embarrassment end there, Kurt then went on to spam D&C’s email addy with more ridiculous shit.

Which led to this response:

Once again, Mr. Eichenwald has no clue when it’s time to stop, so of course he had to keep on digging.

Where do we go from here? Well, I’m not sure. Perhaps Kurt will decide to “pretend” to be a pedophile once again so that he can go undercover and clear his good name.

Oh, D&C did another video about the whole thing. You should probably check that out while you continue laughing.