A week or two ago, the controversial Roosh V offered to sponsor some content here on the site. Adsense isn’t exactly the most lucrative platform, although it is steady. As I said last night, I would have almost certainly ran it for free, so this was a welcome gesture. The man is controversial. This doesn’t mean I co-sign everything he’s ever said, like someone on Twitter tried to laughably claim. I’ve read some of his work in the past, and found him to be funny as hell. I can’t comment on anything past that. So, without further adieu, here’s Roosh. 

Promotional Editorial: Submitted By Roosh V

5 Questions For Roosh About Gamergate

“How did a guy who has spent most of his time teaching men how to get laid become involved with GamerGate?”

Teaching men how to be more attractive to women made me a lot of enemies. Besides being bashed on the usual outlets like Jezebel and Huffington Post, I was put on a hate list by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the same group that attacked GamerGate. This is in spite of the fact that the game I teach is pretty tame (one of the popular opening lines I share is asking girls where to find a pet shop). Nonetheless, anything that empowers men in this age is seen upon as somehow misogynistic and worthy of attack from the left.

My enemies were originally progressive feminists, but over the past five years they have gotten sucked up by the more extreme SJW movement. When GamerGate hit, I noticed the most vocal opponents of it were the same “journalists” and publications that hated on me in the past. My involvement supporting GamerGate was therefore automatic.

“Some people say your involvement in GamerGate is to push a ‘red pill’ agenda. Is that true?”

Since a man’s beliefs drive his behavior, we can argue that anytime someone speaks, they’re pushing their “agenda,” but my main motivation is to help men, a group I’ve been consistently helping since releasing my first book in 2007. Supporting GamerGate allows me to better help men enjoy a hobby of theirs that brings value to their life. Why wouldn’t I be against those who want to take that away from them?

But I won’t hide the fact that I think the red pill is beneficial to most men. For those who don’t know what it is, I’d describe it as a lifestyle and philosophy for men that focuses on mental and physical self-improvement, understanding the true nature of men and women (in both biological and cultural terms), and being a high-value man who knows how to attract desirable women. I believe men should look inward to solve the problems of their lives instead of adopting the SJW strategy of victimhood, censorship, and shaming.

“You recently started a gaming website, Reaxxion. How can you reconcile that with the fact that you don’t play video games?”

The same way Nick Denton reconciles the fact that he can own and operate Kotaku even though he doesn’t play video games. By staffing Reaxxion with serious gamers and staying out of their way, I’m confident that I can do a better job than the existing gaming sites which are failing to hide their hatred for true gamers.

I would be lying to you if I said I haven’t considered the possibility of creating a large network of sites for men that are SJW-free. If Reaxxion is successful, why not focus on other niches that are traditionally focused on men but are now allowing SJW’s to corrupt the space?

What I do know is that there are a large number of guys who read my existing sites and also like to be entertained with video games, sports, and television. As much as they may like the player lifestyle, there are 24 hours in a day that allows for many activities. If no one else is catering to these men, especially the ones who lean towards the masculine side of the spectrum, I’ll step up to the task.

“Can a gamer lifestyle and player lifestyle co-exist?”

On the surface they do seem to be in opposition. It would be like a female CEO who also has a love for sweater knitting, but like I hinted at before, all guys devote a certain amount of time of their day to consuming entertainment that breaks up the drudgery of life. Meeting girls, make no doubt about it, is work. Approaching women and dating them is difficult and takes a serious devotion of energy and mental resources. Playing games, on the other hand, while tactically challenging, is more relaxing for men in that it’s a method to unwind from life’s stresses. I must conclude that while they are not naturally complementary, they aren’t in direct opposition either.

My only concern when it comes to video games are for the guys who aren’t moderating themselves. Too much focus on games may sacrifice other areas of life, like physical health, intimate relationships, and social interactions. Too much of anything, however, can be damaging by creating voids that may interfere with a man’s overall happiness. This fact holds true when you consider that chasing girls for 12 hours a day can be as unhealthy as playing video games for 12 hours a day.

“What do you think will happen with GamerGate in the future?”

It will grow. In the past, mistakes by SJW’s were ignored by the media, preventing moderates from seeing them as the idiot extremists that they are, but now gamergate is making sure all their mistakes are shown in full public view, just like with the recent IGDA fiasco concerning the Twitter blocklist. A lot of moderates who would normally sympathize with SJW’s are questioning that support, and you’re even starting to see more postings along the lines of “GamerGate made me question being a liberal.”

We’re entering a new normal where people will identify themselves on ideological grounds. If someone is against GamerGate, you will instinctively identify them as the enemy. If they are for GamerGate, you will bring them into your camp. I have no doubt that we’re in a prolonged cultural war, with GamerGate being the biggest battle yet.

The only danger I see is that when GamerGate gets too big, it will be hard to maintain group cohesion, so you will see splinter groups that differ in views and focus. Whether this is good or bad will remain to be seen.

In the meantime, I want Reaxxion to be a sort of Acropolis for gamers where we can openly talk about these types of issues alongside gaming topics. I’ve accepted many guest articles so far and look forward to publishing more. Even if a gamer is not a believer in my type of lifestyle, I hope they give Reaxxion a test drive and see that we are shaping up to be one of the more pro-gamer sites out there.