When you think of human garbage, you think Devin Faraci. If you think that’s a little too strong, I can assure you, that it’s not.  The owner of “Badass” Digest, is the type of guy who would harass 30+ year old virgins on National Suicide Awareness Day, and then laugh about it with his hipster douchebag buddies.

He’s the type of person who writes a piece at the beginning of GamerGate talking about humility, and how he used to be bullied, then engages in some of the most offensive behavior we’ve seen from the haters. He’s like the male Leigh Alexander, except maybe worse. At least Leigh didn’t try to get people to off themselves on suicide prevention day.



What kind of person does something like that? How sick and deranged must you be? I’ve written some harsh shit here on the site, but damn. That’s so far gone, I don’t even know what to say. It’s even more devious coming from someone who tried to portray himself as a moderate, understanding, fellow. In reality, he’s one of our most sinister, and debased opponents.

In this way, he’s like many other haters of our movement. They all write moderate columns, so that they’ll have something to feed to the mainstream idiots. On Twitter, they show you their real character. It isn’t pretty, as we’ve seen. The SJW mindset is that the lying, cheating, and censoring is justified by their noble end goals. They think of themselves as better than us mere mortals, and wish to impose their vision through oppression, rather than winning the debate.

But, at least I think someone like Anita Sarkeesian actually knows feminism. Simpleminded followers like Faraci don’t actually realize what it is they’re supporting (not that they would necessarily care, because SJW support benefits them). When I confronted him on Twitter with a picture of Andrea Dworkin, he had no idea who she was, and tried to say I was fat shaming (lol). Well, she was an extremist feminist thinker, whose work forms the basis for a lot of what Anita and Jonathan McIntosh (the man behind the curtain) try to push now. They’re sex-negative, and want to inflict that view onto our pastime.

The useful idiots like Devin Faraci have no idea what it is their actually supporting. They simply want to be part of the hipster crowd. Faraci said it himself, he was a nerd in high school. He would be treated like a nerd now, without his SJW social stance, and website. He’s finally gotten to be part of that in crowd that he always dreamed of being a part of. He’s just had to cancel out all intellectual curiosity to do it.

Like Tyler Malka, he doesn’t believe a word of what he’s saying (other than the malicious insults, and deadly serious harassment of seriously depressed individuals). He’s a menace to all respectable people, but he does serve a purpose. Faraci’s a great example of SJW hypocrisy, just like Leigh Alexander, and the aforementioned Tyler Malka. His mere existence shows their words to be hollow. How they can allow these people to retain power and influence, and then lecture us about not hunting down some random trolls, is beyond me.



  1. It really is amazing how many of these people are obvious hypocrites. Ben Kuchera, Tyler Malka, Devin, Leigh Alexander, Dina, Anita. They’re all fucking liars.

      1. That’s the thing though. As soon as someone calls them out, regardless of what side they claim to be on, the person being called out automatically labels them as being on the other side. You can only be on the SJW side if you just go along with it all and never call anyone out on anything. It truly is an echo chamber. And I think they all know and realize it’s all built on lies, hence the immediate demonization of anyone calling their shit.

        1. It’s worse than an echo chamber. If two prominent SJWs are espousing mutually exclusive concepts, the rank and file are required to support both simultaneously.

  2. Hah. You see the problem with calling Devin out is that he only attempts to listen on his own turf. When that happens, he then sics his sycophant goon squad on you. I tried to approach with some moderation early on when he wrote that first article – swarmed, but at least he responded once. When he wrote another where he tried to backtrack from his ISIS comments and I called him out for being a coward – swarmed again.

    He’s the worst kind of coward. The kind who knows they can’t stand up to you, so they just sent their little personal army after you.

    And man, if you want to see some real assholes, read through the badassdigest comment section on these articles. Those guys are the most arrogant and least intelligent folks I’ve seen yet. Worse than NeoGAFfers, that’s for sure.

  3. I went to “Badass” digest and had some fun with Faraci and his cronies. One of the things that is really frightening about these people is their hivemind mentality. I have been on many boards that are pro gamergate and there are always people sympathetic to the cause who will call out bad behavior on the part of other supporters. On BD, you can try to have a dialogue with several different people and it is like you are talking to the same person.

    They all think exactly alike and completely ignore the worst kind of behavior by their fellow supporters. I called them out for their behavior and they just replied with insults which is par for the course with these hypocrites. I actually did get noticed by Faraci. He deleted a link that I posted to one of the Internet Aristocrats videos about the Quinnspiracy theory, saying that it was “slander”. We need to keep the pressure on these assholes as censorship is the only tool they have left.

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