Last time most of you were here, we took a look at how, despite their claims, the corrupt gaming media establishment are actually the ones to blame for GamerGate. The time before that, we dug deep into Leigh Alexander’s history of offensiveness. While Ms. Alexander has problems practicing what she preaches, you at least get the sense that she really believes her rubbish on some level. You don’t get that sense with NeoGaf, and it’s founder, Tyler Malka. They exist simply to promote whatever bullshit their paymasters (or the media cabal threatening gaming) tell them to push. They don’t believe even half of the moral bromides they recite with such fervency. The “in crowd” is their moral compass. Journalists set the tone on the site, quashing out any controversial dissent. Meanwhile, the founder and his team of mods ban people on a whim, joking about it as they do so. But the real joke is NeoGaf itself.

I showed you a couple of Malka’s tweets last time, including one where he uses a slur against the female gender to insult a Twitter user. But let’s look into what he’s actually posted on NeoGaf. As you can see right off top, their recent defense of all things Leigh Alexander seems a little out of place when you consider some of Tyler’s past statements (courtesy of Gil Hamlin):


Also consider this post, which is actually pretty hilarious. It’s sad to say,  but I doubt you’ll be seeing the same sort of humor on NeoGaf anytime soon:


Don’t get me wrong, NeoGaf was never some treasure. They’re just reflectors of the conventional wisdom. Since it’s now in fashion to shit on gamers, they shit on gamers. When it was in fashion to make fun of Leigh Alexander, they made fun of her. They have no backbone, and exist simply to receive payola. The whole purpose of their endeavor seems to be trying to make Tyler Malka into some big-shot. If you pay attention to the news, they’e failed at that (No E3 badges for a message board admin. OH THE INDIGNITY!). But they’re still trying.

Not only do they actually hate Alexander, exposing their hypocrisy. They also hate gamers. Just look at the outright distortion in this tweet. 200 people? Tell that to my server after the 27,000+ hits on our Dear Leader pieces:


You see that? He’s laughing at us while tweeting out jokes to his industry buddies. Why can’t we be superstars of gaming like Tyler Malka? It takes a lot of hard work to start an Internet forum. It’s not like it’s so easy a caveman could do it. The Message Board Messiah is clearly irreplaceable.

Take a look at this image, provided to me by Twitter user NelidJones (I was on /v/ when this was posted. I just didn’t take a screenshot). In it, you can see that Malka and his paymasters despise independent thought. They hate the anonymous part of the Internet, going so far as to actually want to pass laws to shut it down. That’s how deeply their hatred goes. But it’s not only hate, it’s fear. They fear the GamerGate movement. It threatens all their cozy corporate partnerships and under-the-table dealings.  They fear it so much that they talk openly about the FBI somehow getting involved with GamerGate and shutting it down:


As you can already see, NeoGaf really is a joke, just like I said. But even most joke sites at least respect their members a little. That’s not a consideration Tyler Malka concerns himself with. Consider the screenshots below, and form your own opinions. Or, just Google “NeoGaf bans” for more egregious examples:





They’re not killing careers yet like Leigh, but Malka and his bunch have a lot to answer for. Take a look at the way they bullied bullied Boogie, the man who plays Francis, an angry nerd character on YouTube.  What was his offense? He dared to have the audacity to side with GamerGate. They spent days ganging up on the man, parsing his every word. Even when he repeatedly said that this discussion was adversely affecting his health, they refused to let up on the poor guy. It was painful to watch. (*Note that they continue to ridicule and harass him even now, and call him things like “delusional.”*)

But Boogie did one other thing that really angered them. When they combed through his tweets (which the other side laughably criticizes us here at TheRalphRetort for doing), they found that he had some nice things to say about feminist thinker Christina Sommers. This really set the NeoGaf lynch mob off. They beat him down into submission until he pretty much renounced his support of Sommers. Then, they showed their true colors:

80KyAjk[1] BxeQJ1lCMAAN9Pg[1]

This is the mentality of NeoGaf and the anti-GamerGate media. If you’re a woman and you disagree, they call you a gender traitor (by using racist imagery). Or, they simply act like you’re not real and make you feel like you don’t exist. They do the same thing to minorities. Money, power, and influence are the commodities that these people care about. Integrity, fair-mindedness, and dissent are the things they simply will not tolerate.

GamerGate has exposed many. Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra, and corrupt journos of varying degrees of importance and stature  all have been proven to be either complicit in corruption, or main players in the enterprise. Add NeoGaf to the list. But you might not want to do it publicly, because this crew has no problems blackballing someone.


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UPDATE 2: I meant to throw this in the piece, but the hyperlink was from 4chan and it didn’t work. I fixed all those. Here’s the main one I left out in the tweet below.

UPDATE 3 (9/23/14): Here’s one more gem from Mr. Malka:

  1. These people all know each other Ralph, it’s literally a clique of smug assholes that think they can control the video game industry.

    1. That’s one of the scariest things I discovered when I was researching my own article ages ago: A lot of the most vocal members involved had all written for at least three of the sites involved.

      There’s a blacklist of all these sites getting passed round, and at the bottom there’s a list of writers to boycott and I swear as I was reading down it I must have said, ‘but didn’t they used to write for X?’ about ten or twelve times, at least.

      And they wanna say there’s no nepotism going on? When they just pass writers from website to website, what is the point in those different websites existing? Certainly not to get different points of view –if that wasn’t already evident by their joint postings of the ‘Gamers are Dead’ articles– because how do you get different opinions from different places when today’s Polygon editor is tomorrow’s Kotaku columnist?

      It’s a racket they’ve been running for years, and now people are starting to look behind the curtain and they’re not one bit pleased about that.

      1. The sad thing is, there’s a black writer at Gaf, and he was lamenting the lack of black writers in gaming and really sad about spending his years trying to get somewhere and failing.

        And yet people like Leigh, Gies, Kuchera, Jason and so on, keep their jobs even after putting a foot in their mouths, literally calling people pedophiles (Jason), Putting someone’s life in danger for clickbait (Kuchera), berating people on twitter and generally being unprofessional (Gies), and advocating violent backlash against “hood” men and destruction of careers (Leigh).

        So much for diversity and inclusiveness in gaming. Were this a serious industry, they’d be shown the door ages ago.

        This is why people are angry. Gaming journalism isn’t a toybox.

        1. See this is the thing: If these people were just shit at their jobs I could live with it, there’s plenty of people being paid to be absolutely useless, in the world. The difference with these clowns is they’re actively doing harm to the industry as well as putting innocent people in real danger.

          They’re quick to trot out stuff like AS being forced out of her home, but calling Max Temkin a rapist is absolutely fine? Given the lynchmob mentality society often adopts for the more egregious sex offenses, they saw absolutely no way that could end badly, when some psycho took it upon themselves to teach Max a lesson? I’m not buying it.

          And as you say, in almost any other professional industry doing things that negatively impact your company’s image would result in immediate dismissal, but apparently games media deal with their shit-talking staff the same way the Catholic church deal with paedophiles: just move them somewhere else until everyone has forgotten about all the horrible shit they’ve done.

          They can’t run from this forever, though, GamerGate is the direct result of their bullshit practices and I still maintain that is why they are being so vicious in their condemnation of it, because there is absolutely no excusing the actions of people like Ben Kuchera and Leigh Alexander, and if they have to go find work in another industry due diligence is going to be following them and fucking them for the rest of their lives, and so it should.

          They’re scared, and all this chest-puffing and smack-talking is just a smokescreen to hide that fact.

  2. Neogaf are the biggest hypocrites out there, that elf Evilore goes around openly insulting and attacking everybody in his little hugbox, he has made racial insults including calling Germans Nazis and telling members they have small dicks because they’re Asian. He’s even bragged about harassing a woman yet they the slightest hint of someone not being 100% politically correct leads to perma bans.

    Even the mods are as awful and hypocritical as him, they constantly derail threads by gloating over bans after members gang up and chainquote them till they get banned. Then it’s an entire page of people jerking off how great Neogaf is. The mod with the Samuel L Jackson avatar is the worst since he thinks he’s some sort of e-celebrity where bannings are done as jokes and people start photoshopping his profile picture onto gifs and tell him how “badass” he is.

    They have the rudest mods where at best they type out pointless 1 word posts like “wow” and “lol” and at worst they’re snarky condescending assholes that get their laughs insulting and banning other members. I don’t know if people are just too spineless to stand up to them or if they just get a kick out of baiting people into getting banned. What a fucking joke of a site.

  3. That’s not a consideration Tyler Malka concerns himself with.

    4chan doesn’t allow leaching, so the link is broken.

      1. “a little out of place when you consider some of Tyler’s past statements”

        I think that’s the only other one.

  4. I want to begin by making it clear that I’m not bringing up Quinn because I want to, but because she’s actually pretty relevant to the larger point I want to make. Now onto that point.

    So, I’m guessing that we can all agree that the alleged harassment of Zoe Quinn forms the foundation of most of the hit-pieces that have been written about #GamerGate, right? So here’s the thing about it that’s a bit of a head scratcher for me. You see, Zoe Quinn may well have received some awful messages, but who knows who the hell actually sent them? Could have been Quinn’s buddies for all any of us know, what with the fact that the anonymity of the internet allows people to be anyone or anything they want to. If they weren’t sent by her friends, they could have been sent by opportunistic trolls looking to stir shit up. Hell, they very well could have been sent by angry gamers. Nobody knows is the point, which is why it’s so weird that not only did journalists come right out of the gate with accusations that don’t really make all that much sense in the absence of supporting evidence, but they even took it one step further and used those unproven allegations to justify dismiss #GamerGate outright, attributing the genesis of a movement that’s populated by one of the most diverse, intelligent, deeply generous groups of people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with to a bunch of misogynerds.

    That doesn’t strike anyone as a little weird? These journalists were quick to toss about some pretty extreme accusations once their integrity came into question, but I don’t recall any real research having been done into the matter of Quinn’s alleged harassment by gamers. I mean, even if we set aside the fact that our only real interest in Quinn was what her choice of sex partners said about the lack of integrity in video game journalism like we’ve been saying all along just to humor them, that lack of research is still a sticking point. They have no proof whatsoever that there was ever a group of socially stunted male misogynists who were motivated to attack Quinn because they wanted to keep females out of the hobby to begin with, let alone that those sad sacks went forth from that effort to form a movement that quite strangely enough chose to focus its energies entirely on the dire state of video game journalism instead. No proof at all, and yet journalists are spinning exactly that narrative in order to paint the picture of a group of amazing men and women of all races and walks of life as being hateful little basement-dwellers. A group, by the way, that counts amongst its numbers folks who suffer from depression, social and general anxiety issues, and all sorts of disorders and diseases that make this sort of bullying all the more difficult to bear. And still, nobody bats an eye when those journalists call us screwed up shit. Some of them are even all too eager to join in. But all the while nobody seems to notice the lack of proof in support of those horrid accusations, let alone openly question how those journalists could possibly justify saying those things without it.

    Of course that’s screwed up, but it’s kinda understandable. I mean, people can be naive. You show ’em something that looks compelling enough on the surface of it and that’s all they really need to know to get by. These journalists were able to show folks what appeared to be a bunch of gamers shitting on Zoe Quinn because she’s a woman trying to get into games, and it most probably never occurred to them that they should question any of it. From there it’s a simple matter to convince ’em that we gamers are responsible for everything bad that’s happened over the course of history from the crucifiction on down to Justin Bieber.

    I dunno about you all, but I’m kinda done with all the bullshit. I think that instead of chilling on Twitter and complaining about all the ridiculous crap that the other side is saying about us, those of us in #GamerGate ought to do something about it. That starts with the original smear pieces. I think we need to make it a point to attack the original narratives upon which that stupid shit is being predicated; go over them bit by bit with a fine-toothed comb and really draw people’s attention to how tenuously their connective tissues hold together under even just the tiniest bit of scrutiny. Which of course begins with the fact that those hit-pieces were written as if the allegations made by Zoe Quinn were in fact true even though nobody actually bothered to put even the tiniest bit of research into determining their veracity. Do they know as a matter of fact that gamers sent whatever threats Zoe may have received? No? So how the hell do they justify making the leap from unsubstantiated claims to accusing #GamerGate of being an organized hate group? That’s the sort of inconsistency we need to work on exposing, and there are plenty more where that one came from.

    Look, I know that this shit is wearing on us, but I really think this is worth doing. I feel like if we chip away at the base of bullshit mountain, the rest will come tumbling down. I mean, shit, we’ve got a bunch of people who fancy themselves journalists whenever it suits ’em, but they’re writing articles based wholly on assumptions, and ones that are quite obviously self-serving in nature. That’s not very journalistic, eh?

    Of course these sneaky sons of their mothers might try to weasel their way out of it. Perhaps they’ll point to the sudden discovery of some 4-chan logs which wouldn’t be relevant even if the whole damned thing wasn’t anonymous, or something equally as desperate as that. Maybe they’ll spout some platitude about how the absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, as if that would somehow make writing libelous bullshit about like…three-quarters of their audience an okay thing to have done. They will never produce that evidence, though. They can’t, because it doesn’t exist. So they’ll continue to attack us, and try to provoke us into behaving badly, as if making of us ACTUAL victims instead of the merely hypothetical one that Quinn is doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and leave ’em looking like hypocrites. Meanwhile, we’ll be working on laying their bullshit bare until everyone knows the truth about it, and then we’ll bury them. Figuratively speaking anyway, and under a new regime of honest writers who actually love the hobby and can’t be corrupted by free swag, but still. A win is a win, and I look forward to ours.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Take it or leave it, but if you consider yourself an ally of #GamerGate, please give it some thought at the least.

    1. My original plan was to work my way up to Zoe and Anita over the next week or two. That’s still the operating plan, but we’ll see what kind of appetite there is for takedowns on them. I’m definitely not one who says we ought to never answer them, or that we shouldn’t point out their bullshit, though.

      We’re never likely to get the mainstream media on our side. We might not be able to get Leigh Alexander fired. BUT, we can controversialize these people, so that no one outside of their own circles takes them seriously. The mainstream media means less and less with each passing day. That shit is withering on the vine.

      1. For sure. Which is why it’s so unusual to me that the mainstream media is so eager to bite the hand that feeds it. We’ve got so many alternatives available to us to get our gaming information, be it from Youtube personalities, or even better still, directly from the companies. Nintendo’s got a good thing going with its Nintendo Direct videos, and it’s occasional Treehouse stuff is awesome as well. I’d love to see more companies follow suit. If nothing else, you’d think it would save a whole shit-ton in advertising fees. These journalists have to know that they’re very quickly losing their relevancy, so why would they go out of their way to hasten themselves towards that inevitability?

        But yeah, I’m not so much interested in swaying media as I am the normal Joe or Georgina who read these articles and just kinda take the shit said in them about us as a matter of course because they don’t know any better. I feel like if we can change the public’s perception of us for the better, the journalists who crapped those articles out in order to keep themselves out of the spotlight will quickly find them unable to avoid it any longer. I mean, you tear down the foundation of their hit-pieces and the whole sordid mess falls apart. Then nobody’s gonna listen to ’em.

        That said, I aint a tactician. Hell, if I didn’t have someone close by to remind me to breathe every few seconds or so, I’d be dead. So take everything I say with a healthy dose of rock salt. 😀

        1. I agree. The media is foolishly turning away it’s own customers, but that’s fine. They’re gonna be replaced. It’s already been happened the last 10 years, and that trend is only going to accelerate. My focus is to go after the mouthpieces on the other side. And you don’t need the of old or established media to do that.

    2. One thing I can’t understand about Quinn is the nude pictures. I get not wanting her cheating drama out there cause it makes her look like a truly awful person.

      Her nude pics on the other hand were put online BY HER for money. She wanted your money, my money, everyone’s money. I wouldn’t pay a dime for a picture of her nor would I care to look for free. She’s unattractive which is very relevant when you are judging pornography which is the industry she failed in before becoming a “developer” and a feminist social justice warrior.

      What’s the logic there?

      1. I don’t know, I think that a lot of people took her naked pictures to lambast her or make harsh comments on them in the heat of the moment.

        Those kinds of people are wrong. We should be against people for their questionable actions. Not in malicious ways like making fun of naked pictures or sending them to people to spite someone, you know?

        And I realize that they -are- posted on the internet, with her consent. But that’s altogether different from taking said pictures and using them for ridicule.

        There’s plenty of cloth to cut from when it comes to questionable acts and miss Quinn, no need to ridicule her over minutiae.

        1. The naked picture thing isn’t an issue because zoey Quinn put those pictures on the internet herself. She worked at a porn site so…complaints from her about nude photos is hypocritical. I don’t know what you mean by ridicule? If you mean someone said something like she’s ugly or any critique of her appearance well that’s well within their right to say. Any time you put something into the public you grant the public complete permission to judge it. Unfortunate for her she decided to put nude pics out there.

          The real complaint about Quinn is that she’s an opportunist. She insults gamers constantly to bait them into saying something stupid on twitter then she screams harrasment and gets donations on patreon. She’s a low life who should be ignored. She’s mentally disturbed and needs help but unfortunately she thinks she’s king shit so that will never happen.

          1. No, I mean more like sending them to people and putting them on blast in places with ill intent.

            That’s not cool, regardless of how you slice it. As I said, I’m aware they’re posted on the internet, so it’s not like anyone can be upset when others look at them, but yeah.

          2. I don’t see how sending them to tons of people makes a difference when anyone can see them with a Google search and could before the whole incident.

            Its one of those things where once it’s out it’s out and you just gotta roll with the punches.

            Either way I just wish zoey Quinn would go away but every time people finally stop talking about her she posts a nasty tweet or picture where she is poking fun at the people she supposedly wants to leave her alone and because of those actions I have zero sympathy for her. She might not have deserved the airing of private business but when she insults people and they insult her back in retaliation that’s 100% her fault.

    3. Well, a good start would be, siphoning that which makes these media figures important from them into something else; something better.

      I.E.— NeoGaf is important because they connect devs with gamers, they have rumors ect. So you pull those devs towards a smarter and sharper community that has better perks, better rumors, better industry connections.

      gaming sites are important because of the content they offer. So you start deviating attention from them with alternatives. You inform advertisers of their questionable acts.

      It’s a serious and hard undertaking, though. It would take a lot of time and resources too. I feel cynical saying all this, because we are actively messing with lives and money. I hate the thought of anyone having monetary difficulty.

      But they’ve made their beds all these years. There needs to be accountability, otherwise everything becomes trivial.

  5. Haha thank you. I just want to apologize to you and everyone else for the Disqus comments not working in the last two posts. They will be working for the next pieces. I really enjoy the comments down here, so I’m pissed at myself.

  6. Jesus Christ. Boogie is one of the absolute nicest guys anywhere. He’s incredibly inclusive, incredibly affectionate and incredibly objective.

    They way they were treating him was absurd. I ended up here researching why he’s been acting differently the last few days. He basically said he couldn’t talk anymore and now I know why. They shamed the poor guy to tears because he didn’t kneel down before them and jump on the SJW bandwagon.

    I stayed in the middle for 3 weeks watching, reading, learning. After all that time I’ve sided gamergate. I did so because the SJW side of this fight is the most manipulative, hypocritical, hate filled group of people I’ve ever seen.

    They talk about harassment of zoey quinn and how evil it is then they do it 10 fold. Once the conversation moves away from zoey Quinn as it should zoey Quinn herself injects herself right back in via insulting gamers and inciting her followers to do the same. Its ridiculous.

    This nonsense is a money grab from a few pro SJW people. They see an easy way to sell some games or get some support money and ad revenue.

    When all is said and done and the dust clear the only group left standing will be gamers. we stood together through 20 years of insults and harassment. we his our hobby from people because it was nerdy. Now ita mainstream and acceptable and these vile hate mongers come in and accuse everyone of being sexist? I’m sorry but no. That shit doesn’t fly. Gamers stand together. We might argue over what game is better or what box is more fun but we are together. Even gamers supporting SJW will be standing with us when all is said and done and these asshole journalists… Bloggers will all be gone. We have lived through literally hundreds of gaming press members good and bad and we will live through a million more. Gaming the entire time.

  7. Yeah, I’m done w/ NeoGAF personally. It’s really just a bunch of no-names who play armchair pseudo-intellectualists but don’t really have a lot to say. There are almost zero threads with positive news on black/asian/latino/women unless it’s some celebrity, the jokes are pretty lame and they ban people over the smallest of things. Things really dried up there after May or so. I think them not getting an E3 badge is the start of a long decay in their standing w/ the gaming community, had to happen sooner or later.

    They are naive and imitative progressives at best, perpetuating the same discrimination but in a different sheath, the same narrow-minded ideologies but changing up the image every once in a while. I shouldn’t of let the PS4/XBO reveal hype suck me into registering there, but it’s cool. I’m out.

  8. lol @ posting the “stop marrying black dudes” quote. It wasn’t serious. It was satirical.

    But I realize it’s hard to grasp that when you’re part of a dying (dead?) Twitter trend.

    1. It was satirical.

      Do you mean satirical like those “Bring back bullying! lol, cry more nerds! Your suffering isn’t institutional! You nerds are so pathti- no! Come back advertisers! It was just a joke!” Tweets?

      Or did you did you mean satirical like getting a black man fired for being uppity with the ProgressiveWhiteMen?

      Or were you intending the “here’s a syringe with unknown liquid in the mail & an SWAT team through the door” type of satire?

      P.S. Look at dead it is!

      That must be because Destiny came out.

      Besides, it’s not like Twitter is just the most public part of GG, right?

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