Today just got a whole lot better. We’ve called out Game Informer here on the site for pushing Anita Sarkeesian/#FullMcIntosh propaganda in the past. That’s obviously not cool. But what is cool, is when their editor-in-chief fucking destroys Brianna Wu. Yea, that just happened a little while ago. I’m still cracking up thinking about it. Of course Wu is a mentally deranged professional victim who just spent weeks chasing a figment of someone’s imagination (Commander Jace). So it’s not like this will snap her into decency, or something. But it’s great to see at least one journo waking up, nonetheless. 

Before I get to the tweets from Game Informer’s Andy McNamara, (who as I mentioned, runs the show there), let me show you the original Wu comments: Selection_999(473) Selection_999(474)

It’s like @Papapow was telling me on Twitter: Wu thinks every single harassment story has got to have her in it. That’s probably because she won’t be able to cash in without all the profiles about the “horrible abuse” she has suffered. It’s the Victim Bux cycle, and it’s tried and true.

But what does the Game Informer editor think about all this? Not every much, actually. He calls Wu the fuck out:
Selection_999(475) Selection_999(476) Selection_999(477) Selection_999(478)

Here’s the exchange with Wu’s replies included:Selection_999(479) Selection_999(480)

It’s like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? We’ve been waiting for a long time for someone like McNamara to knock Wu around a little bit. Well, it finally happened. I guess you can only shit on a guy so much until he just has to respond. Andy looked like that one had been building up for awhile. This isn’t to say Game Informer is now some kind of pro-GamerGate bastion. It isn’t. But seeing something like this should give us all a boost.

Some people are finally waking up. Keep pushing.

  1. Ralph, you have to promise me, man…

    You will NEVER post the above picture ever again. Fucking promise me, you sonofabitch!

  2. It seems that even the very games sites that helped to spread the Kool Aid aren’t willing to put up with Wu’s bullshit. That crazy nutcase greatly overestimates how much pull she has in the industry and thinks her opinions have any value except to the few SJWs that are blinded by their ideology to her insanity.

    Get this through your unwashed hair, Brianna: You made ONE shitty game on iOS that barely got Greenlit on Steam after you used your husband to beg people to vote for it. In the games industry, that amounts to JACK SHIT. When you make a series of games that sell millions of copies like Roberta Williams did with King’s Quest, then your opinion on games will actually matter. Until then, you’re just a script kiddie trying too hard to be seen as a L33T HAXZ0RZ.

    1. At the beginning they probably thought she would be useful because she was a woman being “harassed” and they figured they could use her against gamergate. Problem is now they seem to slowly (don’t know why) realize she is batshit insane. Now they are trying to get away from her but the problem is they fed the beast and she won’t shut the hell up.

  3. It’s hilarious seeing her try to insert herself into everything and make it all about her, then throw a fit when she’s told to STFU and GTFO.

    1. Well, Zoe Quinn had the good grace to slink off with her moonbat beta trust fund baby to scam people online – mostly because that sleazy whore can’t survive too much scrutiny. Wu on the other hand is just an insane tranny and think that will somehow protect her from reality.

  4. Honestly, they both come out of this looking stupid. She’s throwing a tantrum, and in response, he kind of throws a tantrum as well.

    Wu is getting fairly desperate for publicity now, competing with 11 year olds.

    1. It’s sad how this is yet another example of SJWs proving to be a self-parody. “I don’t care about some kid getting hazed. What about the WOMENZ?!?!!”

      Though, I am curious to know how badly this kid had it that it was deemed article worthy. Was he somehow getting shouted down in a manner that even a (non-SJW) grown adult should barely be able to handle, let alone a child?

      1. He was playing Destiny, and someone tricked him. They said they’d help him out with leveling up if he would turn on share play so they could control his game. Then they deleted two of his high level character save files for basically no reason, before he figured out what was going on. It was all captured on video, and the video ends with him crying. 11 year old boy.

        It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a fairly shitty thing to do to someone.

        1. Ouch… yeah, I could see how that could be a bit newsworthy. Especially when the audience is a bunch of people who know exactly how horrible it would be to have one’s save file arbitrarily deleted like that, not to mention it illustrates some of the potential dangers of share play. That said, it makes me all the more disgusted at Wu for wanting to put that aside in favor of (what I’d imagine to be) yet ANOTHER story about some grown woman being called names on a (completely optional) voice chat.

  5. “The greatest spectacle on earth is when two hungry animals tear each other apart.”

    – No, that was probably Michael Vick. But it sure applies here.

  6. “Nice magazine you got there…be a shame if somethin’ happened to it. Call me ;)”
    Shame he didn’t just go HAM

  7. I was unhappy to see GI run that Sarkeesian story without any opposition to her views or methods but at least they are giving someone like Wu the only type of attention they deserve.

    Wu’s 15 min of fame are almost up. She won’t be a footnote in the industry because she’s batshit insane and has done nothing credible

    1. She produced crap that can’t stand on its own and knows it. She’s milking the “even bad publicity is good publicity” tactic to try to enshrine her otherwise unremarkable (except by how bad it is) “game” in a place above criticism.

  8. I think it is less “waking up” and more realizing that these people will NEVER be happy EVER, and that the last several months of trying to pander to them was a colossal waste of time.

  9. So Brianna Wu actually HARASSES journalists to write about her, portraying her as victim, so she gets more publicity and more money on her Patreon.

    Interesting … yet not surprising.

  10. Brianna Wu’s media cred…… goin’ down faster than Zoe Quinn in a hotel room full of games journos.

    Meanwhile in his marble palace in England Emperor Nero stirs….

  11. Alternate Headline: CRAZED HOBO ATTACKS INNOCENT CITIZEN FOR NOT DONATING TO SJW APPROVED COFFEE TIN; Citizen Roundhouses Hobo, Solves Citywide Beggar Problem. FILM AT 11.

    1. Dude, if you knew anything about SJWs, you’d know they’d be shanking that hobo to liberate the spare change he stole with his homeless privilege.

  12. I feel people on all sides are getting tired of Wu. You can only play victim for so long before people stop caring or wise up to it and no one likes a narcissist. She’s only speeding up her train ride to irrelevancy by forcing herself into every issue and news story.

  13. Has anyone ever noticed that the moment a male with a journalistic platform and honest credentials shoots Wu down and puts her in her place, she immediately turns into a beta bitch and starts kissing up to them? It’s like the only men she’ll behave herself around are the ones with power who have no issue kicking her ass to the curb.

    1. welcome to the red pill world. They only have the power you give them, and their only weapon is shame. tell them to fuck off and refuse to be cowed by shaming, and it puts the power on your side, which flips their switch to bootlick mode.

      1. I’ve been in the red pill world for years. This little bit of behavior is just something I didn’t entirely expect from individuals who are invested in a collectivist ideology.

        1. My thought is that nature is nature, regardless of an individual’s (wu) acceptance of reality. He can ascribe to any worldview he wants, but at the end of the day, the scorpion still stings the frog and they both drown.

  14. You know ralph, if u want more ppl reading ur articles, it may be smart not 2 have tht photo be the first thing ppl see when reading this article.. I mean holy shit.

  15. As long as she has a group of Whiteknights ready to hold the flag up, you wont see any kind of end to the madness…Btw, I don’t even know what that picture is, but it’s sure as hell will haunt my dreams.

      1. All of Brianna’s tweets that are shown in the column have exactly one favorite, except for the “that’s not true” tweet.

  16. It’s missing the post where she claims she’s writing a book about how awful male journalists have been. To me, it was like a thinly veiled threat to include him in said book for refusing to listen to her bat-shit crazy stuff.

    She can’t be reasoned with. None of them can. She can only threaten and attempt to brow beat those who fail to keep in line.

    Fetid, fetid human being.

    1. My sides nearly went into orbit when she said that. That history would not look kindly upon them and she would know because she’s writing a book.

      The delusions of grandeur are strong with that one.

      The reason the games media don’t speak to her is because they realize she’s insane.

  17. Game informer can still eat my ass. Their coverage of anita’s shit, and the claim that “we take ethics very seriously” or whatever bullshit it was they passed out about GG is especially amusing as they are essentially an advertising arm for gamestop. Their magazine is as blatant an advertorial as nintendo power, and not many people would pay for the piece of trash if it wasn’t included with a discount card. They are a step below the pennysaver or greensheet imo.

  18. If I ever have the misfortune of meeting Wu in person, and “she” decides to fire off at the mouth, I will take great pleasure and delivering the same kind of epic “stfu punch” that vacationing math teacher from Catskill, NY delivered to Snookie on The Jersey Shore. The thing is – Wu’s not a woman. No amount of surgery or hormones or cross dressing will ever void the “talk shit, get hit’ policy – if you’re going to come at a man, and you are, or “were” a man, then prepare to throw down. Now, chicks that turn into dudes? Ehhhhh, it depends entirely on what they’re saying and if they put their hands on me. As a general rule of thumb – anyone puts their hands on you, knock them the fuck out. Why do I ramble on about this? Because I get the sense that McNamara wants to knock her the fuck out. Badly.

    1. …Sean i believe th’ preferred term regarding Wu and Her fellow mutilated eunichs is Unpenised Americans,,,

  19. Actually F him too. He was the one that openly declared that GI is against GG, because it is a harassment movement and runs articles about Anita in the magazine. When I tried to reason with him and point out Thunderf00t’s videos debunking her he just said that TF is a massive sexist and we shouldn’t listen to him. So yeah. He deserves all the love from the aGGros.

  20. There is something fucked up with all that has happen the last 7 months. Our opponents is a bunch of lying bloggers and journalist who do not care about ethics or integrity who got busted with their pants down… who are now hiding behind social mental disturbed individuals and radical feminist (well I guess they are both the same when I think about it) who are ATTACKING gamers of all genders, race and sexual orientation and who do not agree with their point of view about gender & social equality and have been spreading lies about Gamers so they can get more money…. I AM IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!?

  21. Oh god, I am glad I only trust GI for any type of game reviews or news… cuz this is just hilarious… one of the largest game magazines are against a conniving bitch in the industry

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