Someone sent me some info about Game Informer the other day, but I got too busy covering these insane SJWs, a rape hoax, a possible advertiser pullout, and Arthur Chu getting fucked over once again. I just didn’t have time to write it, and also sleep. Well, OK, I probably did. I’m just a lazy bastard. Either way, here’s the story.

Last month, Game Informer ran an interview with Anita Sarkeesian, like seemingly every other outlet in the United States. Some of their readers, gamers like you and me, didn’t like what they saw. Namely, they didn’t like the fact that no one was offered up to give a dissent to the #FullMcIntosh vision. So, one subscriber took it upon himself to write in to the magazine. The response he was given in print, is no longer a surprise to people like me. Still, it’s bitter to see:


So, the guy says one line about Anita’s harassment, and the dumbass editor of course spends the whole retort talking about that. How about the part where you don’t allow dissenting opinions in your fucking magazine? Why don’t you address that, you fucking shitbag? No one said she didn’t have the right to voice her disgusting opinions. I’ve never said that, and GamerGate has never said it, either.

What I have been sick of for years, though, is the way the gaming media blacks out all criticism of this con-woman. It’s as if she’s some kind of fucking saint, when that could not be further from the truth. She jumped into vidya in order to make a quick buck. She used to work with a pickup artist who called all women sluts. Her actual games criticism, is so full of lies, that it’s pretty much useless as well.

Oh, you want more female characters? We’ve been getting more and more, long before you come on the scene with your money-grubbing hands, and camera-greedy eyes. You haven’t done anything that has any sort of real value. You’ve simply gotten rich of being a phony. I understand that Game Informer will never let someone go full redpill like this, but you mean to tell me that not one counter opinion can be offered? What excuse is there for that, besides the obvious one? They know the only way they can win, is by rigging the game. So that’s what they do.

We now know where GameStop’s Game Informer stands, and it’s not with the consumer. Anita Sarkeesian’s spin cannot be challenged. Jonathan McIntosh has decreed it, and so it shall be. This is one of the main things that helped set GamerGate off in the first place, but they don’t care. They know it’s more dangerous to have people exposed to the truth about their pernicious agenda. We will continue spreading the word on sites that are committed to putting out the true majority view. The current regime knows that the actual numbers are on our side, not theirs. If relics like Game Informer want to oppose us as well, I say let them burn.