Someone sent me some info about Game Informer the other day, but I got too busy covering these insane SJWs, a rape hoax, a possible advertiser pullout, and Arthur Chu getting fucked over once again. I just didn’t have time to write it, and also sleep. Well, OK, I probably did. I’m just a lazy bastard. Either way, here’s the story.

Last month, Game Informer ran an interview with Anita Sarkeesian, like seemingly every other outlet in the United States. Some of their readers, gamers like you and me, didn’t like what they saw. Namely, they didn’t like the fact that no one was offered up to give a dissent to the #FullMcIntosh vision. So, one subscriber took it upon himself to write in to the magazine. The response he was given in print, is no longer a surprise to people like me. Still, it’s bitter to see:


So, the guy says one line about Anita’s harassment, and the dumbass editor of course spends the whole retort talking about that. How about the part where you don’t allow dissenting opinions in your fucking magazine? Why don’t you address that, you fucking shitbag? No one said she didn’t have the right to voice her disgusting opinions. I’ve never said that, and GamerGate has never said it, either.

What I have been sick of for years, though, is the way the gaming media blacks out all criticism of this con-woman. It’s as if she’s some kind of fucking saint, when that could not be further from the truth. She jumped into vidya in order to make a quick buck. She used to work with a pickup artist who called all women sluts. Her actual games criticism, is so full of lies, that it’s pretty much useless as well.

Oh, you want more female characters? We’ve been getting more and more, long before you come on the scene with your money-grubbing hands, and camera-greedy eyes. You haven’t done anything that has any sort of real value. You’ve simply gotten rich of being a phony. I understand that Game Informer will never let someone go full redpill like this, but you mean to tell me that not one counter opinion can be offered? What excuse is there for that, besides the obvious one? They know the only way they can win, is by rigging the game. So that’s what they do.

We now know where GameStop’s Game Informer stands, and it’s not with the consumer. Anita Sarkeesian’s spin cannot be challenged. Jonathan McIntosh has decreed it, and so it shall be. This is one of the main things that helped set GamerGate off in the first place, but they don’t care. They know it’s more dangerous to have people exposed to the truth about their pernicious agenda. We will continue spreading the word on sites that are committed to putting out the true majority view. The current regime knows that the actual numbers are on our side, not theirs. If relics like Game Informer want to oppose us as well, I say let them burn.


    1. If that was the case, Jack Thompson might as well have been Jesus. This woman must have some inane connections if every one in the media wants to hold her up as a mary sure

      1. No no no you have it all wrong. Getting death threats only makes you right if you’re a WOMAN. Specifically a radical feminist woman.

        1. damnit. I kinda liked the idea of a Jack Thompson Jesus mashup.

          “Do good to those who frag you. They know not that they are being programmed to murder.”

          “Anyone who plays murder simulators for entertainment has already committed murder in their heart”

      2. It’s all interconnected. A visual analogy would be to think of the “red weed” from War of the Worlds, it spreads everywhere without care to what it touches or poisons. It’s not a euphemism to say “they are everywhere”.

    2. I’ll fucking kill you for saying that.

      see? now by their own logic, you’re right….which sort of creates a logic loop, but we’ll deal with that later.

      1. Suffering with perseverance, and patience might be a virtue, but suffering while whining and complaining and playing victim most certainly is not.

  1. We should have an academic jargon for this disease.

    White Knight Syndrome:
    A masculinity complex which is triggered by a damsel in distress.
    Males who have been living their whole lives as beta males are overwhelmed by the biological need to fulfill his masculinity in the form of protecting a female.
    When encountered with a troubled female, everything suddenly revolves around the female’s feeling (whether the feeling is false is irrelevant) and emotions while logical cortex shuts down for this process to continue.

      1. ED documents everything it touches in a far more objective and even-handed manner than any other website on this planet. And it does it with a heaping helping of humor. It also has no rule against calling a spade a spade — looking at you, Wiki-“can’t say anything derogatory about living persons”-pedia.

        1. Yep, even their pages on Alex Jones and David Icke are pretty tame.

          Icke believes in reptilian alien infiltrators, and Alex Jones has made several doomsday predictions that failed to materialize. Lots to say that isn’t said.

    1. And then there’s the SJW white knights, who specifically only white night for psychotic and usually obese toads. These testosterone-deficient saps know they don’t stand a chance with women of even average looks and mental stability by white-knighting, and so they grovel and prostrate themselves before the absolute bottom of the barrel in hopes of some scraps of pity sex from a shoggoth, or even just some recognition and a pat on the head which they can then fantasize about and jerk off to.

  2. The guy actually cites the USU threats, says “the threats are real”, and apparently is ignorant of the USU/FBI statement to the contrary.

      1. The statement I read just said that the threats were “not credible.” Some #GamerGate people did track down one person issuing threats to a click baiter in Brazil, but I don’t remember if that was Sarkeesian or Wu.

        1. The Brazilian shitposter specifically targeted AS. He’s REALLY into making fake accounts to post the randomest AS-related clickbait. You know it’s him because ALL of his fake accounts write in exactly the same way.

  3. Glad I declined to renew my subscription to GI. Do they honestly think the response they gave actually addresses the situation at all?

    Anita has been given a platform across the media and been protected from having to respond to any criticism.

    Do they think if they just keep ramming it down our throats we’ll listen and believe?

  4. So, to sum up:

    “She has a right to voice her opinion….”
    “Then do I get the right to voice an opinion on her opinion? Freedom of speech being a two-edged sword after all…”
    “NO! If you do, then you are a vile harasser who must be silenced!”

    The reason Gamergate has become so contentious is not because people disagreed with the opinion Anita and others of her kind have. I mean, they did, some vehemently, but there was plenty of smart, respectful criticism that could have begun a worthwhile exchange and discussion. But that wasn’t the problem.

    The reason is that Anita and her gang responded to criticism by slander, defamation and attempts at censorship (after all, as Anita said “Denying sexism is another form of sexism”, ie, if I say something is sexist and you don’t automatically agree 100% with me, then you are sexist too and your opinion should be ignored and you, ostracized), which typically works well to “win” debates in the public sphere and cower people into submission. But they ran up against a subculture that wouldn’t be cowered and just fought back harder, so they stepped up the slander well unto hysteria level and have been in this state of hysteric panic for months, not understanding why it doesn’t work.

    The hate they get from some people is mostly just a reflection of the hatred they project unto Gamergate and its supporters for daring disagree with them.

    FTR, I didn’t even follow Gamergate at first. But when I saw the tsunami of hit pieces in progressive media in August against Gamergate, I decided to check things out by myself, not trusting it when everyone tries to tell me what to think. I found out the real GG was extremely different from what they were saying and all I’ve seen since then has just confirmed my contempt for the “anti-GG” side and my respect for GG.

    1. Holy shit, someone who knows how to use “reason is that” instead of “reason is because”. It’s like getting a glimpse of literary heaven.

      More on topic: there’s a reason “trust, but verify” has become our unofficial motto.

    2. Same here, I was blissfully ignoring the 5 guys stuff, up until the media started spinning hysteria.

      Sometimes it feels like Gamergate is a conflict between people who do their own research, and people who don’t (and refuse to).

  5. The issue is not that it’s her opinion, it’s that gaming publications are presenting it as fact. Perhaps if if it was presented as nothing more than an opinion people would not be upset with these publications. Or even if an addition to her videos these publications presented opposing views or critiqued her videos instead of taking them at face value as some sort of undeniable truth, then their readers might not be so up in arms with them.

    1. Which conveniently allows the publications to say “Well you are just trying to silence her ideas” or “You just don’t want her to critique games/gamer culture”. I generally have to remind myself that they are TRYING to make us all angry, and that we’re a major PITA when we don’t allow them to troll us, lol.

  6. 1. It amounts to nothing, as it is still up to AlJazeera to make a TV report about this, or incorporate the facts Hotwheels, Brooke and Auerbach provided into a balanced press report. Until then, the mainstream narrative stands. Not many people outside the GG/aGGro pay any attention to text “debates,” regardless of the content, especially when there is a TV hit piece running a one-sided coverage.

    2. My respect for Arthur Chu greatly increased after this debate. He came across as a person who has firm conviction in his beliefs, and is prepared to defend them with as much energy and gravitas as he can manage. Truly a worthy opponent. However, reading his “mind-control” doublethink makes it unlikely that he will ever be receptive to any arguments. For example, he believes journalistic collusion is all hunky dory (he admits to doing biased reviews himself), and the games press have been “models of ethics,” and he has very weird definitions or concepts of censorship and free speech. At this point, I think it is fruitless to focus on Chu anymore. He has given enough negative quotes to last for years (unless he decides to give more)!

    3. Deanna Zandt. What she did in the interview can charitably be described as “shitposting.” She had very little to offer in the way of sensible comments (unlike Chu), and at one point called the discussion “ridiculous.” It was a good thing Hotwheels called her out on this, but I’ll go right ahead and call it TROLLING. I have no idea whether this was an intentional attempt to provoke Hotwheels and/or Brooke into responding with memes of their own, thus proving her point that the discussion was ridiculous, but it looked extremely unprofessional. Fortunately, Hotwheels and Brooke showed grace under fire and ignored her trolling, but that doesn’t excuse her. For a woman who claims “everything is IRL” for her she certainly makes a very poor case for herself. Picture memes are what she does in real life? Bonus points for admitting that she can’t distinguish between real and virtual worlds, and the gravity of communication. She even disingenuously tries to being up the topic of “women’s sexuality,” while Arthur harps upon “burgers and fries.” I first ignored it, but later realised this could have been actually intended to derail the discussion into the direction of the Quinnspiracy. Thankfully, Hotwheels and Brooke did not bite, which is more than I can say for myself! It is telling that Zandt does not really have any arguments apart from her bogeyman about “women’s sexuality” that is not really germane to GamerGate at all.

    1. “respect for Arthur Chu greatly increased”

      I’m not sure what debate you read, because all I saw was childish shouting and a complete lack of the ability to formulate cogent arguments. Firm conviction does NOT give ANYONE credibility. Faith is NOT a virtue. Blind belief is NOT admirable. A “worthy opponent” in a debate is one who is capable of forming actual logical arguments in an attempt to disprove the opposing position, not someone who preaches from a pulpit and demands to be given credibility because he feels strongly about X or Y.

      Chu can be as passionate as he wants to be, but it doesn’t matter how fired up he is if his facts are backward and his logic is lacking.

      1. Not to mention the fact that afterwards he had to pull a #fullMcintosh and claim that he was just trolling and not taking the debate seriously. A real man owns his mistakes, a childish fraud always makes excuses for their failures.

        1. lol, I am still struggling to see how this guy has the brain capacity to win Jeopardy – But then I haven’t watched since I was a kid, and seeing 5 minutes of “who wants to be a millionaire” and people failing to earn $40,000 because they can’t name the first few prime numbers might explain why contestants on these shows are so dumb these days.

  7. “Even the civil letters seemed hopelessly preoccupied with discrediting her work in an attempt to invalidate or outright ignore her criticisms.”

    Of course they are; when an idiot is given a free platform, you better believe that reasonable people aren’t going to be happy about it. If a creationist gets an interview with a science magazine and no-one from the magazine says “Hold up mate, you sound completely mental.” then what do you expect the readership to do?

    The sad part is their comments essentially assert that her “critique” is valid. A critique consisting solely of “This trope exists, you’re a misogynist.”

    “She has the right to voice [her opinions]”

    Yes she does, but only in places where insane feminist rants without facts are permitted; perhaps shouting her “theories” on the streets with a “The end is nigh!” sandwich board is more her thing. There or Jezebel, anyway. Logical people and publications should just put their head down and walk past.

    1. The problem is the people with the crazy sandwich boards are currently in positions of power.

      All that is required for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.

  8. I’d like to know exactly which editor it was. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Mike Futter, who also happens to be on the Game Journo Pros list.

    Regardless, it seems Game Informer have decided to double down on their bigotry.
    Disappointing, but expected.

  9. So its basically them saying “the narrative” must be upheld at any and every cost!

    These people know damn well that under scrutiny her whole argument falls apart but they placed all their bets on her… When she gets discredited and outed for the con artist that she is, their agenda would be done for! There is no way that any legit person could even take over in the foreseeable future because the level of saint they portray her as!

    Its basically the Harvey Dent issue in The Dark Knight once they expose her its game over. At this point these people are taken hostage by their own agenda…

    1. I am so waiting for the Sarkeesian Effect to come out. Jordanowen has compiled a ton of information on Sarkeesian, and his videos are the most damning.

      For example: If she’s not a con artist, then why did she bother to incorporate NLP into her kickstarter video? (Anita Sarkeesian The Early Years Part 2).

      It looks like Davis and Jordan are going for a slam-dunk, and exhausting every possible avenue of investigation to release all at once.

  10. “The threats are real.”

    – Well now, I guess we’re fine with blatant lies. Not like there’s a cause fighting against that … oh wait!

  11. How to tell when you’re talking to a brainwashed SJW zombie:
    1)They avoid the difficult questions
    2)They use words like “vitriolic” or “toxic” all the time.
    3)They keep using arguments that have long been debunked
    4)When they see that(3) won’t work, they attack the person, not the argument they’re up against.

    I remember when games magazines were actually worth reading. It’s not a surprise the printed press went the way of the dodo with this mindset. The big online press is already at the precipice and even though we have a hand extended, it seems as if they really do want to take that final step.

    1. The loyal followers of the “Listen & Believe” cult have basically rendered words like “toxic”, “vitriolic”, “sexist”, “misogynist”, etc. meaningless due to them throwing it around at ANYTHING that hurts their feelings. It’s the same thing with anti-Obama people taking out all of the “shock” factor out of Hitler comparisons. Before, people would say “OMG did he/she just compare Obama to Hitler????!”, now they just say “Oh, he/she compared Obama to Hitler? Meh, whatever.”

      1. I wish more people would understand this concept. Anon culture is virtually impossible to comprehend without it. When everyone is a “something-fag”, the label “fag” ceases to hold any real meaning, let alone any insulting, inflammatory, or derogatory meaning.

        Frequent and repeated usage of that which is “offensive” will inherently remove its offensiveness.

        1. The worst part is, portions of humanity have known this for centuries, sometimes adopting the insults of their oppressors as a badge of honor.

          For example: In the LGBT community it is fairly common for the term “fag” to be used as a term of endearment, etc. There are examples of this throughout history.

  12. There was an interesting parallel between the Utah death threats and another incident.

    Dana Loesch, author of ‘Hands Off My Gun’, was going to be at a book signing at TCU, when she was informed the campus was a ‘gun free zone’ and she would not be allowed to concealed-carry there, nor would there be any armed security there. Citing the safety of her fans and family as well as herself, she cancelled.

    While you may not agree with Mrs. Loesch’s opinions as she is a strong gun rights and 2nd Amendment advocate, I find there’s something ironic about a university refusing to let Mrs. Loesch take control of her own safety while Sarkeesian whines about how ‘unsafe’ she feels on a campus where people may go armed for their own protection.

    Doesn’t hurt that Dana Loesch is pretty smoking, too. Yowza 🙂

    1. But this is a typical radical feminist position:

      Teaching women to defend themselves is “supporting rape culture”.

      I don’t care what these idiots say, my daughter will be taught how to rip a guys nuts off if he tries anything.

      1. And I heartily support that notion. Which is why radfem positioning on self defense is so fucking insane.

        Instead of ‘victim blaming’ we should ‘teach men not to rape’. Hey, most of us learned the Golden Rule (or variant thereof) when we were young. But the ones who are rapists, what the hell makes you think you can teach them ANYTHING?

  13. It amazes me that she is long overdue to finish her video series and yet these blind sheep followers of hers continue to send her money even though her project was over funded by about $100,000. I would love for the chance to see this woman get grilled by her detractors but we know that will never happen.

    I get Game Informer because I pay for the Gamestop card and I was sickened when I saw that full page picture of her smug face in the magazine and as usual it was the typical fluff piece about poor Anita. They even did a small followup that talked about as usual the “harassment” she receives and the bomb threat. I have no doubts GI got plenty of emails about her but like all media cowards they bend over backwards to please the radfems of the world. I am now done and will not be renewing my card with Gamestop.

    1. She is now 2 years overdue on the 12 videos she promised to the morons- I mean backers that gave her money to complain about games. She’s on her 6th or 7th video, and she is STILL asking for more money. How do people STILL not see that she’s a freaking con artist?

      1. She can’t find new material to whine about. The games are perfectly fine, and she would need an insane amount of troll logic to turn some of the other tropes or game plots into the victimhood. It would be way too obvious.

        1. I don’t know. Based on that piece of crap she did on Christmas songs, she doesn’t mind using an obvious, insane amount of troll logic to turn things into victimhood.

          1. I’m glad to say that I haven’t seen that one. Should I?
            I usually avoid her stuff like plague because it’s infuriating to watch.

      2. I believe she said her next video was going to be about the “fighting fuck toy” trope. There are already plenty of youtube videos of Bayonetta 2 so she should have all the stolen video she needs to finish it.

        1. lol, the whole name of that trope is absurd. Like she can’t REALLY find any examples of female protagonists that are kickass and then used as “fuck toys” – I think she may be stuck, simply because the inflammatory name for her own made up trope can’t be demonstrated to exist without looking absolutely moronic.

      3. She’s on the 4th

        Videos not part of the 12 don’t count, and neither do multi-parters (part 1 & part 2 still count as one.)

  14. Just emailed them the following:

    Just wanted to say, I saw your piece on Anita Sarkeesian, and your sneering
    response to the one dissenting reader who’s views you even allowed to be
    printed. I love how Anita Sarkeesian can smear and slander tens of
    thousands of gamers as “misogynists,” claim that they are killing people
    with their “toxic masculinity,” and cite false and completely
    discredited Jack Thompsonesque tripe about games causing violence, and
    then you have the gall to call the targets of this vitriol vitriolic
    when they protest this treatment. I love how you and she try to
    discredit and silence others, and then declare it somehow out of bounds
    to invalidate her opinions (aka, her vile attacks) by pointing out that
    they are based on fraudulent work.

    I was probably going to resubscribe next time I went to Gamestop, but now
    I never will, unless you fire whatever jackasses at your magazine are
    behind promoting scam artists and denouncing your audience when they ask
    for their views to be represented too. I’m not holding my breath.

    Get bent,

    1. Your response is not likely to get printed, they will call it “harassment” – on the other hand, it made me laugh.

  15. If you support Anita, then destroy your copies of GTA and Bayonetta. That includes you, random GI editor or intern.
    I’ll still go to my local GameStop because they are actually cool. But I will probably downgrade PowerUp to basic to avoid GI.

      1. Here’s the thing (and I am watching the video, BTW), I don’t trade-in my games or systems. Don’t like trading them in, especially for GameStop’s pesos they offer when I could just eBay them. Outside of big-box stores and the net, there’s only one local mom-and-pop game store in the city I live at, and they only deal with old systems and not the Wii U.
        And, to play devil’s advocate on pre-order culture (which I regret to take part in), sometimes pre-ordering is a smart move. The most recent example is the GameCube USB adapter for Smash Wii U. I could fetch at least $50 if I decide to sell mine on eBay.

        1. If you don’t trade anything in, why visit a brick-and-mortar establishment whatsoever? The internet has far more stock than any GameStop ever will, and is usually cheaper, too. There is no reason whatsoever to patronize a corporation that is the near-embodiment of greed, and I don’t say that merely because the video I posted happens to agree with me — check out the list of bizarre holdings GameStop has sometime. They own a CELLULAR SERVICE PROVIDER.

          As for pre-orders, your analogy is flawed. You are already certain that your pre-order will have value to you, and you can demonstrate, objectively, that it will. That’s a done deal. No harm in pre-ordering that. It’s a simple thing with a simple purpose that augments items you already own. Pre-ordering a game or console based purely on market hype and pushy salesmanship, on the other hand, is a poor decision at the best of times, and benefits only the corporations that push pre-orders.

          Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

          1. Order online, play waiting game and/or pay the shipping to get it sooner. Buy it digitally, enjoy hard disk space issues and maybe not technically “owning” said game. Buy from GS, deal with the fact it is the gaming sector’s Walmart while they try to shove their credit card down your throat (somehow I encountered employees who have yet to do that). Everything has drawbacks and advantages. I kinda want to pay in cold hard cash & have the physical item instantly; the only places in spitting distance (10 min drive max) are GameStop and Walmart.
            As for the pre-order thing, common perception is the hype-train extreme and not because things can become rare as supply diminishes. Especially when you deal with companies like Nintendo and their understanding of supply and demand. Didn’t know if you believe in just the extreme.

          2. I gave up on brick-n-mortar a while back. As Peter Gabriel said in a song, ‘Give me Steam’.

  16. When the interview with Sarkeesian was first printed, I sent a letter to GameStop (the owner of Game Informer) and laid out the reasons why I was disappointed with the article. I pointed out the many flaws and criticized Game Informer for not critiquing Sarkeesian herself. Then I pointed out that I don’t need GameStop for games as there is such services as Ebay and Amazon. I also told them that I wasn’t planning on renewing my PowerUp card and will let my Game Informer subscription expire.

    After this refusal to address any other opinions (by the way there was two or three positive responses to the Sarkeesian interview that they printed and only one negative) of the interview, I sent an email to the Game Informer publisher and customer service requesting an immediate cancellation. I just got the final confirmation from Game Informer that my subscription has been cancelled, but I might still receive another magazine in the mail due to their processing magazines 2 months in advance.

    If I hear word of a Gawker-like shake up at Game Informer, I might go back. Until then… well there is always other means to find gaming news and reviews.

    1. It occurs to me that GameStop has been mistreating gamers for years now, so much so that I almost never buy games there because they will be overpriced and their trade in values are a complete ripoff. (Trade in a game you paid $20 for and they will give you $0.50 only to put it back up for sale at $15).

      So I guess we really shouldn’t expect much from their magazine.

      1. Admittedly, whenever I’ve wanted to trade in an old game, I would call and ask how much I can get for it; then sell it on Ebay for much more.

  17. I actually enjoyed the content GameInformer produced as a website, but their official “stance” on GamerGate convinced me to forever abandon them:

    This was written by their chief editor.

    In the comments section somebody mentioned Thunderf00t’s videos destroying Anita’s idiotic arguments. Do you know how the author replied? “I know Thunderf00t and he is a massive sexist! You shouldn’t listen to his opinions.”. At this point I called him out saying that ad hominems are not arguments against the validity of TF’s claims. No response. I haven’t visited the site since.

    I’m glad I did so because I found great alternative sites like Gamerheadlines and Nichegamer.

  18. Most interviews on blogs do not have a “counter” view, they are just Q & As. This is not unusual, it is the norm. Gaming blogs do not conduct investigative journalism. Do you expect this kind of grilling for all interview subjects in gaming blogs? Or just the people that you dislike?

    1. And a member of the Pro-Corruption side is thumbing themselves up.

      This is why GG will win, because you people can’t stop being pathologically dishonest for 5 minutes.

    2. Generally when someone is presenting a critical viewpoint of a very large segment of popular culture you would expect a bit of critical thinking and questioning of these criticisms to see if they were indeed valid. Instead all of mainstream media follows the “listen and believe” mantra of radfems and other totalitarian entities. If John Mcintosh was the voice and did the videos for feminist frequency instead of Anita he would not be getting anywhere near the attention that Anita is. All these media outlets are interested in is continuing the narrative that all women are weak and perpetual victims and all men are bullies and potential rapists. Just ask Jim Sterling.

  19. Well said Ralph, the gaming media refuses to separate the reasonable points of criticism from the death threats because it provides them the perfect cover for never actually having to defend Anita’s claims, after all any disagreement is probably just a death threat in disguise…

  20. “You don’t have to agree with Ms. Sarkeesian’s opinions, but just like everyone else, she has the right to voice them.”

    And we don’t have the right to voice ours and state where she’s wrong? It would seem GameInformer has fallen to the point of corrupt journalism as well, along with Kotaku, Polygon, etc. Makes me wonder if another Zoey Quinn-ish thing is going on here.

    She, along with many other feminists, claims that demolishing the “patriarchy” would end all wars and oppression. And replacing it with a “matriarchy” does? I call bullshit on that, it’s just the opposite scenario of what they claim exists, except with women in power rather than men. How would that fix anything? The key to fixing society is to adress the faults that exist for both genders (non-biological of course) and remedy those.

    Regardless, Sarkeesian has so many bad marks on her record that GameInformer and other journalists fail to adress. If you’ve seen her videos, she uses a clip from Hitman: Absolution to “justify” her point. What she DOESN’T say is that you are actually PENALIZED for killing non-targets, and even more so for killing innocent civilians. As such, most players would stay away from the strippers in the scene. However, Sarkeesian played it where she attacked the strippers JUST so she could create something to discuss. She also takes many other of her supposed arguments out of context, which is also a major problem. Had she addressed the entire situation, fewer people would be left ignorant. It makes me wonder how much credibility these gaming magazines have as gaming journalists, considering they accept her context rather than adress the full story of the game.

    And finally, rather than adressing counterarguments, she dismisses or censors them! She cannot defend her claims! There are few, if any, journalists more dishonest than her! She claims we attack her because she is a woman!? FALSE! We “attack” her because she tries to desecrate our livelihood and tries to remove every last one of us from it, and she does so using dishonest journalism! Whether she knows it or not, her actions aim to destroy gaming. Well I have four words for her:


    We will fight back against dishonest journalism. We can kill off these journalism companies! We don’t need them anyways! If they seek to get between the developer and the gamer, then we can simply ignore them until they either die off or renounce their dishonesty AND change their ways.

    It’s time for a change. Let’s be the ones who bring it.


  21. Christ if I was running that magazine, the following month’s copy would have had a double page spread of all the letters of objection. But that’s just me :

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