Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong, the noted influence peddler, false rape accuser, swatter, doxer, and former Nazi, is back in the news. Unfortunately, it’s not for his obituary. No, Ian has crawled back into another position of influence, this time at the rebooted Human Events magazine. I say magazine, but I have no idea if they even print this bullshit anymore. Human Events was a thing when I was a kid, but I haven’t heard from them in awhile. What occurred to make this old name somewhat relevant again? Basically, Raheem Kassam and Will Chamberlain snatched up the Human Events brand a few months ago and have made some noise about making the brand a big deal again. Sadly, Ian Miles Cheong is apparently the type of person they have chosen to staff the new iteration with.

I’m not very impressed with the project so far, Raheem.

You have to hand it to Ian Miles Cheong on some level, though. Despite being a complete scumbag and general waste of oxygen, he somehow keeps stumbling into these prime jobs in the conservative/alternative media. Think about it: just a few short months ago, Mr. Cheong was trying to get Andy Warski killed by Canadian police through an act of terrorism known as swatting. There is audio evidence of this act. It’s not a rumor, or a hunch.

You can listen to Cheong freely admit to his criminality…

The chaser is below. Listen to the sound of his voice when he speculates that perhaps Warski might be in for a “treat” when armed police show up to his home. It makes you wonder how many times Ian Miles Cheong might have pulled a stunt like this in the past. I would be willing to wager that he’s swatted people quite a few times. This is not the sound of an inexperienced man.

It’s the sound of a sociopath.

Somehow, Ian still disputes that this was a swatting, but he admitted on Twitter recently that he made the call hoping Andy Warski would die as a result of it. I’m not sure how that’s anything less than a swat attempt.

Ian Miles Cheong
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I’ve also spoken to numerous people behind the scenes, people who used to be friends with Ian Miles Cheong, long before his Human Events days. They showed me screenshots where he uses the word n*gger, along with other slurs. According to at least one source, he uses people for free labor and doesn’t even have the decency to credit them for their work, much less pay them. So not only is the guy a piece of shit when it comes to his adversaries, he also treats his own associates like trash. How long until the staff at Human Events are spinning such tales? Cheong has already been fired from numerous other outlets over the last few years. Yet, somehow, he keeps getting more plum positions, even in the face of gross misconduct.

Jeremy Hambly (known online as TheQuartering), who briefly had Ian Miles Cheong on staff at Exclusively Games before ignominiously firing him this past winter, once told me a story about how Ian got his internet girlfriend a job on the EG staff through deceitful means. He also talked about how Ian would sometimes take credit for work that wasn’t his while spending half of his own salary on expensive gifts for his “girlfriend,” who oh by the way happened to be dating other men. Apparently, the rest of the employees would laugh at Ian behind his back for being such a cuck.

This certainly has the ring of truth, since a chick (the same one who outed his swatting adventures) once laughed with me in front of 5,000 people while detailing the experience of of Cheong crying his heart out about his completely creepy and inept way with women. I would have to dig up the footage, since Ian filed a bogus YouTube complaint in order to get the source material taken down, yet another example of his tireless efforts towards securing free speech for all.

Ian Miles Cheong shouldn’t have a job, anywhere. The guy should be in jail, or at the very least shunned from polite society. The fact that he has somehow slithered his way into yet another position of influence within the alternative media is an extremely worrisome sign. Does Raheem Kassam, publisher Will Chamberlain, and the rest of the Human Events staff know all about Cheong’s past, or do they simply not care?

Perhaps you should ask them yourselves.

UPDATE: The “Global Editor” of Human Events, Raheem Kassam, has unofficially responded to this article by blocking me on Twitter…