I was gonna write about this story last night, but I took my ass to sleep early as hell. I never thought I would willing go to bed before 10PM unless I was sick, but the day has arrived. I’ve hit the ripe olf age of 29, headed to 30 soon. It’s all downhill from here. BUT, thankfully I have abusers like Big Randi Harper to keep my time filled. Today, she’s scheduled to take the OSCON stage. Don’t know what OSCON is? You wouldn’t be the only one. Here’s a short primer, according to Jimmy Wales’ slush fund Wikipedia

The O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) is an annual convention for the discussion of free and open source software. It is organized by the publisher O’Reilly Media and is held each summer in the United States.

Now that we established what it is, we have to ask the question: why do they think it’s appropriate to have a thug like Randi Harper speaking at their conference? Not only that, I’m assuming they actually paid this vile harasser. Mark Kern has been conducting a protest on the OSCON hashtag for the last 24 hours or so. How have the organizers handled this? By using Big Randi’s ggautoblocker, of course!

This is the behavior they support by having Randi speak:

h/t @atlasnodded



I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mark. We could make this article 1000 tweets long and it would still only crack the surface when it comes to Ms. Harper’s abuse. If you want more examples, go check out the links here, or just hit the Randi Harper tag at the end of this article. Most of her bullshit is chronicled, including the time she tried to slander Kern himself. This woman is odious and a detriment to any community she’s involved in. I could see letting her in the door, but making her a featured presenter in any way is abominable. She’s got less than 4 hours until she goes on, so I don’t expect they’ll back out now. But it’s still good to highlight the this travesty either way.

I’ll keep this space updated with any news from the event. Maybe she’ll have a meltdown of some sort. Originally, I thought her part was gonna be streamed, but that’s only keynote speakers. Probably some SJW hack called in a favor to even get her placed on the program at all, if I had to guess. It’s still pathetic.