I’ve had the headline for this post written for 3 days, but things have come up that caused me to put it on the back-burner. I spent a good chunk of time on the Maile Hampton project I did, but I think it worked out well in the end, so I believe it was a good investment. I’m only going to grow on YouTube if I start actually doing regular videos over there. Also, it’s been hard to get back into the regular swing of things since I got back. I’m not sure what that’s called. Post-vacation blues, perhaps?

The best way to get back into the groove is to talk about people and subjects that make me, and you all, laugh. One of those people is Alison Rapp, who as you can see, is mentioned in the aforementioned headline. The last time we checked in with her, she was openly discussing doxing a photographer because he allegedly supported GamerGate. Since then, she’s setup a Patreon that reads more like a cam girl’s page than anything else. Personalized photographs? Why not just send out used panties as well, Alison? I guess it’s not needed, since you’re already pulling down close to $2,000 a month as it is.

We all knew that was coming, though. The only surprise is that it took her that long to start pimping it. Err, perhaps pimping isn’t the right word in this situation. I don’t think Rapp has a pimp, although she does seem to pimp out her own husband. Anyway, enough about the pimp game. The real reason this thing is so funny is that she’s using her newfound notoriety to go after Anita Sarkeesian. Could things get any better?

OK, we could find out that Anita had been pimping Jonathan McIntosh out all those years before he finally broke free from her iron grip. That would be pretty hilarious. But this will have to suffice until then.



Well, when she’s right, she’s right. Keep beating up on Anita, Ms. Rapp. I can certainly get behind that initiative.

  1. I’m happy when idiots are destroying each other. Curious about what bot put me on their blacklist though, because she’s using it.

      1. Yeah, I’d think so. Except I’m not blocked by the faux feminists. I wonder if she somehow saw me posting the Nintendo cuck image. 😀

  2. LOL. She’s gloating about making $1800 a month from Patreon. There’s a lot of reasons why she shouldn’t count her chickens before they hatch:

    Patreon gets a nice chunk of that cash. 5% last I heard, but it might have gone up since.

    Uncle Sam gets a piece of the action too. Even though they are donations, it’s still taxable income.

    And that’s just FEDERAL taxes. Washington has STATE taxes to pay too. Almost 12%.

    The way Patreon lists “income” is misleading. It shows you pledges MADE, not pledges FULFILLED. Someone can pledge $1000, but if their credit card doesn’t have the funds at collection time, you get jack shit. I know a few creators that live on Patreon donations, and anywhere between 10-20% of pledges end up being from deadbeats who pledge to access paywalled bonuses and then cancel the pledge a few hours later or don’t have enough money on their account.

    Living in Seattle is not cheap. $1800 doesn’t get very far, especially when it’s supporting two people who (allegedly) have emotional and physical afflictions that require expensive medications and therapy.

    That pledge amount isn’t going to stay at $1800 forever. Just ask Wu and Harper, who get less and less donations as they slip in irreverence.

    Don’t quit your day job bending over for the very mouth-breathing fedora wearers you detest so much, Alison. Your husband better keep throwin’ that boy-pussy too, if you don’t want to be living in a dumpster behind McDonald’s in 3 months.

    1. After all the deductions you mentioned that patreon wont EVEN cover rent, my previous apartment in the Puget Sound was putting me back about $950 a month and that was a small one bedroom way the fuck out in the suburbs nowhere near Seattle proper. Apparently the moment I moved out they jacked the rent up to $1,150 too and that’s what whoever is in there now is paying.

      1. Is she in Seattle though or in an address closer to where Nintendo’s headquarters were? She could live in Issaquah and that’s probably pretty cheap compared to Seattle

        1. Dunno, but she absolutely screams Capitol Hill doesn’t she?

          There are certain species of little fish which will be totally native to a few square miles of very specific coral reef because they’re so overly specialized to live in those places they can’t survive anywhere else even for a day. I think one of the reasons we’ve got so many e-begging snowflakes today is because much like those fish they can only tolerate living in a handful of extremely pricey urban neighborhoods which they’re rapidly getting priced out of.

    2. So she’s not making a living off the victim bux? Good to know.

      What I find strange is that dudes would give a working girl money freely when they could hire her and get their dicks sucked instead.

      Too afraid of prematuring in one of their idols or so ashamed of their own sexuality they couldn’t go through with it?

      Cucks gonna cuck I guess.

      1. Yeah, I don’t get it. Why waste $50 a month for pictures of a weeaboo alien hooker in panties when you can get your nuts off with an actual hooker for the same amount?

    3. Well, pateron has now changed their policy. The money they show is the money the person gets after patreon taken away all their fees. It came after a lot of people complained that the patreons were being misled with the figure.

      1. I heard they were going to change their charging policy, but I wasn’t aware that it happened already. Thanks for letting me know.

      1. Yeah my question too. Washington state has no state income tax, and would they somehow charge sales tax to the receiver? That would seem odd to do I think.

  3. what a hypocrite tho…why didnt she speak up for all the women shamed by anita from the get go? “ive been lit wanting to say this for years”…pitiful

      1. while at nintento she spoke for lowering the age of consent but not for women in the sex trade? seems weird no?

  4. Ha ha, yeah, she went after that Arthur Goose guy who hit the fainting couch over “Bayonetta 2” at Polygon. It would have taken a heart of stone not to laugh.

  5. I got a brilliant idea. Let’s arrange a charity drive. Brianna Wu and Alison Rapp must fight using amateur boxing rules. All the money from donations and tickets helps actual women in actual need. Can you imagine the epic fucking salt on both of their faces when women are literally helped more by trolling them?

  6. Since there’s a doxy involved I’ll get this out, in the 90’s “doxing” meant prostitution and later as a sub for general sluttiness. There were even a rather large amount of screen names with doxy or dox in them. Doxxing was spelled with two “x”s so as not be confused with prostitution.

  7. Until Progressives and Feminists denounce “Saint Anita” en masse, she’s still their patron saint.

    Thus everything she says can be used against them to discredit them.

  8. The Left and Feminists love to beat each other up and let them, as those with normal common sense get about doing our jobs and not have to worry about idiotic people like Anita / Rapp. Both are as bad as each other.

  9. So she doesn’t support Anita’s branch of feminism, but still gave her money? Logic. It’s funny, Rapp is so close to realising that Anita’s sex negative attitudes contributed to her firing, but like most feminists they apply doublethink and move on.

  10. So she’s going to jump over to the pro-GG side?

    Please no, GamerGate already have enough scammers and sycophants pretending to be supporters as is. Flushing these elements out will be a thankless full-time undertaking that I’m sure TRR won’t even go for.

  11. Sex positive VS Sex negative feminists, can’t beat the classics! Thing is, this is probably the first time the sex negative ones stand a chance of winning a hostile takeover. Saint Anita definitely has more clout than Rapp in the gaming sphere.

    You’d think sex positive ones like Rapp and Harper would see why men in general reject modern feminism, they know we’re being shamed wholesale for the sins of a few but still act shocked and surprised when we defend ourselves?

    But I know, the self aware feminist is an extinct species.

  12. Kinda makes me wish Snarkesian actually replied to people. This would be a hilarious fight to watch!:)

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