OK, first off, lemme say this. As you can tell from the headline, Gawker’s resident bully Sam Biddle has leaked Donald Trump’s phone number on the flagship site. The thing is, most of us know that Trump did this to a rival politician just a couple weeks back. So you can’t really say that he’s some innocent. One could argue that he deserves this. But what about what Gawker Media promised to everyone within just the last couple weeks? They said they were changing direction and were going to be more responsible with the stories they publish. I don’t see how this is in keeping with their recent promises. I know Trump has a lot of detractors, so maybe that’s played into their thinking here. They’ve probably decided that most people are going to come to the conclusion that he deserves it, so no big deal. 

Here’s the actual screen:


It’s appropriate that they let Biddle do the dirty work here. It’s his trademark. The man who probably did more for GamerGate than almost any other person with his remarks about “bringing back bullying” is back at it again. I thought he might leave the company, or take a buyout. He’s still here, though. I guess he’s decided that he’s shit, so  it’s better to stay in the Gawker shithole than to try and take a chance on the outside. That was probably a wise decision, Sammy.

Lemme know you thought. Did Trump earn this? Even if he did, what is Gawker thinking? Are they right in thinking that no one will care that much since Trump is such a brash character? I tend to think it’s somewhere in the middle, and that while it reflects poorly on Gawker, they won’t lose a lot over it simply because it’s The Donald.


UPDATE: Biddle just got doxed lol…