Just when you thought Anti-GamerGate couldn’t get any lower, they make you out to be a fool. Now, they’re targeting a minority developer and trying to have him bullied off Kickstarter through false reporting.  The man they’re trying to ruin, is well known to most of you. We’ve written about him here on this site many times. He’s a personal friend. I won’t hide that. I consider myself a muckraker and not a journalist, but I’m always open about my sponsorships, friendships, and conflicts of interest. If I can do it, why can’t the gaming press? But that’s another question for another day.Speaking of the gaming press, I doubt you’ll see them reporting on what  anti-GamerGate is up to. Although, given how low they’ve sunk recently, they might just join in. It really does make me sick. I was already going to donate to the project, but this spurred me to go ahead and commit today. And I’ll likely be adding to my contribution when I get my Windows partition setup. I’m really looking forward to seeing the look on these scumbag SJWs face when RogueStar meets his goal. Can you imagine how pissed they’re gonna be? It will be a Kodak moment for sure.

Here’s some of the bullshit they’re trying to pull, in case you missed it on the madhouse known as Twitter…

Even some anti’s know it’s wrong to try to kill a man’s livelihood. Maybe they also have respect for hard-working military vets as well, idk: Selection_999(007)

Of course the Big Blue Blockhead tub-o-goo Randi Harper had to stick her fat face into this. She gets off on this sort of nastiness:Selection_999(008)Selection_999(012)This was all started by legendary a legendary bitchboy who unbelievably stole Johnny Cash’s nickname. I’m not sure if he is the proverbial Boy Named Sue, but I do know that he is the saltiest piece of shit I’ve had the pleasure of encountering these past six months. He spends his entire life trolling prominent GamerGate members, and misrepresenting them in the media. He thinks he’s a big deal ever since Boing Boing paid him $20 and a half ham sandwich to write shitpieces on GamerGate. But he’s still a loser who gets blown the fuck out on the regular. Not only that, he’s also frequently caught in embarrassing lies. He’s a flaming garbage pile in so many ways, really:


Here’s one of his big buddies spreading filthy lies. The pussy has his/her Twitter locked down now, but the screen is archived: Selection_999(010)I reached out to RogueStar earlier this evening. Here’s what he had to say about this unprecedented aggression by anti-GamerGate SJWs. I’ll leave you with his comments, and the links to his projects. I encourage you to support them if you’re at all interested.

“So lets consider: they’ve raided me off The Escapist and spammed reports on my Twitter TWELVE times. They can’t do shit to my Steam Greenlight. So they hit me where they can mob me: a report button on Kickstarter. I’m a minority gamedev, with a very small budget. If it isn’t obvious that these people are racist hypocrites, targeting and smearing smaller gamedevs OUT of the industry, I don’t know what is. There IS an online hate-mob out there; and its the anti-gamers and anti-#GamerGate.”


  1. Hey know, you’re a Rogue Star.
    Get on Greenlight, get your game made.
    Hey know, you’re a Rogue Star.
    Get your game out, get paid.

    (I am not proud of myself)

  2. How they can characterise this as *not* an organised harassment campaign I do not know.
    I think they’re trying to mirror gamergate’s efforts to make social media sites enforce their own rules (which they never seem to do with SJW)
    Only problem is, Roguestar hasn’t actually done anything. They literally have to make shit up.
    The fact they continue to push the idea that GG faces dox, harass and threaten while ALL OF THEM have OPENLY SUPPORTED doing this to GG boggles my mind.
    They truly are a toxic hate mob.
    And Chris Kluwe is a rape apologist piece of shit.

    1. “Only problem is, Roguestar hasn’t actually done anything. They literally have to make shit up.”

      You sure, isn’t there some “blackhatting” incident they keep accusing him for? What are the usual cases they keep bringing up? And where is Ralph or whoever post/blog that debunks all of them?

      1. As far as I have researched Roguestar hasn’t done anything wrong. Anti-GG supporters also pull up a list of horrible things t-f00t has said in his Anita Sarkeesian videos. Being an open minded person, I looked into their list, and it was a list of strawmen, nothing more than misrepresentations of his words. I can’t say that I’ve looked into all the allegations they make about Roguestar, but the ones that I did look into were also just as bogus.

      2. If “he said something mean on twitter/in private” why are they not pursuing their own people that have said the same.
        Literally every prominent antiGG personality I’ve come across has said *awful* things in social media and doubled down on them when confronted, but it’s only roguestar that is targeted?

        I don’t always agree with roguestar, but if all they have on him is some frustrated demand for “black hat hacking” of the people constantly abusing him and getting him suspended from twitter, that is weaksauce.

  3. ,,,a_man_on_crack is always mentioning or communicating with that poser @StephenAtWar,,,remember him? Didnt that little goat-chode get caught with a cover pic he claimed was him in Afganistan and itturned out to be fom a news story and then sudeenly his Twitter goes private?

    ….I’m pretty sure that little cock-monkey did…

    ,,,figures he be a crony of that lardy phony a_brony_in_black…if that little bitch had to do prison time like Johnny Cash did in th 60s for bringin thousands of pills into th U.S. From Mexico, he have a_man_in_his_crack th first hour that he was locked up…and that dance card of his would be full for th’ duration of is stay in there…by th time he’d get out all he’d be good for is paintin’ stripes on and storin’ grain in..,

    ,,,what a little tearful pussy…

  4. Didn’t they pull the same shit on Twitter in order to get RS banned from the site, then later reinstated him and apologized when the claims turned out to be completely fabricated?

    Also, AMIB is a lying shitheel that won’t even admit when he’s openly caught lying. He screamed all over Twitter claiming that Based Mom wrote articles for MRA sites, but if he actually did 5 minutes of research, he would have found out that she wrote articles for legitimate magazines like TIME, and the MRA sites just reprinted them. Even after Christina herself pointed that out, AMIB didn’t apologize or admit he fucked up.

    1. I might argue about the legitimacy of TIME magazine. It’s only been useful for birdcage liner and puppy training for the last 10 years. But your point still stands 🙂

    2. Not sure what makes you think MRA sites aren’t “legitimate;” the ones I regularly visit always back up their claims with peer-reviewed journal articles and robust statistics.

  5. I voted yes for this game on greenlight and this shit is sending me right to kickstarter to back his project.

    And fuck Harper, she jumps in pretending she’s got pull. She’s a fucking nobody desperately trying to stay relevant. And just like every other anti-gg piece of shit that can’t create art or program to save their lives, she has to try and stop those that can so she can live with her smug sense of superiority.

      1. I wouldn’t call her fat, but she looks like she could have been shopping in Al’s shoe store from ‘Married with Children’.

        1. I think she chooses her clothes to accentiate her odd body shape as this appeals to all the tumbler feminists.

      2. ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT ☑ REKTangle ☑ SHREKT ☑ REKT-it Ralph ☑ Total REKTall ☑ The Lord of the REKT ☑ The Usual SusREKTs ☑ North by NorthREKT ☑ REKT to the Future ☑ Once Upon a Time in the REKT ☑ The Good, the Bad, and the REKT ☑ LawREKT of Arabia ☑ Tyrannosaurus REKT ☑ eREKTile dysfunction

      1. Not sure if it’s specifically Taglog, but I’ve heard a lot of Philippine people use the terms. The first one means long life or something similar, it’s even found at their airport, the 2nd one is a more derogatory phrase, like son of a bitch or fuck you (or some combination). I know Slade is of Philippine descent, so if he actually reads the comments I was hoping he’d see mine. I assumed he would know what they meant but perhaps he’s Visayan, Illocano or something else and those terms could very well mean something else.

  6. RogueStar has a huge advantage: he has integrity, passion and he doesn’t mince his words.

    He’s a guy I follow closely, even if I may not agree with all he has to say. The fact that he’s willing to admit when he fucks up and can change his mind if he’s proven wrong goes a long way to earn my respect.

    Oh, and FleetCOMM is a really fun game too, clearly inspired by the Ender universe. If you like sci-fi you should check it out 🙂

      1. It’s the frenetic tempo and visuals that really elevates it imo. There’s a great deal of stress and panic when things get really active. To me it was like Tetris on the highest levels where you don’t think anymore, you just react. 🙂

  7. The video that he is using of Rouge saying to doxx people is BS. He says anytime AMIB talks post his picture of what a shit face he looks like. That is not doxxing. Most people know what the shit brick looks like and their is no sensitive information (home address, bank accounts, SS#) being conveyed. AMIB also retweets a shit ton of cat pictures. He either has a hard on for cats or he’s secretly a Furry.

  8. I love the way Free Willy Harper always finds her way into anything regarding harassment of anyone pro gamergate. I would love to know who these “inside contacts” are that she has at Kickstarter. She probably buys her meth from someone who is second cousins with a janitor that works at their headquarters in Brooklyn.

    1. Meh. I don’t think she can make that jump. She is more like the whale that came to the river Thames and died of it’s own stupidity.

  9. I would stand with Roguestar against any of these dirtbags…

    They sink so low and then pretend they have any sort of integrity or moral high ground!

  10. “Rogue is telling his followers to flood twitter & KS with reports of brigading and harassment.”

    Does this retard not understand that’s exactly what they’re doing, though? If a GGer did this, they’d lose their shit for weeks.

    1. No no no in the SJW’s mind it’s ok for them to do it, but no one else can do it. Double standard at its finest.

      1. If one standard is good, two standards are better!

        (Can’t take credit for that one. Saw it on one of the other blogs I frequent)

      2. They think that they’re in the right, and so everything they do in pursuit of their warped version of justice is okay. It’s not a double standard for them, it’s them doing whatever they feel is necessary to take down the big, bad…gamer.

        Like…they could straight-up murder one of us, and to their minds it would be justified because they’d view us as woman-hating gamer monsters who deserve to die. The courts would of course beg to differ, but even as the murderer rots in prison his pals would hold him up as some unjustly persecuted martyr or some shit.

        These people really are poisonous, and the sooner that the greater public comes around to it and sends ’em packing, the better off we’ll all be.

        1. Or, they could just be a bunch of psychopaths and sociopaths. It’s all really an excuse to justify tormenting another human being to meet that dark need in their souls.

  11. Well I thumbed it up on Green light days ago on Steam and will be buying this and Seedscape on day one of release.

  12. I’m not sure i’m a fan of the genre, I don’t really like kickstarters project but i’ll sure back the hell of this project just to fucking made them made. They are supposedly the good guys but they act like the worst bullies.

  13. Anti-GG: “Nobody is trying to take your games away” *tries to ban games developed by certain developers*

    SMH, and no journos find this appropriate to report on.

    1. No, no, no…

      It’s Anti-Gamer: “Nobody is trying to take your games away, you white male hate movement!” *desperately tries to sabotage games developed by certain minority/female developers*

  14. Not my type of game but that does not mean it shouldn’t be out on steam. The Anti-GG and SJW is a bunch of assholes.

  15. It’s about time someone takes these fuckers to court for libel. They really, really need to learn that they can’t just sit on Twitter and make shit up without repercussions.

    1. Now THERE’S an idea. But I think you have to prove economic harm was done (in the US) and that means hiring an expensive professional to prove it. But if Mr. RogueStar were to crowd source for the funds to hire that person, and damage was proven, then he could sue, and probably win. Getting a judgement against all those people would really put a kink in their tails. And he could probably refund the monies to his “investors” after he wins.

  16. This is probably going to be an extremely unpopular statement but it seems to me like RogueStar is playing the “I’m being attacked by the internet give me money” card or at least people are playing it for him. I’m not fucking happy about that because it’s one of the key things I’ve come into this to fight. For the time being I’m probably going to take that eyepatch off my twitter avatar.

    I just don’t like the territory people are trodding with this shit. I like this shit even less than that bullshit claim BroTeamWhatever made against lolcow Joe. It seems like there’s been way too many people in GG as of this month who aren’t acting along what I would consider it’s founding principles. Regardless of how you feel about him and how he said it I must point out we’re once again seeing exactly the kind of shit Jim warned us about when he left in November.

    If Rogue’s kickstarter gets yanked for stupid reasons then by all means find ways to compensate like was done for TFYC. Otherwise think long and hard about why you’re giving the guy money and if those reasons suck then I suggest you don’t do it.

  17. Even some anti’s know it’s wrong to try to kill a man’s livelihood. Maybe they also have respect for hard-working military vets as well.

    Maybe in some dusty, almost forgotten corner of their mind, they realize how hypocritical it is to fight a “privileged, white-male hate-movement that thinks we want to take their vidya away” by stomping on a Filipino immigrant trying to make a video game.

    Of course, they still haven’t figured out that trying to boycott Jenifer D’aww’s game made them look bad, so I doubt it.

    1. Kind of hard to push a meme when there are too many females and minorities. Cull them from the herd, then they can really go to town on the “white male domination” thing.

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