What is wrong with these people? It wasn’t enough to denigrate the service of men like RogueStar (aka Slade Villena), by saying they were taking advantage of their former military status in order to advance the cause of GamerGate. No, chickenshits like Arthur Chu had to take it one step further. They had to go and give Anita Sarkeesian military status. Think of all the blood, sweat, and tears shed by real military. How on earth could a YouTube swindler be compared to our greatest heroes? The mere thought of it ought to turn anyone’s stomach. 


I don’t think I could have said it better myself, Simon. These people are fucking idiots. But they’re not your everyday, garden-variety idiot. They’re dangerous idiots, because their poisonous ideology threatens the livelihoods, hobbies, and customs that we hold dear. they don’t even try to hide the fact that they are radicals. They know they don’t have majority support, and that dishonest agitation is the only way that they can come out on top.

Look at some more from Arthur Chu below:


The man is close to going completely over the edge (#FullMcIntosh). Morality has lost all meaning. Rationality is explicitly shit on by Chu. This guy is portrayed as someone worthy of listening to by the media, but he’s really just a radical feminist ideologue who got on a hot streak on Jeopardy. Why should anyone give a shit what he says? He’s tainted, but yet he keeps getting blowjobs from the mainstream media. Now, he thinks he has enough clout to compare Anita Sarkeesian to servicemen and women? Utter fantasy.

On the grand scale of things, I guess this isn’t as bad as comparing us to ISIS, or threatening to punch a GamerGate member at Comic Con. But, it’s just further evidence of cultural misappropriation by the SJW side. Now they presume to have the same status as military veterans. Any unearned label they can find, they take for themselves. These leeches can only be stopped by exposure. They count on attacking weakened forces. By the time everyone organizes, the SJWs have usually won. GamerGate is the most advanced fighting force that they’ve ever faced…and they don’t know how to handle it.

  1. I served, never in a war, but have lost friends to it, either to death or psychological trauma.

    Not a lot offends me, but when Chu compares Sarkeezian to a soldier in a war zone, that, that offends me.

    I… well, really I can’t say much more. Because looking at his fucking face and seeing him say it just fills me with rage and guilt and pity.

    I think, if I could say something it would be “How fucking dare you.”

    1. Yeah, this is disgusting. Thinking that being on the wrong side of GamerGate (regardless of your opinion of what it’s really about) is comparable to actual, real war is beyond entitled. I’m betting that the only reason he feels comfortable saying something like that is because he’s never actually been to war, or knows anyone who has. And even then, it’s pretty fucking childish to assume that internet harassment is in any way comparable to actual combat. Seriously, this is making my blood boil.

  2. I have never heard of this fat fuck until a few weeks ago. Why exactly is he famous or even important? From what I know he does not even qualify as a D list celebrity. It appears he wants to be a social justice warrior so he can hang out with all the cool kids and maybe get a mercy fuck as well. If these Anti-GG people have proved anything it is that they are absolutely unparalleled drama queens. I personally think that you are giving his statement a little more weight than it is worth but he probably believes it.

  3. Arthur Chu sounds like a cult member, going on about patrolling his mind for unallowed thoughts. It’s people like him that gulped down Jim Jones’s kool aid with a smile. Which would make as much sense as pinning a medal on Anita Sarkeesian.

  4. What is with these self-hating Asians? He’s alluding to practicing meditation or even “Transmutation”, and yet he is completely dishonest with himself. What a joke.

  5. i never agreed with the recent wars and probably never will

    but i respect every woman and man who struggled for our country

    could you imagine the liability anita would be in a firefight?


  6. My father is a Veteran of Foreign war and he had PTSD for a very long time after it. He would wake up and spring into morning drills, as well as have night terrors… Those are just some of the psychological things he’s faced. He also came back with shrapnel in him from a landmine that can not be removed. War is Hell, Threatening letters are nothing to scoff at but to compare it to war is lunacy. I was scared straight by my fathers war stories, I never wanted to sign up for the military because of it. This is Offensive to Service men and women everywhere, he can not even imagine the horrors they have faced.

  7. As someone who served during Operation Iraqi/Enduring Freedom I find the notion of likening mere internet activism unto serving in a war both laughable and irritating. Arthur Chu and the rest of these “social justice warriors” play victim, cry over threats and make demands while real men and women are injured or worse on the real front lines and ask for nothing in return on a daily basis. Fuck these people.

    1. I can understand your frustration. As a brother of a marine, I completely understand your frustration. Just by comparing themselves to veterans – who by the way can’t get medical care from our own government after having body parts blown off – it makes me furious that they even have the gall do something that asinine. it makes me want to find these people and brain them!

  8. Ralph:

    “The man is close to going completely over the edge”

    Close? He just flat-out rejected the very concepts of reason and truth, and embraced brainwashing and madness. Where do you even go from there? He’s so far beyond the edge he’s not even in the same solar system with it!

  9. as the son of a godmother who is undergoing diagnosis of PTSD after some 4 years Afganistan:

    Fuck. You. Chu.

    Do you even know how it feels to spend everyday wondering if your loved one is even alive? She may have “only” been a medic, but I can’t even how she was feeling over there, being in enemy camp, where the entire country wants her **physically dead**. Having these thoughts in mind as she treats the wounds of people they “made examples out of”. Constantly being on alert of being caught in the crossfire of *bullets*.

    That is war. No fucking tweet even compares to that shit.

  10. We are all from different countries with different views. That being said I respect every soldier serving their country. Every single day these people gamble with their health and lives, risking their own happiness and the well being of their families. Living in constant risk and fear does not equate to reading the dictation of Mr. #FullMcIntosh himself. How dare they!

  11. I rigorously manage my own thinking and purge myself of dangerous “unthinkable” thoughts — “mindkill” myself — on a regular basis.

    This is what you have to do to be a feminist anti-racist progressive, i.e. a social justice stormtrooper.

    Arthur Chu, Facebook

    Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.

    George Orwell, 1984

  12. Being an SJW doesn’t give you the right to be a soldier. These people have skewed the definition of what a soldier is.

  13. My grandfather was a teacher, farmer, minister, married twice (as did my grandmother), raised 14 kids on a small farm, lost part of his ring fingers to an accident and served in WW2 in the submarine division in the Pacific Ocean.

    Anita S. doesn’t even come close to the life my grandfather lived until Alzheimer’s got him.

  14. Great instead of marginalizing pstd they are also aiming for marginalizing people that served. My dad would have an obvious outrage if he ever found out.

    1. They already marginalized PTSD. The radical feminist troupe did that during #CancelColbert — because, after all, being insulted on Twitter can and does give prominent radfems actual PTSD, and these windbags will contact your superior officer about it if you are in the military.

      Just another drop in the ocean of stupidity that is radical feminism.

  15. I was going to say something like ” With every post , the opposition to GamerGate reveals that they are disgusting people” but nah; We already knew these folks were disgusting from the get-go. Their constant need to validate themselves just makes it funnier.

  16. She’s totally a “soldier in a war zone”. Except without the military service and the war zone. But other than that…yeah. Can someone explain why this guy isn’t endlessly trolled? I went through his feed and he provides one of the most target-rich environments I have ever seen.

  17. Anita won’t risk her life for her own principles, much less those of the Constitution. Which is exactly what the military agrees to do. She’s a coward.

  18. Forget about real soldiers’ experiences and look at what Chu was trying to describe. Anita is being harassed (allegedly), forced out of her home (allegedly) and is receiving death threats left and right (allegedly but not without fame and money paybacks).

    I don’t know really, I’d liken her situation more to a whore’s in a brothel, but that’s just me. Hey maybe that’s some kind of a war zone, war of the sexes or sumak. But she’s payed handsomely for sucking no dick whatsoever except the big Marxist State’s.

    Actually no, brothel whores are obscure and never make it to the Colbert report. She’s like a high profile porn star. She makes it to national news and talk shows.

    Oh my god what am I doing, being a misogynist again! No mistress no, not the whip!

    Hey at least I don’t promote nor condone the Dark Arts. That’s the angle you guys are missing here. Chu isnt just blabbing about the military. He’s declaring to be aware of what occultism is, and that it influences his thinking. He mentions the censoring of his own mind.

    So the two sides are simpler than he admits : fertile and productive sexuality and creation, or infertile corrupt tyrannical ones. It is all about rape. It has always been all about rape. Do you want the jingle in the jongle? Do you accept the waters of creation or do you reject them? Well, the species made its choice a long time ago. The broad, long river.

    We are fighting a cultural war yes but there is no biological war there. Either you fuck, penis in vagina, raise your children to healthy maturity or you don’t. In the first case, your people will keep on living. The other choice is death. Black robes.

    We are fighting people who have chosen death. You know, the Faustian deal. Riches and honors for a few years in a sack of meat, for millenia of payback slaving in a demonic realm. That’s the real war here.

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