Friday night, in the middle of another firestorm (as usual), I was told about the new staff hires over at The Escapist. To say I was thrilled, would be an understatement. When they got rid of Movie Slob and Jim Sterling, I celebrated. But I still wasn’t sure what type of site they wanted to run. By hiring two prominent GamerGate sympathizers, they’re sending a message:

We listened. Of course another reason to be thrilled was because it pissed the other side off so badly. Who would have thought that hiring a young bright female like Liz would set the antis off so much? Just what do they have against women? I guess they only want the radfem women to get ahead. That’s not surprising…more hypocrisy. Selection_999(405)Selection_999(408)

Then they spent much of today pouring over the other hire, Brandon Morse. He said a couple things they didn’t like, so they claimed that disqualifies him from the position. The levels of pettiness here are insane. He stated his views on a controversial issue (transgenderism) that I doubt will ever be addressed on The Escapist. There’s nothing here. Get over it, SJWs. The Escapist decided to listen to the consumer, not you. We actually spend money and support brands.


I don’t really know Morse, but I’ve read some of his stuff on Twitter. I think he’ll do well. I know for a fact that Liz is going to nail it. It’s like a breath of fresh air after the stale and played out Movie Blob and Jim Pounds Sterling vacated the scene. I’ve been wary about The Escapist, even though I respect the ownership a lot. I can now say I’m officially impressed, and that I’ll be adding their site to the RSS feed here on the site.


Getting our people into the existing media is just as important as building our own. Arguably, it’s even more difficult, given how many SJWs infest the media. But here we have a case where ownership isn’t drinking the Kool Aid. Unlike Kotaku, Polygon, Gamsutra, and the rest of the shitty rags, they listened to the consumer. We should all stop and give them thanks, in my view.

  1. Turn off Adblock and give the new hires’ articles a read. Send emails expressing thanks and support.
    Make the message clear: Respecting your audience and standing against the SJW hivemind yields great rewards.

  2. I have never met a conservative who was not obnoxiously proud of being a conservative. If GG were conservative the last thing we would be doing is pointing out how the majority of us are left leaning. Go back to fucking your doll, Peter. The difference is we are not zealots. We can handle differing political opinions when presented with respect and logic

    1. If Gamers are becoming more conservative, then it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Left wing media has been shitting on Gamers for the past seven months.

      1. I’ve been saying it since GG started. It was the progressive liberal blogs like gawker that slammed gg’ers. ultra radical liberals like sarkeesian, wu, and kuchera, who supported a false narrative.

        Then Milo Yiannopoulis (I’m sure I butchered that spelling) a gay conservative man and writer for Breitbart, Adam Baldwin, and other conservative blogs picked up on the trashing that gamers were getting from the libs.

        So guess which side gamergate is reading now… It was pretty easy for conservatives to bring them to their sites.

        I’m not saying that makes gg’ers cons., but for me, I know I’m not going to read a site that constantly tells me what a pile of shit I am.

        1. Gamergate is non-political.
          “progressives” are NOT liberal. They are exclusionary and restrictive and discriminatory in their zealous agenda based narratives.
          Their is nothing liberal about that.
          In the years to come, mark my words, there will be a fissure between progressives (which will be seen as the “radical left wing faction”) and the mainstream liberals.
          At the moment they have not denounced the progressives and so until then, left wing media is going to support to some extent this idiocy.
          Not supporting this kid of censoring, restrictive, discriminatory zealous agenda based narratives is neither progressive or liberal in any real sense of the word and NOT supporting this stupidity does not make you conservative.
          But stupid people say stupid things for stupid reasons. Always have and always will

        2. Breitbart is ONE bloody conservative news site, the rest all shat on us like they have done for the last three decades. None of the mainstream media outlets on the left and right will come out of this looking good. It also doesn’t make one a conservative for not believing in the extremist views of the SJWs. I’m a liberal with traditional socialist leanings and I despise the SJWs as much as I despise crazy neo-cons.

      2. I rarely ever read any of the non-GG related articled on Breitbart as I generally tend to disagree with most of them, though I do appreciate their service to our cause. My political position has not really changed as a result of GG, I recognise ordinary liberals aren’t to blame for the stupidity of SJW’s and the left wing press.

        1. I admit I like Milo’s writing. I don’t always agree with him, but he brings a unique and fresh perspective to things that neither a straight conservative nor a gay leftist could supply. His Sexodus articles deserve the acclaim.

      3. More people are waking up to how the broad liberal mindset of the Left is entrenched in just as much lies and sociopolitical dogma as the Right.
        _More people are becoming actual libertarians and standing firm in independent thought rather than swaying in the political wind. We’re only becoming more “conservative” because we aren’t as far left as the Left wants us to be.

    2. Agreed. I’m socially liberal as well. These people attacking us aren’t normal left they are extremist left so far from center then went around and ended up right again. They pro gg people on the left aren’t left because they are so absurdly insane they can’t tell the difference.

    3. Exactly. People have pointed this out over and over. I voted Nader twice and Obama once.

      I just am not into totalitarian witch hunts or arguments with no / or bad evidence.

    4. So you can’t possibly be left wing if you agree with the right on anything at all? How does shit even get done there in the USA if people think you can only support one of them? Do they ever agree on anything at all?

      Also, “If you support inclusiveness and diversity in «subject», «order»” seems to be the SJW version of Bioshock’s “Would you kindly «order»”.

    5. I have never met a conservative who was not obnoxiously proud of being a conservative.

      Insularity is a terrible way to go through life, especially for someone who, no doubt, proudly wears his “More Open-Minded Than Thou” merit badge on all appropriate (and inappropriate) occasions.

      P.S. Taking shots at those that are your natural allies in this–much more so than much (if not most) of the left–is also a pretty terrible way to go through life.

      1. I took no shots at anyone. Only stated a fact. I have never met a conservative or a liberal for that matter who would ever pretend to be the other.

        To say GG is a bunch of conservatives pretending to be liberals is ridiculous. If GG were a bunch of conservatives we would be flying that flag very high.

        GG is made up of all political ideologies, but it is no secret that the majority lean left.

  3. JFC, these SJWs are so blinded from reality by their ideology. I went through Morse’s Twitter, and his views look like that of a left-leaning centrist, not a extreme right-winger. And I’ve been following Lizzy on Twitter for a while, and I’ve seen nothing that even comes close to “right wing”.

    The SJWs are just extra salty because they realize this is a huge sign of the tide turning in our favor, and now they have one less major game site spewing their anti-GG lies and propaganda.

    1. I will love to watch Wikilies reaction if Liz publishes a pro GG article. Because the way they control the narrative is by only allowing anti GG articles to be used as references. And saying that The Escapist is not a valid source will be hard to swallow even for those guys.

  4. So Liz says she “can’t” discuss GG anymore now that she is hired by the escapist. Does this mean that the Escapist has put a full out ban and decided to not write any GG articles? Or are they just telling a Pro-GG that she can’t discuss things anymore?

    My gut feeling is the former. I believe that the Escapist is doing the smart thing — they have decided to go “neutral” and not report anything at all. That way pro GG people will see “pro-gg” writers and go “yay!” but there wont be any articles published that will piss off the “anti-gg”.

    So is this a “win”?

    Both yes an no.

    Yes because we want a game news source that reports on games and not on crap.

    No because this means that Liz voice about GG has been silenced… not by SJW harassers, but with gold.

    1. My understanding is Liz avoids the topic because her children got threatened after she was doxxed. She has not flat-out said that, but given she said she got into Gamergate largely because she wouldn’t stand for Leigh Alexander smearing people who had the traits of her autistic daughter, it’s not hard to put two and two together.

      I don’t mind if she stays out of GamerGate, but I can’t help but hope that she does more activism for autistim awareness. My respect for her went up a long way when I read that blog of hers, and quite possibly The Escapist’s did, too. Lizzy may have left Gamergate, but not before smashing the opposition’s argument Gamergate was a hate group and uniquely responsible for harassment.

    2. she went off the grid for about 2 weeks, came back and said she could not talk GamerGate anymore, because she was thorougly doxed, she came back before moviebob got the boot.

      Escapist is pro-gg I think, at least in terms of our goals, don’t know about the movement, they stated though that they wanted the escapist to be free from political shit so it was just games, I think that’s awesome.

    3. They absolutely can if she wants continued employment there. Plenty of places have “morality clauses”.

      Shit, even the NFL has that.

      I’ve worked in radio then in television for 7 years, and they’re no different from any other job I’ve been at with that “you represent the company” line that’s in any employment agreement.

      I’m sure Liz was told flat out that if she acts beyond the bounds of what they said she could that her employment would be terminated.

  5. My issue with this is saying someone has different beliefs or political leanings should mean they don’t have a right to work somewhere…

    I am on the left but i have no desire to dismiss a person’s worth because they lean more on the right. Solutions to political issues is something both sides should find together instead of sabotaging eachother…

  6. I used to boycott The Escapist because of Jim “Trolling Scumbag” Sterling, but maybe I’ll give them a visit every once in a while now. I’m getting tired of NaoGAF’s annoying SJW whine fest so I’d be happy to find a replacement that’s not constantly trying to force extreme leftist garbage down everyone’s throats.

  7. Interesting. Perhaps if the escapist has stopped being the pseudo-intellectual paradise it was last time I went there, I’ll consider typing their site in my address bar again.

    As a side note, I find it really funny when the SJWs are still trying to slander people they disagree with based on their political views. After everything that’s happened, they still are trying to turn videogames into a political arena.

  8. Full support they will have from me, as a matter of fact I will encourage all my contacts now and in the future to support them, visit their website, read their articles even if I do not agree with some of their stands or points, at least they have shown willingness to change their ways which is central to ethical journalism, I will never ever forget what the Escapist did recently and that is my word.

  9. I’m glad for Liz. She’s an awesome person and fantastic writer. I’m not nearly as impressed with Escapist as some other folks seem to be, though.

    EDIT: I’ve been told that they’ve been approached by Escapist to produce content, but that they haven’t really been hired as such. Any truth to that?

  10. Neogaf is banning people simply for saying they are religious and believe that if you’re born male then you’re a male, and if you’re born female you’re a female.

    If you are a man and wish to live as a women, then go ahead, but don’t expect other people to have to identify you as a female, I do not call a man a woman simply because he goes around in a dress and a wig and calls himself a woman, if that offends you then sorry, but I am not about to rewrite the laws of nature so you don’t get upset. I am not about to ignore scientific fact to please a bunch of liberals who think they can make the rules up as they go along.

    I will not be visiting neogaf anymore after many years, it is clear they view all Christian people who follow their faith as bigots, they are dangerous to all people who believe in freedom of speech.

    1. You say something bigoted and then go “but I won’t stand being called bigoted”! Lel.
      That aside, freedom of speech doesn’t equate to freedom of criticism.

    2. You ignore the part where genuinely wired transgenderism, IE gender dysphoria, is also a matter of science and biology. It is a mind issue. For MtFs, we can see their disorder in bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, the interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus, and the grey matter in the right putamen. All show drastically altered characteristics when compared to other men, including hormone production, neural pathing, and sensory intake.

      These issues, when taking neural plasticity into account, are similar to the brain differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

      I agree that at the end of the day, the defining trait difference between males and females is their reproductive engineering, but that doesn’t mean that transgenders don’t genuinely have a biological reason for the dissociation they feel with their own flesh, their own engine of mortal experience.

  11. They talk about us hating, but it’s all I ever see from them. It’s all they ever do is hate. They live it, eat it, and breath it, hate for all that is not like them or subservient to them.

  12. People on Gaf calling for him to lose his job because he will not call Somebody that is male a female. Sorry to break it to you but there are differences between men and women, real differences that can be scientifically proven. Like a penis, vagina, adams apple, a womb. This is how we know if a baby born is a boy or a girl.

    But these people who say it is up to the individual to decide if they are male or female, are rewriting the truth, rewriting the foundation of what it means to be a man or woman. They say there is no such thing as a male or female, only what exists in the mind and we can chose if we are a man or woman, by their logic, we can no longer say if a baby is born a boy or a girl, because that baby has not decided if it is male or female.

    Do you not see how absurd and completely illogical these people are, they have taken what is true and turned it 180 degrees on its head and are telling us what is true is false, and what is false is the truth. That scientific proof comes second to a persons feelings. And if you disagree you are a bigot and should be outcast from society.

    These people with their new world view are dangerous, as dangerous as any group that has come before, they are trying to rewrite the rules of the human race, and want to silence , destroy the lively hoods of anyone who opposes their insanity.

    1. At this point, the various factions of the SJW crowd are carbon copies of 1984’s IngSoc party sponsored “organizations”.

    2. Isn’t it funny how SJWs are all too eager to (rightly) call out climate change deniers and creationists, but then do an about-face when biological/physiological issues concerning sex arise?

      Science! (when it’s politically convenient)

  13. OoooOOOoooh the tweets from the twats on twitter are sooooo salty. LMAO!

    It just goes to show that people like Brandon Morse and Lizzy are 1000 times better than all of you SJWs put together. And put the FUN back in gaming. 🙂

    I wonder if there’s still a spot open in IGN, so we can some GG people to fill in? Ever since that that Snowflake Greg Miller left.

    1. Unfortunately there are plenty SJWs left in IGN – Brian Altano, Mitch Dyer and Lucy something, so I would imagine that the clique mentality still prevails there.

      1. That’s unfortunate. Well, we’ll see how well IGN pans out in the future since they’ve update their ethics policy back in January.

      2. I’ve discussed topics with Lucy O’Brien quite a few times, and she’s honestly a very decent human being. Yeah, she’s an SJW, but she’s never been one that’s unwilling to discuss matters. She’s more often than not a sensible individual, and not a raving, narcissistic lunatic.

        Altano is alright in my book, as well. He’s a bit of a tool, but he’s not offensively stupid, and has never shit on gamers (to my knowledge at least). Mitch Dyer on the other hand, is a complete fucktard. That dude is so far up his own ass, the lump in his throat is his goddamn nose (Thank you, Wild Bill).

        The real problems over at IGN are the moderators. They suck, and they suck royally. Any and all discussions that could be interesting are cut off at the knees. Say one thing that disrupts a circle jerk, and they outright delete your comment. Even if your comment doesn’t break any site rules, it’s gone. Bring it up in the comments – that the mods are being dicks – and it’s deleted. In fact, I’ve seen the moderators actively attempt to construct arguments by deleting an opposing viewpoint and then leaving the SJW side up. It creates this notion that someone was being sexist or racist or what have you, when in actuality they were being rational and arguing fair points. It’s disingenuous bullshit like that that needs to stop. Otherwise IGN is fine… for the most part, at least. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re a corrupt outlet, and there’s absolutely no reason to trust their reviews or coverage. But they at least know they are corrupt and don’t hide the fact that they are. They wear it on their sleeve.

        1. You maybe right about O’Brien, but we all know how strong feminism is in Australia so I tend to not trust her.

          As for Altano and Dyer – they are both in the San Fransisco clique:

          Anyone that appears in this McIntosh video is an enemy of gaming and free speech.

          You are right with your last point – the mods at IGN are the biggest problem, but we mustn’t dismiss the importance of their public figures – those who speak for thousands of gamers.

          1. Yeah, I’m not watching that again, as I’ve seen it too many times already, and it’s too early in the day to throw up.

            Look, that video is fucking ridiculous, and we all know it. And those that appeared in it should no doubt be criticized and laughed at. However, while they may be endorsing a product that McIntosh is selling, guilt by association is never a good way to judge someone’s character. Other than a few guys like Sessler, Schafer and Dyer, I’m willing to give most of those guys the benefit of the doubt. You have to look at things from a case-by-case basis, and Altano, as far as I know, has never given much reason for outright disgust. Yeah, he appeared in one of the most pathetic videos ever created, but has he gone any further than that? Has he been going on long tirades over twitter about Israel and how The Patriarchy is ruining society as we know it? Again, to my knowledge, he hasn’t.

            (But, yeah, that video may be too much for some to look past.)

          2. She put the boot between his legs so hard that he could taste his pulverized privates in the back of his throat.

          3. I’m not looking past it and this is the only case I need to criticize him.

            He is a very public face of IGN that has many fans. He is a gamer that plays many games. By showing there he willingly chose to throw all his gaming experience out of the window and sacrifice it to the alter of Feminism to support a lie. This is on him. Not on McIntosh, not on Miller. There is no Nuremberg defense here.

            I know he’s a nice guy, but standing against gaming is something I can not forgive.

  14. SJWs complaining about someone advocating hate speech should be a smite able offense, the pure levels of hypocrisy blow the mind wondering how space doesn’t collapse around these wastes of space.

  15. If a male identifies himself as a female, then it is not up to the rest of society to have to call that person a female, why should everybody else have to go against the facts and the truth of reality to please somebody. You do not ask people to lie and ignore what is real to please any other group, you do not go around being nice to religious people because they believe in God, you ridicule their beliefs and mock them as fantasy, yet when it comes to calling a man a woman, you expect other people to play along in this fantasy so that feelings are not hurt.

    You are a hypocrite and will change what you say depending on what group of people you are dealing with. You expect your beliefs to be respected, while openly shitting on other peoples beliefs. You think one group of people need to have their misguided beliefs respected, but not somebody else’s because you don’t agree with it.

    I don’t give a **** about what people want to believe in, I do not have to respect people’s beliefs, if something is true and based in fact, I do not have to feel any guilt or shame when I acknowledge what is true. And I will not feel any shame in calling a male a male, it is not wrong it is the truth, and if that upsets you then I am sorry that you have this burden to carry but I will not deny the truth for any person on this earth. To do so makes a mockery of the truth and what is real.

    Being born a male and thinking you are a female might not be a choice, but it’s still not the truth, you are not a female even if you believe it 100%, in the same way a girl in Russia who lived her life thinking she was a dog, and walked around on her hands and knees eating out of a dog bowl for years and barking, she was not a dog, no matter how much she believed it, it’s not based in truth or fact, it’s a mental problem not acknowledging what you truly are. Your world view is not based in reality or fact, it is based in ideas and beliefs that are not real to anybody else but yourself.

    Nobody else has to acknowledge this as truth, I have a lot of sympathy for people like this, it may not sound like it but I do, I think they deserve respect and help, but I will not lie to myself or deny the facts to make that person believe in ,what isn’t real. That goes for everything in life, to call people bigots simply because they will not play along in this fantasy is stupid beyond belief. I guess I am also a bigot because I do not agree with people who think they are 4 legged animals with a tail.

    Get a grip and stop trying to get people sacked because they do not play along with your world view that is based in fantasy.

  16. This is why ultra-left radical extremists never grow in numbers.
    Anyone to the left of Mao is labeled a right-winger and demonized, so anyone who doesn’t have a specific extreme-left fanatic mindset despises them.
    They do a few poor attempts they do at appearing moderate lefties but it has become so evident that even an external viewer will quickly dissociate from them as they drop their extremist comments and ideologies left and right.
    This is also why #GamerGate succeeds; most people opposes the psycho-fascism of the extreme left and their demonization campaigns against anyone who isn’t exactly like them.

  17. Too much salt in those tweets, I may have take more of my blood pressure meds! 😀

    In any case, keep this in mind. The question is not left vs right, or even liberal versus conservative. The question should be, always should be, this: statist, or autonomist?

    Do you stand for free thought and individual liberty, even when people say things you disagree with?

    That’s the only question that matters. And the people who say ‘no’ are the enemy.

  18. A smart vocal woman whit a lot of followers is silenced by the media (she isnt aloud to write/talk about gamergate)
    HOW is this a win for gamergate?

    1. She stopped talking about gamergate after getting doxxed anyway. It’s a win to have her and no longer have moviebob at The Escapist.

  19. I don’t know anything about these two. But the main thing that sticks out to me is that SJWs are basically attempting to openly institute a political blacklist in plain site. I’m on the far left, but I want to read a diverse array of opinions; especially as far as politics is concerned.

    Seeing people instantly mobilize into public blacklist advocacy basically confirms once again the kind of cronyism and corruption we’ve been pointing out since August. If you’re reading this Milo, you’ve got the makings of another article.

  20. Did Movie Blob just call us fanatics and ideologues?LOL. Don’t lump rational sane people with you nut jobs you POS. Or are you just butthurt that you got replaced at The Escapist? And by a woman as a matter of fact. LMAO! Go back to your hug box and drink your Kool-aid you POS.

  21. Their reaction just goes to show how “progressive” and indoctrinated the current mainstream gaming media is (or at least the people that are defending them). If the Escapist is now being touted as right and that’s a problem, it must mean all the current gaming media is left. I don’t see a problem with having representation from both sides, especially if it means we won’t have everyone towing the gaming party line of Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk being infallible..

  22. So much salt! Oh no what’s that someone with a different view then yours was hired, yeah welcome to the real world assholes. Also you are condemning Escapist for listening to their fans. Yeah how is that business practice working for you? They aren’t even trying to act civil anymore. At the beginning they were acting smug (South Park San Francisco episode rings to mind) but now that they’re getting the shit kicked out of them (gee it’s like shitting on your audience was a bad idea) they are now just getting desperate for attention. Have fun drowning, we tried to toss you a life preserve and you wouldn’t take it. Don’t blame us for setting up some chairs to watch the train wreck.

  23. Just made an account with them. I left the Escapist due to the SJW bull and how much it was veering AWAY from real game articles. I’m glad it’s back, and I’m glad to be back

  24. I would love to see some proof from the anti-gamers on the whole “media affects perception!” LIE that Anita/McIntosh like to peddle. That’s right kids, it’s a lie. It was PROVEN UNTRUE when SCOTUS knocked Thompson’s teeth down his throat. All statistical studies NOT from feminists institutions (which cite other feminists as sources- that DiGRA ethics though) show that as not just games, but ALL violent media consumption has increased, violence in the US has DECREASED, noticeably against women. Gee, it’s almost like people aren’t as afraid to talk about violence these days. Hmmm.

    What these retards are advocating for is PROPAGANDA. And if they honestly believe that games are propaganda, then they aren’t gamers. Period. Games are escapist fun; they are completely separate from reality with their own clearly defined rules.

    I love how these people nurse off Anita’s titty/McIntosh’s cock because of her “education”, like her anecdotes and flat out lies are somehow justified by that. I have TWO Masters – one in CULTURAL History and the other in Information Science (archives and records management). By their logic – and my own time in academia and life long passion for gaming (I can name 3 games of any genre off the top of my head when asked) – I am an even greater expert on the subject than Anita.

    Never mind people like Based Mom who beats Anita’s ass in the credential and publication department.

  25. LMAO. Oh my god, look at all of that butt hurt. Eat a hearty meal tonight my friends, for this is truly the beginning of a new dawn for GG. Mainstream, high profile devs turned the heat up on the aGG media conglomerate, and now the Escapist has hired honest journalists and knowledgeable gamers to create new content. I wait eagerly to see if the new hires bring solid and compelling content to the website.

    Lets just hope they don’t suck.

    1. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a figure of speech commonly used in the United States that refers to a person or group holding an unquestioned belief, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. It could also refer to knowingly going along with a doomed or dangerous idea because of peer pressure. The phrase oftentimes carries a negative connotation when applied to an individual or group. It can also be used ironically or humorously to refer to accepting an idea or changing a preference due to popularity, peer pressure, or persuasion. The phrase derives from the November 1978 Jonestown deaths,[1][2][3] where members of the Peoples Temple, who were followers of the Reverend Jim Jones committed suicide by drinking a mixture of a powdered soft drink flavoring agent laced withcyanide.[4][5] Although the powder used in the incident included Flavor Aid, it was commonly referred to as Kool-Aid due to its status as a genericized trademark.”

      1. Good to see you still active bud, you still have more integrity and courage then a dozen SJW’s Ralph, all the best bud, I will always visit your site when I can.

  26. Escapist hiring more women while these other sites hire nothing but straight white dudes and they have the fucking gall to bitch at the escapist while calling for diversity?
    Practice what you preach fuckos.
    Then again, these are the same fuckwits who told an established feminist scholar that she does not count as a feminist but some lying corporate shill who used to work for a pick up artist is a “real” feminist…

  27. May I ask what your history with Jim Sterling is? I’ve been going back on forth on him for a while and more information would be good.

  28. It shit likes this that makes me glad I’m no longer on the left side of politics. It’s never good enough for these people. I’ve been following Brandon Morse for years, and he’s not this vile “right wing extremist”. He desribes himself as a Conservatarian i.e, a Right leaning Libertarian, which is what I also consider myself. I seriously can’t stand these people.

  29. GG about left and righters?? WHAAAAT?? I dont even have a fucking political view.. Hell GG exists out of the US.. you SJW snobs(not that they would read this)

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