You know what’s funny? I’ve never thought much of the upcoming SPJ Airplay event (Society of Professional Journalists. They make the ethics guidelines). Well, I mean I have, but those thoughts were along the lines of “this doesn’t matter, why waste time on it?” I know some of our best and brightest advocates are attending, so this isn’t meant as a knock on them. I just felt that the whole thing was not worth focusing on. But now, we can see why it has been a worthy effort, no matter what happens at the actual event. This was meant to be a debate between GamerGate and their detractors. But even though multiple attempts have been made to include some prominent people from the other side, they have all continuously refused. This abdication tells you all you need to know. These cowards refuse to stand up and debate us in an open and fair forum. Why? Because they know they would lose. 

Check out some of the tweets where we’ve tried to coax them into coming, as well as notorious troll Stonemirror trying to worm his way in. Maybe he will take Mike Cernovich up on his offer, though I’m not sure he qualifies. Where are the journalists who trashed us? Leigh, we’ll pay your bar tab. Get your ass down to Florida. I know you’ve been more thoroughly embarrassed than anything that could possibly happen in Miami. Hell, that’s probably happened for you just within the last weekend:


Cernovich’s offer:

I won’t hold my breath on that one. I’ll repeat what I said at the top, though: Airplay has already been a success due to the anti-gamers refusing to take the field. Where’s crazy Wu, Cooky Chu, or Literally Who? I could have rhymed some more imbeciles in with that, but I think you get the idea. Cowards, the whole lot of them. There’s still time for one of them to step up, though. I’ll come out and commend them if they do.

  1. Oh, I did a looooooong reply on the cowardice of the aGG journos as well as the bullshit of having to crowdfund 5 weeks out (seeing how it was never brought up before) but their harassment narrative gets blown to bits in the first 10 seconds “GG is has done this & that” then Oliver opens up with “I’m GG & have never done any of those things. You have proof that I did?” Then come the hems & the haws. ONE has stepped up when called on her bullshit & you know what…it’s still bullshit. She sees a free Florida trip then that cunt stonemirror tried to do the same. Fuck the lot of them.

    -sniff- Someday I’ll have a tweet screencapped & used in a Ralph article -looks to the stars while holding his stuffed tiger-

  2. I’m not at all surpirsed that the likes of Totillo, Kuchera, Schreier, Klepek, Grayson, Alexander, and many more just aren’t going to show up to bumble they way through explaining their corruption and ethical breaches. I mean most of these sites just barely got ethics policies late last year and this year after being in business for many years prior.

    I am not sure anything will come out of AirPlay, maybe just a report. I’m also cynical as to if the SPJ will change it’s guidelines to cover online controversies. If they do make guidelines for online stories, they will be largely ignored and never enforced.

    A grassroots campaign like GamerGate did way more for ethical standards that we can expect out of gatekeepers like the SPJ. I mean GG forced these sites to have ethics policies, we’ve forced them to use discloses, we’ve exposed them for not disclosing, we’ve ridiculed their bad report and lack of fact checking, we’ve lost them advertisers, we got several ethical outlets to E3, we allowed more developers to speak out against game “journos,” and done a lot more for an industry we genuinely care about. Don’t expect any of this out of the SPJ.

  3. Actually no, there’s no time to go. Korezky made it clear on a stream with oliver cambpell that the deadline was 4th of july, it’s past now and now korezky has to completley rethink the timetable for the event

  4. The original timetable was supposed to be a hour too talk ethic’s (each panelist getting 5min’s). Some more time to talk ethic’s but i can’t remember in what way. Then the second half would be a free for all. Now that can’t happen which is why korezky has to change the timetable.

  5. This could really help people in GamerGate educate the public and people who just don’t care about video games media. From people who are not gamers, I heard the question, why care. It’s just gaming journalism, so this could be a great time to show the world why solid gaming journalism matters

    1. Our reps need to be charming and unoffensive in their presentations or we could damn ourselves without ever having to debate these faux progressives.

      1. I completely agree with you. I also hope that this will show why ethical journalism matters as well. Even in mainstream media ethics are not always inforced.

        One major problem people continue to have is that the SPJ guidelines are things that should hapen. They are not edict. Each publication makes uo their own guidelines when that is a mistake just waiting to happen.

  6. They don’t even dear to face the very people they have been shitting on for the last 10 months. They are indeed the “brave heroes of Justice” xD

  7. Anyone surprised by now?
    Now I don’t hang out on twitter that much, but from what I gathered of the SJW communication protocol is to call someone a doodyhead and then putting their fingers in their ears. Their whole way of thinking, acting and communicating is on the level of children acting up, of course they don’t want to have an adult conversation, let alone a debate, they aren’t capable of doing those things.

  8. Its pathetic how they go on panels they get paid for where they don’t have to deal with opposing voices to slander us…

    But in a place where they can’t go unchallenged they refuse to show…

  9. It even says a lot about how both sides reacted.

    GamerGate eagerly funded each of our chosen representatives (who are doing this without getting paid for it, as far as I know) to go within the day, most people as far as I’ve seen are happy with this and looking forward to it.

    Anti-GamerGate bitched and moaned the entire time and demands ridiculous amounts of money to go.

    We’re PAYING to stand up for what we believe in, they won’t stand up for what they believe in without getting paid. That says all you need to know about GG and AGG.

    1. They make ridiculous demands on the debate that they know we wont give them so they can try to blame their non-attendance on us. It’s nothing more than a ploy as they know they’ll be destroyed in a factual debate.

    2. really i thought it was telling back during the panelist selection the gg committee did it all in the open and agg demanded that their committee be kept secret and their selections be kept secret.

  10. They seem to be nothing more than simple Keyboard warriors. When it comes time to actually do something, they all back down…

    1. Make up some lie… Example : “I was supposed to go to the debate, but then I was viciously harassed by terrorists and threatened, so I didn’t go because it was not safe. Please donate to my Patreon so I can survive this terrifying experience.”

      1. Yeah that the SOP of these idiots isn’t it?

        I guess it makes perfect sense to them, so why change?

  11. Didn’t that Nat Zed or whatever say she has a degree in #GamerGate and not even mean it as a lie…

    I mean, she’d be great in that real academics would tear her to pieces.

    Fingers crossed this will be beautiful though. Reasonable people will show up, lay out all the ethical violations in front of the SPJ, who will see no one there to rebuke.

    I mean, if it were a court case, I can tell you which side wins automatically.

    I eagerly anticipate the next week when SPJ says that no form of “games ‘journalism'” actually exists.

  12. All of journalism is rotten to the core and the people in the SPJ know it, If they make us win the debate they have to change there own way’s and that is never going to happen

    1. This is what happens when there are no moderator to ban the opposition. SJWs are scared. A debate is considered harassment to them.

      1. If I were any of them, I wouldn’t want to spar against Milo either. He’s much smarter than any of them and has done his research.

  13. I want to see a significant campaign start up to get Literally Wu to go. She’s not a journalist, but she certainly talked (and continues to talk) a LOT of shit about GamerGate. Guess she’s too much of a pussy to actually talk about it unless she’s in a forum where she can have people kicked out at will.

    1. Speaking of Wu, we haven’t heard anything out of her for what, 5 minutes?

      She’s past due for her regularly scheduled tirade…

      1. Last time she needed GamerGate-sempai to notice her she smeared a prosecutor as someone who doesn’t care about terrorists attacking women.

        And given how she always escalates her BS, I wonder whats she’s going to do, and how bad it’s going to backfire?

  14. I knew this would happen. They’ll never debate their lies in an open and honest arena.

  15. Faggot Arthur Chu is supposedly a genius thus it should not be hard for win to debate, right? If you have a lot of knowledge, it’s easy to win arguments. Oh wait he is full of shit and literally all his arguments are lies, that’s why he won’t do it.

    1. Lies? Not just lies. His arguments are psychotic, sociopathic tirades laced with delusions of grandeur. He needs to be locked up in a mental institution, sharing a padded cell with Moviebob and Wu.

  16. The Hugbox comment is fucking rich coming from the so-called Gamergate phd who hid her GG talk with her peers behind the Death Eaters hashtag.

  17. to be fair to natalie, I have engaged her on twitter and she’s been civil with me, she’s pretty moderate and doesn’t use a blockbot. With that said I think it’s only fair if you include this

    It seems like she’s the only one willing to go or make an effort (not counting the troll stonemirror), If the rest of your side isn’t backing you up it can’t be all that nice, it’s a tough burden being the only one and having to represent an entire side by yourself, I understand why she does not want to go as the only one.

  18. Just wait for the moment they’ll try to spin their “no show” into again further defaming us. And then I’ll say: “Told you it’s gonna happen.” and link it back to this message…

  19. lol, SJWs not wanting a public debate has been known since CalEx – I mean they literally got the honeybadgers banned for ONE statement in which they said “feminism constantly paints women as victims instead of as empowered” and a poster with GG on it.

    “Well we can’t have rational people responding to our arguments, that would just be…. triggering… no, maybe harassment… Yes, that sounds like a good way to get rid of them”

    So why in hell would they show up to an event where they’d have to defend their statements? That would just be counterproductive and open them up to “harassment” from reality.

  20. sure, I don’t think that the SPJ holds much upfront power / sway, however as far as I know they do have a lot behind the scenes sway/clout. gg may not see apologies from news outlets that have done hit pieces in the past about it but, play the cards right and come out on top in the SPJ thing and some journalist wanting to do another hit-piece on gg will have their piece not approved by their editor (and if the panel does really well the journalist submitting the gg hit-piece might get a bit of their ass torn out for the shoddy research/reporting that they are attempting to do).

  21. keep in mind these are people who can’t even endure reading criticism comments on Twitter – what do you expect?

    Equalism can’t exist in an open discursive space. Destroy some equalist safe spots today

  22. Of course they don’t want a real argument, that’s because there is no “block” button in real life. “Oh you have an opinion or an argument that differs from mine? Where’s my block button because I’m too in love with the sound of my own voice to hear anyone else speak.”

  23. how interesting zed will show up for the debate, as long as zed isnt the only agg, and zed has no intention of looking for some other agg’s to join them. i almost want to say that its a standard tactic.
    the standard SJW: sure ill debate you, However here’s my list of conditions and its your job to appease me and fulfill all the conditions before I show up… if I decide I want to.

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