You know what’s funny? I’ve never thought much of the upcoming SPJ Airplay event (Society of Professional Journalists. They make the ethics guidelines). Well, I mean I have, but those thoughts were along the lines of “this doesn’t matter, why waste time on it?” I know some of our best and brightest advocates are attending, so this isn’t meant as a knock on them. I just felt that the whole thing was not worth focusing on. But now, we can see why it has been a worthy effort, no matter what happens at the actual event. This was meant to be a debate between GamerGate and their detractors. But even though multiple attempts have been made to include some prominent people from the other side, they have all continuously refused. This abdication tells you all you need to know. These cowards refuse to stand up and debate us in an open and fair forum. Why? Because they know they would lose. 

Check out some of the tweets where we’ve tried to coax them into coming, as well as notorious troll Stonemirror trying to worm his way in. Maybe he will take Mike Cernovich up on his offer, though I’m not sure he qualifies. Where are the journalists who trashed us? Leigh, we’ll pay your bar tab. Get your ass down to Florida. I know you’ve been more thoroughly embarrassed than anything that could possibly happen in Miami. Hell, that’s probably happened for you just within the last weekend:


Cernovich’s offer:

I won’t hold my breath on that one. I’ll repeat what I said at the top, though: Airplay has already been a success due to the anti-gamers refusing to take the field. Where’s crazy Wu, Cooky Chu, or Literally Who? I could have rhymed some more imbeciles in with that, but I think you get the idea. Cowards, the whole lot of them. There’s still time for one of them to step up, though. I’ll come out and commend them if they do.