Look, the standard operating procedure for responding to attacks is, you don’t even worry about those that aren’t on your level. If some anon attacked Milo, he’s not going to respond. Why? Because it’s not worth it and only serves to elevate the person who wrote it. Still…I just woke up, and I need a column. So I decided that I will go ahead and write a response to the shitty hitpiece that was released about me a few hours ago. As I said on Twitter, it’s so bad makes me look like Hemingway. I won’t quote the tweet for you, since apparently there’s something wrong with quoting your own tweets on your own site. That’s a new one…

OK, so this clown’s name is [REDACTED]. He’s a loser that I’ve had blocked for a long while now. In fact, when I go through and look at who retweeted this hilariously bad piece, I can see that it’s almost all people that I have blocked. Some folks take Twitter DOTCOM pretty seriously. Anyway, I blocked this guy a long time ago for being an idiot and spreading troll bullshit. It looks like he’s scrubbed his tweets a bit, so I can’t show you more. You can either take my word for it, or not. I really don’t care.

Which brings me to the next point: this isn’t an objective news outlet. I’m not a journalist. I don’t want to be a journalist. I’ve never wanted to be a journalist. I’ve said this literally over 1,000 times, and no telling how many times here in print. From the very beginning, I told you guys that I am biased. I revel in being slanted. If you want objective, you should go somewhere else. I support GamerGate, I don’t like modern feminism, and I’ve never hid either one of those facts. You know what you’re getting when you come here.

This doesn’t mean that truth doesn’t come into play. It always does. Presenting the news from a certain viewpoint doesn’t mean you lie about what’s happening. It’s simply passing through a filter. Some losers don’t want to understand this. This sperglord would be one of those people. I won’t go through every section, because frankly, this person isn’t worth the sweat off my ballsack. But I will address a couple things.

He shows a quote of me talking shit about Hotwheels. You don’t come here to read me tell you a bunch of fake shit, so I’ll just shoot from the hip. I don’t like the guy, and he doesn’t like me. There’s good reasons for this state of affairs, and it’s deteriorated over many months. But who cares? We don’t all have to like each other. I know this is a shocking concept to some.

Also, I don’t give a fuck who someone is. If they talk trash about me I will always respond, for better or worse. That’s just who I am. Still, I do have respect for Hotwheels and his role in giving GamerGate a place to congregate after the 4chan banishment. He’s just not Jesus to me like he is to some people. He’s a person, like anyone else.

Some people don’t like it when you tell it like it is. I don’t care. I’m going to keep doing it. Still, it’s one thing to attack me. Why does this lame feel the need to bring unpaid contributors into his slime-job? Candy Jam is one of the nicest people I’ve met in GG. Masterninja has been dedicated since day one and submitted a single column to my site. Why are you attacking rank-and-file supporters over your petty grudge? Not only that, he never mentions who actually wrote the pieces he’s citing. He also didn’t reach out to me for comment, not that I actually care. But this is the “ethical” side he represents. I guess it’s just too hard to follow your own bullshit rules.1

Take a look at some of the content, since I’m running long here:1He fails to mention that Usher left out their reasoning in his headline as well. Also, I’m not one to buy the Anita Sarkeesian explanation on anything. It’s like this fucking idiot hasn’t even been paying attention the last year.


Only a tag policing little bitch could ever say that mousepad dust-up had nothing to do with GamerGate. A famous developer being shamed for his choice of accessory, and even being called a detriment to the industry because of it…that has nothing to do with our fight? If you feel that way, then please go commit Japanese ritualistic suicide. You’re severely lacking in brainpower and I’m afraid your dangerous level of ignorance may spread into the general population.

There’s more, but I’m already over 700 words, and I need to start talking about people that are actually known. Then again, this is about me as well. So I guess in a way, I am. The funny thing is, you don’t have to look very hard at why this piece was written in the first place. This guy wants some attention. That made me hesitant to respond, like I said at the outset. But, fuck it. Here we are. So enjoy this time in the spotlight, but maybe next time you should have someone check your syntax and give you some better material to work with, man. Cause this shit was pretty pathetic.

1Feel free to keep the series going, but don’t expect any more charity from me. I’m not gonna come outta my chair for this fuckery next time.

Let me know what you think down below, as always.


UPDATE: Someone already sent me evidence of the fucker lying lmfao…1