OK, I fell asleep last night and slept way longer than I wanted to. Therefore, a few of the stories I wanted to cover are now going to be wrapped up into this one wake-up column. I’m aware that it’s past 1:30 on the East Coast (3:30 now, it took a minute to write this), but whatever. My fucking ass just woke up lol. So what are the stories? A video where Obama took a shot at SJWs was publicized yesterday, a Spider-Gwen variant cover has caused some outrage from those same psychos, and Big Randi Harper spewed some shit last night. If you missed any of those, or just want to drop a comment, follow me after the jump. 

Let’s lead-off with President Obama:

Imagine if, producers and distributors and others, start engaging in self-censorship because they don’t want to offend the sensibilities uh, of somebody’s whose sensibilities probably need to be offended. Um, so, you know, that’s not who we are. That’s not what America is about.

I don’t think I could have said it any better, Mr. President. While he didn’t mention SJWs or feminists explicitly, this is the exact same argument we’ve been making over these last eight months. We don’t have to imagine it any longer, though. That’s the only issue I take with his statement. It’s happening as we speak, and probably more than we know. Creators don’t openly announce all changes. What if a writer self-censored while they were coming up with a screenplay or TV script? He or she is not going to make that public. Keep that in mind when thinking about the effect PC culture has on creativity. There so much censorship that we never even hear about.



Moving on, let’s talk about Spider-Gwen variant cover that Frank Cho drew. He did it on his own. It had no association with Marvel. But since he’s a well known and accomplished talent, the SJWs came down on his ass anyway. Here’s the cover he drew (it was a take on the famous Spider-Woman cover that triggered idiots last year):


So, it’s funny, right? At least I thought so. But the rad fem mob would have none of it. Writing in The Mary Sue, Sam Maggs said:

Aside from being an obvious poke at “those angry feminists” who “overreact” to things, the cover is also an unfortunate but elucidating look at what some men think about women who are trying to carve out a space for themselves in the frequently misogynist world of comics – where they feel objectified and overly-sexualized on a regular basis. What makes this sketch even moreinappropriate is that the Spider-Gwen book is clearly aimed at a teen audience, meant to entice new, younger female readers to Marvel comics. Plus, Gwen herself is a teenager.

And before anyone tries to tell you that “it’s just a joke,” it would be helpful to remember that jokes can cause real hurt and real harm to marginalized communities, and that is absolutely something worth critiquing…

Cho has not yet responded to The Mary Sue’s request for a comment. We will update as necessary.

Well, he did respond haha, and it was fucking hilarious (although they didn’t update the article, shockingly). Here it is:


He also added a written response for all the haters:

Wow. What a crazy couple of days it has been. My parody cover sketch of Spider-Gwen aping the infamous Manara Spider-Woman pose sent some of the hypersensitive people in a tizzy.

To be honest, I was amused and surprised by the uproar since it was, in my opinion, over nothing. It’s essentially a small group of angry and humorless people ranting against my DRAWING of a pretty woman. It’s utter nonsense. This world would be a better and a happier place if some people just grow a sense of humor and relax.

Now, I’m getting bombarded by various bloggers asking for an interview addressing this “scandal”. Instead of me wasting my breath and precious time over this non-issue replying to all the interviewers, I’ve drawn another cover sketch in response which will, hopefully, answer all the questions.

Enjoy, everyone.

Believe me, I did enjoy it. This is the perfect response to all the harpies trying to censor art. Tell ’em to fuck off. Throw that shit in their faces, laugh at their ignorance, and move on. Problem solved. If more people did this (*cough* Obsidian, Lionhead) these ideologues wouldn’t feel emboldened enough to keep trying this. So bravo, Mr. Cho. You handled this amazingly well.


Now onto the finale, Big Randi Harper. This cretin spent all night ridiculing our latest effort, the #AreYouBlocked hashtag. That in and of itself was not very noteworthy. The only part of all this that did warrant a write-up, was her declaration about starting a new blocklist based on our campaign: XA7vkJhd3mWuM4NNxmKZbAs you can see, Randi is even a bitch to her allies. Of course with SJWs, who can blame her? As we’ve shown, she has no real connection to their ideology. She simply wants to be rich and semi-famous. Harper saw GamerGate as the perfect opportunity to achieve both. I don’t give a shit about the new blocklist, just like I’ve learned not to give much of a shit about the old one. Yes, it’s a disgrace and the possible use of it as a blacklist pisses me off. But in general, Randi is a just a big bully that I love exposing.But she’s not really doing anything of note, besides scamming corporations and gullible rad fems. I’ll continue to cover that, as always, because I can’t wait to see her fall completely. But don’t be deluded: Big Randi is just an Internet troll who’s gained a modicum of notoriety…nothing more, nothing less.


I’ll be back shortly with a regular one-topic column. I may start doing more multiple topic columns so I can cover stuff that I missed, for whatever reason. They might not always be on Fridays, though, so I’ll have to think of a different name lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the format.