I’ve been sitting here for days trying to figure out how someone could be stupid enough to give Tim Schafer money (even if it’s for Psychonauts 2) after all the dirt he’s done over his career. It’s true, you do have to give him some credit for past glories. But recently, he’s done nothing but shit on gamers and put out incomplete games. I’ll just go ahead and say it as simply as I know how: If you give this conman money, you deserve to get gypped.

In case you’re wondering why I say that, let me dip into the Ralph Retort archives and explain it to you that way. From February 17th of this year

[W]hen I saw him trashing gamers, I was automatically thinking “this guy can go fuck himself.” And he was literally one of the first big names I remember talking a ton of shit. I highlighted one of those tweets a couple weeks ago on Twitter. The fucker is just downright offensive.

So why does Peter Molyneux get raked over the coals, but a fat spendthrift like Schafer escapes scrutiny? Well, it’s simple: he’s part of the SJW Good Ole Freaks network.


Also, we can’t forget about Spacebase DF-9. What a fucking ripoff. This is why I say that dumbasses who trust him again deserve everything they get. By the way, people are actually giving money to this piece of shit. The Fig crowdfund has almost $2.7 million raised so far out of a $3.3 million dollar goal. Knowing this bastard, he’s going to come back and ask for more later. We know that he has no idea how to manage money properly. How badly will he fuck people over this time?

Oh yea, he’s also an insulting prick who likes to shit all over gamers. From March 5th of this year

I was just talking about all this on Twitter, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was too easy on Tim Schafer. This really shouldn’t be described as a mocking. He was just flat out lying about NotYourShield. Mocking would have been him making fun of them for supporting GamerGate, or something. That’s not what he did. He tried to erase them. If you’re a minority or a woman, and you don’t toe the SJW line, then you will be spit upon and/or ignored by their propaganda pushers. It’s sickening.

Oh yea! He also backed the bullshit Nightline report featuring the fraudulent Anita Sarkeesian. As a matter of fact, he was actually in the piece himself

Speaking of phonies, noted crook Tim Schafer stopped by to add in some asinine shit about having female characters to choose when selecting user characters. I’m hesitant to even post it, because it’s so fucking stupid. DEAR TIM: I don’t fucking care about that at all. The thing I care about in that regard, is people making a big issue about it for every single game, regardless of the story the creators are trying to tell. These things change naturally, not through mandate. Anyway, here is the washed up phony himself:

“Developer Tim Schafer said the lack of playable characters for his daughter inspired him to look at this own games. “Almost every game I’ve worked on, we’ve given at least the option to play a female character,” he said. “Once you’re conscious of it, it’s really hard to un-ring that bell.”

So, to recap, if you give this flaming piece of alley trash any of your hard-earned money, you’re a fucking dumbass who deserves to get fucked over. Don’t fall for this guy’s bullshit. He has almost 30 days to raise the rest of his money, so I’m all but certain he will get this cash. I can hardly believe it, but then again, there are a lot of stupid motherfuckers in this world. We’ll be watching and waiting for him to fuck-up, though. Given his track record, that is all but certain as well.