If you’ve been following GamerGate for any real length of time, you know that 8chan is a real thorn in the side of SJWs. They naturally hate it, because it’s totally anon. But they also have a special hatred of the owner, Fredrick Brennan (Hotwheels). I can understand that, to be honest. Every time he comes on the scene, he destroys them. Brianna Wu was laid to waste. Arthur Chu was utterly destroyed. The only thing that keeps the list from growing longer, is the fact that some of them bigger named ones, are smart enough not to show up to debate him. But avoidance isn’t their only strategy. They want to totally silence the man by taking away his Patreon income…three days before Christmas.

The story took another turn when Hotwheels repurposed his Patreon into a page to fund weekly YouTube videos of is cat, Hachi. I’ve seen stuff like this on the service before, and it falls within their new guidelines. So, I don’t see a problem with it. Here’s Hotwheels to explain the venture in more detail:

I think I’m going to have to support this myself. I do enjoy a good cat video. While I was busy laughing about this, I got a DM with a link to a thread on (you guessed it) 8chan. If the screenshots there are legit, then Zoe Quinn had a direct hand in trying to shut down the Patreon Brennan had set up for 8chan. These are from the GhamerGhazi IRC room, and I can confirm that the names are from people who frequent the room, Zoe Quinn included. She’s actually a mod on the channel. I know, because I went in there a couple times for laughs.

I put out a couple more tweets like that around that time, but you get the picture. I’ve been there before. Here’s the Zoe Quinn screens that leaked this AM. Kudos to the anon who got them, by the way:




So, not only does it look like Zoe had a direct hand in trying to take down Hotwheels, but she’s also going after the guys behind The Sarkeesian Effect. She talks about having had meetings with Patreon over this issue for weeks. She publicly threatened to leave the service if they didn’t kick Brennan off, so I guess now she’s painted herself into a corner. To get out of it, It sounds like she got together with Patreon, and tried to craft a Terms of Service that writes out 8chan and others, while still leaving their buddies in.This is exactly the type of collusion that has helped fuel GamerGate from the start. As we know, silencing tactics are nothing new for Zoe Quinn. At least she isn’t using the courts this time. I guess that’s an improvement, for her.

Hilariously, the rainbow-headed bimbo appears to have fallen short again. That’s only for now, of course. I’m sure she’ll bully Patreon into doing what she wants them to do, eventually. As we saw with Stephen Totilo, you don’t get away with standing up to that succubus for long, if you’re in the SJW crowd. It will still be a victory for GamerGate, though, because it exposes Patreon and Quinn for the hypocrites that they are. It also reminds us that the other side hates free speech. That’s terrain that we should relish fighting on.


UPDATE: I will be on a stream tomorrow morning at 11 AM EST with Hotwheels to discuss the recent wave of censorship attempts by our opponents.


  1. we have the evidence post it, the more you post evidence the more it filters into search results for these individuals link to it with their names and handles *publically available* use the system against them.

    under the new patreon TOS go through as much history on anti gamer gate members find any thing such a sexual projects they worked on while having a patreon, any time they supported, retweeted doxxing of GG individuals, or death threats, report this to patreon use the system against them.

  2. A lot of Tumblrinas are getting caught in the recoil of Patreon’s policy changes. To the point where Butts is whining (lol).

    No attention for whatsherface.

    <3 you, Hotwheels. And little Hachi!

    1. I take it you saw sarahbutts tweet about “gee, I don’t think they should limit adult content”. You reap what you sow you stupid cunt.

      1. Yes, the rules surrounding adult content are quite ambiguous now.

        Anything sexual should only be visible to patrons and “use your common sense” to determine whether or not what you’re doing ventures into porn. If it does, no Patreon for you.

        Also “things that make users uncomfortable”. There is actually a “muh feels” clause to get particular Patreon projects closed. Patreon is going to become quite barren over the coming month.

        1. Yeah, I’m against censorship, but we didn’t cause this ZQ’s secret meetings did.


          tl;dr – they aint’ careful Hotwheels will own that site.

          [EDIT You know, Tangoing down Fart’s account just shows how bad you don’t want that snip of the Patreon to be shown, lol.]

          That covers a SHOCKING amount of things, but note the “any sexual content depicting underaged subjects” Sexual content is VERY broad – they’ve basically nuked YA authors off patreon because almost every YA book ever written involves a love story that at least reaches kissing.

          And yeah “Anything we forgot to put on this list but makes our users uncomfortable” – good lord I have no idea what lawyer had them put that in there without saying “But you realize that means anyone can complain about anything.”

          The corner hotwheels has them in is pretty tight – he’s disabled, so if they kick him for any reason not having to do with what they kick other people for, he has legal recourse others do not – I was in a trial for age discrimination for example on a jury and that trial was based on a PERPONDERANCE of the evidence, and while it didn’t quite feel like AD we HAD TO VOTE GUILTY because they couldn’t give us ANYTHING ELSE why they fired this woman.

          It’s the same problem if Hotwheels lawyers up after being kicked – in most states he only has to prove they did it based on his disability by the preponderance of the evidence and if they let NON DISABLED PEOPLE have something only he was denied it looks REALLY bad.

          Not a lawyer but was involved in the process on one of these trials, so check with a lawyer, but they ought to know that he probably won’t have to prove discrimination beyond a reasonable doubt, just based on the preponderance of the evidence (50.000000(infinately)1% of the evidence.

          The only way to protect themselves from Hotwheels (or the FTC – again these are developers trying to stop other developers from getting cash using secret back channels) is either to not fuck with him, or be sure if they fuck with him they nuke every single acct that falls afoul of what he’s “done.”

          *noms popcorn* Have fun with that.

          1. Yep. Not only has Patreon emotionally wounded its usual hipster clientele with the new guidelines, if they remove Hotwheels even though he is now fundraising for the adorable little Hachi instead, they’re pretty fucked.

        1. If you’ve been following GamerGate for any real length of time, you know that 8chan is a real thorn in the side of SJWs. They naturally hate it, because it’s totally anon. But they also have a special hatred of the owner, Fredrick Brennan (Hotwheels).

          The part of the article you quoted is, in fact, all about 8chan.

  3. The utter depravity of this sociopathic monster Zoe Quinn is breathtaking to behold. We need to redouble our efforts and fight this lowlife and her friends with every bit of energy that we have within us to preserve American freedom and kick the corrupt game journos and SJW’s out of our videogaming hobby which we love.

    1. The hypocrisy is absurd in her sentence here:

      “Because I don’t want to have to basically nuke the only steady source of income I have and stop putting out tons of free shit.”

      This is exactly what Hotwheels’ situation is, but the difference is, he is disabled, something SJWs are supposed to support… Not destroy and make their lives even more difficult.

      1. SJW’s don’t care about disabled people. They ridicule them. Just like they ridicule anyone (race, sex, ability, etc.) who isn’t a member of their cult.

        Baby, we are all “toms” to them if we aren’t parroting their crazy bullshit.

    1. Also used “I went in there a couple times four laughs” instead of “I went in there a couple times for laughs”

      It was GamerGate’s fault.

  4. This is just confusing… they talk constantly of privilege and yet have the gall to shut down an income stream of a guy that’s wheelchair bound… and they’re happy about that? Seriously?! How many outlets have been shut-down now where people actually needed the income, and not to make some shitty videos or games, but to make their actual lives easier?

  5. We can only hope that other patreon creators look at this aghast.
    This is the VERY DEFINITION of harassment imo.
    They’re going after hotwheels personally.

    It’s sad other patreons are being hit, but they need to wake the fuck up and realise SJW are not their friends. The SECOND they fall out of favour, say something “problematic” or even just become a target for a popular face, they are FUCKED.

    How can anyone claim SJWs aren’t bullies now?

  6. Looking back at the Polaris game Jam I thought Zoe Quinn wasn’t that bad… but fuck me is she becoming a problem in today’s world.

    1. What if you’re running a bus shuttle company that wants taxi-cabs to go out of business? After all, drug dealers can’t use public buses as easily as taxis, can they? With the small side-benefit that the travelling public is then beholden to your buses once taxis are no longer plying.

      Truly free-speech zones are anathema to any authoritarian agenda-pusher, including those in the media, hence all the hate for 8chan (used to be about 4chan). Just imagine how long tripe like tropes vs women etc would last if there was straightforward two-way communication. Instead, they resort to making YouTube as near to a TV-like (one-sided) experience as possible. So why should we not expect TV companies to support them?

  7. Holy shit. Their delusion is strong. “Doesn’t take long for them to see who the bad guys are.” is actually fucking ass-backwards. Instead it should read “People are apparently fucking morons, because we do awful shit like this and they still come sniffing around our assholes like a bunch of dogs in heat.”.

  8. You know what Hotwheels should do? Start a Kickstarter promising that he’ll have a boxset of a dozen Hatchi videos before February 2015, but not actually deliver on it.

    When the SJWs eventually bitch about it, then we can point out that a certain someone promised a dozen videos and still hasn’t delivered 2 years later…

    1. Except, Hotwheels probably couldn’t bring himself to NOT deliver on it. You just know those boxsets would go out. And the production level would be stellar.

      1. That would be a better idea, since it would show #GamerGate actually delivering on their promises unlike a certain puppet of #FullMcintosh.

  9. I’m mystified how someone who’s done nothing other than type up a half-assed “game” (on a program that all but writes the code for you, no less) has all this pull and influence not only in the indie gaming scene, but with Patreon. Why in the fuck does Jack Conte have to listen to her and let her shape their policy? She has no knowledge or experience in that area. That’s like hiring Katy Perry to code games simply because she appeals to the 8-13 year old female demographic.

    Also, fuck srhbutts. She’s the one that’s really pushing the hardest to get Hotwheel’s Patreon shut down., as well as pushing the lie that he permits child porn on his site. If that’s the case, then fucking report it to the FBI instead of whining about it on Twitter, you dumb cunt. They’ll investigate it and deal with it. Otherwise, you’re just pulling shit out of your ass.

    I seriously hope the FBI does investigate, so they can prove that there is no CP and Hotwheels can sue her ass for libel.

    1. I used to think her power came about because she gave a wicked blowjob or at the very least provided the sex which was previously unattainable to severely thirsty game journo nerds. Yet as time went by its clear that she’s rolling deep with the true masters of this society the hooked nose sociopathic Communist parasites in control of our media and our government, that ancient international problem known as Jew.

  10. Reading the new guidelines http://www.patreon.com/guidelines (the first one is directly aimed at RogueStar) it seems they are more in support of The Sarkeesian Effect and less in support of SJWs who aren’t exactly producing any content and living off the money they’re given.

  11. The only thing she loves more than money is making sure other people don’t have any. Just having money must get pretty boring when you have rich parents and a hoard of blue haired idiots donating money to you, gotta get your kicks from shutting down a disabled persons income stream (which unlike her, Hotwheels actually worked to create). Genuinely I don’t believe for one minute that she believes the bullshit she pedals, she just gets some sick enjoyment out of ruining things for others. Probably the same reason she cheats and lies too

  12. I think it’s starting to dawn on her she’s up to her eyeballs, and that getting a bunch of propaganda pieces written about her by her personal contacts isn’t going to save her personal reputation, stop her from becoming totally unemployable or prevent her from eventually facing possible criminal charges for her ever growing mountain of attempts at malicious fraud.

  13. Email sent to Patreon:

    Subject: Censorship, 8chan, and “social justice”

    Social justice: You are removing an income stream from a wheelchair-bound disabled person who’s “crime” (in the eyes of “social justice”) is that he created a board that allows for free speech, as long as it is legal, whether good or bad. Just like Google helpfully tells me that when I search for “pedophilia”, I also might want to search for NAMBLA (and yes, I find them disgusting).

    Of course, you did this at the behest of some of the most unethical people involved in GamerGate, which no doubt you are now getting plenty of reports about.

    Are you proud of yourself? Is this the kind of site you want to run? Being ruled by over by the most authoritarian, anti-inclusive, and self-entitled crowd of people I’ve ever seen?

    The good news is that at the end of the day there are alternatives:


    I’ve seen that climb from about $20 per week to over $100 per week in the course of a day. Good job, guys.

    Edit: Fix whitespace.

  14. When you are making money just for getting out of bed everyday is it any wonder why pieces of shit like Quinn need something to occupy their time? We already know she has some kind of personality disorder so mix that with a helping of social justice and you have a hot little bundle of insanity that is absolutely desperate to be noticed and acknowledged. These people are nothing but professional parasites.

    Did anyone else see Wu begging for more money on her twitter despite the fact that she is now making over 2,000 dollars a month for doing nothing? What about the biggest fraud of all Ms.Sarkeesian begging for money to buy a new computer? What the hell did she spend that 160,000 dollars on??? It sure as hell was not spent on her youtube videos.

    1. Sarkeesian’s begging is the most fucked up of all, not just because it illustrates that the funds she procured for her video series are likely dried up and gone by now, but because none of her sycophantic fanboys/girls appear to have considered that likelihood. They’re just eager to throw more money at their mentally handicapped overlord like a bunch of brainless tossers, apparently never stopping to consider that they were taken for a ride after only maybe a third of the twat’s promised videos were produced, the last couple of which had her typical pre-Kickstarter production standards.

      What makes it so fucked up, even beyond all that shit, is that it just goes to show how blind to the world they’ll allow themselves to be. Well that, and how reluctant folks are to admit that they’ve been fucked, even if only to themselves. Instead they’ll continue to toss money at the harpy because they really need to believe that she’ll come through eventually, and lead them all to some fucked up version of the world where they can feel good about themselves for being absolute shitheads.

      1. Anita picked the right people to fleece. I believe these social justice idiots give willingly in an attempt to expunge themselves of their privileges and to negate any guilt they might actually feel for being well off white people. It beats self flagellation with a cat of 9 tails.

  15. So lemme get this straight.
    Quinn wanted to directly influence Patreon staff to take 8chan down instead of going after Patreon as a whole because:
    1. She doesn’t want to be seen by fellow SJWs as a “supporter of child porn” and;
    2. She doesn’t want to nuke her only source of income.

    So while we’re here busting our asses working or looking for a job, she gets to spend days on end bullying people on the internet and getting paid $3k a month for it all while maintaining some fucked up public image.

    The future.

    1. The more i see Gamergate opening the eyes of anybody who actually researches it, the more my former despair about “the future” turns to a pretty strong confidence that the SJW mega-feminists literally cannot win this war. Truth has a way of shining through eventually, even if it takes decades because of lies, media coverups, or even instances where the a false narrative is literally legislated as the “correct” narrative. I have no doubt that these ideologues will attempt to use hate-crime laws to protect (or enforce) an agenda-driven narrative.

      The truth should hold up to any and all scrutiny. Any “facts” that need legislation to be upheld deserve the skepticism they get…

      Anti-GG might be “laughing” at us, but any glance at their online conversations shows that it’s all just PR— they’re projecting an image of being amused but they are frantically grasping at straws. They’re snake bitten, the venom just needs a little time to work and history won’t remember people like Zoe Quinn very well. Gamergate has given me optimism that free speech might be upheld after all.

      But we must be vigilant, because they’ve doubled-down on their efforts. Truth is on our side, so i am very optimistic. Can’t take anything for granted though when the mainstream media, government, and Hollywood celebs have all taken the SJW’s side (generally speaking).

  16. I couldn’t care less about Literally Who, but this… this is below everything she’s ever done. She literally preached how awesome Ablegamers were for supporting the disabled, but the moment she gets the chance to cut the payment form the disabled guy she does so? (Or at least attempts to.)

    Holy fucking shit, she’s a monster. No, it’s not ‘she’. Now it’s ‘it’. The same category as Wu. Both are monsters for what they’ve done and continue doing.

      1. Well shit. I think she should be locked in a soft room and be given a puppy to play with. Maybe even a pair of balloons and a lollypop. Much better then being let out into the real world.

  17. I don’t like the “rainbow-headed bimbo” line. There are plenty of things to call her which are more relevant to the ways in which she has harmed gamers and gaming.

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