I was just told by Mundane Matt to work faster on getting this column done. That was a fair point. So, I stopped fucking around with webmaster type shit and here I am at the desk. I heard about this story earlier on in the day, while I was watching the seminal TV series Skins. I’ve only seen the first “class,” but it’s one of my favorite shows. It definitely wasn’t worth stepping away from to talk about the professional troll who now goes by the name of Brianna Wu. Plus, now I have all these cool tweets to share with you…and it’s not like Brianna hasn’t gotten any saner over the course of the day.

In fact, after reading this column, I’m left scratching my head. Is she really trolling? Or is she legitimately insane? I have to say, having seen her in person, that she does appear to be quite unhinged. Still, she’s sane enough to parlay her craziness into a career as a spokesperson for Tumblrinas and sicko SJWs. I guess it’s a mix of nuttery and fakery. Regardless, it’s total bullshit. Read this excerpt of Wu’s piece from, who else, The Mary Sue:

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you that one of the most famous women in videogame history happens to also be a transgender woman! It’s none other that Nintendo’s Samus Aran!
It’s true! In 1994, the writers of the official JapaneseSuper Metroid strategy guide asked Metroid’s developers if they could share any secrets about the intergalactic bounty hunter. Hirofumi Matsuoka, who helped work on the original design for Samus Aran, claimed that she “wasn’t a woman,” but instead, “ニューハーフ,” or “newhalf.” This language has its own issues, but terminology used for gender in the early 90s was as different in Japan as it was in the West.
People did some digging, and they found out where Wu got this crazy fucking idea planted into that demented brain:CN316_IUYAAeGwS

Even these clowns seem to be admitting that the theory is lacking. There’s a very good reason for that. It’s not true. Read what Sakamoto Yoshio had to say about this theory. He’s the co-creator of the Metroid series, a designer on the first game, as well as the director of Super Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission, and so many others it would take another paragraph to list them all. Here’s his quote:


As if all this wasn’t ridiculous enough, Wu has now been accused of trying to throw her own article into the Samus Wikipedia page. Here’s that screen, followed by a few tweets:





Whether it’s her or not makes no difference. This whole thing is fucking nuts. So now one of the most beloved female characters in the history of gaming is trans…because Brianna Wu said so? I don’t think so, you gangly headcase. Look at how Wu’s playing it. The fucker knew this would cause waves, and now that’s being spun into some sort of transphobia narrative:


Even many anti-gamers were calling bullshit on all this:

Now you can clearly see the goal of this entire exercise: putting more money into Wu’s pocket by enhancing her victim narrative. It’s unseemly, but no more so than her trying to say GamerGate was planning a sarin gas attack, or stopping her from finding her birth parents. In other words, this is all par for the course. What will the psychopath think of next? Is Mario a toastkin? What about Peach, is she pansexual? Luigi looks like he has some wild shit going on. Tell us about that next time, Bri. As for me, I’m going to go cleanse my palate with some Metal Gear. As always, lemme know what you think about all this down below, in the #BasedCommentSection.


UPDATE: Don’t forget to donate to Wu’s Patreon…


And check out what the co-author of the piece had to say…



  1. Imagine working for Nintendo in Japan and seeing Samus trending on Twitter and then seeing how people worldwide are arguing if she’s trans or not.

    1. Bad semi-racist joke incoming ya’ll:

      Something along the lines of:
      Guy 1: “What the fuckeru is a going on!?”

        1. Asia was SO much farther ahead socially/culturally than the West… and then decided it would be fashionable to imitate them (largely because of their advances in military technology). If I found myself hurled backward in time 300-500 years, I’d make a beeline for Asia.

          1. There’s a lot of theories about why the Asian nations fell behind during the Great Divergence.

            The biggest is that the Asian nations were caught in a high-level equilibrium trap combined with being centralized & generally peaceful states.

            That meant they retreated into isolationism and had no need to innovate.

            While over in Europe there was a bunch of poor, semi-barbarous states constantly either at war or at risk of war.

            That meant they needed to innovate & advance rapidly otherwise they would be conquered/pillaged by their neighbors who did.

          2. That’s exactly what I learned whilst researching for my Master’s in History, so I’m going to have to agree with you. China, Korea, Vietnam and Japan, all such interesting places before the West got in there. : /

      1. うわ~ぁ!外人なんてマジかYO!www

        Something along those lines, I’m guessing. I should probably get off my lazy ass and actually check if some Japanese users got word of this though (not counting Best Mom Eva and other known GamerGate supporters).

  2. Haha. I knew before scrolling down that Wu would be claiming Transphobia.

    Now that its been revealed as a trans joke will Wu switch stance and accuse Nintendo of Transphobia as well.

    1. Well, honestly, my POV on the matter is that… yeah, if that was a joke, its fairly transphobic… but it was a product of a more ignorant age… so I wouldn’t get too riled up over it in 2015.

      1. “newhalf” referred to the fact that Samus was half-human and half-alien -_- It’s not transphobic. And even if it was, it’s a video game and that’s the opinion of one of the creators and is in no way, shape or form reflected in the game play or story so it doesn’t matter.

          1. Citation please. And, again, when he said it he meant it as a mocking, tongue-in-cheek joke. Samus dresses for combat in the same fashion Joan of Arc did. I’ve seen people try to claim that Joan of Arc was “trans” or a “cross dresser” (it’s certainly what she was burnt for, well, that and heresy), but she was likely just schizophrenic and hearing voices. Her manner of dress was simply relevant for battle. The developer was making a snarky joke, period.

        1. also, at what point did I say that it DID effect the game? You’re getting defensive about things I didn’t even say. I LOVE Metroid…

          1. You didn’t and that’s completely irrelevant. My point is that whether or not he said something politically incorrect then or now is irrelevant. Politically Correct outrage culture is fucking retarded, as are the people who cleave to it.

  3. I came to Wu (giggity) as cis-gendered video game man, but she helped me realize my full potential as a genderfluid asexual attack helicopter who goes on pansexual adventures around the villainous heteronormative world while fighting the patriarchy via kung-fu taught to me by the Godzilla of Feminism, Wu herself!

    The Wu method has truly changed my life, and to think that all it cost my was my sanity =P
    TV show documenting my life now pls, kthxbye!

    1. Oh Wisdomcube2000, share your wisdom with me so that I might level up and become an even great shitlord than I already am.

  4. I’ve seen some people shitposting about Trans Samus the day before yesterday and was wondering whether something was going on. And lo, behold, Brianna Wu’s batshit insane claims that Samus is a transwoman.

  5. We should used this retarded article by Wu saying something like “Wu attack on videogame women. She is trying to deprive female audience of one of the most famous heroine to further her team in a fight inside the SJWs movement that no one outside cares about”. That will be fun. In the end you can only fight a troll with trolling.

  6. You were correct out of the starting gate. Wu is nothing more than a troll who has set himself up as the gatekeeper through which all men, whites and heterosexuals must pass. Science fiction had (and still does) a blogger called Requires Hate who did the same thing for the entirety of Asia if not the whole non-white world. RH even shamed SFF author Cat Valente to change her Japanese internet handle because it was “cultural appropriation” and got other white authors to question if they should ever right about other cultures without having this deranged woman on their ass. Of course that’s only a problem for dumbfuck middle class whites who worship feminist intersectionalism where any gay non-white woman is King Solomon. To normal people RH was just a nut, as is Wu. Wu’s day in the sun won’t last. You can’t build a career selling hate, no matter how much you pretend it’s done out of anti-oppression and love.

  7. I saw someone point this out on Twitter, but it bears repeating: Wu is essentially saying that Samus can’t be a strong, independent woman unless she was born a man. This type of short-sighted sexism is really par the course for SJWs, but it seems all the more noteworthy because in an ever so ironic twist, Wu’s trying to delete one of the most well-known and respected females in all of gaming. Try to spin the narrative about gamers being misogynists all they like, I have never seen any news outlets try to imply that gamers hate Samus at least, with some even acknowledging that the average gamer knows it’s a girl under that suit. But now, whether intentional or not, this is one of the worst cases of “doesn’t count!” I’ve ever seen. Wu, you seriously need to fuck off already.

    1. I’m not saying I agree with Wu, as… as much as I’d LOVE Samus to be trans, the evidence is rather flimsy… but it takes some kind of mental gymnastics to make a strong transgender character somehow offensive and sexist…

      1. Well Anita hand-waved Samus as being non-representative of a “strong woman” in video games because she “uses violence to solve conflicts” (because you can totally negotiate with fucking parasitic lifeforms) and is therefore essentially a “guy with boobs.”

        1. I’m completely lost on that one. Perhaps Anita would like for Samus to invite the Metroids in for a spot of tea and some biscuits?

  8. Wait, I thought if Samus identified as a woman then there isn’t any transgender monsters, she’s just a woman?

    (I’m a lover of ladyboys but man am I getting sick of the whole you are what you say you are shit. What the fuck ever happened to learning to deal with your fucking life.)

    1. What the fuck ever happened to not acting like you know complete strangers better than they know themselves?

      (Also, masturbating to tranny porn does not in any way make your opinion less ignorant.)

  9. The discussion that has happened on the talk page is hilarious. There is not a lot of love for her for sure. And of course one person thinking we should “consider” it throws out that anybody against it is obviously a violent MRA…

    They sure love to label. It’s like when I hear my dad say “fucking liberals”.

    Someone quoted what Wu misread:

    1. I’d be hilarious if Wu makes all of Giant Spacekat’s dev team work on porting Metroid Prime to the PS2, just so she can say, “See? This proves I’m right!”

    2. Wikipedia is pretty heavily dominated by left-wing ideologues, but after the purge last year over the STILL shitty-as-fuck GamerGate article, one could argue it’s gotten incrementally better. There are several WP’s who would have been fucking salivating to protect that “trans update,” but can’t because they’re banned from talking about the subject on Wikipedia. I love how they BTFO’d her though and her response was to basically say, “well, I know some sysops and they’ve colluded with me/sarkeesian/quinn before, and they’ll do it again!”

  10. I think after getting told off after that Wikipedia conversation she retreated to her ball pit to rest and recover.

      1. Especially the ones at Chuck E Cheese’s. I have a friend that used to work at one, and she said that they would occasionally find dirty diapers, children’s shorts and underwear soaked with piss, used maxi-pads and tampons, and even used condoms at the bottom. Of course, it might just be because the one she worked at was in Central Florida, which is full of white trash that show up at their kid’s birthday party with no shirt or shoes on and already smashed on Wild Turkey and Thunderbird.

        1. Hahahaha. Incidentally Killer Frost is one of my favorite female super villains. She just doesn’t give a fuck.

      2. Lol, my wife is a clean freak. She had banned ball pits from childhood play now. The look on her face when my son put a ball from the pit in his mouth was priceless, pretty close to the pic of Wu when she saw Ralph at her talk.

        Much prettier of course, but you get the point.

        1. Oh I could only image what your wife felt when she saw that. Probably somewhere between AIDS! and EBOLA! Seriously though, kids put so much garbage in their mouths (something something primary sense organ something something learned what is edible) it’s a wonder they make it to adulthood. XD I would have reacted pretty much the same way though.

          1. You are aware that genetic mistakes are MISTAKES you ignorant cunt. People born with, say and XXY or XYY chromosome arrangments are MISTAKES of nature. They cannot reproduce and they are not some special sub-section of humanity. Go die in a fire, hippy.

          2. Go fuck yourself you bigoted sack of shit.

            You said XY = male, I proved that isn’t always the case.

            Not my fault if you whine like a bitch when someone proves you wrong.

          3. LAWL you “proved” nothing. XY is the DEFINITION of BIOLOGICALLY MALE. You CANNOT have an XY chromosome and be BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE. Doesn’t work. You can be deformed, sterile and have all sorts of other genetic DISEASES, but that doesn’t change shit. The “gender binary” as it’s called is a direct reflection of people not wanting to recognize and accept the SEXUAL binary, which is carved in stone. You listed a fucking GENETIC DISEASE and claim it’s some magical “third” option for gender or sex? No. Mistakes are mistakes and in nature people born that way would be left to die or be eaten by their parents. Get a life.

          4. “You CANNOT have an XY chromosome and be BIOLOGICALLY FEMALE.”

            Swyer syndrome. Do you have short term memory issues? If so, its okay, I just feel really bad if I’m insulting someone who is legit handicapped…

          5. That is a genetic DISEASE. It’s a MISTAKE. It is not an “alternative.” Jesus christ you are a nutjob, aren’t you? Then again you just use the same arguments and examples again and again and again in all your other posts, so I’m guessing you’re some kind of closet SJW.

          6. Check her commenting history. Total SJW, almost entire commenting history is on trans issues.

          7. Yep, and she/he/it is holding up fucking Swyer Syndrome, a cruel, awful DISEASE as some kind of magical silver bullet that proves gender is just a social construct (and totally has nothing to do with biological imperatives). Complete insanity.

          8. Well, I always say that, aside from very rare cases, biological sex is a binary.

            It is so obvious that trans have some sort of mental illness too. Look at Flo flailing here. Its good for the comment count lol.

          9. Not all transgender people are crazy, just like not all gay people are crazy. There seems to be a bit of comorbidity going on, but one can’t ever know how much of that is caused by social stigmatization and isolation. Although I firmly believe a LOT of untreated mental illness is just walking around out there. Until we get rid of, say, religion for example, how can you ever know who is just spiritual and who has lost contact with reality?

          10. To me, it is about a comprehensive mental health strategy. Pretending that dysphoria is not a form of mental illness (that vastly increases your risk of suicide regardless), the trans community implicitly approves of the stigma on mental illness.

            Having a mental illness does not make you crazy. Absurdly rationalizing that you don’t have a mental illness when you plainly do is crazy, as well as disrespectful to others that do suffer from mental illness.

          11. Oh dysphoria is totally a mental illness. And, while I don’t have the numbers, a large percentage of “trans” people would actually get worse if they went and had the surgery because it wouldn’t solve their negative self-image issues. You are correct that the trans community is VERY accepting and non-critical of the most obviously mentally ill people. It’s like Tumblr crawled out of the internet and congealed into a group of people. Special snowflake-ism to the extreme.

          12. You say you can’t be XY and female, I showed you an example of XY females.

            If we’re really gonna be stuck on this point, I’m gonna get bored of you real fast.

          13. Uh, no, Swyer syndrome = hyopgonadism. They still have their testicle, they just didn’t develop correctly and without treatment they won’t go through puberty. I think they covered this on an episode of House.

          14. Not a terrible idea. Might just go back to Civ V… or take a nap… or I’ll watch some more An Idiot Abroad. Ever see it? Pretty funny show.

          15. Swyer Syndrome, aka hypogonadism causes males to UNDER DEVELOP and if UNTREATED (yes, it can be treated and they too, can live a NORMAL life) will result in a failure to go through puberty. You are aware that human beings START configured as females in the womb and that the testes descend and other secondary sex characteristics develop NORMALLY.

          16. Oh wow, misgendering trans women isn’t good enough for you, you’re really going to go the distance and misgender cisgender women with an intersex condition? Bravo for being the shittiest person I’ve argued with in a while. Most of them at least have the decency to shut the fuck up after I bring up Swyer syndrome, but no, not you. You’re doubling down. Bravo.

          17. LMAO “intersex condition!” Wow! Again, you need to PROVE a premise before you go around asserting it’s truth. People who are born BETWEEN the sexes and therefore cannot reproduce are MISTAKES in an otherwise healthy, well-ordered transcription process. Just because anomalies exist that doesn’t prove your insane ideas about “other sexes,” ESPECIALLY when they can be treated with medicine.

          18. Flo really lost it on that one.

            Swyer is increasingly common and, interestingly, seems to be tied to high phytoestrogen exposure during gestation.

            It is an anomaly, not a physical intersex condition. A person with Swyers biologically male by any reasonable estimation.

          19. And it can be treated, thus making it a disease. With hormone therapy the affect individual can go through puberty, just like nature intended. People with Swyer’s who DON’T get treatment never go through puberty. Claiming Swyer’s is “proof” of “natural intersex states” is like saying castrati aka renaissance choir boys who had their balls cut off to keep those lovely higher pitch male vocal ranges are “proof” of intersex (we’d call that mutilation).

          20. Yeah, trans activists are not all there sometimes, because Swyers is often used as a proof in that community, and the larger SJW community.

          21. But it’s a disease. -_- Like albinism, or Down’s or CP. Swyer’s can be TREATED though. -_- That’s like someone being born without a limb and then being encouraged to not accept a prosthesis because “it’s not who they are.” Just add a sprinkle of “god” in there and it gains an additional shade of crazy.

          22. And fyi, most people don’t “shut the fuck up” after you bring up Swyer Syndrome, they just walk away because you’re clearly too ignorant and crazy to be worth talking to. I, however, enjoy ridiculing insane ideologues. You are literally holding up a fucking disease and a TREATABLE one at that as some kind of “proof.” It’s fucking hypogonadism, and underdevelopment of the testes. Just because they’re sick doesn’t mean they can’t be treated and still MATURE. People who don’t go through puberty aren’t “trans” or “intersex” they’re fucking underdeveloped and diseased.

        1. I can debate the issue of whether or not she is trans (I doubt it) or whether Brianna Wu is acting like an idiot (most definitely).

          I will respond to bigoted shit like this, however, by calling you a cunt.

          1. Says the one who doesn’t know how to google the word ‘newhalf.’

            Learn literally anything about what you’re talking about.

            Stupid cunt.

          2. Actually that’d be you since I’m guessing you have Swyer’s and refuse to get proper medical treatment which means you’ve opted out of the gene pool. Me on the other hand? Well I’m a fabulous homosexual so, while I am BIOLOGICALLY capable of reproducing, I just have no inclination to. See, I’m healthy and sane, and you’re, well, not.

          3. Didn’t you JUST say you assumed I DIDN’T have an intersex condition in a previous comment? Fuck, at least be consistent.

            Anyway, right, I forgot how RARE it is for gay people to kill themselves 😛

          4. Mmm, no unless there was a typo my assumption is that you have to be trans (or have a disease like Swyer’s that has put considerable psychiatric stress on you because, well, you’d be a freak) to be as obsessed with trans topics as you are. Most normal people don’t hyper fixate on gender and sexuality, they just don’t bear that kind of attention. And gay people kill themselves for the same reason anyone kills themselves, depression, anxiety and mental illness. Whether it’s pre-existing or as a result of social pressure is irrelevant. Are you REALLY going to pull out the “omg trans people kill themselves at such a high rate boo-hoo-hoo card?” How pathetic.

      1. Okay ma’am, I am going to be respectful as possible here: Biologically, they were and they remain men.

        Going through your commenting history, it is pretty clear that you are active in trans debates and have an interest in it greater than mine.

        But this is not a safe space sweetheart. You are not going to have any SJW mods come in and delete comments that hurt your feelz.

        So I am going to be blunt…

        Whether a person has the plain mental illness that is gender dysphoria or not does not change reality.

        No one’s feelings are ever facts. You can identify as whatever you want, I really don’t care and I will even be respectful enough to not intentionally misgender you.

        But cut this bullshit. No trans person is ever the sex they think they are. Sex is, with very rare exceptions, a binary.

        I have read the science including the hormonal and MRI evidence. Don’t doubt I do my research. The MRI evidence is unconvincing because it presents a chicken-egg fallacy. Your brain is plastic, all sorts of legitimate mental illnesses are diagnosed using MRI. I for one would never give my son Ritalin without an MRI diagnosis of ADHD. And as someone who is logical, I believe the proper way to deal with mental issues (and make no mistake, all dysphoria is mental.) is to first treat the mind.

        Yet in these kooky times, gender dysphoria is one of the few clear cut mental illnesses where a legitimate diagnosis can be made by brain scan and yet activists robustly deny that it is a mental illness. They actually argue their brain is right and their body is wrong. I cannot think of another example where such reasoning would be accepted without ridicule.

        The fact that something so ridiculous is essentially the media-enforced status quo is astonishing to me, especially given how illogical it is.

        The hormonal evidence makes an unconvincing case for transition because, why not treat the issue of imbalances from the perspective of reality first? Again, it makes no sense.

        The second part is that I can’t really imagine how someone who suffers dysphoria feels. What I can’t fathom is the hostile reaction to being told it’s in your head. No one is hating you for it. If anything, my dislike for trans people as it may be derives from their insistence on calling someone like me ignorant when I have sought out and read multiple studies (including sources cited by trans advocates) only to pick out the fallacies and see that the issue is STILL obviously one of mental illness, not wrong-body.

        1. Did I ask for anyone to protect my feels you little shit? I’m a big girl and I can take some bigots being bigots.

          “The second part is that I can’t really imagine how someone who suffers dysphoria feels.”

          This is the part you should have stopped, and backspaced everything else. You just completely admitted you have no idea what being trans is like, so stop acting like you know the reality of it better than someone who IS trans.

          That’s like an old white man trying to explain to black people that, really, black people need to stop being so angry about all that ‘generations of institutionalized discrimination” stuff.

          You know why us trans folk get a little miffed when people start suggesting we try fixing our gender identities instead of our bodies? Because, one, the hell should we? Why the hell should I change who I am to fit YOUR idea of who I should be? I LOVE who I am, and if I wasn’t trans, I don’t know if I’d even be the same person anymore.

          Not only that, but we’ve ‘fixing’ gender identities before, they didn’t work at best, and they actively made things worse at worst. People, too many people, have killed themselves, because people tried to ignorantly fix their minds when all they needed was love, acceptance and tolerance.

          That’s right, your “brilliant’ solution of ‘fixing the mind’ doesn’t WORK. And even if it did, I wouldn’t want it. I know lots of trans people who wouldn’t? We go through a lot of shit to be who we are, and we’re PROUD of it. We are proud of who we are. Who the hell are you to tell us that something we’re proud of is a defect that needs to be fixed, when we are fully capable of living full, satisfying lives without changing who we are.

          The only thing that gets in the way of us living our lives like everyone else, are bigoted shits who think they know who we are better than we do, and for some reason, REALLY care about what we do or don’t do with our genitals.

          1. Okay, so you are saying because fixing the mind is hard (I have seen this argument ad nauseam) it is not worth the effort.

            No, it is worth the effort. It is a mental illness and should be treated of the mind. It may not work for everyone, just like transition does not always cure dysphoria.

            And transition should not be ruled out. But much of the hostility from the trans comes from the denial of mental illness.

            You do not see the cognitive dissonance where you take hormones and mutilate your bodies (sometimes), all so you don’t have to change who you are? News flash sweetheart, transitioning IS physically, substantively changing who you are.

            And then there is the retarded tucute-truscum debate on tumblr (for what it’s worth, I sympathize with the truscum, the people who a actually have a mental illness besides narcissism.)

            Needless to say, immersing myself in internet trans culture and trying to figure it out is a fine way to discover jaw dropping examples of absolutely absurd circular reasoning along with enough cognitive dissonance and projection to last a lifetime.

            Protip: People who are proud of their identity do not need to tell others they are proud of it. They don’t need to get into internet flame wars. They do not need to justify their choice to anyone, and other people’s perspectives of their choice do not matter to them.

          2. Which part of “fixing the mind leads to suicide” didn’t quite make it through that thick skull of yours?

          3. Because it doesn’t always.

            Depressed people commit suicide too, how do you suggest we deal with them.

            And make no mistake, dysphoria is just an extreme form of depression. It is all in the head, and I would suggest treating it like that from the get-go.

            Because transitioned people commit suicide too. Dysphoria greatly increases the chances you will commit suicide period. Don’t play the suicide card as if I am not familiar with it.

            I think a major problem is that we have allowed trans people to actually deny they have a serious mental illness, and the result is you have a whole bunch of seriously angry people with untreated mental illness proposing to influence societal norms.

            At a time when we know how many people take their lives due to mental illness every day and we should be working to lift the stigma of mental illness, the trans community’s intransigence in admitting what dysphoria is actually is contrary to good public policy. A good public policy debate would include trans people and dysphoria as a part of a larger strategy to deal with mental illness.

            Instead trans people add to the stigma of mental illness by pretending to not be mentally ill.

          4. “And make no mistake, dysphoria is just an extreme form of depression. It
            is all in the head, and I would suggest treating it like that from the

            You might as well just claimed that chocolate is a form of train and you should treat it like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, for all the sense that made. Much like delicious swirl icecream, only far less fun, depression often comes bundled with dysphoria like a bing search toolbar, but that does NOT mean that they are one in the same.

            “Because transitioned people commit suicide too. Dysphoria greatly
            increases the chances you will commit suicide period. Don’t play the
            suicide card as if I am not familiar with it.”

            And TREATING the dysphoria via transition, acceptance and just generally NOT being horrible people, shock, SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES that suicide risk.

            “I think a major problem is that we have allowed trans people to actually
            deny they have a serious mental illness, and the result is you have a
            whole bunch of seriously angry people with untreated mental illness
            proposing to influence societal norms.”

            Nice try, but no. You are the problem. Deny it all you want, but yeah, you are. And do stop pretending that bigotry isn’t a mental illness. It’s more a mental illness than being transgender.

          5. Okay, you talked about chocolate, ice cream, and trains to argue that a condition that leads to serious depression due to self image issues is not analogous.

            To be fair, I could have been a bit cleaner. Dysphoria leads to depression which can lead to suicide.

            I love how supposedly progressive people actually fight trying to address a problem at the source rather than using modern technology to actually address the problem.

          6. And moreover, learn what bigotry means.

            Calling dysphoria a mental illness is not bigotry. I don’t even have a problem with transitioning. I have a problem with people being so backward that they refuse to continue trying to deal with mental illness at the source, which is the mind.

            And then calling those of us who demand better bigots.

          7. And I have a problem with people being too fucking pigheaded to know a damn thing about what they’re talking about. See, if you did, you’d know that you are basically objectively and demonstrably wrong on every single point.

            Shockingly, there ARE people who study these things, and there ARE people who try to see what the best way to give transgender people the chance to live full, fulfilling lives as productive members of society. I’ll take their word on how to do it over some rando chucklefuck on the internet.

          8. Lol, I am objectively wrong on this.

            No, I am not. Dysphoria is a mental illness. People transition and still sometimes kill themselves because, shockingly, transition is not a panacea.

            My belief that those people who may be helped by mental health means (be it pharmaceutical, psychoanalysis, whatever) deserve that opportunity is grounded in exactly the type of healthy skepticism scientific research is predicated on.

            People like you, who call down any attempt to investigate multiple angles, are the problem. As I said, I have no problem with transition. I have a problem with treating it as a panacea, as if it is actually the body that is the problem.

          9. Never said it was a panacea, but the world, not being as black and white as you seem to think, contains things between “perfect” and “horrible” and guess what? Transitioning ranks somewhere in the area of, “Yeah, works pretty damn well.”

          10. Let’s be very clear here. I did not ever say that transitioning is wrong or bad. What I did say is that transitioning is not a panacea and it does not offer a perfect solution. We now agree on this.

            My position is as follows. Feel free to actually debunk it. Spare the salt and vitriol, it improves the civility of discussion and better paves the road for common ground.

            1) Gender dysphoria (like all dysphoria) is a mental illness.
            2) Transitioning is one of the best known treatments for this illness.
            3) Actions by some trans “advocates” (particularly the snowflakes who seem to think that dysphoria is not a necessary condition of being trans) discredit the acceptance movement. It lumps people with a serious illness in with the Looney snowflakes who probably should seek actual medical diagnosis for their illness.
            4) With that said, continuing to learn and understand dysphoria from the perspective of mental health and pursuing potential mental health remedies to the problem is not a bad thing. It is how we progress our understanding of the human mind. We should not approach the issue from the perspective that transition is best. Rather we should approach it from the position that transition is the best known.
            5) We should not lump people with treatable (or not treatable) conditions such as Swyers as proof of trans or not. They are no such thing, they are people with a genetic condition that is both unfortunate and rare.

            I believe we agreed already on point 2. I have sensed a stubborn refusal to admit that dysphoria is a mental illness on your part, so it is entirely possible that we will have to agree to disagree. Agreement on that point is necessary to agree on points 3 and 4.

            Your assumption that I see things in black and white was an error. I simply believe that this is an issue that deserves much effort. I can’t imagine that transition is preferable to anyone if another, less invasive way to treat dysphoria is available. What is wrong with believing that this sort of progress is possible?

          11. I’ll give this a more proper reply later, I’ve been awake for way too long and my ability to respond coherently is starting to fail me, I think.

      2. Mentally ill eunuchs is what they are. The got problems in their head, then since they’re insane they think they can ‘solve’ the problem in their head by cutting off their balls. That of course doesn’t solve shit, and now they got a ton of medical problems thanks to the hormone therapy on top of all the mental ones.
        No wonder their suicide rate is so high, but that is no ones fault except their own.

        PS: This is not a safe space, and I have no patience for nut jobs.

        1. It’s okay, neither do I, you bigoted little piece of worthless human-shaped vomit. I truly hope you kill yourself.

        1. Wow, you guys keep coming up with weirder guidelines for what constitutes male and female. Next it’ll be toenail length or some dumb shit like that.

          1. and you’re insisting that they were always women to begin with, which erases the trans identity, which in itself is transphobic

          2. Take a moment to realize that you’re trying to tell a trans person what the trans identity is.

            Pretty sure I’ve got a decent idea of what it is, and its not “the bits I was born with.”

          3. transgender: adjective
            Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth.
            source: Oxford Dictionary
            looks like “the bits you were born with” is key to this after all

  11. MS article (when Ellen thought Samus being Trans was canon): “It’s the author’s intent that matters!”

    Her Twitter (when Ellen finds out it’s officially not): “I DON’T CARE WHAT THE AUTHOR SAYS! SAMUS IS TRANS BECAUSE I SAID SO!”

    How does anybody manage to have the thought processes of 3 year olds and survive this long on planet Earth?

    How sad is it that she places so much value in the gender of a IMAGINARY CHARACTER? That her whole self-worth delicately totters on whether or not Samus was born as a male but identifies as a female? Especially since it never factors into the series at all, nor has any bearing on its quality whatsoever? It’s like having a meltdown because Indiana Jones is Jewish or Atheist – it doesn’t pertain to the character at all and is never addressed in the films, so why care so much about it to the point that it damages your mental health and well being?

    I’m gay and biracial, and I’m not banging my fists and stomping my feet because Superman isn’t gay and biracial. If I find characters that ARE gay and biracial, that’s nice…but I’m not going to like them automatically simply for that fact. I like Samus because she’s a strong character in a great series of games, not her gender. I like Batwoman because she kicks ass and stands up for justice, not because she’s a lesbian or Jewish. To restrict your choice of entertainment simply because the characters within aren’t exact reflections of you is only hurting yourself.

    1. I’m a white male and 3 of my favorite characters of all time is Toph, Erza, and Lady Satsuke. They are women but that doesn’t matter to me because they are fantastic characters and they inspire me to do better. For you to relate to a character they don’t have to be exactly as you are.

  12. That psycho that is the co-author is now speaking about how people makes his “favs” cis-het… She really thinks the world is out to get her and that the creators of characters sit down and say “hey, let’s establish specifically that this character is female/male just to attack in a passive aggressive way those that are trans”.
    I swear, I have mental issues (diagnosed by a professional, not like these oxigen wasters that think they can diagnose themselves)… but her paranoia really should be checked.
    Also, she can go to hell, Tails has been my favorite character since I’m 10 years old, I don’t need some windowlicker to spout that he’s not a boy and that wants to fuck Sonic… I swear, tumblr, aside from being the home from many crazies, exists to ruin childhood memories.

    1. “They’re trying to take Poison away from us!”

      Oh no, an obscure character from a game made over 25 years ago that hasn’t ever been officially declared as trans or not due to language barriers and cultural divides! How will her heart go on?

      1. Honestly, they can take Poison… they just need to keep their ugly hands off that sweet-natured BOY genius that is Tails.

        1. Yeah, Capcom realized that having women getting beaten up in a game would look bad, so they flipped flopped between Poison being trans, non trans, or a cross dresser in the US.

          1. Which I mean… honestly kind of makes it offensive. I mean, if it was just female baddies in a fighting game, nothing wrong with that, but then like… their logic of “wait, we can’t beat on women… let’s beat on trannies instead” kind of… makes it offensive. Cause it sort of inherently implies that this group IS okay to beat.

            tl;dr, I’m not offended by being able to beat up either one, but their logic on the matter is troubling.

            -shrugs- I still love the games, I mean, they’re classics. Doesn’t hurt to point out iffy logic when you see it, though.

    2. Fun Fact: Tails was portrayed as a female character in Spanish speaking regions because, when the character wasn’t being portrayed as a child, censors felt their relationship was bordering on homosexual and was therefore not appropriate for children (muh catholicism).

      A couple Carebears had their colors/genders switched around to make it “less gay” as well (for the new movies at least). Yes, I am a fan of the Carebears. I collect 80’s and 90’s animation and apologize for nothing.

      1. Hm I don’t know about that, I live in argentina, and Tails was never portrayed as a girl, and we rarely have our own dubs and stuff, usually what gets here is whatever other latin american countries get. Not saying that there weren’t cases like that, the two I can remember off the top of my head are Mutenroshi from DBZ getting his lines changed because him trying to grope Bulma was “wrong” and yes, one case of one of the Scouts in Sailor Moon getting turned into a guy because of her relationship with another Scout or something along those lines… One would thing that showing a “guy” in the Sailor Scout uniform would be “worse” from their perspective. So yeah, there were cases like that, but at least in latin america, Tails was always a boy.

        1. Hmm, must have just been in Spain then… I thought it was in the majority of Spanish dubs. But the changes you mentioned where standard U.S. dub changes as well.

      2. I’m from Argentina as well, and I’ve never seen Tails being portrayed as a girl over here.

        Might have something to do with Spain and Latin America having different dubs. (With most Latin American dubs being made in either Mexico or Colombia, if I’m not mistaken)

    3. That people are allegedly out to get transsexuals is at this point a self fulfilling prophecy. The sorts of people who are currently both declaring themselves to be representatives of all transsexuals and having the media prop them up as such are reinforcing the transsexuals are unstable self destructive train wrecks stereotype.

      That bit about “dismantling the pointless colonial binary” really got me laughing. Who does this person believe they’ve been colonized by? What the hell does colonialism even have to do with humans having two sexes? There really only are so many buzzwords these people have and as time goes on they use them all interchangeably.

      1. Hence a comment I made once about ‘alternative’ types: You cannot FORCE acceptance. You have to put yourself forward as a PERSON, not an identity. If you try to force the issue, people will push back… and then it can get nasty.

      2. I recommend you watch Internet Aristocrat’s (his new name but I don’t remember it) co-opted video about the trans community. He has two trans people on their, Sophia and Ironlizz, discussing the SJWs infecting the trans community and I found it very insightful. Also nice to hear the voice of two sane trans people. But one thing that stuck out was when Sophia said, “most trans people will never tell you that they are trans.” She admits that the only reason she came out was because of these whackjobs and wanted to show not all trans people are insane. I can’t even imagine what these people are going through right now with Caitleyn Jenner and Brianna Wu being their “spokesperson”.

        1. I missed most of that stream, but I’d say the same for myself. I never would have said anything if it wasn’t for these insane fucking assholes like Wu or Jenner who make themselves the face or the ambassador of trans people. These money grubbing attention whores make us ALL look bad. I’ve said it numerous times, it’s because of people like that and issues like this that I avoid calling myself trans, even in my own thoughts. These people are a fucking embarrassment.

          As a whole, I just avoid the community and the subject. Only place I ever talk about it (outside private conversations with firends, of course) is when it comes up in a piece here or sometimes on Twitter, like yesterday when they were going on about Samus.

          1. It’s still on his channel and I recommend it if you have 2 hours to kill. As a cis male I found it to be a very insightful look into the trans community. With that said it might be nothing new for you. But they also kind of bring up a timeline for the SJWs and when they started infecting the community. It’s something I find interesting and I would like it if someone actually had a complete timeline of their path of destruction.

          2. I’ll have to check it out again sometime, then. I never really was apart of the community, though. By the time I knew it existed, it was already a lost cause. In fact, I initially thought it was just a subgroup of people who felt like I do, but were annoying cunts about it. I guess that isn’t far from the truth, but they’re still the face and voice of trans people.

          3. Eh, it’s not a huge issue. While it would have been nice to learn more about it from other people who feel the same, but have more experience, I’ve never really been all that into any particular community and my involvement would have likely only been to learn how other people deal with it. It’s just nice to know that “sane trans person” isn’t an oxymoron.

          4. These money grubbing attention whores make us ALL look bad. I’ve said it numerous times, it’s because of people like that and issues like this that I avoid calling myself trans, even in my own thoughts. These people are a fucking embarrassment.

            Fucking transtrenders, they’re the worst thing to hit the LGBT community since chains on pickup trucks.

        2. You don’t have to bring anything Jim does to my attention, I follow his work obsessively and promote it whenever I can.

        3. I don’t know why you’d agree with InternetAristocrate. On his old channel he made a multitude of comments talking how people should be executed or tortured. He made himself out to be a revenge minded person.

  13. Just to put Wu’s “This is transmisogyny” garbage into perspective:

    If I started to claim suddenly that James Bond was a black hermaphrodite amputee dwarf, based on nothing more than a misinterpreted source and my own headcanon, people are going to call me a dumbass. And if I try to pass that criticism off as “racism”, then people would call me a fucking retarded dumbass.

    1. The media thinks they can give people like Wu credibility, and to a degree they can but they’re burning their own credibility at a 2:1 ratio in the process. A good example of the media’s ongoing downfall is Donald Trump’s popularity. They like to claim it comes entirely from an anti-politician sentiment in the electorate right now and that’s half of it, but it’s also coming from an anti-media sentiment.

      He’s torn into media figures who have tried to smear him or play identity politics against him even harder than he’s torn into the other nominees and it’s only increased his popularity. The more they try to paint him as the anti-christ the more some people see him as a savior because the media itself is increasingly (rightly) viewed as just another arm of the political machine and those within it as little more than propagandists.

      It’s inevitable I think in an internet empowered society which lacks the required commissars to execute the dissenters, inevitable that a media that spins too many narratives and tells too few facts will eventually be rejected as illegitimate and pelted with metaphorical cobble stones and rotten vegetables.

  14. How does ‘new-half’ indicate transgenderism? Might just mean she’s genetically engineered to be more than just plain old female, which might explain the amount of ass-kicking.

    What Wu is saying makes zero sense even with the fabricated evidence and me being on acid.

      1. Citation please. Samus Aran is half-human, half-alien, which is the crux of her abilities and why she is such a central figure. Even if “new-half” were to mean what you’re saying, and I severely doubt it, that’s not the context in which it was being used (it would have been tongue-in-cheek aka mocking). Context is king.

          1. LMAO, now go find me a REPUTABLE source. Jesus christ on a broomstick, you literally went and did a google search and grabbed the first 5, UNOFFICIAL sources of user-created garbage you could find. What are you, a college freshman? Didn’t one of your professors tell you Wikipedia is NOT a valid source? Urbandictionary certainly isn’t either. Wow. The retard is strong with this one.

          2. And now that I’ve had a chance to peruse your comment history (love it when people don’t set their profiles to private, kudos to not hiding), I can see that you’re a butthurt transgender person who needs everything to conform to you special snowflake view of the world. I don’t image you have some anatomical deformity or genetic disease… yet you seem set to glorify them as the “validation” you crave for your own nonheteronormative situation. There’s nothing wrong with being “transgender” as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Just like there’s nothing wrong with being gay. But don’t go around seeking validation and then pointing at DISEASES and MISTAKES… that just makes you look insane.

          3. LOL, I don’t hide it because I have nothing to hide.

            I do enjoy how you keep skirting around how I’ve proven you to be objectively and demonstrably wrong SEVERAL times already, though.

          4. The only thing you’ve proven is you glorify genetic diseases and mistakes like Swyer’s Syndrome, which, as I keep pointing out, is TREATABLE.

      2. That’s not entirely correct…although the term gets frequently associated Japanese shemales it has historically been used in other contexts such as race.

        1. No it hasn’t. It’s been used for crossdressers, transgender women and hermaphrodites.

          If it HAS ever been used to refer torace, it’s an archaic use that predates this statement by a long time.

          I suspect the term you’re thinking of is ‘haffu’, which refers to someone who is half-Japanese.

          1. I’m not disagreeing that is the primarily modern definition, but to elaborate a bit further, it is technically a slang word and Japanese have often thrown it around for humor. The intended context can get confused in translating to English which was the case with Matsuoka.

          2. Lets be real. Unless you’ve got some evidence to the contrary, its a pretty safe bet to assume he was using the word the way MOST Japanese people use the term.

          3. Occam’s Razor has something to say about assumptions. You’re just engaging in wishful thinking. Especially since the position that requires the LEAST amount of assumptions was that he was making a snide joke ABOUT transgender people, which is odd that you can’t see that since you’re living in a perpetual persecution complex.

          4. Uh, Occam’s Razor favors me.

            The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

            Which is simpler, that he used it in the commonly accepted definition to mean crossdresser/transgender/hermaphrodite?

            Or that he used it in some hypothetical archaic definition, which conveniently is not listed in any dictionary I’ve looked it up in… because… feminist conspiracy, or something?

          5. No, it favors your bias. You keep jumping back and forth from “it’s probably a reference to transgender” to “he probably didn’t mean it that way.” Which is it?

          6. The fact that you can’t understand simple words doesn’t mean my opinion is changing.

            It was probably a joke. About transgender people.

            I refuse to believe you’re stupid enough to not get that.

            I mean, I know you’re just a troll, but if you’re not going to put in the effort of trying to make it seem believable, I’m just going to stop humoring you.

          7. It was probably a joke, about transgender people. The disconnect here is that there’s zero reason to get upset about it because it happened so long ago. And frankly even if he made the comment yesterday it wouldn’t bear getting upset about because it a) doesn’t affect you, me or anyone else in reality (its’ a FUCKING VIDEO GAME) and b) he’s Japanese and their culture is complete different from the West. And for the record I am not a troll. People who disagree with you aren’t automatically trolls. You are, however extremely deluded and bordering on deranged if you assume you are right by virtue of your beliefs and that anyone who disagrees with you is a troll because it is impossible for you to be wrong. You have the right to be offended. You don’t have the right to demand changes to the world because of that offense. Offense is taken, not given.

          8. You are a troll because you’re trolling. Because you’re almost having your own argument with yourself, seeing as how half of your posts are just you making shit up that I didn’t even say, or denying literally an entire google search result full of definitions that contradict your viewpoint. Oh, and dear god, you’ve moved the goalpost so much we’re not even playing in the same stadium anymore.

          9. Uh, you said Swyer’s was proof of “intersex” when it’s a disease that can be treated. It’s literally a deformity which results in a MALE not going through puberty. You’re either delusion or just a hardcore ideologue desperately grasping for something to support your bizarre premise that there are more than two sexes.

          10. No. I never said that. Because that’s a stupid thing to say. There is no debate about “intersex”, you’re simply either too stupid, or simply trolling by pretending not to understand that intersex is a medical term that refers to any condition where someone is born with non-standard sexual markers (Chromosomes and/or anatomy).

            Honestly, though, do walk up to a group of women with Swyer syndrome and tell them you think they’re male. See how they respond. Given that they’re not only women, but are typically considered to be CISGENDER women, seeing as how they have all the external bits of a woman (and no ‘male’ bits internally or externally, though they generally don’t have fully functioning uteri.)

            But hey, by all means, have your ignorant opinion. Claim that people who are externally female, largely internally female, with 0 masculine traits except for a Y chromosome… are somehow male. Because yeah, that makes sense.

          11. You’re using intersex in the classical 3rd wave feminism “fight the power sense.” Medically speaking “intersex” would always be considered a disease that needed correcting to improve quality of life by bringing the poor, afflicted individual into some degree of normalcy. You multitude of other trans comments here and elsewhere across the blogosphere give the stark impression you think it’s some magical, natural alternative. There are two and ONLY two sexes, male and female. Gender is the term given to refer to social norms relating to the sexes. Some gender “roles” are direct results of sexual dimorphism and characterists, some are socially convenient and flexible.

            If you have testicles and an XY chromosome you are BIOLOGICALLY male. If someone with Swyer’s choose to live their life as a female for whatever reason, that’s fine. But it’s not a matter of NORMAL (fuck “cis,” that’s a chemistry term, stop trying to make non-normative behavior ‘special’) sex. That person has a disease and a deformity. They might pass as female, they might choose to live as a female, but at the end of the day they are a sterile, genetic error that won/lost the lottery depending on one’s perspective.

            In nature, HEALTHY organisms that follow the static XY/XX sex pattern are one or the other, not both and not in between. I know you really, REALLY want validation, but you’re not going to get it. There is no magical third sex. There is no magical third or fourth or whatever number you want gender. There are health males and females and then there are all the naturally occurring MISTAKES that happen. You don’t celebrate a mistake, you do your best to rectify it.

            And for the record, people with Swyer’s don’t get to CHOOSE that “intersex” condition you’re so hungry to celebrate. That’s inflicted on them. Now, if they get proper hormone therapy they can go through puberty like everyone else, but you seem to be hung up on the ones who choose to embrace their massively underdeveloped, internal testes and live life as eternal prepubescent pseudo-females. I don’t care what they can pass as, what their pronouns are or how they want to live their life. The cold, hard fact of the matter is they were born deformed and at a biological disadvantage and no amount of hyper-left wing politically correct nonsense will every change scientific, biological FACT.

            Oh and to correct your last remark; you need to get a refund on your mail-order PhD in biology because Swyer’s patients DO have “male bits” – they don’t have ovaries, they have TESTES, specifically undersized, hypogonadism afflicted testes. They cannot produce children, which is the first hallmark that something is wrong (see: albinism).

            A person can present externally as male or female and you can “largely” be internally female, but that doesn’t change their chromosomal profile or the fact that they were born deformed. And now suddenly you’re claiming that “masculine traits” matter? You are all OVER the place. I’m arguing the science and you are arguing “feels” and firing off different, conflicting positions when they are convenient for you. Why can’t there be masculine females? I though you lot were opposed to the entire notion of a “gender binary,” but now you’re claiming that a lack of masculine traits is proof positive for the definition of “female?” LOL, I wish I could pick and choose what I liked or didn’t like on a whim and have it fallaciously support my position. Then again, I’m the one arguing science, biology and medicine and you’re the one arguing feelz and glorifying a birth defect.

          12. Feminist/SJW: Muh feelz trump all reality and evidence.

            Rational Person: Here, have some evidence and facts and theories that are supported by evidence.


            You are aware that a one line response to a systematic dismantling of your response with an equivalency to “I know you are, but what am I?” is not a valid response. It’s like, you’re on the border or recognizing reality conflicts with your world view, but you just can’t bare it, so your only responsive is massive denial. FYI: When you state that something isn’t true, the burden of proof dictates that you then demonstrate why it’s not true. You’re not an absolute authority, so I’m not obliged to take your disagreement as word-of-god.

          13. I never said it WASN’T a joke. Literally, my argument was that… yeah, it was probably a joke. And it is sort of transphobic to make a joke that amounts to, “Haha, like we’d ever make her a TRANNY.”

            But like I also already said. Its a product of its time. I take no personal offense to it, nor do I feel persecuted by it. It was the mid-90’s in Japan. I’d have been shocked if he said something PROGRESSIVE.

          14. Not everything needs to be “progressive.” The assumption (and a false one at that) is that the status quo in all cases is a problem. Oh, and then there’s the whole matter of things evolving slowly over time to balance things like rights and treating people with dignity without giving up freedoms in the process. Never forget there are LOTS of people who would very much enjoy clamping down on freedom of speech and expression. That’s basically one of the core complaints of GamerGate; so called progressives attacking developers creative freedom because they find their art “problematic.”

          15. How about a better example, take the word “fuck”, sure we have an official “definition” but that doesn’t stop it from being used everyday to mean a dozen different things. This is complex nature of slang words. Now imagine trying to translate the various ways we use that word to a middle eastern dialect correctly. Translators generally avoid making context clarifications and translate the words as-is.

          16. “No it hasn’t,” yeah because you’re an authority and we’re just going to take your word on it.

      3. Strange that they’d use that word then. Even more so now that the idea of her being trans got shut down so quickly by one of the creators.

        The logic behind that statement simply doesn’t follow through. Now are you sure it’s not something to do with her being half alien? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure she partially is,if memory serves.

  15. the screenshot of kadybat’s tweets scare me. listing off samus, poison, link, zelda, tails as trans even though she knows better just screams mental issues.

  16. Ellen and Wu “wrote” this to stay relevant
    Dont give them the spotlight/attention and they will fade away
    As long as we make fun of them they kinda stay relevant and make money (by clicks or parteon)

  17. You know, I don’t think she’s right… I mean, the ‘evidence’ isn’t terribly convincing… but why is it seeming to bring so much rage out of people? It would be AWESOME is Samus was trans. I already adore her, and to learn she’s trans would make me squee with joy.

    We most definitely need more strong trans characters in gaming, even people who argue that we’ve already got enough strong cisgender female characters can’t possibly say, with a straight face, that transgender people couldn’t use more characters to relate to.

    Only strong trans characters that pops to mind is Krem from Dragon Age: Inquisition, and he wasn’t even a playable character; and Max from Technobabylon, which was a fairly obscure (but amazing) game.

    tl;dr, yeah she was probably wrong, but… who cares?

    1. Maybe a majority of people who grew up with a strong female character and don’t feel she had to be a man at one point to be strong. If you’re going to say that there needs to be more trans representation in games and pull up your boot straps and make those characters, don’t wimp out and try to take over a existing characters. This is where the “They’re trying to fit our games for themselves” narrative came from,and for good reason,that’s what they’re doing. They lack the creativity to do what they want to see done in the gaming industry so they’re trying to use other people’s work for their purposes and agenda,that’s a problem and has no place in the Games industry.

      1. Except she WOULDN’T have been a man. She would be a transgender woman. And would always have been a transgender woman, even if she had presented as male.

        And lets look at what we know of Samus. We’ve seen her when she was younger, and she looked very feminine then. In other words, if she WAS trans, she would have had to have started identifying and presenting as female at a very young age.

        She probably would never have even gone through male puberty.

        Again, I don’t think she is trans, but I am failing to see how it could be bad if she was.

        Also, you’re assuming I’m NOT trying to make those characters. Unfortunately, I write novels. So I can only do my part for the medium I actually work with.

        And I feel its worth pointing out… if Wu WAS right, that would mean that Samus has BEEN trans, not that we’re taking a cisgender character and magicking her into a trans woman.

        Additionally, please do not act like political or ideological statements are somehow out of bounds with video games. They’ve been making them for about as long as there’s been video games. That’s what art does. If you’re not prepared for games to make important statements, then you’re part of the problem. You’re one of those ones who doesn’t want gaming to mature or grow, but to remain a little kiddy toy forever, that never gets taken seriously.

        On one final note, can you clarify who the ‘they’ you are referring to are? Because I’m going to try and give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re not making some huge sweeping generalization about trans people and allies not being creative.

        1. No I do not mean trans people or allies when I say “they” I mean nut cases like Wu and the lot of SJW fools who defend child molesters because they’re saying the right kind of things.

          I refuse to accept that Wu is anywhere close to right about this because Nintendo themselves have said that Samus is not Trans. They’ve even licensed a manga that is about Samus as a little girl being adopted by the Chozo.

          Did I ever say that Political or Ideological statements are never in games? No I didn’t. In fact I prefer when they are, Games such as the Mass Effect Series which ask you if a entire race deserves to be destroyed because they’ve done things wrong in the past, not once but twice. And that’s my favorite game series.

          When I said “Make those Characters” that was not directed to you, I see how you could think that from what I wrote,that was my mistake. But that is something that people like Mrs. Wu needs to be told repeatedly. Them trying to claim a well known Character for their own agenda is wrong and it does nothing but belittle the message they would have us believe they’re trying to get out to the populace. It shows them to be the disingenuous talent-less hacks that they are.

          She (Wu) had the chance to make the kind of game she wanted to see made,instead she tried to go with what she saw the majority of games do (In her own fashion) and then cried out against the gaming populace because her game was no where near as successful as she needed it to be. She has done nothing beyond her game other then throwing out nonsense so she could cry harassment and get pity bucks when her very well documented and very much debunked views are called into question. Do even entertain the idea of lending this cretin any amount of credibility is so morally reprehensible that it’s insane.

          I want to be very clear, I do not have a problem with trying to get representation of minorities in games. Seeing as how I’m a gay man I think the idea is pretty neat. I made a squee of such pitch that no guy my size should ever make when in Mass Effect 3 I could romance Steve Cortez, Kaiden Alenko,and Samantha Trainor with my different Commander Shepards. But even with that I admit that there needs to be more representation of other minorities (And I despise using that word). But trying to usurp someone else’s work,that had been proven several times over to try and get that representation is wrong on several different levels.

          1. To be clear, I wasn’t assuming that you meant trans people, I legitimately didn’t know who you were referring to.

            I get your overall point, but I think its not quite applicable in this case. Again, if this HAD been true, it would mean that Samus had been trans since like… the ’90s, potentially from the moment she was created. So it wouldn’t really be appropriating an existing character.

            I also don’t really have a problem with characters being remade to be gay/transgender whatever, so long as the remade version itself is good. I don’t think anyone, on any side of the argument, likes it when a straight character is made into a BORING gay or transgender character, but, like… Jem. I love Jem, and I am all for characters in the comics being lesbians.

            The original series came out in a time where, even if the developers wanted to, they’d never have been able to get away with having a character be a lesbian. So when you’re reimagining a character that was straight, and you’re willing to change all sorts of other things about the character (their look, the details of their backstory, maybe some tweaks to their personality to update them for a modern era; ie. not having all our superheroes still talk like they just walked out of the 40’s), then I don’t see anything wrong with sexual orientation or gender identity being among the changed details.

            After all, no comic book fan can claim, honestly, that the modern version of Batwoman, who is a lesbian, is NOT superior to the original, who was straight. The key is that they didn’t just make her a generic, boring character and then have her be a lesbian instead of giving her a personality, they remade her as a fun and interesting character, and being a lesbian is just a part of that.

            OF COURSE, I can certainly concede that taking a character who was never indicated to be trans or gay or what have you, and then suddenly making them that with no explanation… it can feel forced. I mean, people CAN come out of the closet who you never expected, but yeah, its pretty lame when its obviously something that’s just being forced in for the sake of diversity.

          2. Exactly,you’re last Paragraph is what I was getting at. And I agree with the rest of your statement here. My problem I have with this entire “We want representation” movement is that they’re not aiming to be creative,they’re aiming to be controlling. Like you said,if you’re going to reboot a character,or write in a reveal as in being Trans or gay,then write it, don’t just say “They’re (the Character) is a Trans women. Get over it.” Doing that is a disgusting level on entitlement that I’ve been being charged with every time I speak up against “Let’s make this character black cause Equality!” when I’ve put it to them as we’ve said here.

            Write Characters, for novels,comics and Games as a character, not a one dimensional mirror to preen yourself in. That’s all I say in the face of ret-cons and reboots.

          3. My problem I have with this entire “We want representation” movement is that they’re not aiming to be creative,they’re aiming to be controlling.


    2. It would be AWESOME is Samus was trans. I already adore her, and to learn she’s trans would make me squee with joy.
      We most definitely need more strong trans characters in gaming, even people who argue that we’ve already got enough strong cisgender female characters can’t possibly say, with a straight face, that transgender people couldn’t use more characters to relate to.

      You’re confusing “need” with “want” – the two are obviously not the same.

      As far as I’ve ever seen, not a single rational gamer has ever stated that they object to characters that are gay/trans/black/female/queer/etc.

      What I have heard however is a ton of folks objecting to (often rather strongly) is changing preexisting & well-established characters, without anything beyond we need more/diverse/inclusive/non-white representation in video games.

      Why not just make your own game(s), chock full of whatever it is you want more of?

      If there’s a strong market for your game(s) you’ll make a shit-ton of & serve a seemingly untapped, under-served audience.

      I would think that approach would be a win-win for everyone iinvolved…

      1. I feel like everything you just said is basically stuff I already addressed in response to a previous reply, and honestly, can’t muster up enough of a fuck to give in order to actually rewrite all that.

  18. Just out of curiosity, how many copies of his shitty game has Johnny managed to flog to fools and fellow fucksticks so far?

  19. Holy shit!!!!!! Has the whole world gone crazy. XD I can’t even stop laughing

    EDIT: >>>NB4 Florence starts getting triggered by this comment “Cry some more you shill”

  20. LMAO! Samus Aran… Trans? Wow, that projection! Brianna Wu is really trying to stir the pot with the help of those liars at The Mary Sue. I like how she’s basically adopting Anita’s position of “Samus is just a dude with tits cuz she uses violence,” but taken it an extra step by literally erasing the characters origins as a female. That’s right kind, Trans “women” are still dudes, regardless of hormones or surgery. That XY chromosome pairing don’t lie.

  21. wu is actually damaging my perception on transgendered.. i thought most if not all transgendered were nice people! now i see there are shitforbrains in every corner of every street of every gender of every.. sigh you know what i mean! if she continues like this i fear that people that would have accepted trans or gay people might not now if they hear this pshycho babble on and on and on!

  22. Brianna Wu: I’ll create some ‘controvery’ (slander/libel) about a famous, ground breaking, beloved female character and then use the obvious ridicule I’ll receive as proof that gamers are “transmisogynist!” It’s the perfect crime!”

    Except it’s not, Brianna. That’s the most circular type of reasoning I’ve seen in a while. In fact, that’s how she got involved in GamerGate in the first place – poking fun at people with disrespectful meme’s (that mocked autistic children, muh sensitivity) and then freaking out when she received the same treatment 100x over.

  23. My brother informed me that “newhalf” refers to the fact that Samus Aran is half-human and half-alien, a fact about her character I completely forgot. Well, that resolves that AND it proves that Brianna Wu doesn’t actually play the games she claims to be an expert about.

    1. Yeah I was thinking about that too. She was infused with Chozo genetics to make her stronger, more agile and presumably be able to use the Power Suit.

      1. See, you know. Now go tell this Florence troll (who is likely the same person under different accounts who keeps coming here to tone police and concern troll) to diaf for me.

        1. Wait, there’s a troll in the comment section? Guess it would explain the comments (Around 223 so far.).

          Edit: Fuck me, just saw the argument my comment sparked. I’ll sleep the night and maybe get in on the crazy.

          1. I never got the response after I said that Samus might be part alien.

            I mean I realize that new-half is often used for men dressing/transitioning into the role/look of women for the most part, but there’s also the bit where it may actually just mean a person who has transitioned away from what they were. It was certainly used that way.

            Some words don’t have a direct translation, and from what I’ve read from the two of you, she was desperately clinging to the non-existing direct translation of this word.

  24. This is about as asinine as Tumblr Potter fans saying Hermione is black because Rowling described her as having curly hair…which we all know no white person as ever had. And there’s no way Rowling herself could’ve approved Emma Watson as Hermione, because she’s black!

  25. Getting mad at the wu is like getting mad at a kid laughing when you bang your knee at the door.

    But wait a second… What if Brianna Wu is sane and the rest of the world is just crazy!?

  26. “I don’t care about canon”. See thats the reason why gamers not just GG but all Real gamers hate people like you. Not for being trans, not for wanting diversity but because you shit on other peoples creative work.

    We don’t hate gay, trans, female or black characters. We hate motherfuckers like you that want to destroy canon.

    If you want characters to be like yo want them, create your own fucking characters!

    I could go on and on but I can sum this lunatics tweets up in one picture:

  27. If my graphics card weren’t doing it’s best impression of a potato, I’d write a fuckhuge response to just how much this obnoxious trans shit is pissing me off. Can we not go one week without some trans retard making every trans person look just as bad? Please? It’s exactly shit like this that makes me not identify as “trans” because these assholes make the whole identity synonymous with being an entitled fucking cunt, who make up their own facts to make themselves sound right and try to force changes where it doesn’t belong. Why are they so intent on getting trans characters in games?! I play games for fun, for escapism. The fucking last thing I want to see in a game is a character shoehorned in that fucking reminds me of something that I can’t change about myself. It’s practically a fucking curse and yet these people glorify it. How would they even portray a trans character without either being their entire personality or so irrelevant that it’s entirely pointless?

    I’m so fucking sick of this bullshit.

  28. This is nothing new. They’ve been trying this shit since they found out about the Sheik/Zelda rumor that’s been floating around since Ocarina of Time. It got to the point that Nintendo had to make a public statement that Sheik was a woman disguised as a man, and even with Nintendo’s official answer they’re still to this day claiming Zelda is trans.

    1. I saw that and they are still insisting that Link should be a woman in the next Zelda game. Like what the fuck is that going to do? You gave a silent protagonist a vagina, whoop de fucking do.

      1. There was a facebook page i was subscribed to for awhile called Zelda Informer that pushed that idea pretty hard, especially after people saw that trailer for the newest one and thought he was a girl. They also kept reposting the “sheik is a woman”article to start a “debate” when all it really did was cause an obvious culture war in the comments. I unsubscribe after they started pushing a lot of female link cosplays and starting a lot of “What if link were a (insert identifier here)” debates. All they were doing was dividing the fans with stupid identity political “debates”.

        1. That was where I started noticing something was wrong with Moviebob. He said it would be this huge game changing revolution and I pretty much called the entire video bullshit as well as several others. This was before I knew what a SJW was but I did here this gender swapping argument from the gender studies nuts at my school. Got into a fight with people in that comment section because they were trying to prove me wrong and I was just calling bullshit on everyone of their points.

    2. Ah but you see…. that was so that girls could write Link – Sheik fanfiction and not have to worry about icky girl cooties in their yaoi.

      (you think I’m joking…)

  29. Well, even she was, Samus transitioned into a woman quite wonderfully.

    Unlike SOMEONE I could name. . . and I will. I’m talking about you, Brianna. I don’t know who did your surgery, and that’s probably deliberate because if I were her doctor, I wouldn’t want that information getting out either.

      1. Sir, I demand you apologize to every doctor in Mexico right this instant! That was downright CRUEL to say such a thing to them.

          1. Kinda makes Sarah Kerrigan’s transformation into the Queen of Blades look downright wholesome by comparison, eh?

      2. I’m betting some third-world (no need for psych examinations) hack doctor (a competent doctor wouldn’t risk their reputation on this) who got paid under the table to do it, and then Wu did the follow-up hormones & exercises with the same work ethic she has demonstrated with everything else in her life.

  30. I’m not the most savvy when it comes to Metroid, but isn’t Samus supposed to have some bird-alien DNA in her? That’s how she’s able to be so agile, right?

    Didn’t know that having alien DNA in ya made ya trans.


  31. I feel like her parents are smacking their heads against the walls, wondering what they did to deserve their retard of a child.

    1. According to Wu, no idea if it’s true or not give the source, they paid for them. That’s what they did to deserve it, while the real parents were wise enough to be rid of them.

  32. What the fuck? What is it with Samus that the SJWs keep trying to destroy? She’s either not a good female character, she is but it doesn’t count, or she’s trans now. What’s next? So we can just say what characters are with no evidence to back this up? As a creator this terrifies me. Next thing I know one of my characters will be a fucking squirrel kin for no damn reason. Also can we please burn Mary Sue to the ground? I fucking hate that website.

    1. I agree. As an alternative, I would also be just fine with characters being defined by the consumer of the fiction. You want Samus to be trans? Well that’s fine. Just leave it at that, your interpretation of art.

  33. Just like to say that as an ambassador of gayness to Gamergate (all hail Milo the Fabulous), the overwhelming majority of gay people do not support “revolutionary queerness,” she/he/it is fucking insane. These people and their need to destroy and twist the world instead of simply cohabiting in it…

  34. Social Justice…
    2014= Not enough women in video games. MAKE MORE WYMONZ!!!
    2015= Too much women in video games. MAKE THEM TRANS!!!

    1. Idk that hashtag implies she left crazy at some point in her life. It seems to me like she’s just moving further into the heart of crazy, maybe buying an income property in crazy.

  35. Super timely story on The Onion’s Clickhole site: “Progress! This Video Game’s Protagonist Is A Deaf Woman!”


    Even The Onion editors, who never seem to miss a chance to preach, are laughing at the absurdity of SJWs when it comes to gaming.

    And YES, that IS Wu trying to list himself as a “reliable source” and calling impartial Wikipedia editors a bunch of “transmisogynist fucks” for being skeptical and pointing out that there is absolutely no evidence that a 30-year-old game character with a long and rich history is transgender.

    The good folks at Kotaku In Action (reddit) matched the IP address of the main Wiki talk page agitator to Wu’s current town of residence, and there are several other give-aways that it’s Wu making those posts, including the fact that his Wiki posts repeat identical language from some of his tweets. Note also that the CREATOR OF METROID himself has emphatically said Samus Aran is a woman, and people have posted the screenshot to Twitter — not a transwoman, not a fucking fukinari, just a regular, no-asterisk WOMAN.

    These fucking twats at TheMarySue and their cohorts are no longer simply asking to play in the same sandbox as gamers, they’re barging in, toppling over people’s sandcastles, and telling people exactly what to build, under threat of being labeled bigots and misogynists if gamers don’t comply. You can see CLEARLY that Wu is trying this bullying tactic on Wiki, and goes into complete nerd rage mode when he realizes the Wiki editors aren’t having any of it.

  36. I lost my shit at the author’s twitter meltdown lol. I don’t care about canon or authorial intent! I’m a revolutionary!

    Wow lol …

    I guess we can all claim that Brianna Wu is the leader of Gamergate. This is revolutionary, and I don’t care about authorial intent or accuracy! I’m invading your spaces! (that sounds so weird and rapey).

    1. Yeah, the ‘invading your spaces’ sounds vaguely like a rape threat.

      I laughed my arse off at that point. Not only do they spit on what they’re advocating for, they also do it in the most humorous of ways.

    2. Half of these morons are fresh off Gender Studies 101 at colleges like Vassar and come dancing out of class ready to start their own revolutions, like 10-year-olds doing spin kicks out of the movie theater after watching Karate Kid.

      We get it. You’re inspired. You think you discovered something new. Some jackwagon who is unemployable anywhere else in the real universe is your professor, and just fed you a semester’s worth of bullshit about how you’re like Q from Star Trek and can arbitrarily redefine reality at will.


  37. You know, you could at least try to sound more convincing with these. I mean I realize you’re just a spambot, but damn you’re a bad one at that.

  38. Oh my god! I havent laughed so hard in months. Wu tries the “trans-misogynist” defense and the other lunatic is declaring every VG-character a trans woman.

  39. Jesus Fucking Christ – Wu just keeps on poking the bear.

    There’s already a follow up article on the Mary Sue, and she’s already calling the criticism of it “attacks”

    “Unfortunately, many of them proceeded to aggressively attack the two of us.”

    No, having someone tell you that you’re wrong is CRITICISM, Wu. If someone breaks out a baseball bat and wails on you, THEN you can call that an attack.

    Even better, this is her defense of the article: “She passed me a 1,200-word document with impeccable sourcing”

    A 20 year old joke from a person who had minimal input on the character is an IMPECCABLE SOURCE. Oh lord, someone call NASA, because I need them to fetch my sides orbiting Mars.

    1. How long will it take for Wu to change the “the two of us” to “they attacked me me me and me alone!”? 2 or 3 days?

  40. Dont forget the thing where it seems Briana Wu was the one who edited the Samus Aran wikipedia and added her being trans. But then it got edited back, cus its an evidence lacking update.

  41. She is the biggest hypocrite in the bunch.

    She comes out on twitter and says https://twitter.com/Spacekatgal/status/639323367670181888
    and I stop and I’m like “You are the biggest fucking Hypocrite in the bunch. You try to change an established character to suit your political ends….yet you make a fucking videogame with ZERO TRANSGENDER CHARACTERS. If you want that Representation, Why the fuck didnt you put them in your god damn game!?”

    Answer. She’s an Attention Whore

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