Wow, you guys ready for some huge news? As you might be able to tell from the headline, this is one of the biggest announcements I’ve ever had the pleasure of bringing you. We’ve talked for over a year about putting a dent in the SJW-controlled gaming and tech press. I’ve written over 1000 articles during that time, and I would say that well over 600 of them have been about that issue. Whether it was pointing out their biased bullshit or examining the odiousness of one of their hacks, we’ve talked about their corruptness for quite some time. Now, we’re finally going to see them get a real challenge thanks to our friends over at Breitbart.

Today, they’re launching a new “vertical.” That’s just a fancy name for a spinoff site, but why not take a look at the term for shits and giggles?

The term “verticals” in business refers to a vertical market. Basically, a vertical market is one where businesses and marketers cater to the needs of a specific group of people within an industry. This concept is in contrast to a horizontal market, where the focus is diverted to a large amount of people regardless of industry.

Vertical markets are those that focus on a specific niche and can be marketed to in a similar manner. The entire business can be part of the vertical market, or just an individual department. For example, a business that sells computer software for a specific industry, such as medical, would fall under a vertical market. Also, a department within a company, such as the mortgage department at a bank, would be considered a vertical market, while all the combined departments at the bank could be considered a horizontal market.

Bloomberg announced this huge development moments ago

Breitbart News has spent most of the last decade assaulting what it sees as the sacred cows worshiped by liberals in government, journalism, and Hollywood. Now it is turning to Big Tech. On Tuesday, the right-wing news site is launching Breitbart Tech, a new section of its website focused on technology. 

The man in charge of the effort is Milo Yiannopoulos, a British journalist and provocateur who co-founded the tech site the Kernel before moving to Breitbart. The site has hired six full-time staffers dedicated to subjects like e-sports and free speech on the Internet. Expect not to see much coverage on, say, the economics of venture capital, and a lot on the simmering culture wars that happen in the far corners of Reddit. There will also be plenty of Yiannopoulos himself. His writing generally casts himself as the protagonist, and his articles tend to start off with phrases like, “I’m a slut, and I have been shamed,” or “I am always right.” A Fusion profile referred to him as the “ultimate troll.”

To judge by Yiannopoulos’s writing for Breitbart so far, the biggest issue in tech isn’t government spying or overvalued startups. It’s women. Most of Yiannopoulos’s tech reporting for Breitbart has focused on Gamergate, the year-long controversy over gender in gaming. The mainstream media has mostly covered the movement as a semi-organized campaign of harassment against prominent women in video games (Bloomberg Businessweek ran a cover story on the controversy last November). On Monday, the organizers of the South by Southwest conference cancelled two panels on gender in gaming, citing unspecified threats of violence.  

Yiannopoulos mostly sees technology companies as hamstrung by their own progressive ideologies. Feminists are attacking tech and gaming companies because the awkward men that run them are easy targets, he says. He stresses that he loves women but maintains they are underrepresented in tech due to basic differences between the sexes.

As for Breitbart Tech, Master Milo is going to be at the very top of this operation, and I’d say his last year of work has perfectly prepared him for this role. The rock-solid Allum Bokhari will most likely be there as well, along with some new people you may (or may not) not have heard of. Still, you’re likely familiar with Breitbart’s style of speaking truth to power. That will continue here no matter where that power lies. If it’s an out of control press slandering gamers once again, Breitbart will be there. If it’s a corrupt publisher raking loyal consumers over the coals simply to squeeze a few more measly dollars out of them, Breitbart will be there. If it’s a sleazy drunk saying “gamers are over?” Well, you get the picture. Instead of demonizing customers, these guys have radical notions about respecting and honoring them instead. I know. It’s a big shift from the likes of Kotaku, Polygon, The Verge, and WIRED. This challenge is long overdue, to say the very least.

Also, this isn’t about being politically correct, or covering for an indie dev friend cause they sucked off a writer last weekend. Breitbart is going to give it to you straight. As I said, the site launches, well, now. Expect to be hanging out there a ton this week, because the team has a lot of content planned for the rollout. I’m pretty fucking excited about it myself even though I’m your resident jaded blogger. So we’ll be talking about it plenty over the next few weeks. If possible, I’ll have a RSS feed of the new site up on the side of TheRalphRetort as well. I want to thank Master Milo once again for putting his career where his mouth is. I’m sure this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. It will take a lot of hard work from the staff to make it succeed. Loyalty will be needed from you all as well. This is a very big step. I hope you’re just as excited as I am about this epic development. This is the game change we’ve all been waiting for.



From the Breitbart Tech unveiling…

On Wednesday night, join us for an epic six-hour livestream with the entire Breitbart Tech writing team and a raft of familiar faces from YouTube and personalities from some of the biggest internet culture and free speech controversies of the last twelve months. More on that tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing! On Friday this week, tune in for the return of fan favourite RADIO NERO, a weekly podcast about tech, gaming, internet culture and free speech online with Milo Yiannopoulos, co-hosted by Allum Bokhari. Sit tight for more news on that.

The demand from geeks, gamers, and web users for an alternative voice in tech media has never been greater. Breitbart Tech will meet that demand, as we have done is so many other areas of news coverage, with uniquely smart, funny, irreverent coverage. Sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Master Milo already has an interview up with Donald Trump:

BREITBART TECH: What’s your position on the NSA? Has it overreached in recent years, or is it an essential line of defense in the fight against terrorism?

TRUMP: The National Security Agency (NSA) is charged with collecting electronic intelligence from a host of sources around the world and from those who live in America who might wish ill on our country and its people. To accomplish that mission, the NSA has been given great latitude in how it conducts itself, especially after the events of 9/11.

To the extent that the agency can accomplish its mission without violating the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, it should be given as much leeway as possible. However, American citizens are guaranteed certain protections. There must be a balance between those Constitutional protections and the role of the government in protecting its citizens. Congress should continue to be the arbiter of that balance.

I also have to post this cartoon, since it’s so fucking hilarious…swj_toon_web_1024-640x458

Oh, and Milo has more, this time firing a shot across the bow at the competitors of Breitbart Tech…

The cold hard truth is that the social justice warriors the media props up as champions of diversity in the industry will never accomplish great things in gaming. They uniformly lack the skill and dedication to create great games, which makes their choice to focus all of their energy on diversity, authoritarianism, and third-wave intersectional feminism logical, albeit odious.

But what the games press doesn’t discuss is actually much more interesting and important than what they do. Several weeks ago the Entertainment Software Association Foundation announced scholarships for thirty women and minority students interested in entering the games industry. It boggles the mind that the gaming industry itself devoting $90,000 to kick-start the careers of thirty young women and men would not be newsworthy to writers that are seemingly obsessed with diversity.

I’ll keep this space updated throughout the evening. I’m going to go work on the next post, but check back later for more news and reaction.

    1. While people joke about his flamboyance, humour and ‘arrogance’ (100% justified because he uses logic and facts), I cannot stress how important this person is for the future of our culture, namely video games and male-oriented hobbies and media. I hope he doesn’t change.

  1. This is good news and that drawing is boss, Milo in his true form!

    Hopefully this gets big enough to start regularly reviewing games too, quickly running out of sites/people to trust on that front.

    1. Just heard about that site the other day but haven’t bothered to fully check it out, other than the confusing layout what’s wrong with it?

  2. Gender feminists have been begging to be shown for the pathological liars they are. Here’s feminist logic:

    In the ’50s Frederic Wertham wants a comics code because of sex and violence. Did we oppose him because he was a man? No.

    Jack Thompson wants a gaming code because of sex and violence. Did we oppose him because we hate men? No.

    Anita Sarkeesian wants a code for gaming because of sex and violence. Did we oppose her because we hate women? Absolutely.

  3. I think this will really be the turning point in this whole mess. Not to imply that this is a cure all-saveall, but the point where things start getting better, where gamers and gaming are more fairly reported on and talked about.

    As it is, the average person is becoming aware of what SJWs are. The fact that South Park alone has done a number of episodes on them is proof enough that this is getting much wider attention than we could have hoped for this soon. To add to that, the SJWs and progressive media are constantly doubling down on their stupidity, case in point the articles defending pedophilia. Even the SJWs used that as an attack on 8chan (and GG for being on 8chan among other places) at one point, for the rest of the normal first world, no one is going to tolerate that shit. Show any rational parent that’s outside the SJW circles those articles and they’d lose their shit. There is no coming back from defending or justifying pedophilia.

    While I do believe the fight against them was 100% necessary, I’ve always thought the SJW ideology would eventually collapse upon itself or would simply be rejected, dismantled and destroyed by “normies.”

    Gonna bookmark the new site and start visiting it, Adblock disabled.

    1. I agree. In the end this fight will belong to who can tell the truth. Compare and contrast: over in SF, the ditzy Damien Walter had The Guardian, a bigger platform than Breitbart. What did he do with it? He told falsehoods about straight white males in SF and has stayed at 5,000+ Twitter followers in the same timeframe Milo has gone from 28,000 to almost 90,000 now. Walter could’ve used his position for good and helped his career. Instead he has sunk out of the battle, fit only to parrot feminist mantras like a robot.

      I’m hoping this Twitter and net activism can spread to SFF. That is a miserable shithole of feminist bullshit that is pretty much unchallenged. The once great Nebula and Hugo awards have been transformed into nothing more than lesbian intersectional paranoia and lies about whites and men.

  4. Without doubt this is great news and gives us a huge weapon to punch back up against the SJW/feminist infestation. But of course as with any media, I will need to see how the material shapes up in Breitbart Tech. It’s very easy to just say things like ‘We advocate for things like free speech and will not involve politics and feminism’. Walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

    Any signs of SJW-ism, politics, feminism, thought-policing and tone-policing (even 0.01%) and I’m out. This should be 100% free of the above.

    I have faith in Milo Yiannopoulos, based on what he’s done for us.

    Meanwhile, Cordana in Halo 5 is no longer ‘naked’. No prizes for guessing which group of crying fucktards were responsible for that.

  5. Sad that the ultra-left wing are so wrapped up in their oppression and victimhood narrative they can’t celebrate obvious positives for real diversity in the industry. It has to be THEIR diversity (censorship, authoritarianism, etc.) for it to get coverage and in reality they’d must rather peddle click bait bullshit to provoke unjustified moral outrage. Good on Milo calling out their bullshit, as usual.

  6. Burn in hell white cis lord gender pirates.

    What the fuck happened to Internet Aristocrat videos? That guy was the ace of your pitching staff. If I was rich I’d pay him to do profiles of the daffy shits in science fiction author by author, blogger by blogger, Twitter fuck by Twitter fuck. There wouldn’t be a brick left standing. I’d rather read science fiction and fantasy by the fucking Muslim Brotherhood than those shits.

      1. And it appears that he was right in the end doesn’t it? Instead of going full out and attacking SJWs/feminists and not giving them an inch, GamerGate chose to stand back and scream “EFFICKS ONLY!”.

        Now, GG is slowly being infested and turning into a bunch of moderate SJW-lites who are willing to listen to and accept SJW/feminist ideology, and tone-police and censor people who disagree. Take a look at what KiA has become.

        1. IA is a fucking ace and I’ll tell you why: he did the work. He did the boring, hard, detailed, research to present his arguments and that is what wins. His work on Delhousie was a classic of insanity. Any fool can sit on Twitter and link to other people’s work and make snarky ironic comments all day but how many of those people truly understand what GG is up against in an ideological sense and present us with it? Anyone can quote Sarkeesian but how many can tell us why she says what she does or even put up the truly red flag comments of hers, such as gender is “performance,” a dead giveaway and insight into her ideology if there ever was one. I’m not surprised so many people are descending into trolling each other into feuds no one gives a shit about. They have egos but produce nothing, much like gender feminists.

          1. Even though Adam Baldwin created the hashtag, you can easily say that IA was the one responsible for making GamerGate explode into the world, especially with the Quinnspiracy video.

            His motto of using GG to go full-out attack on SJWs/feminists would have been the best way forward, because you simply cannot reason with or logically debate with SJWs/feminists. But some prominent GG’rs wimped out on it because of ‘moral’ practices and kept on maintaining that it should only be about the EFFICKS.

            So because of this pussy-footing, it’s basically led to SJW infestation and the unmasking of some GG member’s true colors of being SJW-lites, advocating for “moderation” and “acceptance” of SJW/feminist ideology.

            That dickhead within GG writing the abomination of a plan to end GamerGate (the one Ralph exposed) really does speak volumes of where the movement is at.

          2. Fuck moderation. That’s like asking blacks and Jews to be moderate in dealing with neo-Nazis or the KKK. And that’s the whole point of doing the research. This is not an equal rights feminism you’re up against. It doesn’t have jack shit to do with equality. This is a cult which hates men, straights and whites. Are most of them probably useful idiots or naive? Maybe. It makes no difference. Being stupid enough to call neo-Nazis or the Klan “social justice” cuts no ice with me. And watch IA’s Delhousie video to see how utterly insane these people are. They are as feral as wild animals and their hatred of men and whites is off the charts, even though most of them are white. Every woman on that Delhousie panel should be immediately fired from the school for racism, hate speech and supremacist agitation. But that would be in a sane country with balls, a thing Canada and America no longer are or have. Why not just have David Duke go after black fraternities? It wouldn’t be any less insane.

        2. K. Let’s look at KiA, nope not seeing acceptance of SJW/Feminist ideology or tone policing or censoring. Mod logs don’t show censoring, a quick scan of the first 15 pages don’t show acceptance of mentioned things, and people who try tone policing are told to fuck off.

  7. Great news. After the disapoiting Reaxxion, we needed a true anti-sjw tech site. A liked Reaxxion, the staff have the heart in the right place but they were beyound amateurish.

  8. Let’s have a Kickstarter to turn Andrea Dworkin’s 1974 book Woman Hating into a video game. It has 9 million witches burnt at the stake, telepathic mind-reading flying sorceresses, a hidden civilization of neolithic 17th century Hobbit-like people ruled by a Matriarchy, and all of it’s based on actual historic fact… if you’re nuts. It’s like Damsels in Distress Meets Medieval Girls Gone Wild, a sure fire bet for featuring diversity and torture.

  9. It’s about time the press got behind GamerGate. People like Anita and Harper have had a head start cause they know no one will fight them back!

  10. hope these new sites stick around, I will view what I can but written media takes a lot more to keep on top of than listening to a podcast during overtime or playing a youtube video on a second screen

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