OK, I’m back from my Twitter coverage of the latest anti-gamer meltdown of the day. This the third one that has occurred within the last twenty-four hours. I’ll briefly touch on the Coffin and McIntosh flame-up before getting to the main event of Big Randi Harper versus Arthur Chu. It was fucking beautiful. You can see that Chu is majorly ass-chapped. More heat on his disturbing racism from the other night is not what he wanted at all.

First, here’s King Cow Coffin and McIntosh having it out over the new Deus Ex trailer:


I hate to give clown-show Coffin any credit, but kudos for taking on #FullMcIntosh here. Very few are as disgusting as him. I’m still not sure that son of a bitch has ever even played a video game. He frequently makes the most asinine pronouncements, and is also incredibly arrogant. Combine that with a complete lack of any discernible talent for anything besides propaganda, and you have Jonathan McIntosh. It’s not a pretty picture.

Enough about that piece of shit, though. Let’s talk about two other dregs of society. Big Randi is not someone I could ever respect. But like Coffin, you gotta give her some small credit tonight.The reason? She took on Arthur Chu for his disgusting display of racism on Tuesday night. In case you don’t remember, click that link. It was one of the lowest moments I’ve seen these last eight months. Trashing a man’s wife and even his child? Arthur, you’re a sick fuck. I’m sure Fat Big Randi is doing this as a stunt for OAPI, and using it as a way to try to erase her own abhorrent history, but I’m still glad the cow said something:


They’re all shitbirds, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a pleasure to watch them rip each other to shreds. Chu tried to claim it was no big deal, but you could tell his blood was boiling. I’m still laughing my ass off over it. Add that in with the Coffin/McIntosh spat, and the Iggy Glavez/Brianna Wu incident, and you have the makings of a dysfunctional trend for the anti-gamer brigade. Their fragile alliance is starting to show some major cracks. Now is the time to apply even more pressure.