OK, I’m back from my Twitter coverage of the latest anti-gamer meltdown of the day. This the third one that has occurred within the last twenty-four hours. I’ll briefly touch on the Coffin and McIntosh flame-up before getting to the main event of Big Randi Harper versus Arthur Chu. It was fucking beautiful. You can see that Chu is majorly ass-chapped. More heat on his disturbing racism from the other night is not what he wanted at all.

First, here’s King Cow Coffin and McIntosh having it out over the new Deus Ex trailer:


I hate to give clown-show Coffin any credit, but kudos for taking on #FullMcIntosh here. Very few are as disgusting as him. I’m still not sure that son of a bitch has ever even played a video game. He frequently makes the most asinine pronouncements, and is also incredibly arrogant. Combine that with a complete lack of any discernible talent for anything besides propaganda, and you have Jonathan McIntosh. It’s not a pretty picture.

Enough about that piece of shit, though. Let’s talk about two other dregs of society. Big Randi is not someone I could ever respect. But like Coffin, you gotta give her some small credit tonight.The reason? She took on Arthur Chu for his disgusting display of racism on Tuesday night. In case you don’t remember, click that link. It was one of the lowest moments I’ve seen these last eight months. Trashing a man’s wife and even his child? Arthur, you’re a sick fuck. I’m sure Fat Big Randi is doing this as a stunt for OAPI, and using it as a way to try to erase her own abhorrent history, but I’m still glad the cow said something:


They’re all shitbirds, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a pleasure to watch them rip each other to shreds. Chu tried to claim it was no big deal, but you could tell his blood was boiling. I’m still laughing my ass off over it. Add that in with the Coffin/McIntosh spat, and the Iggy Glavez/Brianna Wu incident, and you have the makings of a dysfunctional trend for the anti-gamer brigade. Their fragile alliance is starting to show some major cracks. Now is the time to apply even more pressure.

    1. Not really. Did you see the love-fest on FLOSS Weekly, yesterday? It was an hour of Randi being sad at being a victim of doxing “for the last twenty years, since she was fifteen” and choosing to stand up for other people with her new organization, despite it being tiring and exhausting and something she advises other people not to get into and blah blah blah.

      They literally could not have been further up her ass… and these are hard-core geeks (like THE perl book author of the last twenty years, for example) on a hard-core geek weekly show. If these people deeply embedded in technology and geek culture are 100% bought-in and 100% dismissive of the actual reality of her (and she’s among the worst of the worst), then there is fucking zero hope for people who are further extracted from all of this in the general world to have a fucking clue about any of it other than the bullshit they c ontinue to be fed and, therefore, believe.

      1. Sadly everything you said is true…

        I wonder though, when did the general population become so gullible and easily manipulated???

  1. randi is back tracking from months of harassment to make herself look “neutral” and noble for her little pretend business.

    i don’t for one second think any of it is genuine.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think anyone buys it. I don’t think anyone particularly cares either, but maybe I’m wrong there.

      If any of these people want to privately continue acting like fucking monsters they’re more than welcome to. All we want is for that bullshit to be left at the door when they’re in professional settings.

    2. Good luck with that I say. Because every little shit stunt she’s pulled from blacklisting innocent people, to spreading lies and falsifying police reports; the internet will remember it forever and they belong to us now. And hopefully some time in near future this will all blow up in her face and she’ll make a complete mess in her pants in front of gawd and everyone looking down on her.

  2. Honestly though, Chu’s latest tirade was stranger than usual, even by SocJus standards.

    “Mindkilling” realy doesn’t pay off, I guess.

        1. The answer to how crazy Chu is is a simple one:

          Voices in my head berate me constantly. Speech is difficult, especially when stressed. I start to panic when an area is even slightly crowded. I avoid medication out of fear of past results repeating and being unsure how I’d take the silence.

          I look at people like Chu and think to myself “At least I’m not crazy like that.”

      1. What about people who, you know, have other interests and causes? I mean, I’m anti-war for the most part, but I’m not cleansing my mind of impure thoughts and becoming some sort of anti-war jedi and dedicating the rest of my life to that pursuit. And if I were, it would obviously have to come at the cost of being able to do so for feminism and “progressive culture” whatever the fuck that is.

      2. I’ve read this face book post of Chu’s before. I’ve read some of the comments under it as well. Arthur, you are a practitioner of fascism.

      3. Chu should have paid more attention to the advice from that fanfic specifically: ‘I will not go around provoking strong, vicious enemies.’ yet here he is neck deep in #GG

      4. “Mindkilling” sounds like one step short of actual, physical self-flagellation. Of all the major aGGs, Arthur is the absolute worst and most in need of an ass kicking. Or serious psychological help.

  3. When the chips are down, these… “civilized” people, they’ll eat each other.

    Now lets see who blocks who first.
    *grabs popcorn*

      1. True. But I like it when SJW’s do it to each other, because I love watching them go at each others throats.

        1. A-yep. Me too.

          Once they know you won’t back down, they go somewhere else. Eventually the only people left are the ones susceptible to their rhetoric.

    1. Not necessarily.

      When GG did the same thing to that dude from that band (sorry, I don’t remember the band and I think his name was Dave or something), it was essentially the same as this. It’s pretty ridiculous for us to do the same thing, then when it’s on their side of things, say “hah, you idiots are eating each other alive hahahahaha!”.

      The only difference, of course, is that this is awfully hypocritical of them since they’re attacking one of their own for doing literally what all of them commonly do while GG was doing what they’ve always done — which is to not accept censorship or hate from people, even if they generally agree with and support the same issues.

      1. David Draiman from Disturbed got to over sensitive when Trevor Noah, some comedian who I’ve never even heard of, made some lame racial jokes about Jews. I listened to some of Trevor’s jokes and they weren’t even funny they were just… meh. And are you saying that GG should’ve gone after Trevor because of a few bad jokes David didn’t like? Unless there’s several articles published on the same day attacking all Jews saying how to end them and how they’re all dead that I don’t know about, then maybe I’d understand.

        Also, I remember a certain King of Spaghetti who got too over emotional over a few things another GG’er said/did that wasn’t even serious and people told him to chill the fuck out because he was acting like a total drama queen. Despite having said that, I have have more respect for KoP then I have for David Draiman.

    2. This is what i’m hoping for. Once Harper starts putting enough SJWs on her blocklist (like she did with Gallant), eventually it’ll end up blocking most other SJWs and blow up in their faces.

  4. Wow. Randi said almost exactly what I said in the previous article about this.

    It is a repulsive and dehumanizing and disingenuous tactic to accuse someone of being racist or otherwise prejudice and hateful about a group of people and then when they offer you pretty fucking convincing evidence of how full of shit they are, say “that means you’re even more racist!”.

    My wife is black and middle eastern and if someone accused me of having some deep-seated hate for people of other ethnicities than mine, you sure as fuck better believe that I might mention that the person I’m closest to and chose to spend the rest of my life (hopefully) with is multi-ethnic. Kind of the same way if someone publicly accused me of being a tax-dodger, I might show them my latest returns to evidence that I have not, in fact, dodged my tax liability. Or the way I might respond to “you’re a right-wing jesus-freak bigot” by pointing out that I’m actually literally a card-carrying atheist, card carrying ACLU member, and a little-el libertarian.

    You know, because these things are fucking relevant to the fucking accusations that are being fucking levied.

    So to respond by saying “your family is just a shield you use” is fucking grotesque. It is a despicable personal attack not just against that man, but his whole fucking family. It literally reduces them to little more than trivial objects while accusing the man who actually fucking cares for them of reducing them to little more than trivial objects.

    It is baffling that SJWs do this sort of thing routinely, but Randi is the one to call it out. I’m pretty certain she has regularly engaged in exactly this sort of thing, so while I say “bravo” to her for this and hope it is the turning of a new leaf, I have little cause to believe that is legitimately so. None the less, individual actions should be acknowledged. She is absolutely right, here, and Chu is disgustingly wrong. You’d have to have your head incredibly far up your own ass not to think anything otherwise about his statements and behavior.

    1. Arthur Chu is a racist idiot. His argument is like calling someone a liar and when they say “I’m not a liar” saying back to them “That’s exactly what a liar would say”.

      When you are called a racist or sexist by an SJW you better just accept that you are a racist and sexist because any attempt to defend yourself is just used by them as more “proof” that you are what they say you are. These people are overgrown children that do nothing but throw tantrums all the time.

  5. At least BatWu cancelled the tweets after realizing how much retarded they sound to sane people…this sex starved midget with his rants is far beyond the concept of stupidity.

  6. Oh my God McIntosh shut the hell up you privileaged lazy son of a bitch. How you go through your life without killing yourself is a mystery to me because your life sounds like an absolute bore. Know if you’ll excuse me I’m going to pick up human revolution so I can play badass cyber punk Jesus so I can play the sequel. Because that is fun, which is what games are suppose to be you worthless piece of shit. Any way good to see them destroying themselves that makes 4 times in the past 2 weeks.

  7. These SJWs can sure eat up a lot of text real estate to say a whole bunch of nothing. I dare you to try to decipher what, if anything, McIntosh actually said in that line of gobbledy-gook

    1. lol, basically, he’s saying “The New Deus Ex Game is Bad and you are Bad for Liking it” in his own coded language.

  8. Seeing how Coffin called out #FullMcIntosh on his “STOP LIKING WHAT I DON’T LIKE!” stupidity, and Harper ripping on Chu for attacking Torgenson’s wife and child, it shows that maybe (a big MAYBE!) that Coffin and Harper can be reasoned with and are starting to notice the bullshit within their hugboxes.

    At the very least, it’s entertaining to see these ideologues tear each other apart.

    1. I see it as them being smarter than the blind ideologues and playing some sort of game (ironically). I highly doubt the creator of the blockbot can be reasoned with.

  9. God damn it. The reason I got active in GG, the Green Goddamn Goblin to my Spiderman, and I MISS this? I go away for TWO DAYS and he gets spanked… by… RANDI?

    Well, thanks for catchin’ it Ralph, made my day.

    Oh, and lest someone think I’m developing a soft-spot for Harper. Push harder, dig deeper. They’re starting to turn, let’s make ’em run.

  10. I was going to make a joke about how the two should just do each other but the thought of it was so repulsive I gave myself food poisoning.

    In all serious tho, these sjw folk are all big fish in a small pond so to speak. The moment they run out of small fish to eat the sooner they will eat each other, and ultimately themselves, to survive. The difference is that the small pond is actually an aquarium and we are the ones watching from the outside like scientists. Quite the fascinating spectacle indeed.

  11. “Don’t you deserve better than the same exact boring hyper-masculine Badass Cyberpunk Jesus cliche characters year after year?”

    Actually, I would prefer if they could deliver them every year, that would be most excellent. MOAR CYBERPUNK MORE CLEECHE PLZ.

    Also: Cliche? Really? From the writer who can’t tell the difference between a cliche or a trope? It can hardly be a cliche if there are only like 5 cyberpunk games of any note to point to in the last 15 years, and only one series makes the reference in one game.

    1. I think his whole problem with it is it would be fun and apparently we are in desperate need of games that are not fun.

    2. Also I find it funny that these people want games to carry messages and make people think. Well here we have a game that because the disabled are able to now surpass those that are not mankind has turned on them due to fear and prejudice. I don’t know about you but that has me thinking. I think it is an interesting idea. Oh wait that’s right that is not the message they want. They want messages about “diversity” and rape culture myths.

      1. Yeah, when they say “These games don’t make you think” – they really mean “These games don’t fit muh narrative”

      2. Personally though, I love cyberpunk. It always has had themes to make people think, most times more so than other science fiction. It’s unfortunate that SJWs hate cyberpunk so much, they just see “technology, oh – that’s bad for us” and miss the part where technology isn’t portrayed as the “salvation of mankind” – Almost all cyberpunk is a pro/con comparison on how technology is used.

        1. Oh I love stuff like that. I love science fiction stories that are able to deliver big ideas and get one to think. Films like District 9 (fuck you McIntosh that’s one my favorite films), the Matrix, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park to name a few. So Deus Ex looks like my kind of thing and I’ve been meaning to pick up Human Revolution. Also McIntosh says we can’t give a message but also have fun at the same time…….. this fucker has clearly never heard of satire.

          1. He says that the last act ruins that movie. He says you can’t have fun and deliver a message at the same time. So a guy stomping around in a giant mech suit is apparently a no no.

          2. Mech scene ruins it all huh?

            Is their ANY sort of entertainment he approves of outside of Gone Home & Depression Quest?

          3. He seems to have this mentality that fun is bad. There is even a tweet from him that said we are in desperate need of games that are not fun. So I guess Depression Quest and Gone Home would fit that category. Because when anyone played them did they say they had fun? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

  12. With all these movements gamergate, comicgate, metalgate, and sadpuppies I think it would be wise if we combined out resources. Form an alliance. If this is us divided imagine if we united. #comicmetalpuppygamergate lol. However, that may not be necessary at this point. Hopefully by august we will have heard the last from these people.

  13. This is what happens when you lock all those egos behind a giant block list. Eventually they don’t have ANYbody to argue with other than themselves. And to watch them tear into each other is fucking glorious.

    It’s the Donner Party Massacre reborn under the Social Justice banner. ….it’s like….

    The Social Party Massacre?
    Donner Justice Party?
    Social Warrior Massacre?

    ……..give me a few minutes to work this one out guys and gals…..

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