OK, enough about internal drama and Sarkeesian Fraud Watch posts. We’ll go back to cracking on the scumbags soon, I can assure you. In fact, Arthur Chu seems to be doing his best to outdo Jonathan McIntosh since 2015 started, now that scum has come up. But that’s for another time. Today, I want to talk about the huge scandal that’s been the talk of GamerGate since last night. The only reason I haven’t written about it already, is because I had to go to sleep after the stream and article write-up this morning. But, I’m wide-the-fuck awake now, and ready to talk about a writer for PC Gamer getting his dick wet in exchange for selling out his credibility. This is a familiar tale, to say the least. 

The story involves Tyler Wilde and his work for PC Gamer. As it turns out, he’s also laying pipe to a Ubisoft “communications associate.” Normally, there’s not an issue with that, so long as you disclose your relationship. I don’t have a problem with him writing about Ubisoft products, so long as that’s out there. I get paid by Google, for fuck’s sake. If they somehow got involved in GamerGate, or something I was writing about, I would disclose it, and then give my opinions accordingly. It’s up to the reader to decide. This guy wasn’t getting paid by Ubisoft, but the conflict of interest is still there. He stands to benefit from their success, and the reader wasn’t notified of this. That’s a critical failure on the part of the PC Gamer editorial staff. And instead of owning up to it, the corrupt bastards are trying to sweep it under the rug.

The depth of the failure is staggering. It wasn’t just one instance. This went on time and time again and no one said a thing. The same shit for brains who said the “PC Master Race” meme was driving hate and based on Nazism, has no problems carrying on a longstanding relationship with a Ubisoft staffer without smartening up his readers. What kind of person thinks they can get away with this? Does they really think so little of their customers? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. We’ve seen it too many times to come to any other conclusion.


Late this afternoon, we also have word that Wilde might be in even deeper than we thought. It looks like he used to have extremely close ties to a Capcom employee. Credit goes to FartToContinue for this, and the original discoveries:


How many unethical relationships does this guy have? I guess only time will tell. But we don’t need a watch to tell us that the gaming media is broken. We take gains where we get them, like with IGN ethics change (and their staunch defense of free speech), but the other big outlets are trash. They’re anti-gamer, and they don’t represent our interests. This is just the latest example. Add it to your emails and outreach materials. This is exactly what GamerGate has been talking about for months. It really is about ethics.

  1. Dear Gods of Gaming, with your massive testicles that overflow with toxic masculinity, in your name we, the Patriarchy, offer our praise and send out a special thanks to the SocJus/Feminist community of shrieking retards for CONTINUING to fuck up, providing us with both lulz and yet more ammunition and talking points in our never-ending war to save Western Civilization from what can only at this point be described as “Weaponized Retardation” (also like, 90% of of SJW ‘words’ don’t show up actually being words and/or are used totally out of context I’ve come to realize – in other words, completely illiterate).

    *ahem* Come the fuck on lol. This is like Nathan Grayson 2.0, except this guy might have pubic hair and descended testes and his wife/gf/concubine is probably hot and not a gross parasite. And apparently PC Gamer pulled them down when this story broke, but then put them back up HAHAHA. Trying to avoid that ol’ Streisand Effect, eh?

    Be SURE to mention that they were all pulled for a period of time, because the shills are already hard at work telling everyone they didn’t.

    Edit: Also, first. Because no life.

    1. It’s like they’ve been taking stupid pills. I’m talking in the sense of ‘Will this look amazingly bad if it comes out? NAAAAH.’

  2. It’s funny – no matter how much crap gets dug up on these people, the media refuses to publish it.

    I mean seriously, people keep telling me that Zoe Quinn’s fame is due to gamergate – Despite the fact that Patricia Hernandez and Nathan Grayson were giving her coverage when she hadn’t even created a ‘game’ yet. (One article highlighted her embedding a flashdrive of Deus Ex in her body and her aspirations to become a cyborg, lol)

    Sadly, when I tried to demonstrate by providing links to the relevant Kotaku articles, my comments were censored.

    1. Yea I heard about zoey Quinn long before gg. When that gamejam/jontron crap hit the internet I was confused as all hell as to why someone who never made a game nor who is press/YouTube would have so much Influence over it…but I know now.

    1. Sweden is like…sjw land on a whole new level. They have lost their minds over there. The problem is thr swiss have no real problems so they can focus on bullshit 24/7

  3. The irony in his article about the Nazi stuff is not that he wants to prevent the dismissive attitude of PC players, but he is just uncomfortable with the term.

    “When we finally move on, we can still smirk at 790p Xbox One games—we
    just won’t have to remind everyone of white supremacists when we do.”

    I do feel this is a bit irrelevant to the talk about disclosure. I guess as the time passes we will uncover more and more of these industry-press links.

  4. Well PC gamer started out as a magazine with journalists so its safe to assume they are not classified as bloggers like kotaku or its ilk. Although calling kotaku a blog is also very disingenuous. IMHO a “blog” should either be a single person running a website for themselves or a single persons section of a website that runs a blog service. A site like kotaku calls itself a blog and their visual format might say blog but their content is (forgetting the fluff and bullshit) 100% styles after journlism and editorials content from a journalist.

    1. why not? I mean leigh alexander doesnt now jack sht about gaming and techonlogy still writes on gamasutra.

      1. I not even talking about the quality of their content/reporting. I’m more referring to the style of the writing and what I would define as a blog in the strictest sense.

    2. The problem is that they say “I’m a journalist, gimme a press pass” when that benefits them; then turn around and say “what? We’re not journalists, we’re just bloggers” when that gets them out of trouble.

    3. I follow and dont necessarily disagree with your thought process. The issue though then becomes should a blog be held to the same or even similar ethical standards?

      I’d say no simply because a blog is intended to be more personal and off the cuff.

  5. Hehe, this is great! Zero self-control. They behave like college students permanently. After having made that ethical promises stuff, the hypocrisy of PC Gamer is monumental – BOYCOTT that site now! UNSUB from their steam curators list too.

    The corruption goes two ways. Ubisoft should be boycotted too. They are the ones that benefit monetarily from the favorable press. If you don’t like this corruption, DON’T BUY UBISOFT GAMES.

  6. I have been going to pcgamer less and less over the months, stopped buying their magazines in….October I think? Im both happy and sad my hunches about the site were true, happy because I was right, sad because I now feel like I can’t get decent gaming press anywhere. Keep up the great work Ralph, this site is always a pleasure to read as your writing style is extreamly entertaining. I was not public about my support for Gamergate, Im just a nobody so it didnt feel like it mattered but after this I am out of the closet #gamergate4life

  7. Sad to see PC Gamer continue to employ this walking breathing conflict of interest.

    Deleting articles after getting called out is both hilarious and pathetic.

  8. This certainly puts that comment in the GJP mailing list in a new light “Who here hasn’t slept with a PR rep?”

  9. First Grayson, then Hernandez, and now this chucklefuck? Were they all ditching class in journalism school to stand in line for Death Cab For Cutie tickets on the day when the teacher was teaching them NOT TO WRITE STORIES INVOLVING PEOPLE YOU’RE FUCKING?

  10. You know what that sad thing about this? The SJW’s will use this saying “Gamergate is more sexist” because the Ubisoft employee is a woman.

    Still this is great news. More proof showing the corruption in gaming media. Time to boycott PC Gamer also.

  11. Let’s face it, for decades foreign governments have known getting stupid men into their service is easily accomplished with beautiful women. Do you think the game publishers frown on these relationships between their employees and the media covering their products?

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