I’m rarely stunned anymore here at this job. We’ve seen a lot. SJW’s trying to buy personal info, racist slurs, threats, FTC action, and a craven cast of unhinged characters. But, knowing all that we know about the demented Randi Harper, how could a business decide to use her blacklist tool? It really is astonishing to me. I had considered buying a Raspberry Pi more than once. Those days are over, needless to say. I would imagine that most of the rest of GamerGate feels the same way.

Spacemidget broke the story, and explains it on his site:

“I’ve tweeted Eben asking why my post was blocked and at least give an official response to using that block-list but have yet to receive anything. So there we have it, the CEO of a non-games company wants nothing to do with customers who care about ethics in games journalism and his wife is employed as the gate keeper to all communications. Nepotism, Irony and Unethical behaviour all in one handy little package…


It’s clear that Liz is running the official @Raspberry_Pi Twitter account. Apart the fact her job title would cover it, her personal account is the very first account followed upon it’s creation. There are also non-tech related accounts that are followed by both. Given that, it’s extremely telling that the Raspberry Pi account also follows some of the biggest anti-GamerGate voices including Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn, Sam Biddle, Matt Binder, Randi Harper and Anita Sarkeesian. Luckily we’re not in the habit of creating block-lists based on who you follow….

That would be stupid.”

Yes, Spacemidget, that would be really fucking stupid. In fact, it’s harder to think of many things more stupid that these types of blocklist/blacklist activities. I mean, that’s what I say at first glance. But the idea itself is actually sinister, not stupid. The SJWs want ostracize and isolate through their tools in the media (and social media). It’s a very negative way to go about things, but they’ve found success with these tactics in the past…before GamerGate.

But the application here is stupid, because I don’t think this was a smart move for the makers of the Raspberry Pi. Allying with unsavory (and possibly criminal) elements like Randi Harper, means you’re an enemy of the consumer. I have to reject your products. I would urge anyone who cares about speech rights to do the same. Aggression against consumers is something that should not be tolerated any longer. GamerGate has stood up to hostile actions like this in the past, and should do the same now. Again, I don’t speak for everyone, and never claim to.

But Raspberry Pi is kill, in my book.