I woke up today, did my usual rounds on Twitter, and caught up on the news. In the midst of that, I was sent a juicy Facebook leak from an associate of mine (who’s fucking awesome, by the way). It concerns our oldest friend Leigh Alexander, and also has some shots at The Escapist from former editor-in-chief (and Polygon co-founder) Russ Pitts. More unprofessionalism from the SJWs? Color me unsurprised. This first story will deal with The Escapist leaks. I’ll have the second part later on this afternoon.

First, let’s take a look at Emily Gera, who I didn’t name in the open. She works for Polygon, and is their “Senior UK Reporter.” She also took a huge shit on The Escapist: 6x5I_ZSa

The salt continues to flow over the recent moves by The Escapist leadership. A lot of the industry cretins talk their shit on Facebook, though, where they presume it can’t be seen. As I’ve said before, our spies are everywhere. Assume it will get out:


“Largely pro-gamergate?” THE HORROR. We now have one media outlet to your 5,000. Things sure are out of balance. Even one is too many for them. They would rather completely dominate the conversation, and ostracize those who disagree.

We’re just getting started, though. There’s much more:Selection_999(490)Selection_999(491)

As I previewed in the open, even the former Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist, Russ Pitts, got in on the action:Selection_999(492)

It sounds like Archon made a damn good decision to get rid of these backstabbing bastards. Also, the editorial choices from Mr. Pitts seem to be extremely lacking. Perhaps that’s why he no longer works there? His propensity to slag off his former bosses makes him look like an amateur. This is not how professionals are supposed to do business, yet we see it again and again from the SJWs. They simply don’t know how to conduct themselves.

I’ll be back shortly with the second part of this story. The Leigh comments are good enough to deserve their own entry, in my mind. Plus, she is our oldest friend, as I said. She deserves nothing less than the best!

  1. Oh man if this is how bad they cry about a neutral site dumping them I can’t wait to see the way they’ll freak out when Polygon inevitably goes under.

    1. I am waiting for the day. The day I hear Polygon is closing or Kuchera gets shit canned, I’ll mark it on my calendar and celebrate it every year.

      1. Now that you mentioned it, we need to mark the fall of Gawker as well. We already cost them millions, and they’re not helping their case…

        Just a matter of time.

        1. Agreed. I think at that point, people should finally realize gamers are sick of being the scapegoat for everything. To take down a multi-million dollar corporation like that is no small feat.

  2. Oh the gaming narrative outside is frightful

    But the SJW butthurt is sooooo delightful

    And their tears are just so salty you knooooow

    Let It flow! Let It flow! Let It flow!

    Seriously I could build twenty snowmen out of the salt they’ve been crying these last few days.

    1. I think in their minds it’s like the Escapist has fallen into the hands of neo-Nazis. A gaming site where politics isn’t going to be the priority! Shitlords! Hyper-consumers! Bourgeois scum! A gaming site that isn’t ruled by progressive politics? What? HUH? It’s like the world’s turned upside down!

      Because they are now no longer marching in complete lockstep with the rest of them and backing off on the political front. They hired someone who’s politics don’t completely agree with our own! Doesn’t even matter if he doesn’t inject politics into his reviews! Everything is political or some shit like that!

      1. I’d like to think that a lot of people are waking up to the realization that the SJW movement is just one really weird cult. Small, inconsequential outside of their own personal world, but dangerous if left unchecked.

        I’m glad people like Lizzy – actually… especially Lizzy after what she’s been through with these people – are finally being seen as normal, free-willed individuals instead of indoctrinated “Sturmabteilung” that comprise the whole SJW movement. People like her who are finally being given a fair shake makes me proud to know that the last few months fighting this narrative is starting to pay off exponentially.

        Edit: I think I’ll make that my next article.

  3. “normal” human beings? Yes, because self hating men, racist cunts and a bunch emotionally underdeveloped tards who spend all their time and energy – which they are frequently paid for – talking about their non-existent first world problem (which when pressured about they hurl insults and run away, because clearly there is merit to their POV, oh wait, no, it’s the opposite) on FUCKING VIDEO GAMES WEBSITES.

    Pro Tip: Go work for fucking Mother Jones or Jezebel if you want to gush your vaginal fluids and self-hating white knight tears all over a readership. If people are going to a site that is about vidya and for those who love vidya, then TALK ABOUT VIDYA. And if advising people about if they should spend money? Is the game finished? Does it work correctly? Is the content to cost ratio at least at industry average? Basic shit that people want to spend money on for their free time. Not your personal fucking feelings that don’t actually matter about how Bayonetta makes you feel less secure in both your sexuality and your appearance (never mind how fucking pathetic you are for letting a fictional character make you insecure).

  4. >movieblob
    >Jim “I’m going to spend years insulting you and if you call me out its just because I have a different opinion than you” Sterling
    >normal people
    Oh sjws if these fucks are normal to you you need to reconsider your life choices

  5. Their site hits are taking a hammering because they serve themselves
    The Escapist stats are soaring because they have chosen to serve their audience
    Fuck them, and fuck their whiny fee fees. Gawker and the rest must burn.

  6. You know, a couple years back I went to Taiwan with a friend.We made the usual tourists rounds, and we visited a salt museum (I didn’t laugh; salt was, and still is, a useful commodity).

    And I think there’s still more salt in the SJW weeping than I saw at the museum.

    Something I’d like to note, though. Ralph makes the excellent point of ‘oh we have one outlet to your 5000’. Leftist thought cannot abide differing opinions. It’s not enough for them to ignore it; dissent must be broken.

    1. I am actually legitimately curious as to where this salt museum is as my wife wants to revisit Taiwan.

      I could probably look it up but I think it’s always better to get a first hand opinion.

      1. Hint: Saul Alinsky wrote ‘Rules for Radicals’. He wasn’t right wing.

        But again, I do remind you of what I’ve said before. The ‘left vs right’ argument is ultimately irrelevant. It’s ‘statist versus autonomist (or liberty, if you prefer)’. And let’s be honest: do you see a lot of -right- wing SJW types?

    1. LOL! It’s funny cuz a lot of people who don’t live in New England just don’t understand this – WE HAVE GOTTEN MORE SNOWFALL IN ONE MONTH THAN IN RECORDED HISTORY!
      Er hrm….. anyways….. ethics…. yes… Sorry just wanted to vent since I’ve been shovelling snow over my head for the last three weeks or so….

        1. I wasn’t at all referring to global warming if that’s what you’re implying, I am literally just tired of shovelling so much.

  7. What’s that? There’s a new salt mine opening? My god, it’s possibly the biggest deposit of salt ever discovered!

  8. I can’t wait for the additional Leigh comments, she always says the darnest things.

    I expect tons of butthurt over having her boot-licking friends receive one on the opposite end.

    Edit: Just switch the capitol letters on Russ Pitts, and keep calling him that. Lulz are ensured. (Just shut up and lemme be immature for once.)

  9. Jesus, I can smell the entitlement from here…the minute someone doesn’t toe their fucking line it’s “OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!”
    privileged cunts

  10. They are pathetic. I wouldn’t call the Escapist a pro-GG site. This is a pro-GG site. They are just hiring people who are not absolute bigots and hate games and gamers.

  11. Interesting Pitts claims he did his work counter to management considering both him and Ardnt were on their knees every chance they got fellating devs and pubs. That site was so pro corporate it should have been a subsidiary of the WSJ editorial section. Anit-used games. Pro DRM. Quite frankly I’m glad Joystiq shut down and I am waiting for Polygon to do the same.

  12. It’s clear to me that these people, rather than being professionals, were just slobs off the street who lucked into careers writing about videogames. They have no business sense to speak of, and gladly rip on their former employees as if they’re wholly unaware of how actionable that can be.

    They don’t realize that out in the real world, where they’re going to have to venture once they’ve burned all their bridges in this cushy field, employers don’t look too kindly on folks who talk shit about their former employers. In fact they tend to pass ’em up for job opportunities in favor of people who aren’t insufferable shitheads.

    1. Ben: “Ahmma Jurnewlist!”
      Me: “You’re an overpaid, under-trained, hypersensitive blogger.”
      Ben: “Nuh-UHHHH! I werkz fer Polygon!”
      Me: Which is a cheap wordpress template site 99.99% of the planet can use.”
      Ben: “Sh-shu’up Goobergoober!”
      Me: “Goobergobber. Seriously, what are you, five?”
      Ben: “Yur a hate movement!”
      Me: “At least I’m not you, Ben Kuchera.”
      Ben: ……. ……… ………..

      *run away screaming/crying.*

  13. These people… they just aren’t all there are they.

    The only useful thing that can be attributed to them is that they are fun to mock relentlessly.

  14. “Pro-GamerGate”? So simple honest reporting and finding the truth are now ProGG? The Escapist merely set ethical standards and reports the facts, and discloses biases.

  15. Just a reminder. Russ Pitts banned a (semi) long time forum member for joking that his signature looked like it said “Piss Pots”
    It was after that bad decision circled around other sites that he tried to cover his ass and claimed the user asked for a ban.

    Piss Pots was always a bratty little bitch and I hated reading the escapist while he was there. He regularly threw tantrums and suspended/banned users who mocked his utterly terrible web series Game Dogs.

    1. I’d like to be surprised that this guy acted like a pety little tyrant, but I’m not. You just have to look at his comment to see that he was fired because he was shit at his job.

  16. Take a deep breath here people.
    You smell that? That’s the smell of fear. Fear of competition.
    These people haven’t had another major game site treat them as opposition in a long LONG while and now they’re completely fucking lost. The fact that The Escapist doesn’t go along with their bullshit anymore proves that what they feel isn’t ‘dissapointment’ or ‘heartbreak’, it’s fucking FEAR.
    2015 is bound to be one hell of ride, ladies and gentlemen.

  17. Good riddance to Pitts, I say.

    If anyone here remembers the fallout from Seattle or Bust, you’ll see the earliest point where it became clear that that guy was trouble.

  18. They were fired for reasons. Good reasons. Fuck em all. They can’t stand it if they can’t control a narrative in their tiny little bubbles of shit that ain’t really gonna matter much in a few years.

  19. Didn’t The Escapist have some real hard times under Pitts? Didn’t they almost go under? If I’m remembering right then I think we can now see what the real problem was. Also, Susan was always high on her own farts. Let them sink on the S.S. Muh Feelz with the rest of the rats.

  20. These people continue to amaze me. Oh a site decided to listen to their audience. Oh the horror. It’s almost like they want to continue being in business. Listening to your audience is not a bad thing. Granted you shouldn’t respond to every individual complaint but when a good majority of your audience is pissed off then maybe you need to course correct the ship. When these people lose their job and are on the street are they still going to blame us? I don’t even think Kim Jon Un has his head as far up his ass as these people. At least he has sort of an excuse. When your country sees you as a god of course you are going to develop a massive ego. He still sucks don’t get me wrong. What are these people’s excuse? They are in no position of power. The way I see that Iron Man post. We are Iron Man, that guard is the escapist.

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