We’ve talked a lot about Same Biddle here on TRR. There’s several reasons for this. For one, he’s a really smug motherfucker. It’s hard not to want to punch this guy in the face just from looking at a photo of him, much less hearing him actually speak. Then, he works for Gawker media, one of the most reviled media companies on the entire planet (if not the most reviled). But the real reason I’ve written a lot about him is because he’s responsible for one of my fondest GamerGate memories.

In mid-October 2014, GamerGate was sort of sputtering. The infighting and factionalization that you see today was beginning to rear its ugly head even back then. In a lot of ways, the movement was running out of steam. Then, a gift was given to us all in the form of Mr. Biddle


He followed that up with his famous “bring back bullying” catchphrase, which perfectly encapsulated the hypocritical media we were up against…


To be fair, I make fucked up jokes all the time. While this one was certainly offensive to many of my friends and members of the gaming community, I wouldn’t ordinarily care about such a thing. The difference with Biddle and the rest of his SJW-infested ilk is that they want to be moral arbiters for how everyone else should act without upholding any of their own standards when it comes to their personal behavior. They were hypocritical then and they are hypocritical now. Bully Boy Biddle was an issue handed to us on a silver platter, although KingOfPol squandered many of these gains just a few short weeks later with his lies about a supposed leak from Nick Denton, the head of Gawker Media.

But still, this has to be considered one of the most epic wins of the GamerGate era. I mean hell, we cost the company seven-figures, although I suppose it would be more accurate to say that Sam Biddle cost the company seven-figures. Whatever the case may be, I thought it was a good time to take a stroll down memory lane given the fact that Biddle has decided to abandon Gawker for greener pastures over at The Intercept now that the cesspool is drying up.

And according to Recode (which is a shit outlet, but they do understand these types) he is unlikely to be the last one to go…

At the end of the bankruptcy process, which is expected to finish sometime this summer, Gawker Media Group will have a new owner. Until then, expect other Gawker writers to follow Biddle on his way to the exit.

Or, as one Gawker employee put it, “It’s open season on staffers here.”

Where might Gawker people go? Well, many of the biggest and best-known companies (digital and print) already have former Gawker staffers among their ranks, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see BuzzFeed or Recode proprietor Vox Media snap up some more of them.

In case you wanted to catch up on more Biddle bullshit before he leaves Gawker, here’s a handy link parade…

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We can only hope that he fucks up bad enough to get shitcanned from The Intercept. I can tell you that I will be here to laugh if and/or when that happens.