I’m not sure how to write this column. My natural inclination is to come on here and throw every fucking punch available to me at the moment, but unlike others, I’m going to try and keep a cool head. In case you missed it, Sargon of Akkad put out a video on the last editorial that was published here on the site. It was written by Christ Junior, a man who has actually defended Sargon in the past. Of course, so have I, but I digress. Here’s the video, if you feel like watching a fifty minute rant:

Basically, he spends a shitload of time telling Christi that he’s an idiot and accusing him of using divide and conquer tactics to shape GamerGate to his liking. He complains about all the abuse he’s taken during the last couple months, mentions how he almost deleted his Twitter account, and he complains about his effort to talk to the BBC yesterday getting derailed by complainants. He criticizes me for allowing Christi to publish his editorial on my site, and generally attempts to tear down the arguments I’ve been putting out over the last six months. There’s only one problem.

What he’s saying is factually incorrect. I never once wanted the ethics vs. anti-SJW fight. If you look back at my writings, going all the way back to the beginning, you can see that I’ve always preached one simple thing: do GamerGate your own way. Sargon said the same thing tonight, so I’m glad he agrees with that. Just in case you missed my recent post on all this, here’s an excerpt:

I like Sargon of Akkad and I always have. As I said on Twitter, he’s always done right by me. Do I agree with him on every issue? No. I don’t. That doesn’t make me want to dig through his past, or look into his Kickstarter, though. I just respectfully disagree, then move on. Why am I able to do that with him and not with some of the others you read about here? Well, it’s simple. He’s always approached me with respect, and I’ve treated him in kind. I like a couple of the people critiquing him as well, but I don’t co-sign the attacks they’re making here. I see Sargon as an ally and I think most other people in GamerGate do as well. Can we not just move on from this?

That’s from earlier this month. Here’s one from July, during the time that Sargon was arguably trying to force his will onto the tag…

But the vast majority of GamerGate agrees with me and with others like me. Still, even if they didn’t agree with me, and I was in the minority, there would still be nothing anyone could do about me continuing to do what I want. How can you police a fucking hashtag on Twitter? It’s literally a pointless discussion. The only reason I’m talking about it now, is because the same group that has dwelled on this point for months is bringing it back upagain. They’ve been soundly voted down by the people who make up the tag every time they’ve tried to force their view onto everyone else, yet here we stand.

I also published a guest editorial around this time from my friend, who I call Ninja…

If your personal stake in this however is ethics-only, then you have every right to stick to that. But don’t try and force the rest of us to limit ourselves, because this went beyond ethics only way back on the 3rd of September 2014 with the creation of #NotYourShield! So if your focus was ethics-only this whole time that is fine and you have every right to it. But the anti-SJW thing has been part of my struggle since way back when they first denied my existence…

We have formed an alliance that has lasted almost 11 months now. We are effective when we all work together, so if or when you consider your part of the fight done, then that’s your call. Just don’t force the rest of us to take a side in a discussion that shouldn’t even need to exist as both sides have worked together all this time.

Back to the story…Earlier today, I noticed that Sargon had unfollowed me on Twitter. Someone came into my group chat and mentioned that they had been unfollowed by him, and so I went to check, and sure enough, I was in the same boat. I won’t lie, that raised some eyebrows with me. This is a guy I have known and respected since the very beginning of GG. Not only that, I’d only very recently defended him against some pretty serious charges. So, I was miffed, shall we say. In the video tonight, he mentions that he will now only receive notifications from people he follows. I’m not among those people, so I doubt he will even see my tweets. But we know from the vid that he reads TheRalphRetort.com, so I imagine that he will see this one.

I’ve been in the eye of the storm for at least ten months now. I’m not a beloved figure and never have been. I don’t want to be. When you have to play too much for love you lose some of your edge. I never want to lose that edge. Also, I reject people telling me what I can and cannot post. This, along with my abrasive attitude, has earned me many enemies. People spread fake nudes pics around and claimed they were of me. They accused me of being a rapist and a murderer. I was doxed, had my credit cards hacked, and even framed for an assassination attempt on President Obama (no lie). Not one single day goes by where I don’t get attacked on a massive scale. That’s been my everyday life for almost a year.

Do I bring some of it onto myself? Sure I do. Did people like Sargon of Akkad come out with long ass videos on how we should let people do what they want? Did I hear him talk about the mental toll this must be taking on Ralph, so maybe we should chill out a little bit? No. Little help ever came from the major figures, outside of Milo Yiannopoulos. The assistance he provides isn’t in the everyday political battle within GamerGate. Milo rightfully doesn’t dirty his hands with that. No, he just co-signs my good work and helps spread it. He also talks about what a fan he is of mine at every turn, and I am eternally grateful for that. He takes heat every time he even mentions me in a positive light. Luckily, like me, he does whatever the fuck he wants, haters be damned.


It strikes me as a little bit rich to be hearing what I’m hearing from Sargon, a guy who despite all this, I still like. The fact of the matter is, he was one of the main people pushing the ethics-dominant vision. He talked about only using the tag for ethics content constantly. Paolo Munoz told me he was down to kill the tag in mid-September. Sargon denied this, and that’s fair enough. But he came on my show right when the story broke and said it was a good idea, and maybe we should wrap up GamerGate. Enormous amounts of pressure was applied to try and make me submit to the ethics-dominant narrative, whether people want to admit it, or not. Me being me, I just did what I wanted. I told myself at the outset of GamerGate, back when Sargon had 8,000 YouTube subscribers and not almost 200,000, that I would be true to my values and beliefs. I have upheld that. There’s literally nothing that could make me change my mind on it, I don’t care what happens. This is my site, and I take full responsibility for the editorial that was published. I agreed with a large majority of it. That’s why it got put up in the first place. Sargon has losers like Robin Gething on his channel. I never told him what to do. I would expect the same courtesy.


By the way, Sargon quit GamerGate in a stream I was watching a couple weeks ago. So when he came out yesterday and wanted to talk to the BBC on our behalf, of course his detractors pointed that out. What did he think would happen? By the way, you can say whatever you want to say about me, but I have never once badmouthed the tag or quit on the movement. I’m fully aware that no one would know who the fuck I was without it. I’ve promised to be loyal to this thing until the very end, and I’m going to keep that goddamn promise. If InternetAristocrat quitting didn’t do me in, then nothing will. I’m going to see this thing out, for better or for worse.

Sargon can say and do whatever he wants. I’m willing to speak with him about the things he laid out during a real debate. What he gave earlier tonight was a lecture. I must have missed the memo about him being a great strategic genius, but that’s clearly how he sees himself. Which is fine. I’m pretty high on my abilities as well. But the thing is, I’ve only fought back against actions that were being taken against me by other members of GamerGate. The whole GamerGatePlus thing was a joke I ran with (and I didn’t have anything to do with the site others made). Why? Because these same people had been making jokes and memes about me for a fucking year. No, I won’t apologize for defending myself. Because unlike Sargon of Akkad, this is very familiar territory for me. I didn’t pack it in after two or three months of attacks. I’ve accepted that I will always be fighting people who are supposed to be on my side. Is it depressing? Yes. But so what? I’m going to continue to do me no matter what the future holds.

I invite you all to leave your comments down below. I have another post coming up later this morning, so stay tuned. I thank you for your support.