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Known Plagiarist Jaclyn Glenn Accuses Another YouTuber of Stealing Content (UPDATED)

YouTube drama, again. Known plagiarist Jaclyn Glenn has publicly accused another YouTuber in a video of stealing Evalion’s content by reposting her videos on their channel and breaking YouTube’s terms of service. **Bookmarked at 10m22s “Even if I did take it from this person’s channel, like, hmm, which I...


Why I Like Damsels in Distress

The damsel in distress is one of the most criticized tropes in the modern era. It is considered the ultimate misogyny, and creators often apologize for using it by claiming that the damsel is “strong” and “not a helpless woman,” or by making the damsel match or outclass the male hero in some skill. Creators often avoid this trope to establish their modern, 21st-century street cred.

Well, I’m here to say that I’m a great fan of this supposedly evil trope, no matter how it is done. It pains me to watch creators squirm whenever they’re attacked for writing damsels; they should stand by their work.