RUNDOWN: Hillary Aide Huma Abedin Spent 12 Years Editing an Extremist Journal

The lovely and talented Nora Malik joins me to talk about Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin and her radical ties. Plus we hit up Ryan Lochte and some new info about his Rio debacle towards the end of the show.


Why GamerGate Still Matters

This article is based on a 8chan rant I wrote a while ago Nowadays, I often see people in various right-wing circles (/pol/, the Alt-Right communities etc) dismiss GamerGate, treating it basically as a joke, or an example of SJW co-option. Of course, there has...


Democratic Party Caught Violating Election Law In Las Vegas?

Hello, ladies and gentleman. I am the owner of this site, believe it or not. I realize I’ve made myself scarce the last couple days, but as you can see by the two streams we did yesterday, I haven’t been completely lazy. We’ll talk about...


‘IMPERIUM’ MOVIE REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Gas

Imperium centers around an undercover FBI agent (Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter) infiltrating a neo-Nazi organization in order to prevent a domestic terror attack.   The movie begins with Radcliffe’s character, Nate Foster, taking part in an FBI sting operation on an Islamist terror cell...


BREAKING: Assassin Tries To Break Into Ecuadorian Embassy To Kill Assange?

What the hell is going on? Male intruder at 2.47am climbed this wall of the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has asylum — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 22, 2016 16 mins ago at 2:47am a "cat burgler" scaled the side wall+window of the Ecuadorian...


DISHONORABLE: Armed #BlackLivesMatter Protester is a War Deserter

On Tuesday morning, August 16th, Brook Thomas Lindsey and Edmon Adonis Washington were shot with rubber bullets and arrested on felony weapons charges after an overnight “armed protest” in Inglewood, CA. The two men spent several pre-dawn hours marching through the neighborhood while angrily ranting about...


Twitter Posturing For Global Regulation of the Internet

Twitter introduced a new “quality filter” feature this week, which is ostensibly aimed at weeding out automated and duplicate tweets from the user’s timeline. According to Twitter Product Manager, Emil Leong, the new feature “does not filter content from people you follow or accounts you’ve...


“Making Continued Existence Impossible”: #GamerGate’s War on Gawker Vindicated By Former Editor

Most people reading this will know that I have had a long history with GamerGate and with Gawker Media. I was someone who read their sites for many years and enjoyed much of the content there. Most of my patronage was confined to Deadspin, Kotaku,...


WATCH: Feral Youth Wrestles Cop After Being Stopped For Jaywalking While Goon Yells #BlackLivesMatter

Earlier tonight I wrote about how Black Lives Matter is now engaging in new tactics, such as organizing community re-education classes, and I also wrote about how Deray was awarded the prestigious position of ‘fellow’ at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. But I...


Crime Mob Leader DeRay McKesson Named ‘Fellow’ at Univ. of Chicago Institute of Politics

DeRay McKesson, the prominent Black Lives Matter activist — who has recently been deposed as the main power-wielding figurehead, although retaining some power, a large media presence, and backing from Big Tech — has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘fellow’ at the highly influential...


CHANGE IN TACTICS: #BlackLivesMatter Now Running Community Re-Education Classes

It seems that some Black Lives Matter members in Arkansas have wised up to the fact that their divisive hate-campaign against police — which includes such tactics as low-level domestic terrorism and generally being as divisive and confrontational as humanly possible — is backfiring spectacularly....


RUNDOWN: is Officially Dead

TRR staff writer WildGoose joins me to talk about the news of’s demise. We also talk a little bit about Donald Trump’s rhetorical and strategic shift as of late.


BOOK DEAL FAIL: Zoe Quinn Gets Dropped by Simon & Schuster

EMAIL TO THE EDITOR: Hey, I wondered if I could either post this on your site (as InvestinCatFood), or consider this an informed source and do your own version.  Everybody missed this one. Back in June, just after embarrassing herself on an unrelated Nintendo text, but...

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SUICIDE WATCH: Gawker Fans Suffer Collective Emotional Breakdown

After Gawker informed its readers of its impending doom, fans of the most well-reputed and distinguished news site in the world took to Twitter to express their uncontrollable grief. If not for Twitter, these poor souls would only have their crusty cum-filled socks to cry...


#Killstream 41 featuring Margaret MacLennan (SATURDAY NIGHT @ 7PM EST)

This week the one and only Janet Bloomfield, plus the lovely and talent Nora Malik are both joined by the majestic Margaret MacLennan. Oh, and I’ll be there too. Join us as we go over the major stories from the past week.   Special Guest...


TRR Goes Deeper on the Khizr “#KinkyLick” Khan Sex Club Story released an article yesterday containing details that imply Khizr Khan, Hillary Clinton’s token Muslim Gold Star father, may have used his son’s memorial foundation as a front for a kinky “private fetish sex club.” After performing a records search on LexisNexis, tied Khan’s name...