As I said one time on Twitter, when I grow up, I want to be like Milo Yiannopoulos. The man writes and speaks at a level I can only dream of (fucking well read British bastard). His acid pen writes intellectual fare, and burns, both at a very high level. It’s not often that I am literally doubled over in laughter from a string of tweets, but I find that over half the time that I am, it’s because of Milo. The guy is fucking hilarious.

And the ability he has to get under our adversaries skin is legendary. I mean, I piss these guys off a lot, as you’ve seen. But damn! This guy really is the bane of their existence. They get physically agitated every time his name comes up. An interview request is turned into something sinister. I’m not sure if these knuckleheads are aware, but it’s not uncommon for rivals to agree to be interviewed like this. I’ve seen it in several Washington tomes. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s not outrageous for him to put in a request. It’s only out of the ordinary if your an insane SJW who has no concept of the world outside themselves. Since we’re dealing with those types of psychos, we get reactions like the ones detailed in Milo’s tweets:

Look at the notoriously drunken and racist Leigh Alexander try to cast aspersions on Milo’s character. What would that trollop know about good character? I certainly haven’t seen much of that from her. Dry yourself out, Leigh, and stop holding so much hate in your heart. It’s bad for your complexion. Cocaine and Jack Daniels are too, but who am I to judge?

But at least you’re not as incompetent as Nathan Grayson. He would have done well enough to have stopped at the Facebook post. Assuming he was man enough to go toe-to-toe with Milo in the public arena was serious error in judgement, much like fucking Zoe Quinn. It’s just one of those things that you’re gonna regret for a long ass time. Grayson didn’t think twice. He marched straight into the buzzsaw.

The “And n” set off an entire night of comedy tweets, and a hashtag to go along with the effort (Milo wasn’t done with Grayson, either):

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to stop posting these. There are so many good one’s, it’s insane. I’m leaving a ton out, but here are a few more:

We could literally do this all day, but I will stop there. The lampooning hasn’t stopped, though, and continues at this very moment. Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson was mismatched once again. If you’ll notice from some of my writing, this isn’t a rare occurrence. He frequently gets tripped up by his ignorance. He’s one of those stupid people who doesn’t know they’re stupid (both the most dangerous, and most hilarious breed of idiot). The stupendously stupid Grayson is quite a sight to see when in full gallop. Last night was a prime example.

  1. I feel like a child for laughing at #AndN
    But I still laugh.

    Whatever one thinks of Milo Yiannopoulos, there’s no denying that he’s the master of burn.

  2. Milo almost aced this glorious scrying of Nathan Grayson, but let it also be known that he tagged a wrong @NathanGrayson in a few of his posts.

    And n

  3. I’m amazed at the level of incompetence and n these people have. What exactly gave them the idea, they were in a position to declare gamers dead? I guess coke and hubris is a dangerous mix.

  4. Grayson in declining any interview is giving Milo permission to say or infer the worst about events involving Grayson. Any other echo chamber babbies who think they’re smart in turning him down are making a huge mistake.

    Offering an opportunity to all sides for an interview – or requesting comment, or whatever – is actually what journalists HAVE to do according to that funny “ethics” thing that blogger Grayson et al are so averse to. Milo emailed Valkenberg who snarkily turned him down, and as a result all the articles by him regarding ZQ are pretty scathing because she willingly offers NO COMMENT.

    If my worst enemy offered me an interview, I’d at least consider giving them the benefit of the doubt and only hanging up on skype if the questions were too one-sided.

  5. Seriously? This is the guy that Kotaku fell on their sword for? A glorified blogger that looks like a roadie for The Doobie Brothers?

    Apparently, he doesn’t know how to journalism good, since he mistook Milo’s offer as an attack, rather than understanding that asking for a subject’s side of the story is PART OF A JOURNALIST’S FUCKING JOB! You know, like how not fucking people you write articles about or at least disclosing it IS ALSO WHAT JOURNALISTS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!

  6. I’m probably dumb, but can someone explain to me what’s so funny on that “and n”? I don’t get it.

    1. It shows that Grayson was upset when he was typing his message and didn’t have the wherewithal to double check it before he sent it out. It shows that he was flustered and didn’t completely delete something he didn’t want to commit to email.

      Milo saw this and taunted Grayson. Then the internet got all internety.

      Its amusing, but nothing profound.

      1. I think you’re looking at it wrong. If you look closely there is a small elipses underneath the “And n” that if Milo clicked on it would have revealed the rest of the message. It’s funny because Grayson set out to write the meanest e-mail response he could and all Milo was phazed by was “And n”

        1. Good point. Didnt see that. But the rest of the line was gone after the n. So, we could both be correct.

          The truth is out there.

  7. So from what I hear the SJWs and “aspies” (and boy aren’t they proud of having a developmental defect!) over at TGwTG aka Channel Awesome are fleeing en masse/have been fired (likely it was some got fired and the rest of the retard brigade left with them – good riddance). I was not aware that Nostalgia Chick was an SJW… she seemed so normal and that she had a sense of humor – I guess it was an act. Oh well, no crying over spilled douche bags.

    1. The ‘aspies’ bit is a sort of internet fad among dumb hipsters. (Apparently it is cool to say things like ‘the autisim is strong with this one’ as a sort of inside joke or something?) I doubt these assholes know anything about what it is like to have autism spectrum disorder, and this only highlights their ignorance and bigotry towards those who are different than they are.

      Trust me, we have way more people with autism on the gamergate side, because we don’t shit sling autism insults at those who disagree with us. ‘Camlady’ exposed the IGF and IndieCade fraud in a video, and was bombarded with insults about her disability – I believe Alexander was one of the culprits. (Yet Intel removed the ads because they support misogyny, not because a Gawker employee was making disparaging remarks about women with autism)

      1. I have no fucking clue why no legal action has taken over the IFG and IndieCade frauds. I mean for fucks sake that should be enough from someone, somewhere to launch an official inquiry. Doesn’t matter if people who filed and lost signed some magic waiver – you can’t waive negligence or fraud because contracts have to be made in good faith.

        And they view Autism as was of establishing a sort of “birth right” of special snowflake/hipster status. It’s ingrained as opposed to “learned”. UGH. Autism isn’t fun. Asperger’s isn’t a good thing to have; it makes life challenging. The farther you get from the biological/neurological “norm” the worse of you are, both health wise and socially speaking.

        You don’t glorify things that make life more challenging; you support those people and devote time, energy and money to finding ways to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.

        1. “And they view Autism as was of establishing a sort of ‘birth right’ of special snowflake/hipster status. ”

          That makes worlds of sense considering they are all scrambling for a specially protected socjus status constantly. (Gotta get higher in the ‘Progressive Stack’) Hell I think most of the ‘transgender ladies’ in the SJW groups are transgender just so they don’t get shit for being a man.

          Ditto on the glorifying things that make life challenging – Praise people for what they do, not who they are.

          1. Oh dear god but that would be a MERITOCRACY! Which brings us full circle back to 5GUYS herself with that original snarky tweet about her flow chart and how “game development isn’t a meritocracy” … um, honey, you’re dead fucking wrong. lol

        2. Are you a fan of Jenny MCarthy, incidentally? Your apparent failure to recognize any benefits to having Autism appalls me.

          As to making us a protected minority, I agree that’s stupid in principle, but I have to wonder if that needs to happen considering the push of third-wave feminism to promote their own pet “minority,” women. It seems now, they want to shame people like me and Mr. Strings for our desires to wear Mario paraphernalia and fap in private to fictional women, to the point of making us out to be dangerous–at the same time third-wave feminism is trying to make merely staring at a REAL woman in public count as sexual harassment. If women’s rights activists get special privileges to attack people, I think their major targets need rights too–just as I might normally agree with people who think Men’s Rights Activism is stupid, but in cases where groups pursue Women’s Rights exclusively, it is needed.

          1. I’m familiar with some of the benefits of Asperger’s, yes, although the social struggles that come with the condition seem to offset that significantly. Again, I was considered potentially on the spectrum until by Bipolar 2 was diagnosed (as it turns out hypomania has some pretty crazy ‘benefits’ too… unfortunately it makes you insufferable to be around).

            And fuck Jenny McCarthy. That celebutard helped a con artist criminal doctor set back vaccination efforts by a century and as a result a group of fear-driven douche bags are helping near extinct diseases explode back to life. Also that’s a non sequitur – McCarthy wasn’t denying a cost/benefit relationship with vaccines – she outright said they caused autism and were poison on the advice of said criminal doctor.

            That said, if I gave out a red pill and a blue pill to everyone with Asperger’s and said, the red one will take away all your little advantages (hyper focus, etc), but you’ll be able to read people’s body language and emotions (which is something I still can’t do very well as a result of a lack of socialization at a young age, so again, I sympathize) and no one will ever find your behavior curious again. And then I offered them the blue pill and said, this will keep you the way you are forever – I don’t think many people would be taking the blue pill. There’s a lot to be said about having to live a life with challenges, especially when those challenges are brought on by the indifferent hand of fate.

            That Mario thing sounds kind of awesome actually, but then again I’m what you’d call “libertine”. As for “special” privilege’s, no. I think we should all be treated equally and as jobs put it, “reasonable” accommodations made where necessary. The fact that you wouldn’t be able to get a job as you mentioned in another comment because of your fidgeting etc is beyond fucking cruel. If you can do the job then you shouldn’t be discriminated against. And as you see to grasp, there’s a difference between actual discrimination and the shrieking of supremacist harpies.

      2. Do you have a link to this video, it all sounds familiar but for the life of me I can’t recall when or where I saw it. 🙁

        1. I will try to find a copy. Most unfortunately, the original video was taken down by the creators for legal reasons, and I never did find out why.

    2. I am an aspie, do not appreciate it being called a disorder. Do not fall to the level of the Gamers Are Dead articles.

      But please, tell me more–is there conflict? Who’s on what side in TGWTG?

      1. Asperger’s is on the autism spectrum. Autism is a disorder. I’m really sorry you don’t like the way the word sounds, but clinically, that’s what it is. It can’t be “fixed” and it won’t go away, but you can learn how to recognize the challenges – and they are challenges – it will cause in your life and work to overcome them. The biggest problem with with social disorders is the stance people take that society should change to cater to unique circumstances; however if these things are looked at objectively, and maturely they can be managed.

        The problem is you get people who actively HUNT for an asperger’s diagnosis as a justification for all the awful shit they do and say, so that’s where my hostility comes from; please don’t take it personally, as I haven’t met you/communicated with you and therefore cannot pass judgement on you.

        I don’t know who’s on what side, but the general gist is, if you left/got kicked out of Channel Awesome/TGwTG, you’re an SJW and they don’t want you poisoning their brain anymore. But that’s the impression I got. Don’t take my word as gospel.

        1. Autism/Aspergers are DIFFERENT ways of thinking; not necessarily inferior. In many classes I took, I was one of the top students. Yet I can’t get a job, or a girlfriend, or sometimes, even a VOLUNTEER position, because people hate my voice, hate how I fidget, etc. There IS real bigotry against those on the spectrum, and there DOES need to be some change in society to help us. Not necessarlily a RADICAL change; just enough that people recognize we aren’t retards and aren’t ticking timebombs ready to snap on society. My problem with these self-proclaimed hipster aspies is that they willingly got in bed with people who shamed autistic traits relentlessly, and are now furthering the notion that we’re a hate group attacking the heterogeneous.

          1. “Not necessarily” – and we’ll leave it at that. I really don’t care to have this debate with you. You have your pride and your feelings, and I’ve completely cut off my intellect from my emotions for the sake of the quest for Truth. I can apologize for making you feel bad, because that’s not my intention. But just be aware, the “glorious future” of mankind would mean a future where no one was born blind, deaf, crippled, or with any mental condition – including Austim spectrum disorder, which Asperger’s falls on (albeit at the extremely mild end, typically). In a “perfect” future, no one gets born will any illnesses so, I wouldn’t advise you to say, build a museum celebrating the accomplishments of people with Asperger’s, because hopefully in a few decades we’ll have found a way to prevent developmental “inconsistencies” (is that nicer?).

            People thought I had asperger’s, but it turned out to be bipolar 2 disorder and a lack of socialization as a result of my drawing the short straw in life and playing the role of pariah for the first 17 years of my existence. Believe me, I’ve been to your pity party and I’ve had my own big piece of awful tasting cake. I feel for you. No one should discriminate against anyone, for any reason, and rational, intelligent people don’t advocate for that, and I’m certainly not. What I have a problem with are like Chloe Sagal who clearly has something PROFOUNDLY wrong with “her” to the extent that she uses and manipulates people and openly celebrated being diagnosed (as an adult mind you) as having asperger’s. That’s a little like me finding out I had diabetes and then going on social media and going “woot! retinaopathy and neuropathy and organ failure in 40 years!” You see how that is a bit disconcerting? You don’t celebrate a life challenge, you plan on how to cope with it.

            And fyi I don’t believe for one second that the so-called hipster aspies are actually aspies. I think they’ve self diagnosed themselves and are attention seeking. Unless a medical doctor has confirmed a diagnosis, you don’t have any disorder. I’ve known plenty of people who claim to have something and have never once sought out the council of a doctor, but that’s neither here nor there. And you’re correct – they are massive hypocrites (which continues to make me think they’re full of shit) because these hipsters have viciously shamed and harassed people who do, in fact, have these conditions (famously CamerLady, whcih I think you pointed out maybe… I can only see so far on the comment history in this sidebar).

            And if it makes you feel any better, I’d take my battle up with “asexuals” who want to want to march in gay pride parades way before I drew any battle lines with people with Asperger’s.

        2. ” It can’t be “fixed” and it won’t go away,”

          Yet. I believe in the future, and I believe in science.

    3. Also, Lindsay’s “act” wasn’t very good. She hijacked what was supposed to be a comedy position in favor of pushing slanted commentary on everything. Some of her stuff was horrendously researched, and she couldn’t manage to seem passionately positive or negative about anything; that’s a big part of why many of her watchers liked Nella better.

      1. That’s one of the reasons Lindsay is leaving – she wants to make her own content under her own name, and not under the banner of “Nostalgia Chick”.

        That’s fine by me, since she strayed a long way from being a female version of NC that would cover more feminine geeky things, and started shoving 3rd wave feminism claptrap into almost every video. Even though she’s gotten her BF Todd in the Shadows drunk on the SJW Kool-Aid, at least he limits his spaghetti spilling to Twitter and keep it out of his videos (so far).

      2. : / I must have only ever seen the cherry picked good stuff then. When they worked together it was funny. But it sounds like it was all an act. Lame. And wtf! Why would they get rid of the Nostalgia Critic?! He and Bum Reviews are kind of like, IT for Doug Walker. His airbender/korra reviews/vlogs are fine, but they’re not entertaining. He’s not some expert on culture, fuck NO ONE is an expert on culture – it changes to much and everyone has a different opinion. Unless you’re studying ancient cultures, then that is kind of fixed. Still though… That’s what made him famous, the comedy. -_-

        1. That’s shocking; both that Doug is apparently an SJW and he’s getting canned. I would agree with you Doug is not an expert on culture, and in fact, in wake of his reviews of Last Action Hero and Jingle All the Way, I seriously wonder if they guy is satire-blind.

          1. I think he drank the koolaide honestly. Once you get involved with GroupThink you lose all character.

  8. Good times. Grayson and Alexander just come off looking like such tools in that exchange. Does Grayson realize he works at Gawker? The way he lectures Milo about ethics and trust, I am not sure if he knows that he works at Gawker. Someone should let him know he works at Gawker.

    As far as Alexander, talk about literally the most unethical journalist in any media field.

    And n

  9. Nero should reply with the same text in Grayson’s email, but replace his name with Graysons and add a few more “and n” references at the end.

  10. Typical SJW. Complains about breaches of privacy, leaked facebook post(wtf?) when he was the first one to do it by posting Milo’s email.
    Also I love how he goes on about ‘trust’ in his reply. Dude, you fucked someone else’s girlfriend behind his back. Get real.

  11. Milo Y. is the modern day Oscar Wilde: a well-dressed gay man with a razor sharp wit and a low tolerance for stupidity.

  12. The funniest thing about this is Nathan could of pulled off more damage control if he just did the interview. Instead he made stupid bitch FB comments and that truly stupid email he sent which doesn’t even need the “And n” to be ridiculed.

  13. So Leigh uses daddy issues as an insult. Couple things here, first, she’s probably the one with daddy issues, most SJWs are, hence their dislike of the patriarchy, 2nd, using daddy issues as an insult (and my previous use wasn’t an insult, it’s just being used to logically point out who more than likely has daddy issues) is not a nice thing to do as a social justice warrior. That’s discrediting people with real daddy issues (child abuse, domestic abuse, etc) and ignoring a serious issue just so you can use it as a childish insult.

    And onto Grayson and his letter, it seems like it’s stolen from democrats/republicans and uses the same type of wording that they use when they try to tear each other down, some originality as a journalist might make people take you more seriously, but then you’ve gotten in trouble before for plagiarizing other writer’s works.

    Oh and finally, Grayson just looks like a big giant douche, the type of guy you see at a party trying to hit on every girl because he thinks he’s the shit.

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