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UK Graduate Sues University for ‘Fraudulently Misleading Claims About Job Prospects’

An international graduate is taking her university to court for £60,000 after claiming her “Mickey Mouse” degree has not helped her career, despite graduating with first-class honours, the Telegraph reported. 29-year-old Pok Wong alleged that Anglia Ruskin University failed to deliver with her International Business...

SJWs Always Bring Ruin: Mizzou Now in a Death Spiral After Letting Progressives Destroy Once Proud Institution

Anybody remember remember the Mizzou Saga? As in the University of Missouri? As in the place where idiocy transpired in 2015, catapulting revolting SJWs like Melissa Click and Jonathan Butler into the national spotlight as the school became an epicenter of BLM retardation? If you’re a regular of this blog, I’m sure you